Rodney's current learn db


  1. Symbol: '!' A potion.
  2. Command: '!' Escape to shell.
  1. Show information about the bugs that match foo, as listed on the website.
  2. Bugs marked as 'Fixed' (meaning, fixed in next version) on the website, are marked with 'nextversion' instead.
  1. Search the NetHack source for string "foo", and return URLs pointing at the NetHack wiki.
  2. Specify "file=<file name>" as the first parameter to search only in a specific file.
  1. See [] for a complete listing of Rodney's dictionary terms.
  2. The raw learn.dat file is at []
  3. [] allows you to search Rodney's database.
  4. Try !learn (del <word> [<#>]|add <word> <def>|info <word>|debug)
  5. Swap 2 definitions with: !learn swap foo[N] bar[M]
  6. To add a redirect, use: "!learn add subject see {redirect_to}" where subject is the subject you are redirecting from and redirect_to is where you want it to go.
  7. You can replace text by using: !learn edit <word> [<#>] s/the text you want to replace/the text you want to replace it with/ Note that this uses Perl regular expressions, so you'll have to escape certain characters like + and $ (but only on the to-replace text).
see {potion of extra healing}
see {full_healing}
see {potion of gain level}
A trigger to make Rodney say "Pong!". Useful if you wonder if there's some kind of issue with Rodney, your connection, or Rodney's connection.
Phase of the Moon. Absolutely important function when it's cloudy, or the moon is on the other side of the planet.
!rc <name> Show URL to the user's nethackrc
ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
  1. Try "!rng rock paper scissors" to randomly select a word from a list
  2. To use multi-word tokens, use pipes: "!rng NetHack is great|Crawl is not as good"
  3. Also try these: "!rng @coin", "!rng @zorkmid", "!rng @role", "!rng @race", "!rng @gender",
  1. $CHOICE(5:You see a puff of smoke.|5:Nothing happens.|You disturbed me, fool!|It's about time!|You freed me!|Thank you for freeing me!|I am in your debt. I will grant one wish!)
  2. $CHOICE(5:You see a puff of smoke.|5:Nothing happens.|You disturbed me, fool!|It's about time!|You freed me!|Thank you for freeing me!|I am in your debt. I will grant one wish!)
Tells you if a save file exists on NAO for the given account. If no account name is given, your IRC nick is used.
see {!save}
use !whereis
  1. This command tells you a player's role/race/gender/alignment, score, location and turn count, if used with a player name. If they are carrying the Amulet or are at 1/5 their maximum HP or worse, !whereis will also mention this.
  2. This information is updated when you go to a different level or reload the game. It is *not* updated when you start the game; thus, it will falsely claim players still on Dlvl:1 are "not playing right now".
  3. Without a player name, it will give you a list of players and their positions in the dungeon. You can ask for this to be sorted, e.g. "!whereis --maxhp"; however, this will compare numbers as if they were strings.
  1. Symbol: '"' An amulet or spider web.
  2. Command: '"' Tell what amulet you are wearing.
see {amulet of life saving}
amulet of magical breathing.
Amulet of Reflection.
  1. Dungeon feature: '#' A corridor, iron bars, tree, cloudy area, closed drawbridge, or the kitchen sink!
  2. Command: '#' Perform an extended command. Try '#?' to list them all.
see {#nethack:!alcohol}
see {#nethack:!attack}
see {#nethack:!botsnack}
see {#nethack:!choice}
$CHOICE(Rodney|The Oracle|Medusa|Vlad|$ARG|Asmodeus|Orcus|Master Kaen), in $CHOICE(the Dungeons|Gehennom|the Mines|Sokoban|Vlad's Tower|Fort Ludios|the Quest), with $CHOICE(the Amulet|the Candelabrum|the Book|the Bell|$AN($RNDOBJ)).
see {#nethack:!coffee}
see {#nethack:!zorkmid}
see {#nethack:!genocide}
see {#nethack:!gift}
$SSUFFIX($NICK) goat walks by and $CHOICE(kicks|headbutts) $IF($ARGS|$SELF|$NICK|$ARGS).
see {#nethack:!gt}
see {#nethack:!hanguplist}
$ACT reads a scroll labeled !LIST. Wiped out all trolls. $NICK dies...
see {#nethack:!magic8ball}
see {#nethack:!polymorph}
$ACT zaps a wand of polymorph at $ARG. $ARG turns into $AN($CHOICE(3*pony|3*pegasus|3*unicorn|alicorn))!
see {#nethack:!revgeno}
My source is located at []
see {#*:!date}
see {#nethack:!tod}
see {#*:!nw}
see {#*:!nw}
see {#*:!nw}
see {#nethack:!zap}
#*:$act goes to bed
see {#nethack:$act_goes_to_bed}
#*:$act kicks $self
see {#nethack:$act_kicks_$self}
#*:$self you suck
$IF($RND(3)||$NICK: $CHOICE(screw you|oh, you too?))
A variant of NetHack with much extended and enhanced behaviour. Public server: (telnet); IRC: #grunthack (here on freenode).
#*:nethack 4?
see {#*:nh4?}
NitroHack + AceHack: near vanilla gameplay, improved interface. Public server: (France, telnet / ssh See also #nethack4.
see {nhinrl}
A death that could have been easily avoided, typically in the late game. Also the sound of breaking eggs.
see {tnnt}
see {#nethack:why?}
Extended command. Help menu: get the list of available extended commands.
Extended command. Adjust inventory letters. Most useful when the fixinv option is on.
You wish.
Extended command. Talk to someone.
Extended command. List which challenges you have adhered to.
Extended command. Dip an object into something.
Extended command. Advance or check weapons and spell skills.
  1. Extended command. To force a lock, for example on a box or chest. Forcing with an edged weapon has a chance of breaking the weapon. Forcing with a blunt weapon has a chance of breaking the box or items in it. Scrolls tear, potions shatter, and crystal items break.
  2. Yes, you can break artifact weapons this way. Just ask lorephus.
  3. Cursed weapons will never break when used to #force.
  4. Attempting to #force with nothing to force gives "You decide not to force the issue."
  1. Extended command. Invoke an object's special powers. Only quest artifacts have invokable powers.
  2. Invoking before the timeout expires adds 3d10 more turns. You'll still get blasted, if applicable. Successful invocation sets the timeout to rnz(100) turns. You can get within less than a turn of the optimal strategy by trying to #invoke once every 78 turns.
  1. Extended command. Jump to another location. You'll either need spell of jumping, jumping boots, or you need to be a knight.
  2. You may not jump (except by magic) while burdened or worse. You must be able to see the target square. When a Knight uses her jumping ability, the target must be a chess-knight-move away (e.g. 2 north and 1 west). For magical jumping, the target must be <= 3 squares away
  1. Extended command. Loot a container on the floor beneath you, or the non-cursed saddle from a steed standing next to you.
  2. You must be Strained or below to #loot.
Extended command. Use a monster's special ability (when polymorphed into monster form).
  1. Extended command. Name an item or type of object.
  2. When you use #name, it will ask you a yes or no question. Answering yes will allow you to name an individual/stack of items (useful for saying this is cursed), while answering no will allow you to call the class of items (useful for saying this is a scroll of light)
  3. see {name}
  1. A channel for players on to chat to each-other, gloat, ask for help, or just have a 220-man idle party. :)
  2. Not a channel for people trying to locate hard to find information that does not pertain to roguelikes, also not a cover for a hacker team. (Hat color is irrelevant, see hooa.)
see {#nethack:!magic8ball}
$ACT serves a potion of $CHOICE(6*booze|3*sake|1*hallucination) to $ARG.
You are fated to be $UCFIRST($LALIGN).
$ACT $CHOICE(misses|kills|destroys|bites|hits|kicks|stings|butts|touches|grabs) $IF($LC($ARG)|$LC($SELF)|$NICK|$ARG)!
see {#nethack:!alcohol}
$CHOICE(3*om nom nom|So thou thoughst thou couldst mollify me with a snack, fool!)
see {#nethack:!choice}
$ACT $CHOICE(9*gives $ARGS|drinks) a $CHOICE(2*cup|mug|pot|thermos|bucket|potion|bowl) of $CHOICE(3*coffee|espresso|cappuccino|$CHOICE(black|green|oolong|white|yellow|polka-dot|melange) tea|decaf|mocha), brewed by $CHOICE(Vlad the Impaler|the Oracle|Izchak|the Wizard of Yendor|Moloch|Baalzebub|Medusa|$AN($RNDMON)|$CHOICE(Famine|Pestilence|Death)|$CHOICE(Lord Carnarvon|Pelias|Shaman Karnov|Hippocrates|King Arthur|The Grand Master|The Arch Priest|Orion|The Master of Thieves|Lord Sato|Twoflower|The Norn|Neferet the Green)|$CHOICE(The Minion of Huhetotl|Thoth Amon|The Chromatic Dragon|The Cyclops|Ixoth|Master Kaen|Nalzok|Scorpius|The Master Assassin|Ashikaga Takauji|Lord Surtur|The Dark One)) at $RND(0,300) $CHOICE(degrees Fahrenheit|degrees Celsius|Kelvin).
  1. Conduct: $CHOICE(Every $RND(2,1000) turns you must|Never|Do not|You must|You may not) $CHOICE(learn the BUC status of|eat|#name|wield|wear|throw) $CHOICE(a cockatrice corpse|any item|every artifact|your starting weapon|a quest artifact)$CHOICE(10*.| more than $RND(2,10) times.| within the first $RND(2,20)000 turns.| outside the Elemental Planes.| inside Gehennom.| unless in sight of your pet.| unless naked.| unless blindfolded.| unless confused.| unless engulfed.)
  2. Conduct: $CHOICE(Never|Do not|You must|You may not) $CHOICE(call|#chat with|tame|saddle|consort with|kill|polymorph|scare|attack) $CHOICE(a pudding|Rodney|your quest nemesis|your starting pet) $CHOICE(more than $RND(2,10) times|within the first $RND(2,20)000 turns|outside the Elemental Planes|inside Gehennom|while in sight of your pet|while naked|while blindfolded|unless confused|while engulfed).$CHOICE(9*|1*$THEN $ACT stares sternly and wields Vorpal Blade.)
  3. Conduct: $CHOICE(Never|Do not|You must|You may not) $CHOICE(bless|wield|eat|throw|enchant|engrave with) $CHOICE(your starting weapon|a polearm|an artifact|a dagger) $CHOICE(more than $RND(2,10) times|fewer than $RND(2,10) times|within the first $RND(2,20)000 turns|outside the Elemental Planes|inside Gehennom|while in sight of your pet|while naked|while blindfolded|unless confused|while engulfed).
  4. Conduct: $CHOICE(Do|You must do|You must not do|You may not do) $CHOICE(3*|the opposite of )what $CHOICE(people in #nethack tell|!conduct tells|any rumors you read tell|your mother tells) you to do.
  5. Conduct: $CHOICE(You may not create, split, or revive any monster.|You must sacrifice a coaligned unicorn on the High Altar of Moloch.|Neutral atheist pacifist non-healer. Kudos to your quest leader.|#Quit if you don't ascend by turn $RND(25,50)00.|You must kill Izchak, and get the people in RGRN to approve.|Never use dragon scales or mail.|Zen pacifist.|You may not press the key "p", and you must report your ascension to John Harris.|Your character may pass over at most 500 different tiles.|Wear/wield/use only silver armor/rings/amulets/weapons/wands.)
$IF($ISINT($ARGS)|$CALC($ARGS*400)|$NICK: Need a positive integer value for that.)
$CHOICE(Adri|Andries|Andreas|David|Dirk|Frans|Fred|Greg|Jay|John|Jon|Karnov|Kay|Kenny|Kevin|Maud|Michiel|Mike|Peter|Robert|Ron|Tom|Wilmar|Nick|Phoenix|Jiro|Stephan|Lance) the $CHOICE(invisible|) $CHOICE(Spelunker|Reaver|Roamer|Herbalist|Lama|Arbalester|Journeyer|Sorcerer) swings his long sword named Vorpal Blade. Vorpal Blade decapitates $ARGS!
see {#nethack:!dc}
see {#nethack:!magic8ball}
fruit:$CHOICE(29*|poisonous |gelatinous |hallucinogenic |contaminated )$CHOICE(19*|sweet |salty |spicy |zesty |tangy |chewy |smoky |savory |sour |rotten )$CHOICE(cheesestick|pizza|can of soda|jar of mayonnaise|berry|burger|sandwich|soup|pie|brain|ice cream|bowl of ramen|bowl of spaghetti|fish|steak|chicken|potato|lime|mushroom|slime mold|peach|pineapple|strawberry|slice of bread|slice of toast|turkey|can of beer)
$CHOICE(10*Wiped out all $PLURAL($ARGS).|3*Sent in some $PLURAL($ARGS).|3*Wiped out all players.|2*A thunderous voice booms through the caverns: "No, mortal, that shall not be done!")
  1. $ACT $IF($LC($ARGS)|$LC($NICK)|sneers.|$CHOICE(5*gives|throws) $ARGS $AN($CHOICE($BUC|3*) $RNDOBJ))
  2. $ACT $CHOICE(5*gives|throws) $ARGS $AN($CHOICE($BUC|3*) $RNDOBJ)
Go Team $ARGS!
$IF($ISPLR($ARGS)|[]$PLRNAME($ARGS)/hanguplist.txt|No such user on NAO.)
Quick command help: [] ; for a short list see ?? bot_commands.
see {#nethack:!hanguplist}
see {#nethack:!plr}
$IF($LC($ARGS)|$LC($SELF)|$NICK|$ARGS) ($CHAR), $RND(1,2000000) points, T:$RND(2000,50000), killed by the Wizard of Yendor called Rodney
Try !lvlfiles [name].
$CHOICE(Yes|No|No doubt about it|Absolutely|The stars say no|So it shall be|Indications say yes|Unlikely|Positively|Answer unclear, ask later|Don't bet on it|Looks like yes|Chances aren't good|Focus and ask again|Can't say now|Prospect good|Very likely|Cannot foretell now|Consult me later|You can count on it|When pigs fly|Now that Duke Nukem Forever is released, yes|Not unless you eat your crusts|Maybe after you melee that cockatrice), $NICK.
3.6.0 has no support for "simplemail" which is what dgamelaunch uses. 3.6.1 has it.
see {#nethack:!pom}
see {#nethack:!plr}
see {#nethack:netsplit?}
see {#nethack:!qdb}
Potion of gain level
see {#nethack:passwd?}
see {#nethack:passwd?}
see {#nethack:!plr}
$IF($ISPLR($ARGS)|[]$PLRNAME($ARGS)|No such username on NAO.)
see {#nethack:!polymorph}
$ACT zaps a wand of polymorph at $ARGS. $CHOICE(7*$ARGS turns into $AN($RNDMON)!|$ARGS shudders. $ARGS dies...|2*$ARGS feels like a new $CHOICE(man|woman|dwarf|gnome|elf|orc|troll)! $CHOICE(5* |$ARGS's new form doesn't seem healthy enough to survive. $ARGS dies...))
see {#nethack:!pom}
see {#nethack:!pom}
see {#nethack:!qdb}
$CHOICE(8*Sent in some $PLURAL($ARGS).|Wiped out all $PLURAL($NICK).)
$CHOICE(The RNG is neutral.|The RNG hates $ARG.|The RNG hates #nethack.|The RNG is benevolent.|The RNG refuses to state its mood.|The RNG wouldn't tell you the truth anyway.|New moon today. Fear the RNG!)
$SET(conductlist|$TRIM($CHOICE(vegetarian |vegan |foodless |10*)$CHOICE(pacifist |4*)$CHOICE(atheist |4*)$CHOICE(illiterate |4*)$CHOICE(wishless |4*)$CHOICE(weaponless |4*)$CHOICE(genoless |4*)$CHOICE(polypileless |4*)$CHOICE(polyselfless|4*)))$IF($(conductlist)||Break all conducts|Your conduct is: $(conductlist)).
  1. $CALC($ARG*((1000+$RND(1,1000))*$CHOICE(1|1|1|$CHOICE(2|2|2|$CHOICE(3|3|3|4))))/1000)
  2. $CALC($ARG*1000/((1000+$RND(1,1000))*$CHOICE(1|1|1|$CHOICE(2|2|2|$CHOICE(3|3|3|4)))))
Ascend them in _this_ order: $SHUFFLE(Arc|Bar|Cav|Hea|Kni|Mon|Pri|Rog|Ran|Sam|Tou|Val|Wiz).
NAO supports ssh now: ssh
$ACT $CHOICE(9*gives $ARGS|drinks) a $CHOICE(2*cup|mug|pot|thermos|bucket|potion|bowl) of $CHOICE(5*$CHOICE(black|green|oolong|white|yellow|polka-dot|melange) tea|coffee), brewed by $CHOICE(Vlad the Impaler|the Oracle|Izchak|the Wizard of Yendor|Moloch|Baalzebub|Medusa|$AN($RNDMON)|$CHOICE(Famine|Pestilence|Death)|$CHOICE(Lord Carnarvon|Pelias|Shaman Karnov|Hippocrates|King Arthur|The Grand Master|The Arch Priest|Orion|The Master of Thieves|Lord Sato|Twoflower|The Norn|Neferet the Green)|$CHOICE(The Minion of Huhetotl|Thoth Amon|The Chromatic Dragon|The Cyclops|Ixoth|Master Kaen|Nalzok|Scorpius|The Master Assassin|Ashikaga Takauji|Lord Surtur|The Dark One)) at $CHOICE(3*$RND(80,40) degrees Celsius|$RND(176,72) degrees Fahrenheit|2*$RND(353,40) Kelvin).
Go team $ARGS!
$UCFIRST($AN($RNDMON)) throws $AN($CHOICE($BUC |5*)$RNDOBJ) at $IF($ARGS|$NICK|$CHOICE(himself|herself)|$ARGS).
$ACT $CHOICE(3*hits|misses) $ARGS. Rodney casts a spell at $ARGS! Oh no, he's using the touch of death! $CHOICE(10*Lucky for $ARGS, it didn't work!|29*$ARGS dies...|$ARGS has an out of body experience.|$ARGS dies... But wait... $SSUFFIX($ARGS) medallion begins to glow! $ARGS looks much better. The medallion crumbles to dust!|3*$ARGS seems no deader than before.)
  1. $ACT zaps $ARGS with a wand of polymorph! $ARGS turns into a long worm! Rodney threads $ARGS on a grappling hook! Rodney casts $ARGS off the side of Charon's boat. How's it feel to be trolled with?
  2. You have a trolled feeling for a moment, then it passes.
  3. Ts trolling Ts trolling $NICK.
see {#nethack:!ttyrec}
$IF($ISPLR($ARGS)|[]$PLRNAME($ARGS)/ttyrec|No such user on NAO.)
$CHOICE($SSUFFIX($ARGS) corpse suddenly comes alive!|$CHOICE($SSUFFIX($NICK) $RNDMON corpse suddenly comes alive! |)$NICK shudders in dread.)
I've been up for $UPTIME. The server's been up for $SERVERUPTIME.
Movement keys in vi-mode: y k u h . l b j n
  1. $CHOICE(8*|blessed |cursed )$CHOICE(5*thoroughly rusty |4*very rusty |3*rusty |)$CHOICE(3*thoroughly corroded |2*very corroded |corroded |)$CHOICE(9*|rustproof )$CHOICE(tin opener|skeleton key|lock pick|stethoscope|tin whistle|tinning kit|can of grease|beartrap|landmine|pick-axe|grappling hook|heavy iron ball|iron chain)
  2. $CHOICE(7*uncursed |2*blessed |cursed )$CHOICE(3*thoroughly burnt |2*very burnt |burnt |)$CHOICE(6*|3*thoroughly rotted |2*very rotted |rotted )$CHOICE(blindfold|towel|leash|saddle|sack|oilskin sack|bag of holding|large box|chest|bag of tricks|tallow candle|wax candle|leather drum|drum of earthquake|wooden harp|wooden flute|magic harp|magic flute)
  3. $CHOICE(8*|blessed |cursed )$CHOICE(5*thoroughly corroded |4*very corroded |3*corroded |)$CHOICE(brass lantern|oil lamp|magic lamp|bugle|bell)
  4. $CHOICE(8*|blessed |cursed )$CHOICE(5*thoroughly burnt |4*very burnt |3*burnt |)$CHOICE(credit card|expensive camera|magic marker)
  5. the $CHOICE(cursed|2*uncursed|3*blessed) $CHOICE(-7|-6|-5|-4|-3|-2|-1|5*+0|5*+6|10*+7|+8|+9) $CHOICE(Breadknife|Sting|Grayswandir|Werebane|Tsurugi of Muramasa|Vorpal Blade)
  6. $CHOICE(3*|cursed |uncursed |blessed )$CHOICE(rubber hose|boomerang|shuriken|runesword|rustproof wand of wishing|partisan|fauchard|glaive|bec-de-corbin|spetum|lucern hammer|guisarme|ranseur|voulge|bill-guisarme|bardiche|halberd|towel|wet towel|meat stick|huge chunk of meat)
see {#nethack:!vladbane}
$ACT turns $NICK into a newt!
  1. $ACT asks the RNG for a way to die. The voice of the RNG $CHOICE(booms|thunders): $CHOICE(Thou shalt|You shall) $CHOICE(20*die by jumping into lava!|20*drown!|20*get killed by Lord Surtur!|20*get killed by a chaotic high priest!|20*get killed by the wrath of Moloch!|20*get killed by Vlad the Impaler!|20*get killed by Medusa!|20*choke on a meatball!|20*choke on a meat stick!|20*choke on a meat ring!)
  2. $ACT asks the RNG for a way to die. The voice of the RNG $CHOICE(booms|thunders): $CHOICE(Thou shalt|You shall) $CHOICE(10*get killed by the all mighty powerful Wizard of Yendor|20*choke on Medusa's corpse|20*choke on a tin of cockatrice meat|20*choke on a wraith corpse|30*get killed by my wrath|20*get killed by team a|5*get killed by a newt named @bane|10*choke on a huge chunk of meat|15*choke on the Oracle's corpse)!
  1. Wait 10 seconds and $CHOICE(review inventory|check wiki|ask #nethack|get $CHOICE(3*a drink|some drinks)|try again).
  2. $CHOICE(Stuff bones.|4*Engrave Elbereth and $CHOICE(throw daggers|throw rocks|zap wands|cast spells).)
  1. blessed greased +3 silver dragon scale mail
  2. blessed greased fixed +3 cloak of magic resistance
  3. uncursed greased fixed magic marker
  4. blessed greased fixed +3 speed boots
  5. 3 cursed greased fireproof burning scrolls of genocide
#nethack:!wish string
blessed greased fixed +3 $ARGS
$ACT zaps a wand of death at $ARG! $ARG is killed by the death ray!
$ACT zaps a wand at $ARGS. The $CHOICE(bolt of cold|bolt of fire|death ray|magic missile|wand|bolt of lightning) $CHOICE(5*hits $ARGS!$CHOICE(5* $ARGS dies...|)|misses $ARGS.|$IF($RNICK|$ARGS|barely misses $ARGS!|misses $ARGS and hits $RNICK instead!$CHOICE(5* $RNICK dies...|)))
The RNG $CHOICE(has|hath) spoken. You receive: $CHOICE(a visit from Rodney|99*$CHOICE(heads|tails)).
Amulet of life saving.
see {#nethack:nethack?}
#nethack:$act asks $self
$CHOICE(Go ahead.|What makes you think I'd know that?|I shall not answer.|*sniff*)
#nethack:$act bites $self
No biting! Bad $NICK! Bad!
#nethack:$act cries
$ACT laughs fiendishly.
#nethack:$act dies
$ACT $CHOICE(giggles|chuckles|snickers|laughs).
#nethack:$act goes to bed
$ACT zaps a wand of $CHOICE(10*sleep|death) at $NICK.
#nethack:$act goes to sleep
see {#nethack:$act_goes_to_bed}
#nethack:$act high-fives $self
$ACT ignores $NICK.
#nethack:$act high fives $self
$ACT ignores $NICK.
#nethack:$act highfives $self
$ACT ignores $NICK.
#nethack:$act hits $self
You need a better weapon to hit me, fool!
#nethack:$act hugs $self
$ACT glares at $NICK.
#nethack:$act is confused
$ACT hits $NICK with a blessed unicorn horn.
#nethack:$act is off to bed
$ACT zaps a wand of $CHOICE(10*sleep|death) at $NICK.
#nethack:$act is still alive
$CHOICE(Not for long.|We'll see about that.)
#nethack:$act kicks $self
$ACT evades $SSUFFIX($NICK) clumsy kick.
#nethack:$act kills $self
$CHOICE(I shall return.|I'll be back.)
#nethack:$act looks at $self
$ACT scowls at $NICK menacingly!
#nethack:$act pats $self
$ACT stabs $NICK with a cursed dagger.
#nethack:$act pokes $self
$ACT wakes up, startled!
#nethack:$act slaps $self around a bit with a large trout
$ACT slaps $NICK with a $CHOICE(cockatrice|5*kraken) corpse.
#nethack:$act stares at $self
#nethack:$act throws a cream pie at $self
$ACT evades the pie. Splat! The cream pie hits $RNICK instead!
#nethack:$act waves at $self
Yes, I can see you.$CHOICE(3*| Now square for me.)
$IF($(argc)||$ACT $CHOICE(3*hits|misses) $NICK. $SELF casts a spell at $NICK! Oh no, he's using the touch of death!--More--$THEN $CHOICE(10*Lucky for $NICK, it didn't work!|29*$NICK dies...|$NICK has an out of body experience.|$NICK dies... But wait... $SSUFFIX($NICK) medallion begins toglow! $NICK looks much better. The medallion crumbles to dust!|3*$NICK seems no deader than before.)|)
wand of wishing
see {nao50}
Ring of increase damage.
see {#nethack:pfsc?}
see {#nethack:pfsc?}
Scroll of identify
AceHack, a NetHack variant. '/join #acehack' for more info.
Vanilla gameplay, improved interface.
Public server hosting dNetHack, NAOHack and SLASH'EM Extended: ssh (Germany, ssh only); see also
Ascension kit, the items commonly used to help ascend.
$CHOICE(8*Supposedly|Allegedly|Reportedly|Admittedly|Apparently|Probably), please use the acronym NAO! (or $CHOICE(else!|we'll be forced to slay you))
see {#nethack:acehack?}
see {#nethack:sokobag?}
Black (or blue) dragon scale mail. What were you thinking?
A bag of holding. Very useful item; it (usually) reduces the weight of items inside it.
If you found a bug, use [] to report it - see also []
#nethack:cao?; Crawl's equivalent of NAO
Can't be arsed
Crystal plate mail.
That other game
Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, another roguelike not entirely unlike NetHack.
Demirobin, a community account for players who are experienced. See ??demirobin for more info.
A mostly useless lawful artifact sword.
A NetHack tournament running every November; see [] and #devnull_nethack.
Dig for Victory
dNetHack: Dungeons and Extra-Terrestrial Hack. See #dnethack and [] ; public server at (ssh)
Dragon scale mail.
"Do you want your possessions identified?", the first thing the game (in)famously asks you when you've died.
see {#nethack:elbereth?}
A telnet client that lets you play in tiles on a public server (It's evil!) []
Elbereth, the key to survival. E scares all hostile monsters that aren't @, A, the Riders or minotaurs. But you have to learn how to use it!
Eye of the Aethiopica
Evil Patch Idea
The Goddess of Discord. Worshipped by Discordians.
Finger of death.
Grey dragon scale mail.
$NICK: It sucks. Don't use it with vt_tiledata.
  1. Gauntlets of dexterity. RNG.
  2. Yes?
Gauntlets of power.
Grayswandir, a quite nice artifact silver saber.
The father of all $CHOICE(weapons|sabers|swords). Fear its $CHOICE(19*elite|l33t) powers.
Grayswandir, an artifact silver saber.
Gnome with the wand of death
$IF($(argc)||Hello $NICK, welcome to $CHAN! You are a neutral human nethacker.--More--|)
$CHOICE(3*Helm of Brilliance|Hag of Bolding).
Using a cursed scroll of destroy armor on a cursed helm of brilliance: the helm's enchantment will decrease, but your intelligence will erroneously stay increased.
Heaven or hell: a game mode in UnNetHack and AceHack in which everything has 1 HP permanently.
Helm of opposite alignment.
In game nick
If I $CHOICE(Recall|Remember) Correctly.
A "high-tech ttyrec player for Unix" allowing you to rewind and search: []
The NetHack Cross-Variant Summer Tournament: See [] and #junethack!
$CHOICE(Blame your ISP.|It's on your end.|What lag?)
The bestest weapon ever.
The maximum value of a 32 bit signed integer (e.g. score, turncount): 2147483647.
Random h in mines was a mind flayer.
Random h in mines was a mind flayer.
Master Key of Thievery. Half physical damage, warning, TC. Chaotic.
The most ambiguous abbreviation ever invented. Could be (spell/wand) of magic missile, (scroll/book) of magic mapping, or magic marker.
Master mind flayer. An annoyance.
Magic Mirror of Merlin; the (lawful) knight quest artifact.
see {#nethack:--more--}
Magic resistance.
#nethack:nao? an abbreviation for the $CHOICE(supremely|somewhat|mildly|moderately|fairly|incredibly|undeniably) $CHOICE(4*lazy|awesome).
NAO's modified version of NetHack; see [] for details and [] for the git repository.
see {#nethack:naohack?}
NetHack is a game, kinda like Diablo, but much better -- the name refers to hacking monsters, not computers. See the join message for more information.
see {#nethack:netsplit?}
Ashikaga Takauji swings the Tsurugi of Muramasa. Ashikaga Takauji hits! The Tsurugi of Muramasa cuts freenode in half!
#nethack:neu? NetHack server located in southern Germany, deaths reported in
#nethack:nfi? NetHack server located in Finland, #nethack @
Not Safe For Work. Click at own risk.
see {#nethack:ade?}
Orb of Detection; the (lawful) archeologist quest artifact.
Orb of fate. Valkyrie quest artifact. Highly desirable: half physical and spell damage, warning, levelport, and luckstone. It's also a crystal ball and therefore 150 units of weight.
A mostly useless Elven broadsword.
NAO password reset: []
Ring of protection from shape changers. This handy ring makes all shape changers stay in their base form. For example, chameleons appear as :, rather than their changed form.
A hollow voice says, "Fool."
Poison resistance
A tool for splitting puddings while dealing only 1 damage. They are knives or orcish daggers at -3 and thoroughly corroded. However, you can use a non-weapon iron item to farm and keep the weaponless conduct.
  1. Platinum Yendorian Express Card
  2. Platinum Yendorian Express Card. That's what makes tourists overpowered.
The version of soko level 4 with an amulet of reflection.
#nethack:rgrn? - the (active) nethack newsgroup.
Random $CHOICE(Number|NetHack) $CHOICE(Generator|God|Goddess)
  1. What!
  2. Me!
  3. $USER!
  1. Don't disturb me, I'm watching a game.
  2. Yes?
  3. $NICK?
  4. No.
  5. Pong!
  6. I'm sorry, Rodney is currently unavailable. Please leave your name and a brief message after the beep. *BEEP*
  7. $ACT zaps a wand of polymorph at $NICK. $NICK turns into $AN($RNDMON).
  8. Me?
Role, race, gender, alignment; #nethack's ASL.
Secret door detection.
Silver dragon scale mail.
The Staff of Aesculapius; it's the (neutral) healer quest artifact.
The version of soko level 4 with a bag of holding.
The Sceptre of Might; the caveman quest artifact. It's lawful.
see {#nethack:!ssh}
$CHOICE(Hammertime!|Collaborate! Listen!|In the name of love!)
The Tactical Amulet Extraction Bot: []
Tool-assisted speedrun: see [] for more general information. There is also a NetHack TAS in progress: see []
The DevTeam thinks of everything.
the fucking elf with the fucking wand of sleep
They are evil and want you dead.
What NetHack would look like if it were still in development. Public server: []
One, two! One, two! And through and through! The vorpal blade went snicker-snack! He left it dead, and with its head he went galumphing back.
Valley of the Dead
The vibrating square, where you perform the Invocation to enter Moloch's Sanctum.
A wide-angle disintegration beam: the most extreme of divine retributions.
"with bells on"; the devnull tournament's term for "within a streak".
Wand of wishing
Yet Another Annoying Death
Yet Another Ascension Post
Yet Another First Ascension Post
Yet Another Funny Message
Yet Another $CHOICE(Nice|New|Nifty|NetHack) $CHOICE(Idea|Improvement)
Yet Another Stupid Death
Yellow dragon scale mail. Provides acid resistance.
$IF($(argc)||Hello $NICK, welcome to $CHAN! You are a neutral human editor.--More--|)
  1. Extended command. Offer a sacrifice to the gods.
  2. In order to offer something, you have to be able to touch it, so don't offer footrice corpses without gloves.
  3. Also known as 'saccing'.
  4. Some bad things to offer unless you're sure you know what you're doing include: a former pet (angers your god), a coaligned unicorn, a corpse of your own race.
  1. Extended command. Pray to the gods for help.
  2. To get holy waters when praying, leave them on a coaligned altar, stand on the altar and pray, and they'll be blessed unless $DEITY is pissed.
  3. Need help? Praying spoiler: <[]
  1. Extended command. Quit the program without saving your game. You don't need to use this, you'll die soon anyway.
  2. "Winners never quit, and quitters never win" is one of the false rumors.
  3. Instead of using this command, try using 'S', to save your game.
Extended command. Ride (or dismount) a monster.
Extended command. Rub a lamp or a stone.
  1. Extended command. Sit down.
  2. Don't sit on altars!
  3. To lay an egg, polymorph yourself into a female of an egg-laying species, and #sit on the ground.
  4. See also throne.
  5. Sit on a trap to activate it. Useful for magic traps if you want karma and battle, and levelporters if you forgot to remove your magic resistance.
  1. Extended command, turn undead. Priests and Knights can call upon their deity to turn undead, which will destroy or frighten nearby Z, M, W, L, V, ghosts, shades and vampire bats. For chaotics, #turn will not destroy, but pacify.
  2. The damage to the undead is dealt immediately, but you will be inactive for a total of five turns. Be careful!
  3. You cannot #turn in Gehennom: "Since you are in Gehennom, $DEITY won't help you." Nothing happens (no angry gods, no turns taken, etc.), except your atheist conduct is broken.
  4. You cannot #turn as undead or a demon, unless you are chaotic.
  5. The range is between 5 and 11 squares (based on experience level).
see {twoweapon}
  1. Extended command. Untrap a trap, door, or a chest.
  2. #untrap a trapped monster to possibly turn it peaceful or tame.
see {botl_updates}
Extended command. Print compile time options for this version of NetHack.
Extended command. Wipe off your face. Useful after a keystone kop blinded you with a cream pie.
  1. Symbol: '$' A pile of coins or a coin. In NetHack the currency is the zorkmid.
  2. Command: '$' Count your gold.
  3. A thrown zorkmid, if not caught, will always miss. You can throw gold in a shop to detect mimics.
  1. Symbol: '%' Something edible (not necessarily healthy or conducive to long life).
  2. Symbol: '%' On the Rogue level, these are the stairs, not food. But the keyboard shortcuts stay < > e.g. at the farlook prompt.
  1. Command: '&' Tells what a command does.
  2. Monster: '&' Demons and other nasty things. Non-uniques include water demons, horned devils, succubi, incubi, erinyes, barbed devils, mariliths, vrocks, hezrous, bone|ice devils, nalfeshnee, pit fiends, balrogs, djinni and sandestin. Also, equally nasty: mail daemons.
  3. Monster: '&' Several unique monsters. Asmodeus, Juiblex, Orcus, and Baalzebub, Death, Famine, and Pestilence are guarenteed to be in each game (if you make it far enough) while Yeenoghu, Geryon, Dispater, and Demogorgon are not.
  1. Monster: ''' A straw, paper, rope, gold, leather, wood, flesh, clay, stone, glass or iron golem.
  2. You can reconfigure this symbol to 7, using the "monsters" config file option, to make it more easily visible.
  1. Command: '(' Tell what tool(s) you are using.
  2. Symbol: '(' A tool.
Bag of Holding
see {Bag_of_tricks}
  1. Symbol: ')' A weapon.
  2. Command: ')' Tell what weapon(s) you are wielding.
  1. Symbol: '*' A gem, piece of glass, or rock. Possibly valuable, possibly worthless.
  2. Command: '*' Tell what equipment you are using, commands ')', '[', '=', '"', and '(' rolled into one.
  3. Also, gold pieces in the Rogue level.
  4. If you thought using this command would break Rodney, shame on you!
  1. '** <term>' searches the database for occurences of term <term>
  2. Note: this is a full-text search.
  3. By default '** foo' gives private messages. If you need to spam the channel, use '*> foo'
  4. If you're looking for information on the "Str: 18/**" oddity, see {18/**}
This searches the learndb for a specified term and sends the result via NOTICE. See also {**}
This searches the learndb for a specified term and sends the result to the channel. See also {**}
  1. Symbol: '+' A spellbook.
  2. Dungeon feature: '+' A closed door.
  3. Command: '+' List the spells you know and rearrange them if you want.
see {+2_or_+3}
+2 or +3
  1. The short answer: It depends. You have 60% chance of getting +3, and 80% chance of getting +2.
  2. If you are wishing for something where the special properties of the item itself are worth more than the + (silver or grey dragon scale mail, for example), then go with +3.
  3. If you are wishing for something where the + is the whole point of the thing (gauntlets of dexterity or a helm of brilliance), you should go with +2.
  4. The pure math says that +3 will come out slightly ahead in the long run, but there is no "long run" in NetHack, just a series of individual events. Beyond this, you must make your own decision.
+2 vs +3
see {+2_or_+3}
see {+2_or_+3}
Command: ',' Pick up items from the floor.
Dungeon feature: '-' A wall of a room.
  1. Direction: '.' Use to zap wands and spells at yourself, etc.
  2. Dungeon feature: '.' The floor of a room, a lowered drawbridge, ice, or a doorless doorway.
  3. Command: '.' Rest, do nothing for one turn.
  1. Symbol: '/' A wand.
  2. Command: '/' Tell what a symbol represents.
see {devnull}
Wand of Create Monster.
Wand of digging.
see {wand_of_striking}
see {wand_of_speed}
Wand of Wishing.
12 conduct ascension
The extreme challenge of ascending in NetHack without breaking a single official conduct.
200 boulder steal
  1. Like the 200 rock steal, but faster to implement.
  2. Basically it involves reading numerous scrolls of earth in a shop, then polymorphing into a giant and picking them up.
  3. Unfortunately, you then find yourself unable to pick up anything else (other than more boulders), and attempting to drop the boulders can cause a segmentation fault.
  4. Also see {200_rock_steal}
200 meatball steal
see {200_rock_steal}
200 meatballs
see {200_rocks}
200 rock steal
  1. The maximum number of items you can be charged for in a shop is 200. Anything you pick up after that you get for free. If you can find 200 rocks and name then each a different thing so they don't stack, and place them in a Bag of Holding to reduce weight, you can then throw it into a shop, and once you pick it back up eveything else you pick up is free.
  2. You can then easily sell the expensive items back to the shopkeeper repeatedly [no pet-steal necesary] to bleed him dry of cash, and build up enough credit for the price of the bag and rocks. For more detail, see []
  3. For the Healers or others with Stone-to-flesh as an option, you can get a very significant weight reduction by pulling off the 200_meatball_steal instead
200 rocks
see {200_rock_steal}
  1. Dumplogs are not available in 3.6.0, but will be available in 3.6.1.
  2. Yes, Rodney triggers are broken even for 3.4.3 dumplogs
50 zm potion
Booze, fruit juice, see invisible, or sickness.
50zm potion
see {50_zm_potion}
60 zm scroll
see {60zm_scroll}
60zm scroll
Blank paper (but that one's obvious) or enchant weapon.
80 zm scroll
Enchant armor or remove curse
You can identify some randomly appearing items by their probability of being cursed. Item groups that might be 90% cursed: rings, amulets, boots, gloves, and helmets.
  1. Command: ':' Look at what is here. It works while levitating (unless you are blind), and it doesn't take a turn (unless you are blind).
  2. Monster: ':' Lizard and lizard-like things. Newts (which are reptiles, right?), geckos, iguanas, useful lizards, chameleons (which don't usually appear as a ':'), (baby) crocodiles and salamanders.
A newt adjacent to a weapon, adjacent to a piece of armor, adjacent to an unseen low-level monster, adjacent to a wand, adjacent to another low-level unseen monster, adjacent to a mimic, adjacent to a crocodile, adjacent to a shade, adjacent to an Archon, etc.
  1. Command: ';' Show what type of thing a visible symbol corresponds to.
  2. Monster: ';' Want to sleep with the fishes? Jellyfish, piranhas, sharks, giant eels, electric eels, and kraken are represented by this symbol. Several of them are quite dangerous. A good genocide choice.
  1. Direction: '<' Use to throw potions up, etc. Warning: What goes up...
  2. Command: '<' Go up stairs, ladders, etc.
  3. Symbol: '<' Stairs up.
  1. Symbol: '=' A ring.
  2. Command: '=' Tell what rings you are wearing.
Ring of Increase Damage, not Ring of Identify.
ring of sustain ability. Prevents your stats from going down -- but also prevents them from going up, too.
see {slow_digestion}
  1. Direction: '>' Use to zap wands and spells down, find the health of your steed with a stethoscope, etc.
  2. Command: '>' Go down stairs, ladders, jump through trap doors, etc.
  3. Dungeon feature: '>' Stairs down.
  1. Symbol: '?' A scroll.
  2. Command: '?' Help menu.
  3. Command: 'Meta-?' Same as '#?'.
Are you tired of the same old /msg /msg? Would you rather see how the /notice crowd lives? Then this might be the product for you! (It just sends the response with notices (/notice) instead of privmsgs (/msg). See {??}.)
Broadcasts a learndb entry to the entire channel. See {??}, {?<}, {**}, {*>}
  1. Just do a ?? word or ?? word > nick
  2. By default '?? foo' gives private messages. If you need to spam the channel, use '?> foo'. You can use ?< rather than ?? to get a private notice rather than private message; this looks nicer in some clients.
Scroll of Charging.
Scroll of Create Monster.
see {scroll of earth}
Scroll of Enchant Armor.
see {scroll_of_earth}
Scroll of Enchant Weapon.
Scroll of Genocide.
scroll of gold detection
Scroll of Magic Mapping
see {scare_monster}
  1. Command: '@' Toggle autopickup on or off.
  2. Monster: '@' Your character, a human, or an elf. Dopplegangers are human, but usually aren't an '@' sign if you see them.
  3. Monster: '@' The Wizard of Yendor is represented by this symbol.
  4. If used in a menu, it will invert selection. (An easy way to select all.)
Command: '[' Tell what armor you are wearing.
Gauntlets of Power
Helm of Brilliance
see {Helm of Opposite Alignment}
see {Helm of Opposite Alignment}
Shield of Reflection
A Slash'em specific post on RGRN.
Shield of Reflection
  1. Dungeon feature: '\' An opulent throne to #sit on.
  2. Command: '\' List what objects have been discovered and what their appearance is.
If you see this symbol, it is a mimic hiding on an early level. Later on, mimics will start looking like actual objects, to confuse you.
  1. Dungeon feature: '^' A trap (once you have found it).
  2. Command: '^' Ask what type of trap you found earlier.
  3. Default menu accelerator: '^' for first page in a menu.
The ^X command (that's ctrl+x) displays your character's starting and current attributes, as well as your role's deity names.
  1. Symbol: An iron chain.
  2. Command: '_' Travel to a map location via the shortest-path algorithm. Avoids known traps but won't avoid swimming.
  3. Dungeon feature: '_' An altar.
Symbol: '`' A boulder or statue, by default. Some people configure boulders to by represented by a zero '0' instead.
  1. Command: 'a' Apply or use a tool, such as pick-axe, key, camera, or break a wand.
  2. Command: 'A' Take off all armor interactively. This can take off armor even if you're wearing other armor on it.
  3. Monster: 'a' Insects: giant beetle, giant ant, fire ant, soldier ant, killer bee, queen bee
  4. Monster: 'A' angelic beings: couatl, Aleax, Angel, ki-rin, Archon
  5. Command: '^a' Repeat previous command.
  6. Command: 'Meta-a' Same as '#adjust'.
a cloud of darkness falls upon you
  1. You failed to learn a spell and are blinded in the process.
  2. You quaffed or got hit by a potion of blindness.
a curse upon thee for sitting upon this most holy throne
You sat on a throne and were blinded (if you have positive Luck) or had your inventory randomly cursed as by the monster spell.
a feeling of loss comes over you
You dipped an uncursed item in a fountain. Had it been cursed, the curse would have been removed.
a few ice cubes drop from the wand
It's a wand of cold.
a freezing mist rises from the water and envelopes the sword
see {freezing_mist}
a lit field surrounds you
Yep, it's a ?oLight.
a pillar of fire strikes all around you
see {pillar_of_fire}
a pillar of fire strikes all around you!
see {pillar_of_fire}
a red glow surrounds your head
You have read a blessed scroll of confuse monster while you were confused.
a shiver runs up and down your spine
Magic trap, no effect this time.
a strange tingling runs up your arm
You dipped an item in a fountain. Nothing happened.
a sudden geyser slams into you from nowhere
see {geyser}
a sudden geyser slams into you from nowhere!
see {geyser}
a trigger appears in a pile of soil
A flying monster flew over a previously unknown land mine nearby. The land mine has a chance of being set of by the "air currents".
a wisp of vapor escapes the fountain
Your wisdom is exercised, and all your attributes are restored to their maximum (same effect as a blessed potion of restore ability). One attribute is increased by 1 (uncursed potion of gain ability effect); if your Luck is 4 or higher, this last effect will increase all your attributes by 1 (blessed potion effect). After this effect, the fountain is no longer magical.
see {yasd}
Eaten: abbot Nutr: 400 Effects: Human Hallucination
absolute beginner's guide
See The Absolute Beginner's Guide for NetHack at []
  1. Armor Class. Smaller numbers are better (a la AD&D).
  2. The maximum AC is 127, lowest possible AC is -128. -128 is obtainable only by praying for favors or eating rings of protection.
  3. []
ace's law
see {aceslaw}
NetHack with improved interface! Currently sporting highlighting, no floating eye melee and autoexplore. Written by ais523. In current alpha at []
see {}
  1. A law of #nethack proposed by ais523 and codified by AceSevenFive. It states: "It is impossible to make a statement so stupid it cannot be mistaken forr a Slash'EM Extended feature."
  2. ais523's original suggestion: "you can't distinguish s'ee from a parody of itself"
acid blob
  1. Low-level slow monster with no active attacks, but which can corrode your weapon if you hit it.
  2. The corpse is acidic and does not become tainted.
  3. Acid blobs are vegan.
  4. Eaten: acid blob Nutr: 10 V! Effects: Acidic
acid resistance
  1. protects you, but NOT your equipment, from acid damage.
  2. can only be obtained extrinsically via an alchemy smock (apron unidentified) or yellow dragon scales or scale mail or via polymorph into an acid-resistant monster.
  3. Note: acid resistance protects against the yellow dragon's breath attack (as does reflection), and can save a low level (especially a newer low level) player from near certain death when engulfed by an ochre jelly.
  4. (Also note: like, nobody can resist acid, man...)
acidic corpse
Eating one will cause d15 of damage.
Eaten: acolyte Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
acrid fumes
You summoned a djinni from a smoky potion or magic lamp while blind.
ad aerarium
  1. A secret door near this engraving will hold either a teleport to a gold vault or a level teleporter.
  2. Latin, means literally "to treasury"
ad aquarium
  1. A secret door near this engraving will hold a teleport to a slightly soggy gold vault.
  2. Zorkish, means literally "to treasury with eels in it"
see {}
  1. Deliciously finnish.
  2. Caused genodeen to become inaccessible to the general web at its former domain. Some people say he sucks because of this.
  3. His realtime speed record (on NEU, as Sayo) in 01:03: []
A shopkeeper named Adjama will be running a general store.
  1. Another roguelike, no source available.
  2. Standing for Ancient Domains of Mystery, ADOM tends towards a larger, more complicated world than nethack, more like traditional RPGs than Rogue.
  3. The official site is at []
see {ring_of_adornment}
see {eye_of_the_aethiopica}
A soft orange gem worth 200 zorkmids.
agate ring
An unidentified ring. Cannot be eaten by any monster.
aggravate monster
Intrinsic granted by the appropriate ring, eating a member of your own race or cat/dog (unless orc or caveman), or sacrificing a former pet. Pets go feral twice as fast. If you are not stealthy, sleeping monsters (other than leprechauns, nymphs, and jabberwocks) will always wake up at your approach.
air elemental
  1. Kings of speed (36), air elementals will pummel you with multiple attacks to your one, and are often the unfortunate demise for even high level characters.
  2. If engulfed, try casting charm monster or reading a scroll of taming, as they can be tamed sometimes.
  3. Also, don't forget that the knock spell will let you out of _any_ creature that has engulfed / swallowed you -- but the air elemental might just reengulf you immediately.
  4. The damage done is NOT reduced by AC, but it is by half physical damage.
  5. Other means of escape include: zapping a /oTele at yourself (normally) or the elemental (on no-teleport levels), zapping /oDeath, zapping /oPoly, zapping /oSlowMonster, improvising with a tooled horn, reading a scroll of scare monster, casting cause fear, and so on.
air plane
see {plane of air}
<ais523> I really like Unity, and think that Vista is the best version of Windows ever
ais523's guide to the planes
see {ascension_kit}
  1. A thonged club.
  2. No relation to the garment.
  3. Deals 1d6/1d3 damage (small/large monster).
see {aleax}
  1. Dipping one or more potions into another to generate different potions. For example, healing potions dipped into speed create diluted potions of extra healing. Extra healing dipped into gain energy/level create diluted potions of full healing.
  2. If you have a surplus of speed, gain energy or gain level potions, you can dip that surplus into the healing or extra healing potion instead, to convert that surplus into the better healing potion. Also, enlightenment into levitation (or vice versa) has a 2/3 chance of becoming gain level, to further your alchemy with.
  3. If you have (for example) two stacks of healing, one diluted, then to save a potion of speed, you can dilute the undiluted one with water, so that the potions are now in one stack, and can be dipped in one potion.
  4. The potions resulting from alchemy are always created uncursed, unless you count #dipping into a potion of unholy/holy water alchemy.
  5. See also: []
  6. Note that some of the seemingly "useless" alchemy formulas in the table, like speed+fruit juice = booze, are sometimes quite useful if their results are smoky in your game. Also, while "sickness+fruit juice=sickness" seems useless, you could use it to turn 1 sickness and 10 fruit juice into 10 sickness, and if sickness is smoky... you get the idea.
  7. In rare cases, you may wish to alchemize for booze if you have reached the planes with no forgotten spells -- but don't bless the booze or it won't work.
alchemy smock
  1. A cloak that provides poison and acid resistance. It also provides MC1.
  2. Has an unidentified description of 'apron'
  1. An Angelic being with speed 8, AC 0, MR 30%, resists cold, sleep, electric shock, and poison. Does twice 1d6 with weapon and kicks for 1d4.
  2. Can two weapon for 2w+2d6 + 2w+2d6 + k1d4
Configuration option. Your starting alignment (align:lawful, align:neutral, or align:chaotic). Cannot be set in-game.
aligned priest
  1. Aligned priests are @. They are found in temples, in sanctum, in some quests and on the Astral Plane. Aligned priests are shock resistant. Their attacks are 4d10 + 1d4 + clerical spellcasting.
  2. If you want to kill an aligned priest, you'd best do it at a distance, or if you really must melee him, converting the altar will get rid of the attacks from that god's wrath, while failed conversions don't anger the priest at all. Be sure to have a ring of free action or a source of MR, as they can paralyze you, which is pretty much a guaranteed (and preventable) death.
  3. Eaten: aligned priest Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
  1. "Alignment" refers to your standing with your god.
  2. Its initial value is 0 for character classes CPTVW, and 10 for character classes ABHKMRoRaS.
  3. Its maximum value starts at 10 and is increased by 1 every 200 turns (so at T:199, max align is 10, at T:200 max align is 11).
  4. Since alignment is a signed 32-bit integer, the minimum alignment is -2,147,483,648. There seems to be some over/underflow protection (so you can't have +2bil alignment).
  5. The exact formula for maximum alignment is (10+turns/200). In the spoilers, this number is called L. For example, killing your quest leader sets your alignment to -L/2.
  6. To do the quest you must have align >= 20, which means you absolutely cannot possibly do the quest before turn 2000, no matter how many wraith corpses you eat or !oGL you quaff.
  7. For enlightenment messages (Such as You are Devoutly Aligned) and more info, see: []
alignment myths
Killing a peaceful in one turn DOES NOT incur special penalty. that's killing them without ANGERING them, something different. --- Chaotics killing an always-peaceful (shk,watch,priest) still get at least -16 alignment from it.
alignment spoiler
alignment terms
  1. Co-aligned: having the same alignment.
  2. Cross-aligned: having different alignments.
  3. Unaligned: (For altars or priests) belonging to Moloch. (For artifacts) not associated with any alignment, so happy with the wielder regardless of his/her alignment.
  4. Aligned: (For altars or priests) belonging to a god other than Moloch. This does NOT mean co-aligned when you farlook an altar on Astral. (For artifacts) associated with one of the three alignments, and hostile to players with other alignments.
  1. AllegroHack is an MS-DOS port of NetHack that uses the Allegro graphics library to provide a fancier graphic interface
  2. []
  3. the website seems to have moved or been shut down, this interface is no longer developed ( except within the SLASH'EM project )
  4. project revived at []
alpine conduct
never moving away from any staircase (> or <) or portal (^) more than once before picking up the Amulet, and once after picking up the Amulet.
Telnet to to play nethack or watch games in progress. I announce game endings in this channel. See scores and stats at []
  1. Commonly used for #offering fresh corpses (usually not of your own race), #praying for certain favors, 'd'ropping items to get hold of their cursed/uncursed/blessed status. You can raise your luck with it, get non-quest artifacts, get crowned, obtain spellbooks and many many more with those, too.
  2. #offer a corpse on an altar to raise your alignment. If you sacrifice on a noncoaligned altar with positive alignment, there's a chance (yourLevel+2)/(yourLevel+8) you'll convert the altar to be coaligned, but if you have a negative alignment, there's a chance your alignment will change (making the game unwinnable if done before the Quest).
  3. See [] for complete praying spoiler.
  4. Attempting to engrave or sit on top of one is a good way to get a -1 luck penalty, or a -1 wisdom penalty if the altar is co-aligned.
  5. Luck has no effect on your chances of converting an altar, but it will affect your chances of being confronted by a minion of the god of the altar you converted (or tried to).
  6. If your alignment is negative when you try to convert an altar, you will be converted to the altar's god instead.
  7. Failing to convert an altar incurs a -1 luck penalty.
  8. Being converted to the altar's god incurs a -3 luck penalty.
  9. Kicking an altar is also a bad idea.
  10. conversion chances (XL+2)/(XL+8). See []
  11. Altars are randomly generated in rooms with a 1 in 60 chance that any regular room in the dungeon will contain an altar.
altars conversion
see {converting altars}
"Alter" means "to change". You probably wanted "altar" instead.
always remember
You just gained 1 to Wisdom from a foocubus.
amaterasu omikami
The Samurai lawful goddess.
A soft yellowish brown gem worth 1000 zorkmids.
amber flash
when you drop a blessed item on an altar, it flashes amber.
amber stone
see {amber}
  1. A soft violet gem worth 600 zorkmids.
  2. If dipped into booze, amethyst will turn it into a potion of fruit juice.
  1. Can be caused by reading a scroll of amnesia or by having your brains eaten by a mind flayer. Scroll effects follow; those of a mind flayer are similar.
  2. If cursed or not confused, you forget all of the current level. If non-cursed and confused, you forget 6/7 of the current level. If not blessed you also forget any number of spells.
  3. If amnesia causes you to forget the identity of the scroll of amnesia, it will automatically be re-identified for you.
Allows you to enter water, be undrownable by eels/krakens and fog clouds will deal no damage. You can get this either by devouring an amulet of unbreathing as a metallivore or by polying into a floating eye, water elemental, newt, crocodile or any ;
"Your health currently feels amplified!" means you gained shock resistance.
  1. The amulets are: Change, ESP, life saving, magical breathing, reflection, restful sleep, strangulation, unchanging, versus poison, cheap plastic imitation of the Amulet of Yendor, and the Amulet of Yendor
  2. All amulets have a base price of 150zm except for cheap imitations which are 0zm and the AoY which is 30000zm
  3. Wearing an amulet will increase the rate in which you get hungry.
  4. The appearances of the amulets are randomized: circular, spherical, oval, triangular, pyramidal, square, concave, hexagonal and octagonal
amulet of change
  1. Toggles your gender between male and female.
  2. Disintegrates after changing your gender, does not alter the Polyself(change form) #conduct
amulet of esp
An amulet of ESP gives you extrinsic telepathy when worn and intrinsic telepathy when eaten.
amulet of life-saving
see {amulet of life saving}
amulet of life saving
  1. If you die while wearing one of these, the amulet will be gone, and you will be revived, with full hp, and with -1 to constitution. Cannot revive if you're genocided, or if you were killed by brainlessness from a flayer.
  2. If you were slimed, the process restarts once you're revived.
amulet of magical breathing
Prevents choking and drowning.
amulet of reflection
see {reflection}
amulet of restful sleep
  1. Usually generated cursed.
  2. This amulet causes you to fall asleep every 1 to 100 turns, waking between 1 and 20 turns.
amulet of strangulation
  1. When worn you are strangled to death in 6 turns even if you have unbreathing via eaten amulet or polyself. When eaten you instantly choke with 1/20 chance of survival.
  2. Make sure it's not cursed when you put it on; if it is, prayer may be your only option. And it will be cursed about 90% of the time.
  3. These will NOT auto-curse, so if you know an un-ID'd amulet is uncursed it is safe to put on.
amulet of unchanging
  1. Wearing one of these will prevent you from ever changing form, whether from polymorphing, lycanthropy, or turning into green slime.
  2. If you wear one of these while polymorphed you will never revert to your original form (until you remove it), not even if you are killed.
  3. If you eat one of these while polymorphed, you will instantly return to your original form (pun on "un-changing").
amulet of yendor
  1. The amulet of Yendor, magical talisman of legend, and your quest! Retrieve it from the Dungeons of Doom, for the greater glory of $DEITY!
  2. Wear or wield it while on the planes to give a hint about the location of the next magical portal. Also confers clairvoyance when held.
  3. While in inventory, makes you use more power when casting spells than usual.
amulet versus poison
Amulet that gives you poison resistance when you wear it (or eat it).
amulet versus yasd
Amulet of life-saving
amulet weight
All amulets weigh 20.
see {amulet}
  1. Another roguelike.
  2. More easily extendable than NetHack, but doesn't have as many interesting interactions.
  3. tends towards many fractured variants, such as ZAngb (Zelanzy-influenced), ToME (Tolkien-influenced), sCthAngband (Cthulhu) and Mangband (MultiPlayer), and over 20 others
  4. The official site is at []
Speed 10, AC -4, magic resistance 55%, resists cold, sleep, poison and electric shock. Does 1d6 + 1d6 with weapon, claws for 1d4, casts magic missiles for 2d6.
angled poleax
See {halberd}.
angled poleaxe
see {halberd}
The chaotic god of the Wizard pantheon
Some rather good player who probably has too high an opinion of himself at some times, but can be nice as well if you don't annoy him too much. Plus he's usually kidding, anyway[citation needed].
The chaotic god of the Caveman pantheon.
ant farming
  1. Find a non-coaligned temple.
  2. Convert the altar.
  3. When the priest casts 'summon insects', kill and sacrifice them.
  4. MR, speed, and enough HP to take incidental attacks from the priest are advised.
  1. Special room. Filled with giant ants, soldier ants or fire ants and food.
  2. Frequency: 1/8, DL 13+.
anti-magic field
  1. An evil trap which can drain your magical energy away, maybe even permanantly
  2. If you have MR, your Pw is not be drained. Instead, you take a small amount of HP damage ("You feel sluggish" if less than 1/4 of your HP, "You feel lethargic" if more, and "You feel unbearably torpid" if you were killed.)
anti-magic trap
Lowers current Power and potentially lowers max Power.
  1. Hang around on a high altar trying to wrest those last few wishes out of a wand
  2. Create and polymorph several acid blobs on the high altar in order to get a few extra points
Negative gold. Try wishing for 2147483647 gold pieces and then a few more (in wizmode).
antique weapons outlet
A shop. Sells and buys weapons and armor.
The lawful god of the Caveman class.
  1. likes to cancel her invent on the ascension run and lose astral portal repeatedly while writing and re-blanking scrolls on water
  2. this fierce lady is the number one nethack speedrunner (in the possible future where she reks both luxidream and BilldaCat)
  3. maintains the nethack scoreboard, []
Amulet of life saving
  1. an array of structs of dictionaries, a pretty bizarre data structure
  2. also some guy who develops a variant called xnethack
see {amulet_of_yendor}
Eaten: ape Nutr: 500
  1. see also {Core dumped}
  2. Ordinary comestible. Weighs 2, gives 50 nutrition. It is considered vegan food.
apply testing
  1. A relatively new movement in NetHack identification. You apply (that is, break) unknown wands to determine what they are. It's like engrave testing but for pros only.
  2. Remember that you have to be strong enough to actually break the wand (a common problem for new wizards); you need at least 10 str. Also, be wary that every uncharged wand will give "But nothing else happens..." so apply-test them before you are tempted to zap their charges away.
  3. Applying a wand of magic missile will give "You are caught in the magical blast!" and you take some damage unless you have MR.
  4. Applying a wand of striking gives "A wall of force smashes down around you!"
  5. Wands of fire, lightning, and cold create a ball of <element>. Great for the Fourth of July.
  6. Applying a wand of digging is useful even to normies: it creates pits and holes on each square adjacent to you and under you.
  7. Wands of teleport, sleep, cancellation, polymorph, make invisible, speed monster, and slow monster all create a magical blast, then act as if you zapped yourself and every adjacent square with the wand. So that minotaur will become fast, neat!
  8. Applying a wand of undead turning will blast you magically (as usual) and then as an added bonus you shudder in dread. You also get the normal undead turning effect (so your lizard corpse revives).
  9. Applying a wand of light will blind you, but it'll also act as if you zapped it.
  10. The following wands give "But nothing else happens...": nothing, enlightenment, wishing, probing, opening, locking, and secret door detection. The last three have no effect even when standing adjacent to a (closed, open, secret) door.
  11. Applying a wand of death will give "You are caught in the death field!" This will not automatically kill you (even if you are MRless), but it does quite a lot of damage, so watch out!
  12. Applying a wand of create monster will summon a substantial horde even if the wand is at (0:1).
  1. A measure of how well a pet is trained to fetch.
  2. Apport goes up every time your pet eats a treat-class item for its type that you have previously held at some point, and goes down every time the pet drops an item that it carried
  3. High apport means that a pet is more likely to pick up items, and more likely to drop them adjacent to you when it drops them, which is nearly ideal pet-shopping behavior.
Eaten: apprentice Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
see {alchemy smock}
A hard green or blue gem worth 1500 zorkmids.
see {archaeologist}
arc skills
Basic: dagger, knife, short sword, dart, attack spells, healing spells, matter spells, riding, two weapon combat. Skilled: scimitar, club, quarterstaff, sling, unicorn horn. Expert: pickaxe, saber, boomerang, whip, divination spells, bare handed combat.
Now known as Indephysis.
  1. Can cast any of Psi Bolt, Haste Self, Disappear (Invisibility), Destroy Armor, Curse Items, Aggravate, Summon Nasties, Touch of Death and a few more. Has base MR 90. Leaves no corpse.
  2. See also {master lich}
  1. Arch-lichens are small creatures, very fast, and can do up to 6x9d12 with their numerous touches of death. They are not genocidable, do not respect Elbereth, and cannot be shielded from by #praying invulnerability. Attempting to eat the corpse of an Arch-lichen will cause the server to seek the nearest bones file and polymorph you indefinitely into that individual.
  2. They have AC -78, MR100, and have intrinsic reflection. They are capable of casting the Groping of Death. When not Groping, its attacks brings swift retribution unmatched by even the Riders. Along with disenchantment ability, arch-lichens are THE most formidable monsters in the NetHack bestiary.
  3. Arch-lichens multiply when hit by any weapon or beam, with the new lichen having twice the HP of the old one. They are also capable of summoning demons and insects. They will teleport next to you, even from a different dungeon level, including ones you haven't visited, when the time is "appropriate".
  4. Arch-lichens, or Fwagglebrapo in Quenya, are a deadly race of... things. They were first fwapped into creation by the omnipotent RNG for the sole purpose of executing overtly lucky adventurers. In Its omnipotence, however, the RNG discovered that he had made a creature that even He cannot kill. Naturally, it follows that no divine intervention can protect an adventurer from the wrath of an arch-lichen.
  5. Really bad and rudimentary patch by Nodey at [] ; Windows console compiles for said patch []
  6. Getting killed by an arch-lichen sets the KILLER variable to "lichen", not "arch-lichen".
Please don't destroy our galaxy
arch lich
see {archlich}
arch priest
  1. The Priest quest leader.
  2. Eaten: Arch Priest Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
see {archeologist}
archaeologist artifact
see {archeologist artifact}
  1. Starts with a touchstone, a bullwhip, a pick-axe, a leather jacket and a fedora. Can two-weapon, and get Expert in pickaxe, sabre, boomerang, whip, and bare-handed combat.
  2. Incurs alignment penalties for: 1) digging up graves (-3), and 2) breaking a historic statue (-1) (e.g. the Oracle's).
  3. Intrinsics: XL1: Speed, Stealth; XL10: Searching.
  4. May use an uncursed touchstone as if it were blessed. (In older versions, they simply started with full gem knowledge.)
  5. Quest artifact is the Orb of Detection, a crystal ball which confers MR, telepathy, half spell-damage and toggled invisibility.
  6. wskill { dagger: B; knife: B; pick-axe: E; short_sword: B; scimitar: S; saber: E; club: S; quarterstaff: S; sling: S; dart: B; boomerang: E; whip: E; unicorn_horn: S }
  7. sskill { attack: B; healing: B; divination: E; matter: B }
  8. fskill { riding: B; two-weapon: B; bare-handed: E }
  9. Archeologist rank titles: Digger (xplvl 1-2), Field Worker (3-5), Investigator (6-9), Exhumer (10-13), Excavator (14-17), Spelunker (18-21), Speleologist (22-25), Collector (26-29), Curator (30)
  10. Eaten: archeologist Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
archeologist artifact
The Orb of Detection
see {arch-lich}
see {arch-lichen}
  1. A candidate for the game's most dangerous non-named creatures, Archons will ruin your day with great speed, stunning/blinding attacks, and a storm of summoning. In a crowd of dangerous creatures, always aim for the Archon first.
  2. Considered by many to be the best pet possible.
  3. Wields weapons, wears shields, amulets, gloves, boots, and hats.
  4. Guaranteed to have a shield of reflection, and a demonbane/sunsword/+3 rustproof longsword.
  5. This is why you don't want to over-genocide: []
  1. What happens when (typically on the Plane of Fire, but it can also happen on Air) an Archon summons another Archon, who in turn summon more Archons, until you die. Best to prevent one starting, by using a fast portal detection method and avoiding excessive genociding.
  2. An example, on the Plane of Fire: []
A RoundRobin account for players who can ascend reliably. Don't mess up the ascension rate.
A shopkeeper named Ardjawinangun will be running a delicatessen.
see {aristotle73}
Notorious pudding farmer. Infamous for an Astral Plane death by stoning.
armor class
  1. Armor class affects the chance of your being hit. The lower it is, the harder it is for an opponent to hit you. Ways to lower your armor class are to wear nondamaged armor with a nonnegative enchantment, buying protection from a priest (for 400*xp_level to 600*xp_level-1 zorkmids), getting protection from your god (by #praying at an altar with high enough luck and telepathy, speed, and stealth), or casting the protection spell.
  2. You can also improve your armor class by wearing a ring of protection.
  3. Other ways of not getting hit (besides AC) are invisibility and displacement.
  4. Armor affects monster's to-hit roll against you - the value of your AC is added to their to-hit roll, unless your AC is less than zero, in which case a random number between 0 and your armor class is added to their to-hit.
  5. Further, if your AC is less than zero, a random number between 0 and its magnitude is subtracted from any physical damage dealt. Non-physical attacks still deal normal damage.
armor spoiler
see {armor}
armor store
Armor stores are run by shopkeepers named: Demirci, Kalecik, Boyabai, Yildizeli, Gaziantep, Siirt, Akhalataki, Tirebolu, Aksaray, Ermenak, Iskenderun, Kadirli, Siverek, Pervari, Malasgirt, Bayburt, Ayancik, Zonguldak, Balya, Tefenni, Artvin, Kars, Makharadze, Malazgirt, Midyat, Birecik, Kirikkale, Alaca, Polatli, and Nallihan.
armor weight
All DSMs: 40. plate mail: 450. crystal plate mail: 450. bronze plate mail: 450. splint mail: 400. banded mail: 350. dwarvish mithril-coat: 150. elven mithril-coat: 150. chain mail: 300. orcish chain mail: 300. scale mail: 250. studded leather armor: 200. ring mail: 250. orcish ring mail: 250. leather armor: 150. leather jacket: 30. all shirts: 5.
Your basic arrow. Deals 1d6 damage to all enemies (ignoring bow bonuses). Costs 2 zorkmids, weighs 1. Often generated in piles.
arrow damage
see {missile_damage}
arrow keys
They are evil and want you dead.
Aspiring xenolinguist.
see {artifact}
  1. A magical item, often given by gods, or as your quest item. see {quest}
  2. There can only be one of each artifact. You can't wish for your own quest artifact.
  3. Quest artifacts are intelligent. You can only pick them up if you are either the same alignment, or it is your quest artifact.
  4. If you pick up an artifact that is different from your current alignment, you will be blasted. For intelligent artifacts, 4d10 (2d10 if MR), for others, 4d4 (2d4 with MR)
  5. Non-intelligent artifacts won't always blast you.
  6. See also: []
artifact blast
An artifact blast does 4d10 damage, or 2d10 with magic resistance (unintelligent artifacts use d4s instead, and do no damage 3/4 of the time).
artifact invocation
see {#invoke}
artifact spoiler
see {artifact}
see {ascension}
  1. Another term for winning the game of NetHack, ascending to demigod/goddess -hood.
  2. umopepisdn's alias on NAO. Very high ascension rate (coincidence?).
  3. For spoilers, also see Maniac's Ascension Guide, located at []
  4. If you are going to ascend, please bring some more Potions of Booze, we are running dreadfully low up in Heaven.
  5. The Second Law of NetHack states that the first game after your first one of these, you will die to a newt or a grid bug
  1. Multi-variant public server, situated in Germany, it also hosts a clone of NAO's NetHack. Formerly known as, and
  2. Discussions and death reports in freenode's - come say hi!
  3. Play now: ssh or [[]]
ascension crash
Just as you thought nothing could be more frustrating than dying on the Astral Plane...
ascension guide
see {maniac}
ascension kit
  1. All the little fiddly bits your character has to carry in order to ascend. Usually includes a dragon scale mail, speed boots, gauntlets of power (or dexterity), and something to kill tough dudes with.
  2. Must include some combination of GDSM, SDSM, amulet of reflection, shield of reflection, cloak of magic resistance, or a magic resistance granting quest artifact such that the player has both magic resistance and magic reflection.
  3. The bare minimum is: magic resistance, a unicorn horn, good AC and HP, some food, some way to eliminate monsters (weapons, spells, pets), and a way to uncurse your equipment.
  4. reading a blessed or uncursed scroll of gold detection while confused or reading a cursed scroll will identify traps on the level, including portals. This is a good way to locate the portals on the elemental planes. If you want to do this for all levels you need four of them, plus any backups you think you might need.
  5. There's a thorough guide at []
ascension run
  1. This segment of the game is very challenging. You have to type _<.< as fast as you possibly can in order to reach the planes.
  2. Actually this is the part of the game from the point when you kill Rodney / steal the book to the time you ascend. i.e. the final stage. Obtain book, obtain ammy, escape, do planes, win.
ascension streak
The number of ascensions in a row. The highest streak is 29 by Adeon. Current streaks can be found here: []
see {ascension}
see {ashikaga_takauji}
ashikaga takauji
  1. The Samurai quest nemesis, guardian of the Tsurugi of Muramasa.
  2. Be very careful when meleeing this guy. The Tsurugi has bisected many a promising hack.
  3. [] -- Don't let this happen to you.
  4. Suggested methods of dealing with him include: zapping with a wand of death, immobilizing with sleep or paralysis (careful with zapping sleep, has a 40% chance to resist based on MR), polyself into a black dragon, killing from within a boulder fort.
  1. A shopkeeper, made famous for being the example of shopkeeper naming in the NetHack sources as well as the typical shopkeeper in Dudley's Dungeon.
  2. NetHack's second-most popular shopkeeper, right behind Izchak. Seriously, this guy is everywhere.
asking questions
  1. A lawful demon prince that primarily attacks with cold.
  2. Good alternative to Demogorgon for farming.
  1. What that imp done said about my mama?!
  2. Oh snap! I know he just di'int!
  1. All the artifact weapons that god may throw at your feet that, due to only doing double damage against a specific, small class of monsters, are next to worthless
  2. Alternatively, you might want to check the entry on {Assbane}, the artifact weapon that does damage against asses.
astral call
see {call bug}
astral call bug
see {call_bug}
astral plane
  1. The last level of the game, where you have to #offer The Amulet to your god.
  2. There are three altars on the astral plane - lawful, neutral, and chaotic. Each altar is guarded by a rider. The altars are in a random order each game. If you don't want to escape in celestial disgrace, you must #offer the amulet on the co-aligned altar!
  3. WARNING: Using the ; command to find an altar is an "aligned altar" does *not* mean it is the *same* alignment as you, just that it *has* an alignment (i.e. is not an altar to Moloch). You must stand on the altar and press : to find out the alignment of the altar. This is not a bug.
astral vision
Granted by wearing the Eyes of the Overworld, the monk quest artifact. Gives you x-ray vision with radius 3 that bypasses blindness.
A channel on termcast which plays recordings of players ascending or dying on the Astral Plane.
  1. A sacrificial dagger. Does not get dull when used for engraving, unless it is cursed. Master liches and arch-liches have a chance of carrying one.
  2. Engraving Elbereth with a non-cursed athame takes only one turn.
  3. Master liches have a 6% chance (6/91), while arch liches have a 22% chance (2/9). Arch L athames also have a 25% chance of being fooproofed.
  4. As an added bonus, Arch L athames have a 1/260 chance of being Magicbane :)
  5. Damage is 1d4/1d3. As a dagger it has +2 to-hit.
atheist priest
For further details, see: [] and []
The lawful goddess of the Healer's pantheon.
see {Attack_Spells}
attack spells
  1. In this group (with their levels) are: force bolt(1),drain life(2),magic missile(2),cone of cold(4),fireball(4),finger of death(7)
  2. Expert: Wizard. Skilled: Barbarian, Knight, Samurai. Basic: Archaeologist, Caveman, Monk, Valkyrie.
Eaten: attendant Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
Configuration option. Automatically dig if you're wielding a digging tool and moving into a place that can be dug.
  1. Configuration option. Automatically pick up things onto which you move.
  2. Non-selective autopickup is not recommended. If you're going to use it, specify pickup_types as well. $!/="+? is generally safe.
autopickup exceptions
This option allows you to use wildcard masks to micromanage autopickup behavior. Common entries include "<*life saving*" and ">*load*".
Configuration option. Automatically quiver some suitable weapon if your quiver empties when firing.
averted death
That fortunate player had his/her life saved by an amulet of life saving.
see {axe_damage}
axe damage
(Damages are shown as S/L for "small/large" monsters.) axe: 1d6/1d4. battle-axe: 1d8+1d4/1d6+2d4.
  1. Command: 'b' Without number_pad: Go one step in southwest.
  2. Command: 'B' Without number_pad: Go southwest until you hit a wall or run into something.
  3. Monster: 'b' blobs: acid blob, quivering blob, gelatinous cube
  4. Monster: 'B' bats/birds: bat, vampire bat, giant bat, raven
  1. A relatively large demon lord with guaranteed generation in his lair. He isn't terribly difficult though, and has no real debilitating attacks that you wouldn't expect. Otherwise he's as tricky as a typical demon lord.
  2. He can stun you if you aren't blind.
  3. He has a devil put aside for you.
  4. Level 41, AC -5, MR 85, speed 9, base XP 2311, difficulty 45 (from Monster Manual). Attacks include a strength-draining poison bite and stunning gaze.
baby black dragon
Eaten: baby black dragon Nutr: 500
baby blue dragon
Eaten: baby blue dragon Nutr: 500
baby crocodile
Eaten: baby crocodile Nutr: 200
baby dragon
  1. Do not have breath attack, and do not leave scale mail.
  2. Base level: 12. Baby dragons are never randomly generated.
  3. Eaten: baby dragon Nutr: 500
baby gray dragon
Eaten: baby gray dragon Nutr: 500
baby green dragon
Eaten: baby green dragon Nutr: 500 Effects: Poisonous
baby long worm
Eaten: baby long worm Nutr: 250
baby orange dragon
Eaten: baby orange dragon Nutr: 500
baby purple worm
Eaten: baby purple worm Nutr: 250
baby red dragon
Eaten: baby red dragon Nutr: 500
baby silver dragon
Eaten: baby silver dragon Nutr: 500
baby white dragon
Eaten: baby white dragon Nutr: 500
baby yellow dragon
Eaten: baby yellow dragon Nutr: 500 Effects: Acidic
bad breath
1/30 chance to happen when fountain quaffing, monsters on the level flee you for a while.
bad feeling
  1. You have just applied a cursed figurine and summoned a hostile monster.
  2. Alternately, you have just committed cannibalism while polymorphed.
bad ideas
  1. <Porost> I wielded the unihorn to uncurse it with remove curse
  2. Eating a Quantum Mechanic as a monk.
see {wikia}
A bag is either a bag of holding, bag of tricks, or oilskin sack (all worth 100 zorkmids) or else a plain old sack (worth two zorkmids). To ID: Price check for a sack, #loot for a bag of tricks, get slightly burdened and put things into the bag to see if your encumbrance changes (bag of holding), and if nothing matches, it's an oilskin sack.
bag of cancellation
"What you get when you drop a wand of cancellation into a bag of holding. See also: bohsplosion.
bag of cancellation?
What happens when you drop a wand of cancellation into a bag of holding. See also: "bohsplosion".
bag of holding
see {BoH}
bag of kittens
See West Virginia.
bag of tricks
  1. A magical bag which when applied will create random monsters.
  2. Bites you when #looted. doing 1d10 physical damage.
  3. Can be recharged indefinitely, cancelling sets charges to 0 although remains as a bag of tricks.
  4. Unlike wands you cannot wrest the last charge out of a bag of tricks.
bag throwing
Throwing a bag can break any potions inside, unless it's a bag of holding. You have been warned!
see {bag}
  1. A very slow moving demon that is very powerful in combat(8d4+4d6). Does not summon more demons. Also generated with a bullwhip and a broadsword.
  2. As a demon, it is hurt by silver. Nevermind the fact that it is pure flame and evil.
  1. An extinct relative of the rhinoceros, believed to be the largest land mammal that ever lived. In nethack, just a big 'q'.
  2. Eaten: baluchitherium Nutr: 800
bamboo arrow
see {ya}
  1. Food. Weighs 2 and is worth 80 nutrition (40 nutr/weight).
  2. Counts as a treat for all Y (but will not tame wild ones)
banded mail
  1. Lowers AC by 6 and weighs 350.
  2. It's made of iron.
It warns you when you have low health.
see {barbarian}
bar skills
Basic: dagger, saber, flail, quarterstaff, bow, riding, two weapon combat. Skilled: pickaxe, broad sword, long sword, scimitar, club, mace, morning star, spear, trident, attack spells. Expert: axe, short sword, two handed sword, hammer. Master: bare handed combat.
  1. RAAAGH! The Barbarian is the quintessential fighter (and a poor spellcaster). A good choice for beginners. Barbarians can achieve Expert skill in axes, pick-axes (but only in <= 3.4.2; skilled in 3.4.3), two-handed swords and hammers.
  2. Barbarians also start out with poison resistance, helping them to find more to eat in the early game than most classes.
  3. Barbarian rank titles: Plunderer/Plunderess (xplvl 1-2), Pillager (3-5), Bandit (6-9), Brigand (10-13), Raider (14-17), Reaver (18-21), Slayer (22-25), Chieftain (26-29), Conqueror/Conqueress (30)
  4. Intrinsic abilities: 1: Poison res; 7: Speed; 15: Stealth.
  5. Barbarians may only become skilled in attack spells
  6. The Heart of Ahriman is the barbarian quest artifact.
  7. Eaten: barbarian Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
barbarian artifact
The Heart of Ahriman
barbed devil
  1. Base Level 8 / Speed 12 / AC:0 / MR:35 / 2d4 2d4 3d4Sting - Resistant To Fire/Poison
  2. Lawful demon, making random generation impossible in Gehennom, so these are never randomly generated. May be summoned by other lawful demons, and are also found in the sanctum and Baalzebub's lair.
see {barbarian}
A poleaxe with 2d4 versus small and 3d4 versus large. Its unidentified appearance is a long poleaxe.
Possible response by a canine pet when #chatted: indicates not hungry.
  1. Special room. Contains soldiers, sergeants, lieutenants and captains. Level sounds include blades being honed, loud snoring and dice being thrown.
  2. Frequency: 1/4, DL 15+.
  3. Will not be randomly generated if soldiers are genocided or extinct.
barrow wight
  1. Speed 12, AC 5, MR 5%, resists cold, sleep and poison. Does 1d4 damage.
  2. The barrow wight also has a drain level attack.
  3. A barrow wight almost always carries a long sword. These are not automatically generated cursed.
  1. +0 to hit, +0 to damage. (-7 to hit, -3 to damage when two-weaponing.)
  2. Takes 20 hits and one experience level to advance to basic skill.
  3. -1 to hit when riding, +1 to bare-handed damage, +3 to martial arts damage.
  4. To advance from unskilled to basic in riding, it takes 2000 turns riding a creature and one experience level. To go from unskilled to basic in bare-handed or martial arts damage, it takes 20 hits and one experience level.
  5. To advance to Basic skill in a spell school, you need 20 "use points" worth of successful castings; a level N spell gives N "use points" when cast.
  1. Corpse isn't poisonous, but it stuns you.
  2. Eaten: bat Nutr: 20 Effects: Stun (30)
bat from hell
The Bat from Hell is a Slash'EM-specific artifact that does d8+20 damage against small monters, and d6+20 damage against large monsters, even before enchantment (and has +3 to hit). By comparison, a +7 Grayswandir does 1d8*2+14, which is typically less.
batteries have not been invented yet
You have a dimming brass lantern in your inventory, and you are hallucinating
see {axe_damage}
  1. "The High Priestess of Moloch picks up a bullwhip. --More--"
  2. "The High Priestess of Moloch removes a blessed robe."
  3. "The High Priestess of Moloch reads a scroll of punishment."
  4. Black Dragon Scale Mail. Provides genuine disintegration resistance.
  5. Blue Dragon Scale Mail. Provides shock resistance.
beaked polearm
see {bec-de-corbin}
  1. Beam-type spells have a range of 6 to 13 squares and will not bounce off of walls. See also "ray".
  2. Zapping a beam upwards or downwards essentially reduces the range to 1 square.
bear trap
  1. Jumping out of bear traps will wound your leg.
  2. If you trigger one, you will NOT be trapped if you are polymorphed into any of the following: acid blob, blue/spotted/ochre jelly, small/large/giant mimic, fog cloud, yellow/black light, gray ooze, brown/black pudding, green slime, jellyfish, any vortex, air/fire elemental, or wraith
  3. Also, tiny monsters: giant/soldier/fire ant, killer/queen bee, giant beetle, chickatrice, homunculus, imp, leprechaun, sewer/giant/rabid/were rat, cave spider, centipede, grid bug, xan, bat, garter snake, newt, gecko, iguana, or lizard
  4. Trying to move diagonally is guaranteed to get you out of the trap in 4 to 7 turns. If you try to move only horizontally or vertically, you're at the mercy of the RNG (it can take over 35 turns!)
  5. Although heavy, it can be carried when disarmed and deployed by applying it. This is useful for hunting unicorns.
  6. If you pet is caught in one, you can use #untrap to remove it from the trap.
  7. If you fail, you will harm your pet.
see {bear_trap}
  1. A polearm that deals d8 damage versus small, d6 versus large. Its unidentified appearance is a beaked polearm.
  2. Weight 100, cost 8, material iron.
bec de corbin
see {polearm}
  1. Special room. Contains killer bees and a queen bee, and several lumps of royal jelly. Level sounds include low buzzing and angry drone.
  2. Frequency: 1/5, DL 10+.
  1. Characters that have never achieved 2000 score points (or 1000 if a wizard) are classified as beginners.
  2. By the game itself. We're not judgemental.
beginner's guide
see {absolute_beginner's_guide}
see {absolute_beginner's_guide}
beginners guide
see {absolute_beginner's_guide}
being confused,_you mispronounce the magic words...
  1. You read a scroll while confused.
  2. That was a cursed scroll of confuse monster, but being confused already it gives no message and doesn't auto ID. Adds 1d100 turns to confusion status.
  1. When applied, a cursed bell has a chance of summoning a nymph with no inventory. This feature stops working entirely as soon as a single species of nymph has become extinct or genocided.
  2. If you find a bell on a grave with the text "Saved by the bell", it's not that rare. The bell is a normal bell.
  3. Ringing a bell also wakes up nearby monsters.
  4. It also calls pets. (Not teleports them to you, as is the case of a magic whistle.)
bell of opening
  1. To get this, you'll have to finish the quest assigned to you by your quest leader.
  2. Stand on the vibrating square, light the non-cursed Candelabrum of Invocation (need 7 candles, which can be cursed), then ring the non-cursed Bell of Opening. Follow that up with reading the non-cursed Book of the Dead within several turns to open the path downward
  3. Other than the obvious use, when applied, a blessed bell of opening will cause you to be expelled if swallowed, will unlock and open nearby doors and containers, find secret passages, open drawbridges, and make you unpunished. Uncursed, you will be expelled, and it will act as a /oSecret Door Detection. Cursed, you won't be expelled and you will summon undead and wake nearby monsters.
  4. The Bell's non-obvious use is rather useful in Moloch's Sanctum to find the hidden door. Remember - it only will find things in your visual range.
A shopkeeper named Berbek will be running a delicatessen.
best splat ever
Blessed greased fixed: standard procedure when wishing. One exception is magic markers; you'll generally want those uncursed so you can write cursed scrolls.
  1. <bhaak> I'm not a nutritionist!
  2. bhaak is teh sux
bhmc means Barbarian-Human-Male-Chaotic.
big room
see {bigroom}
  1. Be prepared for a swarm of monsters upon entering the bigroom. Fight on the stairs, going up to heal when necessary. Being invisible also helps reduce the swarm.
  2. The Big Room has a 40% chance of existing in any given dungeon, and is located between levels 10 and 12 of the Dungeons of Doom.
  3. The Big Room is a symbol of frustrated and nihilistic existential angst. The monsters really counterpoint the /je ne sais quoi/ of the underlying metaphor, and harshly silhouettes the fundamental humanity of the designer's soul.
  4. Conflict is nice here too.
  1. A polearm with 2d4 damage versus small, d10 versus large. Its unidentified appearance is a hooked polearm.
  2. Weight 120, cost 7, material iron.
  1. Holder of the current gametime ascension, 2130 turns, as SpeedyCat7 on NAO.
  2. []
black dragon
  1. Eating a black dragon corpse gives resistance to disintegration.
  2. Its breath also disintegrates. Reflection is a good defense against this.
  3. Eaten: black dragon Nutr: 1500 Intrinsic: Disintegration: 100%
black dragon scale mail
  1. Black dragon scale mail drops AC by 9 and provides disintegration resistance while not hindering spell casting.
  2. Weighs 40.
black dragon scales
  1. Drops AC by 3 and provides disintigration resistance. Can be transformed into black dragon scale mail with a scroll of enchant armor.
  2. Weighs 40.
black flash
You dropped a cursed item on an altar
black light
These (always invisible) "creatures" explode when they come near you, causing hallucination if not blind or not having resistance against it. (See Grayswandir)
black market
  1. Slash'EM/Slash'EM Extended/Unnethack feature. The black market is a large shop that is accessed by a portal.
  2. The black market is run by One-Eyed Sam and his small army (by NetHack standards) of assistants.
  3. Items in the black market cost 15 times more than normal (25 times for artifacts.)
  4. One-Eyed Sam is generated with much of an ascension kit (well-enchanted gray dragon scale mail, speed boots, shield of reflection, amulet of life saving) as well as the deadly sword Thiefbane.
black naga
  1. Speed 14, AC 2, Magic resistance 10%, Resists poison, acid and stoning, and its corpse can give poison resistance. Does 2d6 damage in melee and can spit acid.
  2. The corpse is acidic.
  3. Eaten: black naga Nutr: 400 Effects: Acidic Intrinsic: Poison: 53%
black naga hatchling
Eaten: black naga hatchling Nutr: 100 Effects: Acidic Intrinsic: Poison: 20%
black onyx ring
An unidentified ring. Cannot be eaten by any monster.
black opal
  1. A rare hard black gem worth 2500 zorkmids.
  2. In the main dungeon, black opals usually won't be seen above dungeon level 13.
black pudding
  1. Their bite will corrode any iron or bronze armor you are wearing, and they also corrode iron weapons used to attack them. Attacking a black pudding in melee with iron will split it into two puddings, if its hp is at least 2.
  2. These are significantly more dangerous than brown puddings, as they have twice as many hitpoints and do 3d8 damage per attack (while brown puddings do not inflict any damage). However, a sufficiently low armor class makes black pudding farming a safe and profitable activity (see 'pudding farming'); plus, they're a lot easier to create than brown puddings.
  3. Eating a black pudding corpse may grant you cold resistance, poison resistance, or shock resistance.
  4. They qualify as meat. Veggie conduct players beware!
  5. Level 10, speed 6, AC 6. 22% chance of granting cold, shock, or poison resistance.
  6. Eaten: black pudding Nutr: 250 Effects: Acidic Intrinsic: Cold: 22%, Shock: 22%, Poison: 22%
black unicorn
Eaten: black unicorn Nutr: 300 Intrinsic: Poison: 27%
blade damage
(Damages are shown as S/L for "small/large" monsters.) dagger: 1d4/1d3. elven dagger: 1d5/1d3. orcish dagger: 1d3/1d3. silver dagger: 1d4/1d3. athame: 1d4/1d3. scalpel: 1d3/1d3. knife: 1d3/1d2. stiletto: 1d3/1d2. worm tooth: 1d2/1d2. crysknife: 1d10/1d10.
blades being honed
Barracks on this level.
  1. "For some reason, that tasted bland." - Eating a [master] mind flayer corpse when you are already at maximum intelligence will give you this message.
  2. Cram rations, C-rations, and K-rations also taste bland (as long as they are not cursed).
blend into the floor
You dropped a ring of stealth down a sink.
see {holy_water}
  1. Managed to get a royally ass-kicking Wiz-Elf-Mal-Cha killed on the Plane of Air by forgetting to bring a ring of conflict.
  2. ascended: Val-Hum-Fem-Law, Rog-Hum-Mal-Cha, Bar-Hum-Mal-Cha, Kni-Hum-Fem-Law, Sam-Hum-Mal-Law
  3. If I were a NetHack monster, I would be a unicorn. Most people are only after one thing - I try to maintain a quiet and respectful distance until I feel sure that I can trust someone.
A tool which you can (a)pply to blind yourself. Useful when you have telepathy.
bludgeon damage
(Damages are shown as S/L for "small/large" monsters.) mace: 1d6+1/1d6. morning star: 2d4/1d6+1. war hammer: 1d4+1/1d4. club: 1d6/1d3. rubber hose: 1d4/1d3. quarterstaff: 1d6/1d6. aklys: 1d6/1d3. flail: 1d6+1/2d4. bullwhip: 1d2/1d1
blue and green shield
see {elven_shield}
blue dragon
  1. see {dragon}
  2. Eaten: blue dragon Nutr: 1500 Intrinsic: Shock: 100%
blue dragon scale mail
  1. Blue dragon scale mail drops AC by 9 and provides shock resistance while not hindering spell casting.
  2. Weighs 40.
blue dragon scales
  1. Drops AC by 3 and provides shock resistance. Can be transformed into blue dragon scale mail with a scroll of enchant armor.
  2. Weighs 40.
blue jelly
  1. Effectively a stronger version of the brown mold.
  2. Eating its corpse can grant cold resistance or poison resistance.
  3. If a blue jelly inflicts enough [passive] damage, it will multiply.
  4. The corpse is vegan.
  5. Eaten: blue jelly Nutr: 20 V! Intrinsic: Cold: 13%, Poison: 13%
  1. See "bag of cancellation."
  2. see {bag of cancellation}
body armor
  1. What follows is the (base AC reduction/weight) of each type of body armor, ripped shamelessly from the Guidebook and source code:
  2. dragon scale mail (9/40), plate mail (7/450), crystal plate mail (7/450), bronze plate mail (6/450), splint mail (6/400), banded mail (6/350), dwarvish mithril-coat (6/150), elven mithril-coat (5/150), chain mail (5/300), orcish chain mail (4/300), scale mail (4/250), dragon scales (3/40), studded leather armor (3/200), ring mail (3/250), orcish ring mail (2/250), leather armor (2/150), leather jacket (1/30)
  3. Monks wearing any of the above will suffer a -20 to-hit penalty, will not deal staggering blows, and will lose their weaponless to-hit bonus (2 + xplev / 3).
  4. No, body armor does not include cloaks, shirts, boots, shields, gloves, or helmets. Monks can wear those just fine.
body armors
see {body_armor}
Simon Travaglia, the Bastard Operator From Hell - []
  1. Bag of holding. Objects in a blessed, uncursed, or cursed bag of holding weigh one-quarter, one-half, or twice as much respectively.
  2. Opening a cursed BoH will cause each item to have 1/13 chance of vanishing.
  3. Putting a wand of cancellation, a bag of tricks or another BoH into a BoH will cause the bag to explode, and all items in it will be gone.
  4. Putting a container containing one of the dangerous items into a BoH has a chance of causing the bag to explode.
  5. Zapping a wand of cancellation at a bag of holding will not destroy it, but will un-curse it (if applicable), not affecting the contents.
  6. See {nesting} for how to stuff a BoH in a BoH.
see {boing!}
  1. A monster has just zapped you with a wand of striking while you were magic resistant.
  2. A wand of striking hit something that resisted.
  3. Or you zapped Force Bolt at something that resisted it, e.g. yourself with MR.
bone devil
A generally unremarkable demon often found in Gehennom.
  1. Level on which a previous character has died, and which gets loaded into a new game for a new character to encounter, complete with the ghost of the former adventurer and their belongings.
  2. If you die on a level that is eligible to leave bones, the chance of your doing so is dependent on the depth of that level: 1-(1/(1+(DL/4))) (0 above level 4, 1/2 if on level 4, 3/4 on level 12)
  3. You will NOT leave bones if you died while swallowed or engulfed. There's a 1/3 chance of bones files being loaded if one exists for the level you are entering. If a bones file is loaded, it is then deleted, and will not be used again.
  4. The probabilities for saving bones (existing bones files will not be overwritten) 1-3:0 4-7:1/2 8-11:2/3 12-15:3/4 16-19:4/5 20-23:5/6 ... 44-48 11/12
  5. Items in the inventory of the dead character each have an 80% chance of becoming cursed. Items that were inside containers are unaffected regardless of whether the container is cursed.
  6. []
bones stuffing
The deliberate placement of bones (usually to aid oneself with a particular conduct or achievement) by gathering items you wish to have in a game, then killing yourself on a level just before entering it with another character.
book of dead
book of the dead
  1. The Book of the Dead is the third and final artifact of the invocation, always held by the Wizard of Yendor. Try to kill him over land so that it doesn't fall in his moat upon his death.
  2. Stand on the vibrating square, light the non-cursed Candelabrum of Invocation (need 7 non-cursed candles), ring the non-cursed Bell of Opening, then read the non-cursed Book of the Dead to open the path downward.
  3. Other then the obvious use, a blessed book of the dead, when read, will tame any co-aligned undead, and cause other nearby undead to become peaceful and flee. If uncursed, there is no effect beyond a random message. If cursed, corpses in your inventory will be revived, eggs will be rejuvenated, and some undead will be summoned.
  4. Reading the cursed Book of the Dead is a great way to get your pet purple worms to level 50
  5. Reading this never violates illiterate conduct. It's what you won't think to use when surrounded by liches on Astral.
book store
Book stores are run by shopkeepers named: Skibbereen, Kanturk, Rath Luirc, Ennistymon, Lahinch, Kinnegad, Lugnaquillia, Enniscorthy, Gweebarra, Kittamagh, Nenagh, Sneem, Ballingeary, Kilgarvan, Cahersiveen, Glenbeigh, Kilmihil, Kiltamagh, Droichead Atha, Inniscrone, Clonegal, Lisnaskea, Culdaff, Dunfanaghy, Inishbofin, and Kesh.
  1. a quite rare weapon, when thrown, will curve in a circle to the right, returning to you. good for exersising DEX, but can hurt you if you don't catch it
  2. Does not return to you if it hits something, since it will land on the ground after hitting something.
  3. Has a +4 to-hit bonus.
  4. It circles clockwise.
  1. There are ten types of boots in the game. Low boots (walking shoes), high boots (jackboots) and iron shoes (hard shoes) have the same appearance each game. Elven, kicking, fumble, levitation, jumping, speed and water walking boots have their unidentified descriptions randomized per game: mud, buckled, riding, snow, hiking, combat, and jungle boots.
  2. All of the randomized boots are organic (can rot from brown P attack) except for kicking boots, which are metal.
  3. Elven and kicking boots are cheap; base price 8. Fumbling and levitation boots are 30 zorkmids, and almost always cursed. Speed, water walking, and jumping boots are 50 zorkmids, and do their job just as well if cursed.
  4. The randomized descriptions of the boots can also give other effects. For instance, boots with the un-id'd description of "snow boots" will keep you from slipping and making noise while on ice, and "riding boots" give you a riding bonus.
boots of jumping
see {jumping_boots}
boots of levitation
see {levitation_boots}
boots weight
low boots: 10. iron shoes: 50. high boots: 20. speed boots: 20. water walking boots: 20. jumping boots: 20. elven boots: 15. kicking boots: 15. fumble boots: 20. levitation boots: 15.
see {potion of booze}
Boots of speed; they're actually called "speed boots", but NetHack will also accept "boots of speed" for wishing.
boss behavior
  1. The following monsters in nethack are considered bosses for the purpose of strange behavior: The Wizard of Yendor, purple Ls, Vlad the Impaler, Demon lords and princes and the Quest Nemesis
  2. Bosses in nethack have 3 forms of movement, teleporting next to you, teleporting to the upstairs and escaping upstairs
  3. All the bosses listed above are covetous, which means they will steal one or more of the following: The Amulet of Yendor, your quest artifact, the book of the dead and the Candelabrum
  1. Although other roguelikes have had bots that could play them (most famously, angband), nobody has managed to make a bot that can ascend in nethack yet.
  2. However, many attempts have been made. Actively developed bots include Sartak et al's TAEB and canidae et al's saiph. See their respective Rodney entries for more details.
  3. Most NetHack bots use the valkyrie role for its simplicity.
  4. Sartak maintains a list of bots and some information about each at []
  5. Also BoT is the common TLA for the bag of tricks.
  6. Saiph derived bots name every monster with a unique incrementing number, in order to distinguish between them. Otherwise they would be unable to focus fire.
bot abuse
see {rodney_abuse}
bot cmds
see {bot commands}
bot commands
  1. A brief list of some important commands. !pom - moon phase. !date - Server date. !seen user. !hsn x - x's highscore. !lastgame - more info. !rc x - x's config. !dumplog x - URL of x's last death. !players - online now. !gamesby x - x's statistics. !deathsby x - URL for x's deaths.
  2. !scores x - URL for x's games in top 2000. !plr x - URL for x's player page with links to games, config, ttyrecs, etc.
  3. Full list (including triggers) at []
bot help
To see Rodney's commands, visit [] or lookup 'bot_commands'
see {book_of_the_dead}
botl updates
Makes it so the bottom line (i.e. status line) does or does not update. If set to false, #updatestatus forces an update.
see {bot}
see {botscumming}
A method of cheating whereby you use a computer program to completely automate your players actions because you're too lazy or unskilled to do them yourself.
  1. A dungeon feature, blocking your way. An integral part of the "rolling boulder" trap. Can be pushed around if there's nothing behind it, exercising strength. You can slip past one if you have very little in inventory. Can also be destroyed with a force bolt spell, wand of striking, or pickaxe, yielding a pile of rocks.
  2. Configuration option. Set the character used to display boulders. Set this to 0, for example, when doing sokoban.
  3. Boulders are so heavy, that only H are capable of lifting them.
  4. If you push a boulder onto the stairs and throw objects, except for rocks, such that they land on its square (e.g. gold), the boulder will eventually fall down (3% chance per object). This can occasionally be useful.
  5. Wishing for a boulder while standing on the downstairs may also cause it to fall.
brain food
"Yum! That was real brain food!" - Eating a [master] mind flayer corpse has a 50% chance of increasing your INT by 1 point.
A mindflayer's tentacle attack may lower intelligence. If your base intelligence goes below 3, you die. A dunce cap will lock it at 6, keeping you safe. A ring of sustain ability will also protect you. However, nothing will protect you from forgetting levels and items.
brass lantern
  1. Light source, weighs 30 (50% more than an oil lamp), and can last from 999 to 1499 turns. A blessed scroll of charging will refill them to 1500 turns, uncursed scroll will add 750 turns (to a max of 1500). Potions of oil have no effect on a Brass Lantern.
  2. Keep in mind that the PYEC acts as a charging source.
brass ring
An unidentified ring. *CAN* be eaten by rock moles and xorns.
See the following RGRN link for more details: []
breaking wands
see {wan2}
Part of the dgamelaunch development cabal.
see {bribery}
  1. You can bribe a member of the Yendorian army (soldier, sergeant, lieutenant, or captain) by throwing gold at him. You cannot bribe watchmen or watch captains.
  2. No matter how much you throw, there's always a constant 1 in 3 chance of failure.
  3. The amount you have to throw is modified by mercenary type (soldier: X=100, sergeant: X=250, lieutenant: X=500, captain: X=750), your current visible gold, your experience level, and charisma.
  4. The exact formula is: X + (visible gold + experience_level*Y)/charisma, where Y is a random integer on [0,4]. If you've thrown over this amount (and had succeeded in the constant 33% failcheck) you'll pacify the mercenary. Note that visible gold is calculated after the thrown gold has left your inventory.
The neutral goddess of the Knight pantheon.
broad pick
see {dwarvish mattock}
broad short sword
see {short_sword}
see {sword_damage}
bronze plate mail
Copper body armor, AC6, MC1, weight 450, cost 450. Big AC boost, very heavy. Needs a cloak for MC. Doesn't rust, otherwise worse than regular or crystal plate mail. Dwarven mithril is strictly superior.
bronze ring
An unidentified ring. *CAN* be eaten by rock moles and xorns.
brown mold
  1. Non-moving fungus that doesn't have any attacks, but does 1d6 cold-based damage if you hit it in melee.
  2. Eating its corpse has a 3% chance of granting either cold or poison resistance.
  3. If a brown mold inflicts enough [passive] damage, it will multiply.
  4. Eaten: brown mold Nutr: 30 V! Intrinsic: Cold: 3%, Poison: 3%
brown pudding
  1. Their attack will rot any 'organic' armor you are wearing (i.e. anything leather or cloth or wood), and attacking one with anything made of iron will cause it to split in half.
  2. Unlike their black cousins, brown puddings do ZERO damage when they bite, making them an optimal choice for pudding farming with a poor AC. (see 'pudding farming').
  3. Eating a brown pudding corpse may grant you cold resistance, poison resistance, or shock resistance, but its corpse is acidic!
  4. Level 5, speed 3, AC 8. 11% chance of cold resistance, 11% of poison resistance, 11% of shock resistance and 67% of nothing.
  5. Eaten: brown pudding Nutr: 250 V Effects: Acidic Intrinsic: Cold: 11%, Shock: 11%, Poison: 11%
Getting spat out of an engulfer in a mob, can't find a square, you land in the nearest clear square away from the engulfer.
brushed your
Variants are "You think something brushed your $FOOT." Just sacrificed, increased luck, and are blind.
brushed your foot
see {brushed_your}
short for Blessed, Uncursed, Cursed.
buckled boots
Either the unidentified elven, kicking, fumble, levitation, jumping, speed or water walking boots.
  1. polying monsters to no head should also make them have no neck and amulets fall off
  2. if your pet is invisible, and you cant see invis, and you move into it (move not fight), it will say "Pardon me, petname" identifying the invisible creature as your pet.
  3. you can escape a beartrap by digging
  1. Base speed 9, AC 5, MR% 0, hits for 2d4 in melee.
  2. Contrary to popular belief, does not have a grab attack and is not known as a hugbear.
  3. Eaten: bugbear Nutr: 250
Musical instrument that wakes nearby soldiers, and can be used to play the tune at the castle gates if you haven't become one of the uncivilized that just knocks the door down.
  1. Do not add bugs that you find to this entry. Rather, submit them to the DevTeam at By putting bugs you find in this entry, you are not helping one bit. The DevTeam does not check this channel.
  2. The way to do this is using the "Contact Us" link at the top of the website for the current version of nethack.
  3. If you found the bug on NAO, for the drop down menu "NetHack came from", select "Our 3.4.3 source release, but modifed." The bug that you found should be reported in the Messages section. Before you add this, make SURE that it already hasn't been added already.
  4. NAO's hardware is as follows: 2x3.06GHz Xeon with 4GB RAM, 250+ Gb. The software: Debian Linux, gcc 2.95.4, self-compiled. Patches (to be put under Software) include: menucolors, hpmon, sortloot, dump, dgamelaunch mail, extinct & showborn.
  1. Can be applied to attempt to disarm monsters, if your DEX is at least 15 (6 for Arcs) and you're not confused or fumbling.
  2. Apply downwards while levitating to pick up things on the ground. This may hit your steed instead.
  3. By applying toward "furniture", boulders, or large monsters (will anger peacefuls), you can haul yourself out of pits.
  4. Can be [a]pplied downwards to retrieve items from moats or pools (the first application brings the item to the surface; the second brings the item to you, if you are levitating). Requires DEX
  1. A method of killing yourself by carrying too much and dropping your speed. You lose 1/4 of your speed. If this doesn't sound bad, consider - you will not be able to outrun many monsters, and monsters will tend to do 33% more damage.
  2. Also, -1 to hit.
  3. Also consider that summoned monsters (e.g. master mind flayers) may get an attack before you get a turn.
see {erosion}
but nothing else happens
"But nothing else happens..." You (a)pplied an empty wand.
but wait
see {amulet of life saving}
but wait...
see {amulet of life saving}
  1. Command: 'c' Close a door.
  2. Command: 'C' Name an individual monster, ex. baptize your pet.
  3. Monster: 'c' Run away! Run away! Chickatrices and cockatrices stone, while pyrolisks can be quite dangerous to your inventory.
  4. Monster: 'C' Centaurs. Plains, forest, and mountain are the three types of centaurs in the game.
  5. Command: '^C' Panic button: quit the game.
  6. Command: 'Meta-c' Same as '#chat'.
Food. Weight: 10. Nutrition: 300. Takes 1 turn to consume. Does not break vegan conduct.
  1. cadu is a newbieish nethack player
  2. ...who has ascended! (twice) :P
  3. Ascended : V , B
  1. "You caitiff!" You are a lawful knight who has struck a monster which is sleeping, paralyzed or fleeing. -1 alignment.
  2. You were lawful and tried to survive.
  3. Also being a lich and hitting a ghost.
  4. If you use ranged combat, including spells, your alignment record will be unaffected.
  1. Reasonably experienced NetHack player, and author of the Angband webcomic "Tales from the Pit"
  2. Tales from the Pit is found at []
call bug
This was a bug in previous versions of NetHack. If you tried to (C)all one of the high priests on the Astral Plane, the game would lovingly identify the alignment of the priest. This bug was fixed in version 3.6.0.
The neutral god of Archeologists.
see {expensive camera}
  1. Creating monsters on or near an altar, and then slaughtering them
  2. Consort with foocubi to increase your max power.
  3. If you are chaotic, you can sacrifice your own race to increase the # of foocubi
  4. Happy Camping
can of grease
  1. Use it to grease items.
  2. Weighs 15, generated with up to 25 charges.
  3. Always grease your bag and cloak when you find one of these. Seriously.
cancelable monsters
  1. The following monsters can be made far less dangerous by either a wand or the spell of cancellation:
  2. Chickatrices and cockatrices (MR 30) cannot stone you with their hissing attack but touching the trice (or corpse) still petrifies.
  3. Ghouls (MR 0), shades (MR 0), cubes (MR 0), eyes (MR 10), and guardian nagas (MR 50) cannot use their paralysis attacks.
  4. Rust monsters and disenchanters (both MR 0) lose their special abilities.
  5. Nymphs (MR 30) become plain nymphs and cannot steal things.
  6. Spellcasters (MR varies) lose the ability to cast spells. Especially useful on certain quest nemeses, since most of them have a low MR.
  7. All standard dragons (D, MR 20) lose their breath ability ("<monster> coughs").
  8. Demons (most &, of varying MR) can't do their bring-in-some-friends routine once cancelled.
  9. Similarly, werefoo can't summon help if you cancel them; additionally, they get stuck in whatever form they were in when cancelled.
  10. Xans (red x) can't prick and injure your legs.
  11. Green slimes (P, MR 0!) cannot slime you by touching you (although their corpses are just as deadly to eat).
  12. Foocubi get a "severe headache" and won't have sex anymore.
cancellable monsters
see {cancelable monsters}
  1. Can be used to remove curses, enchantments, and otherwise nullify your equipment.
  2. see also []
  3. It's a bad idea to put a wand of cancellation into a bag of holding, see {boh} for other dangers
  4. Uses for cancellation include cancelling your inventory and nullifying enemies' special attacks. While cancelling yourself nullifies your inventory, this isn't the case for cancelled monsters.
candelabrum of invocation
  1. To get this, kill Vlad.
  2. If non-cursed, it will act like a light source (will burn as long as the first candle applied to it). If cursed, it won't light. If snuffed at the wrong moment, it will never light again. Hope you did the Invocation first!
  3. Apply the non-cursed Candelabrum (with 7 candles attached) while standing on the vibrating square, then ring the non-cursed Bell of Opening and follow it up with reading the non-cursed Book of the Dead within several turns to open the path downward.
A beginner monk. If you find one, then you've encountered a doppelganger. (See also: monk)
  1. A primitive light source. Can be applied for a light radius, which goes up for every 7th power of candles you have lit, starting with 1 (1, 7, 49, etc).
  2. You need 7 of these to win the game, so might want to pick them up when you pass minetown...
  3. You can, if necessary, wish for up to 7 candles with a 100% success rate (assuming non-negative luck). But it sucks to have to do that, so even if there's just 5 or 6 in Izchak's, you might find the rest you need later, or you could polypile for them.
  4. Tallow candles will burn for 200 turns. Wax candles will burn for 400 turns.
candy bar
  1. Candy bars weigh 2 and have a nutrition of 100.
  2. Beware! They are not for the lactose intolerant. (In other words, they break the vegan conduct.)
"You cannibal!" This means you just ate a monster of your own race. Orcs and cavemen are exempt from this. Confers aggravate monsters intrinsic and decreases luck by 2 to 5.
see {cannibal}
You won't thank yourself.
Eaten: captain Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
Essentially, a potion container.
carnivorous ape
  1. Similar to an ape, but hits slightly harder. More importantly, it can grab you and prevent you from getting away.
  2. Attack 1d4 1d4 bearhug 1d8, speed 12.
  3. Eaten: carnivorous ape Nutr: 550
  1. Eating one cures blindness, but does not help when creamed or envenomed.
  2. Considered vegan food. Weighs 2 and gives 50 nutrition.
carrying capacity
Carrying capacity is determined by 25*(strength+constitution)+50. Strength of 18/xx maps as follows: 18/01-18/31 = 19, 18/32-18/81 = 20, 18/82-18/** = 21.
casting failure
see {spell_failure}
casting prob
see {spell_failure}
  1. This is the lowest level of the dungeons of doom, located between the 25th and 29th levels.
  2. The level is no-teleport, and cannot leave bones. It counts as a graveyard level.
  3. Do *not* fill all the trapdoors on this level, because you need to get deeper, and you cannot dig holes in the floor. If you do fill the holes by mistake, you can still levport down from the castle to get below.
  4. If you have any musical instrument, you can play a little game of "mastermind" to open the drawbridge. Stand next to the moat and align yourself with the drawbridge, then (a)pply the instrument and choose (n) for improvisation. You'll be prompted to enter a 5 letter combination (A-G), and for every right letter in the wrong space, you hear a tumbler click, and for every right letter in the right space, a gear turns.
  5. Do not fight while standing on the drawbridge. It is possible for the drawbridge to be destroyed and cause instant death to the player. Casting force bolt while standing on the drawbridge destroys it.
  6. A simple tune strategy is to try aaaaa, bbbbb, ... ggggg - and write down the number of gears per note. You now know how many of each note is in the tune.
  7. Now - for each position, try playing each note in turn that it could be, padding the rest with x - till you get gears grinding indicating you've found that note.
  8. repeat for each position - only trying notes that you have not eliminated.
  9. This is not optimal - but will lead to the right tune in at most 26 moves
  10. In one corner of the castle, there is a chest containing a wand of wishing. The four storerooms contain armour, weapons, gems and food. Check the armour/weapons before wishing - you might find what you need in there and save a wish.
You're surrounded by monsters while a mail demon tries to hand over a message.
catches and drops
Can't throw gems to pet unicorns.
Configuration option. Name of your starting cat (ex. "catname:Morris"). Cannot be set in-game.
cause fear
Same effect as reading an uncursed scroll of scare monster. You will cause monsters within your visual range to flee. Some monsters can resist (based on monster level and MR). "You hear maniacal laughter in the distance." (no creature affected) No message otherwise.
see {caveman}
cav skills
Basic: dagger, pickaxe, morning star, attack spells, unicorn horn. Skilled: knife, axe, flail, hammer, polearms, javelin, trident, bow, matter spells. Expert: club, mace, quarterstaff, spear, sling, boomerang. Master: bare handed combat.
cave spider
  1. An early game monster that conveys poison resistance without poisoning!
  2. It's only a 7% chance, but there is no risk (unless it's old, of course...)
  3. Eaten: cave spider Nutr: 50 Intrinsic: Poison: 7%
  1. Ugh! The caveman is a primitive warrior class. They may achieve Expert skill in clubs, maces, slings, spears, quarterstaves and boomerangs; and master in bare handed combat. They may not use two-weapon combat. They are either lawful or neutral, depending on your race.
  2. They are allowed to practice cannibalism.
  3. Caveman rank titles: Troglodyte (xplvl 1-2), Aborigine (3-5), Wanderer (6-9), Vagrant (10-13), Wayfarer (14-17), Roamer (18-21), Nomad (22-25), Rover (26-29), Pioneer (30)
  4. Intrinsic abilities: 7: Speed; 15: Warning.
  5. can be Lawful Dwarf / Neutral Gnome / Lawful or Neutral Human
  6. Cavemen (or women) may attain basic skill in Attack spells and become Skilled in Matter spells. Their special spell is dig--if you manage to cast it, you have won something.
  7. Their quest artifact is the Sceptre of Might.
  8. Eaten: caveman Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
caveman artifact
The Sceptre of Might
see {caveman}
see {caveman}
cavewoman artifact
see {caveman_artifact}
celestial disgrace
  1. You offered the Amulet of Yendor to the wrong deity.
  2. []
  1. Centaurs come in 3 varieties, in order of difficulty: plains centaur, forest centaur and mountain centaur.
  2. 50% of the time plains and mountain centaurs have a crossbow and crossbow bolts, forest centaur has a bow and arrows.
  1. Speed 4, AC 3, can grant poison resistance, does 1d3 poison damage.
  2. They will not, however, cause the reduction in strength usually associated with eating poisonous corpses.
  3. Eaten: centipede Nutr: 50 Intrinsic: Poison: 13%
A monster present in the source code but never used in the game. Intended for gehennom.
see {charisma}
see {charisma}
chain mail
Lowers AC by 5 and weighs 300.
  1. Diff 7, Lvl 6. Eating one will polymorph you.
  2. The RNG decrees that your weak pets will avoid eating the corpse of this creature, while your strong pets will ignore everything else until they have consumed it.
  3. You may like to tame chameleons while they are in an easily-tameable form (cat, dog, pony, etc.). In any event, a tame arch-lich would be better than a hostile arch-lich.
  4. if a chameleon is in gremlin form and spawns new gremlins, those will be shapeshifters too.
  5. If you get killed by a shapeshifter then the game will say you got killed by the shapeshifter's current form unless you're wearing a ring of protection from shape changers.
  6. Eaten: chameleon Nutr: 100 Effects: Polymorph
  7. []
See [] for advantages and disadvantages
chaotic artifact weapons
Grimtooth, Orcrist, Sting and Stormbringer are the chaotic artifact weapons. You can get all of them by #offering.
Configuration option. Pick your type of character (ex. "character:monk"). Synonym for role.
see {scroll_of_charging}
  1. Charisma (Ch:) lowers the monetary requirements for shopping and bribing, makes foocubi seducing you and nymph charming you less likely to succeed, and increases the chances of something good happening when laying with foocubi.
  2. Racial limits are 16 for dwarf and orc, and 18 for other races. This can be increased and exceeded by rings of adornment. Charisma, along with intelligence, cannot be exercised.
  3. Charisma can be increased up to racial maximum via the "Magic Trap Boogie".
  4. For shopping purposes, charisma values multiply the sale price by the following factors: 3-5 - 200%, 6-7 - 150%, 8-10 - 133%, 11-15 - 100%, 16-17 - 75%, 18 - 67%, 19+ - 50%
charm monster
see {scroll of taming}
A monster present in the source code but never used in the game. Supposed to be for a river Styx in gehennom.
cheap plastic imitation of the amulet of yendor
  1. This is not the greatest amulet in the world, no. This is just a tribute.
  2. Hey, it's free polypile fodder. Might get a "oLS or "oR out of it.
  3. You can also use it to mark the Vibrating Square.
  4. Also good as a curse-catcher or nymph-distracter.
see {cheapy}
  1. To automagically receive the Amulet of Yendor, enter 'Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A' at the title screen.
  2. For 'Level Select' press: Up, Down, Left, Right, A, Start. If you hear a ring collection noise, you have done this correctly, else you'll have to keep trying
Configuration option. Save game state after each level change, for possible recovery after program crash.
A neutral human Teenager.
  1. Thing you open. Things inside. Lockable. Unlockable. Destroyable. It's a chest, FFS.
  2. May be trapped. Contrary to popular belief, chests are no more likely to explode if there is a wand of wishing inside.
"You hear chewing." A monster ate something (lizard corpse or acidic corpse) to avoid stoning, but you could not see it.
  1. A baby cockatrice, still very dangerous, but slightly slower than the grown up form. The corpse is every bit as deadly, however.
  2. .. That includes touching it.
  3. Level 4, speed 4.
  4. During the new moon malus, the hissing of a chickatrice will begin the stoning process unless you have your trusty lizard corpse in your main inventory.
  5. Eaten: chickatrice Nutr: 10 Effects: Petrify Intrinsic: Poison: 27%
Eaten: chieftain Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
chih sung-tzu
The neutral god of Monks.
  1. NetHack's way of telling you that you're an idiot who's not paying attention.
  2. YASD: What can happen if you eat when satiated and your nutrition after eating is greater than or equal to 2000. If you don't have magical breathing or unbreathing (the normal case) you will die with a probability of 95%. Else you will vomit.
  3. Usually when eating while satiated you will get prompted whether you want to continue or not, except if the first bite takes you over the choking limit.
  4. Or if you're eating a wraith corpse. A very common YASD.
choked on a very rich meal
You ate money, and choked to death.
see {choke}
chromatic dragon
  1. The cavepeople's quest nemesis.
  2. Resistances: fire, cold, sleep, disintegration, electricity, poison, acid, petrification; MR of 30.
  3. Resistances conveyed by eating: fire, cold, sleep, disintegration, electricity, poison
  4. Attacks: Breathes random type: 6dx; Random magic spell with nominal damage of (level/3+1)d6; Steals the amulet etc. ; Bite: 4d8; Bite: 4d8; Sting: 1d6
  5. Eaten: Chromatic Dragon Nutr: 1700 Effects: Poisonous Intrinsic: Fire: 17%, Cold: 17%, Sleep: 17%, Shock: 17%, Poison: 17%, Disintegration: 17%
chromatic dragon scale mail
<Eidolos> It should also give power regeneration and half damage.
  1. NetHack was first released on Jul 28th, 1987, according to Google[TM]'s usenet archive.
  2. Hack, the ancestor of NetHack, appears to have been first released on Dec 17th, 1984, according to Google[TM]'s usenet archive.
  3. For the curious, the first mention of Rogue (the inspiration for many, many games) was first mentioned in Google[TM]'s usenet archive on August 21st, 1981, with the blurb: "The famous D&D game - screen oriented - halts almost all useful work."
  4. Rogue's first major appearance was in the 4.2 version of BSD UNIX. The game was designed by Michael Toy and Glenn Wichman in 1980, and was one of the first wide-spread programs to use the relatively new "curses" graphical display library.
A soft yellow gem worth 700 zorkmids.
chugging sound
Some intelligent monster drank a potion.
  1. A rare soft yellow gem worth 1500 zorkmids.
  2. In the main dungeon, citrine usually won't be seen above dungeon level 4.
  1. Clairvoyance maps a 20*11 area of the map, centered on the player. It has a 1/2 chance of doing this every 15 turns that you are clairvoyant. You can become clairvoyant by:
  2. Donating 200*XL to (400*XL)-1 to any priest, as long as this amount is greater than one-third of current visible gold. See {donate} for more info.
  3. Casting the spell of clairvoyance maps as you cast the spell. Skill level unimportant. Unlike other sources of clairvoyance, this is the only one that has no duration.
  4. Wearing a cornuthaum if not a wizard blocks clairvoyance. Wearing a cornuthaum as a wizard confers clairvoyance.
  5. Carrying the Amulet of Yendor will grant clairvoyance if it's not blocked.
clay ring
An unidentified ring. Cannot be eaten by any monster.
clear potion
Unidentified description of potion of water.
This Neutral battle axe is the Barbarian's first artifact. +d3 to hit and +d6 damage
see {Clerical_Spells}
clerical spells
  1. In this group (with their levels) are: protection(1),create monster(2),remove curse(3),create familiar(6),turn undead(6)
  2. Expert: Priest. Skilled: Knight, Monk, Samurai, Wizard.
  1. Please see Clippy the NetHack Shopping Assistant for all your price-ID questions: []
  2. Also, see {nethack_helper}
  3. Clippy use guide: Put in the *symbol* of the item (e.g. ? for a scroll, = for a ring) under Type, and leave Description blank for best results.
  1. Cloaks cover shirts and body armor, there are 12 types:
  2. Mummy wrapping (AC:0, MC1), Orcish (AC:0, MC2), Dwarvish (AC:0, MC2), Leather (AC:1, MC1), Displacement* (AC:1, MC2), Oilskin (AC:1, MC3), Alchemy smock (AC:1, MC1), Invisibility* (AC:1, MC2), Magic resistance* (AC:1, MC3), Elven (AC:1, MC3), Robe (AC:2, MC3), and Protection* (AC:3, MC3).
  3. *The appearance of these cloaks is randomized each game from the following four options: tattered cape, ornamental cope, opera cloak, and piece of cloth.
cloak of displacement
  1. see {displacement}
  2. It's crap. AVOID. 99.03% of interviewed players agree.
  3. <Hotroot> I just lost 3 levels to a Wraith
  4. In 3.6, provides MC1.
cloak of invisibility
Makes the wearer invisible. Provides MC2.
cloak of magic resistance
Cloak which costs 60, weighs 10, appears with relative probability 2, provides 1 point of AC, is made of cloth, and provides magic resistance and MC3. Like other magic items, its unidentified appearance is random.
cloak of protection
Cloak that decreases AC by 3 and provides magic cancellation level 3.
cloak weight
mummy wrapping: 3. robe: 15. leather cloak: 15. all other cloaks: 10.
closed for inventory
  1. There is a shop behind this locked door. Do not break it down unless you are prepared to deal with angry shopkeepers or feel like dying.
  2. To open these doors, use the spell "knock", a wand of opening, a lock pick, a skeleton key, or a credit card.
A dead-end one-square corridor. Can contain a trap; see {vlad_was_here}, {ad_aerarium}
clove of garlic
see {garlic}
see {four-leaf_clover}
1d6 vs small, 1d3 vs large, costs 3 zm and is made of wood.
clump of sticks
  1. If a priest tries to summon insects, but all insects have become extinct/genocided, they will instead transform a clump of sticks into snakes.
  2. If the priest casts at a clump of sticks, but nothing happens, then that means all of the species of snake are extinct or genocided.
Character level (experience level; see also xplvl).
Configuration option. NetHack provides some additional command assistance when it detects some anticipated mistakes.
see {constitution}
coarse mantelet
see {orcish cloak}
see {couatl}
Eaten: cobra Nutr: 100 Effects: Poisonous Intrinsic: Poison: 40%
see {cone_of_cold}
  1. One of the most interesting (read: dangerous) monsters in NetHack. Coming into contact with one, or hearing its hissing, may cause delayed stoning death ("You are slowing down.") or instant stoning death ("You turn to stone.") to players and monsters.
  2. You have two turns to eat lizard meat or acidic food, or quaff a potion of acid, or #pray. You lose any intrinsic speed. Carry lizard corpses for this. During a new moon, hissing attacks always succeed unless you carry lizard corpses.
  3. There are 47 cockatrice-related ways to be petrified. Of these, only 13 involve a live cockatrice. Touching a cockatrice corpse in any way can be immediately fatal. When you eat or are hit by a cockatrice egg, delayed stoning begins.
  4. Instantly die to a corpse! Get hit by a monster wielding one; fall downstairs, on a sink or in a pit while wielding one; try to eat one (beware inventory slots like 'e', 'n', 'y'); kick one without boots; or without wearing gloves: pick up, wield, bag or unbag, tin, #offer, or feel on the floor while blind. And More.
  5. Instantly kill monsters! Tame cockatrices, conflict cockatrices, wield a corpse, throw eggs, or polymorph into one and let monsters hit you. There is no delayed stoning for monsters; non-resistant monsters are killed right away.
  6. Genociding c can save you from some of these deaths. However, since the corpses are so useful in a tight or congested spot, it's often not a good idea. Note that if you wish for a corpse with c genocided, you'll get a random corpse instead.
cockatrice egg
  1. A fun tactic is to find a safe place, polymorph into a (female) cockatrice, and lay a bunch of eggs. Shove them into a sack before they hatch, and keep them there until they stack when taken out. Wield and smack monsters for petrifying fun!
  2. You can also throw or use a sling if you need to, but this has a much higher chance of missing.
  3. They can be safely handled without wearing gloves, as all the nastiness is in the yolk.
  4. Not recommended people food.
cockatrice nest
  1. Special room. Contains cockatrices and statues.
  2. Frequency: 1/8, DL 17+.
cockatrice song
Never hiss at a cockatrice / No you can't get friendly with a cockatrice / If you only knew, he will hiss at you / and you'll find yourself soon turning into a statue
Configuration option. NetHack should display color if it can for different monsters, objects, and dungeon features.
color hp monitor
see {hpmon}
colored streaks
see {streaks}
combat boots
Either the unidentified elven, kicking, fumble, levitation, jumping, speed or water walking boots.
combat wombat
A character that relies on fighting and not magic.
common sense
Sometimes applicable in nethack. Mostly useless otherwise.
  1. Cloak of Magic Resistance
  2. CoMR is MC 3
  3. It has 1 base AC, and can become rotten and/or burned.
see {constitution}
see {#conduct}
  1. The 12 conducts in NetHack 3.4.3 are being a pacifist, being vegetarian, following a strict vegan diet, never eating any food, never hitting with a wielded weapon, being an atheist, never wishing for any items, never wishing for any artifacts, being illiterate, never changing form, never polymorphing items and never genociding a species.
  2. Further details can be seen at []
  3. Some players also enjoy playing unofficial conducts: []
  1. A twelve conduct, 5420 turn, 1h 55m 58s ascension on NAO. See []
  2. He hit a bones pile that helped.
cone of cold
  1. Level 4 attack spell. Special spell of the valkyrie.
  2. At unskilled and basic levels, this spell does 6d6 damage in a straight line, as a wand of cold.
  3. At skilled or expert level however, this spell creates a blast of cold 3x3 squares in diameter, within 10 squares and in sight. Subsequent explosions (2-9) will follow within the original target area.
  4. The cone of cold will deal extra damage to fire resistant creatures, and may also freeze potions within your inventory. You have been warned!
  5. Requires 20 energy.
config editor
see {nao_rc_editor}
config file
see {configuration}
The config file is .nethackrc for *nix, defaults.nh for windows/DOS. Options in config file are set with OPTIONS=foo[:bar], where foo can be preceded with ! or no to turn it off, if it's a boolean, and bar is an optional value, if non-boolean.
Configuration option. Have user confirm attacks on peaceful creatures.
  1. Usually gained via ring of conflict, this will make monsters attack each other, and also you. This includes peaceful and tame monsters.
  2. Make sure to get rid of this before you enter a shop or temple, unless you can take the shopkeeper or priest. :)
  3. The conflict intrinsic makes you consume 1 additional point of nutrition on every even turn, except if granted by an artifact.
see {how_to_get_confused}
confuse monster
  1. A scroll of confuse monster will allow you to confuse the next monster you hit, or the next 2-9 monsters you hit in the case of a blessed scroll.
  2. If the scroll is cursed, or if you are polymorphed into a monster, the scroll will confuse you instead.
  3. A spell of confuse monster acts as an uncursed scroll if the caster's skill is unskilled or basic, and as a blessed scroll if skilled or expert.
confused bear
see {roaring_of_a_confused_bear}
  1. Confusion is a status effect that affects your ability to move around and stops you doing many things. Not as bad as stunning, still a nuisance. Cures: non-cursed unicorn horn; lizard corpse (reduction in timeout); waiting. Some scrolls behave differently when confused; this can be Useful. Appears as 'Conf' on statusline.
  2. Causes: Potion of confusion, booze; cursed scroll of confuse monster; cast forgotten spell; eggs, tripe, cursed tins; cursed unicorn horn; read cursed or hard spellbook; Magicbane; umber hulks; Yeenoghu; clerical monster spells; thrones; fail to use crystal ball; magic mapping non-mappable level.
  3. Effects: may move randomly; no confirm for attacking peacefuls; engraving impaired badly; scrolls have different effects; no spellcasting; 1/3 chance destroying read spellbooks; no multiple shots; no instrument use; no mounting steed; worse riding; no Mjollnir returns; wisdom abuse.
conical hat
Either an unidentified dunce cap or an unidentified cornuthaum. If you're not a wizard, don't bother. If you're a wizard, don't bother either.
  1. Constitution (Co:) affects healing speed, extra hitpoint gain every level, and carrying capacity. Carrying capacity = [(Strength + Constitution)/2]+1. Also has a few subtle effects such as reducing the chance of "system shock" when polymorphing.
  2. Dwarves can reach 20 con intrinsically, while elves can achieve 16. All other races get 18 as the max.
  3. Hitpoint gain bonuses in format of [Constitution]=(Bonus): [3]=(-2). [4-6]=(-1). [7-14]=(+0). [15-16]=(+1). [17]=(+2). [18]=(+3).
  4. Exercised by: not being hungry; hit by a nurse; *cubus "raised to your full potential"; digesting as an engulfing monster.
  5. Abused by: fainting from exertion or hunger; extensive encumberance; sick or vomiting; drinking contaminated water or "no good water" from fountain; falling onto weapon on sink; hit by Ill monster; lycanthropy; hit by Famine; *cubus "drained of energy"; hit by silver arrow when silver-fearing; polymorphing; throne electricity; poison needle or gas; hit by lightning.
see {oracle}
"This water is contaminated!" - a message you can get from drinking from a fountain. If you are poison resistant, you lose d4 HP; if not, you lose d10 HP and d4+2 STR and abuse your constitution.
  1. If you convert to another alignment before you've done your quest, the game becomes unwinnable, and the best you can do is escape the dungeon with The Book and The Candelabrum.
  2. Helm of Opposite Alignment doesn't help, as your quest leader detects your real alignment through it.
  3. Conversion happens when you attempt to convert an altar (by doing #offer) while your alignment is negative.
  4. Conversion also happens when offering a unicorn of your alignment on an altar of another alignment.
converting altars
  1. Never try to convert an altar by sacrificing a unicorn aligned to that altar, or when your alignment is negative. Various bad things are likely to happen.
  2. Your odds of *failing* to convert are 6 in (xplvl + 8). So at xplvl 1 you have a 33% chance of succeeding, at xplvl 4 a 50% chance, and at xplvl 16 a 75% chance. At xplvl 30 you have an 84% chance of conversion.
  3. You cannot convert an altar that is in Gehennom. Attempting to do so will get your god VERY angry at you, on top of a -5 penalty to luck. So watch it.
  4. Attempting to convert an altar may summon a minion of the altar's original god, but only if you are at least level 7 and have high alignment. The probability varies, but is never greater than 1/4.
convulsive ravings
You are on the oracle level.
  1. The cope is a liturgical vestment which may be worn by any rank of the clergy. Copes are made in all liturgical colours, and are like a very long mantle or cloak, fastened at the breast by a clasp.
  2. See ornamental_cope
copper ring
An unidentified ring. *CAN* be eaten by rock moles and xorns.
coral ring
An unidentified ring. Cannot be eaten by any monster.
core dumped
A message you will get when eating an apple or a pear on a *nix.
see {horn of plenty}
  1. Its unidentified appearance is 'conical hat', which it shares with the dunce cap. When worn by wizards, it results in clairvoyance and +1 to charisma. When worn by non-wizards, it blocks clairvoyance and drops charisma by 1.
  2. Cornuthaums can be enchanted at +5 or below by wizards without being vaporized. Thus its maximum safe enchantment is +7. It weighs 4 and costs 80. It also provides MC2, even if you are not a wizard.
  3. Apparently, the name "Cornuthaum" for a wizard's pointy hat was made up by the developers, as the word does not appear in the (large, multivolume) Oxford English Dictionary. It is apparently derived from the prefix "cornu-", meaning a horn, and the same "thaum" as is found in "thaumaturgy" and is of Greek origin. (In short, "cornuthaum" means "miracle horn".) Thus, it is likely pronounced "kor-nuu-thoum"
see {corpses}
corpse spoiler
Eating Corpses for Food and Intrinsics: []
Initial and final effects of eating corpses along with chances for intrinsics: [] mirrored at []
"I knew RZ personaly, I'm not asking who he was..."
  1. Level 8, speed 10, AC 5, MR 30. Poisonous bite deals 1d3 and drains strength, and crushes for 2d4.
  2. Caution: can drown you if they're over water.
  3. Is the only "nasty" that cannot be genocided.
  4. <omniscientist> ...making it impossible for the summon nasties spell from ever being made ineffective outside Gehennom.
  5. (And it won't anyway, as it will simply summon random monsters if the monster it would have chosen is genocided.)
  6. And it's spelled with a 'u', unlike the end of the lawful Archeologist god.
A dragon or other monster will cough if it is cancelled but tries to use its breath weapon.
see {cough)
coughs spasmodically and collapses
A monster attempted to swallow Pestilence.
see {repeat_command}
courtly conversation
see {throne room}
see {covetous_monsters}
covetous monsters
  1. The following creatures desire your quest artifact: Rodney, your quest nemesis
  2. The following creatures desire the Book of the Dead: master lichs, arch-lichs, Orcus, Rodney
  3. The following creatures desire the Candelabrum of Invocation: Vlad the Impaler, Rodney
  4. The following creatures desire the Bell of Opening: Rodney
  5. The following creatures desire the Amulet of Yendor: Rodney, all demon lords and princes (see {demon_lords})
  6. None of these creatures can be tamed. They will attempt to steal any items they covet from you, and will pick them up if found on the ground.
  1. see {coyote_names}
  2. Eaten: coyote Nutr: 250
coyote names
  1. Latin coyote names: Carnivorus Vulgaris, Road-Runnerus Digestus, Eatibus Anythingus, Famishus-Famishus, Eatibus Almost Anythingus, Eatius Birdius, Famishus Fantasticus, Eternalii Famishiis, Famishis Vulgarus, Famishius Vulgaris Ingeniusi, Eatius-Slobbius
  2. Hardheadipus Oedipus, Carnivorous Slobbius, Hard-Headipus Ravenus, Evereadii Eatibus, Apetitus Giganticus, Hungrii Flea-Bagius, Overconfidentii Vulgaris, Caninus Nervous Rex, Grotesques Appetitus, Nemesis Riduclii, Canis latrans
  3. You're guaranteed to get the last one if the coyote is cancelled.
  1. Crystal Plate Mail.
  2. Not to be confused with the operating system CP/M.
  3. (Which has slightly worse AC.)
see {cram_ration}
cram ration
  1. A "people food". It costs 35 zorkmids, weighs 15, is worth 600 nutrition, and takes 3 turns to fully consume.
  2. Does not break vegan.
see {foobane}
A potion or other fragile object broke.
crassworm's hole
see {crassworm's_hotel}
crassworm's hotel
  1. Four steps to a damage-free hideout: 1. Tame engulfing monster (doesn't have to be corporeal). 2. Put on ring of conflict. 3. Get engulfed by your new pet. 4. Remove ring of conflict.
  2. To check out: zap a wand of opening, polymorph your pet, teleport yourself or your pet, cast knock, ring the charged Bell of Opening, put on a ring of slow digestion, cast charm monster or read scroll of taming, or kill your pet.
  3. When inside, external monsters can't harm you or your engulfer, and normal monsters can't summon others. You can nudge your room around by applying a magic whistle, although this only moves it a few random squares at a time.
  4. Any items you drop while inside go into the engulfer's inventory and remain accessible on the 'floor' until you get out. Items left inside remain in the engulfer's inventory, which it can hold or drop at random like with any other pet carrying things.
  5. A lesser form of this is to be engulfed by a fire/energy vortex while you are resistant to fire/lightning. You can heal in here, and have as many turns breathing room as you like before you kill the vortex.
  6. Crassworm's Hotel has been fixed for the next feature release; it's listed as C343-204 which appeared on the buglist August 19th, 2006.
crazy lines
You read magic mapping outside the map or or on a non mappable level (VotD, etc). Confused ?oMM maps 1/7th of the level..
cream pie
  1. A delectable food. Also has the quality of blinding on contact. Can be thrown or applied. Often karried by Keystone Kops.
  2. Weighs 10, conveys 100 nutrition. Eating a cream pie will break the vegan conduct but not vegetarian.
  3. If blinded by a cream pie, #wipe your face or [a]pply a towel.
  4. (a)pplying it blinds for 1-25 turns as does throwing up (<) however it blinds monsters for 22-46 turns when thrown at an enemy
create familiar
  1. Level 6 clerical spell. 1/3 chance to create a tame <PetType>, 2/3 chance to create a tame random monster (if that type of monster can be tamed).
  2. Create Familiar calls the same random-monster routines that all other parts of the game use to generate a monster, except that the monster will always be tame. This means that your familiar will always be roughly the same grade as the stuff you're currently fighting.
  3. This also means that casting it deep in Gehennom or Astral are your best bets for getting some real nasty pets.
create monster
  1. A wonderful effect, produced by scrolls, spells, wands, or a bag of tricks, which causes (normally hostile) monsters to appear near you. Monsters can be killed for XP points, corpses, and objects.
  2. Reading a scroll of create monster while confused will summon a boatload of acid blobs, not respecting extinction. This can be used to extinct acid blobs or to fill an entire level with them if you have enough scrolls.
  3. Breaking a charged wand of create monster will summon a storm of meanies - even with only one charge left!
  4. Casting create monster when all extinctable monsters have become extinct results in no monster and no message.
  1. When in a shop, any money dropped by you (or placed into containers on the floor of the shop) will add to your credit with that shopkeeper. [You can check your available credit with the ($) command]
  2. When purchasing items, the game will ask whether you wish to use store credit first. This method is preferable to straight payment because marauding creatures or your pets can pick up the stack of zorkmids and deliver it outside the shop, without affecting shop credit.
  3. Doing this intentionally is a great way to multiply your shop credit, to be able to afford those items your pets can't (or won't... useful cursed) steal for you.
  4. Note, however, that this is only useful for obtaining items rather than obtaining cash, as the multiplication involved is strictly "on the books"
  5. This method .can., however, be used to purchase an expensive uncursed spellbook or weapon, which can be repeately stolen and resold to bleed the shopkeeper dry of funds when you need the cold hard cash.
credit card
  1. A Tourist starting item which can be (a)pplied to unlock doors and chests.
  2. Can also be used to open closed shops.
  3. No, you can't get credit in a shop using this item.
credit clone
Drop cash in shop. Have pet bring it out to you. Rinse. Repeat.
credit cloning
  1. Dropped gold in a store is exchanged for credit (displayed by the '$' command).
  2. If your pet retrieves the gold, you keep both the gold and the credit.
  3. You can then buy on credit and sell for gold, until the store is bankrupt and you have all the stock.
see {Croesus}
crested helmet
One of the unidentified helms. It could be a plain helmet (auto-id'd for some chars), helm of brilliance, helm of telepathy, or the dreaded helm of opposite alignment.
  1. Crocodile corpses always polymorph into non-cursed fireproof +0 pairs of low boots.
  2. Eaten: crocodile Nutr: 400
  1. The owner of the gold vaults.
  2. Also known to his employees as "Kroisos" or "Creosote".
  3. If Croesus is dead, the vault guards will know, so don't even try it. "Back from the dead, are you?"
  4. Difficulty 22, deals 4d10 damage, MR 40.
  5. Eaten: Croesus Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
The neutral god of Barbarians.
see {crowning}
see {crowning}
  1. When praying on an altar, your god can crown you, if you're pious or better, and you haven't already been crowned.
  2. When crowned, you'll gain see invisible, fire, cold, shock, sleep and poison resistances.
  3. Lawfuls will be crowned The Hand of Elbereth, Neutrals Envoy of Balance, Chaotics Glory of Arioch. Lawfuls will also get Excalibur, neutrals Vorpal Blade, and chaotics Stormbringer. (Your god will unrestrict the relevant weapon skill.)
  4. Exceptions: when crowned, wizards get a spellbook of finger of death; monks, a spellbook of restore ability.
  5. Wizards won't get a spellbook if they are wielding Vorpal Blade or Stormbringer.
  6. Monks won't get a spellbook if they are wielding any artifact weapon, instead getting Vorpal Blade or Stormbringer, if neutral or chaotic, respectively.
  7. Greatly increases prayer timeout.
  8. Crowning also unrestricts you in your crowning artifact (regardless of receiving it or not) and your current weapon if you do not receive a gift; it also rustproofs and fixes your current weapon, and sets it to +1 if it was below that.
  9. Changing your alignment (either through a badly-aligned #offer or wearing the helmet) doesn't remove your crowning.
  10. 00:01 < kriebly> getting crowned by your god gives little benefit, but it does look nice on your resume.
crude chain mail
see {orcish_chain_mail}
crude spear
Unidentified orcish spear.
crunched in the head by an iron ball
When an iron ball falls on your head and you die.
crunching sound
see {you_hear_a_crunching_sound}
  1. The tooth of the worm, wielded, can become a crysknife by undergoing magical enchantment. However, the crysknife will revert to its natural state when it leaves your possession.
  2. A crysknife makes an excellent second-hand weapon for those who choose #twoweapon combat (although a silver saber may be preferred versus some foes).
  3. "fixed" crysknife has only 10% chance of reverting back to worm tooth.
  4. The crysknife, the worm (shai-hulud) and the concept of "fixed" are from the Dune books by Frank Herbert.
  5. It has a +3 to-hit and does d10/d10.
crystal ball
  1. Heavy (150 weight) tool that can be applied to search for a monster, object or symbol. Blessed scrolls of charging will set the charges at six, uncursed scrolls of charging will add one charge, for a maximum of five. The Orb of Detection (Archeologist) and the Orb of Fate (Valkyrie) are artifact crystal balls.
  2. When applied and non cursed, it has a INT/20 chance of finding any monster, object or symbol (including traps and portals, excluding stairs). Otherwise (or if cursed) it will either result in confusion, blindness, hallucination, explosion (non-artifact only) or nothing. Get yours today for hours of endless fun!
  3. Applying a crystal ball will paralyze you for 1d10 turns ("trance").
  4. Quest artifact crystal balls are always generated at 5 charges, but you will get a random amount of charges if you wish for the artifacts.
  5. Will work while engulfed.
crystal mail
see {crystal_plate_mail}
crystal plate mail
Glass body armor, AC7, MC2, weight 450, cost 820. Cumbersome, but a big AC boost. Does not hinder spellcasting(!). Does not rust. Better than other plate mail. Dwarven mithril is better if not casting spells. Will shatter from being handled roughly, or from force bolt/striking when not in inventory.
cure sickness
The spell of cure sickness will relieve you of the following ailments: illness, lethal food poisoning, and sliming.
curious feeling
You were dallying with a foocubus, who tried to level-drain you by sexual exhaustion, but you were protected from level drain.
  1. Cursed items have detrimental effects when used and/or cannot be removed once equipped. Curses can be removed using a Remove Curse scroll/spell (for equipped items), praying, or by dipping the items in holy water.
  2. "The monster points at you and curses" - The curse described here is a verbal curse, resulting from the monster being unable to correctly cast a spell. This is equivalent to getting "You fail to cast the spell correctly".
  3. Books, scrolls, potions, and tools are the only items that work differently cursed. Wands may also explode if you zap a cursed one. Weapons, armor, rings, amulets, and anything wielded can't be removed.
  4. Cursed pieces of armor can be removed by dipping in holy water, or, more shrewdly, by dropping absolutely everything you have and allowing a nymph to steal them.
  5. Having on a cursed blindfold/towel or a cursed boots/ring of levitation is considered a 'major' problem and can be fixed by praying to your god.
  1. Cursed stuff is generally bad.
  2. In brief, anything that can be enchanted, that's worn on the body, and is cursed will not be removable.
  3. Rings, amulets, armour, weapons (including pickaxes and unicorn horns) will all weld themselves to you.
cursed wand
Cursed wands have a 1% chance of exploding when zapped; this does 1 to 6 points of damage for each charge in the wand, plus an additional 2 to 12 points of damage, and abuses your strength.
cursed wands
Cursed wands have a 1% chance of exploding when zapped; this does 1 to 6 points of damage for each charge in the wand, plus an additional 2 to 12 points of damage, and abuses your strength.
cursed weapon
  1. If the weapon a character is wielded is cursed, it will be welded to the chatacter's hand(s).
  2. Characters will be unable to wear or remove gloves or rings with a cursed one-handed weapon. A cursed two-handed weapon is even more debilitating -- characters cannot (a)pply bags or #loot containers until the weapon is removed or uncursed.
  3. In addition to techniques that will uncurse any item, a weapon can be uncursed by a non-cursed scroll of enchant weapon.
  4. Less traditional methods to remove it include allowing a nymph or monkey to steal it.
curses bugs
curved sword
see {scimitar}
  1. The hounds of the underworld, Welsh phantom dogs seen as a death portent.
  2. You have some method of healing, right? No? I hope you can pray.
  1. Essentially, competitive RoundRobin, with teams of 3 players cycling through missions on 3 characters. Rules: []
  2. The competition starts July 1, 2012! Sign up here: []
  3. (Blatantly stolen from *that other game*.)
  1. The Healer quest nemesis, a giant.
  2. Can leveldrain you multiple times in one turn, doing a massive amount of damage. Meleeing him is a bad idea.
  3. Eaten: Cyclops Nutr: 700 Effects: Strength
Has Ascended samurai, tourist, and valkyrie on nao and wizard locally.
  1. Command: 'd' Drop an object. Doing 'd7a' drops seven items of object in inventory slot 'a'.
  2. Command: 'D' Drop selected types of objects.
  3. Monster: 'D' Dragons. Gray, silver, red, white, orange, black, blue, green or yellow. Includes their baby versions.
  4. Monster: 'd' Dogs and dog-like monsters. Jackal, fox, coyote, werejackal, (little|large) dog, dingo, wolf, werewolf, warg, winter wolf (cub), and hell hound (pup).
  5. Command: '^D' Kick something, like a door.
  6. Command: 'Meta-d' Same as '#dip'.
  1. Very basic weapon that has a +2 bonus to hit. Ordinary daggers do 1d4 damage against small monsters, and 1d3 against large ones.
  2. Ra, Ro, T, V and W can become expert at daggers.
  3. Ra and Ro have the chance of throwing an extra dagger.
  4. Good for prying chests and boxes open.
  5. Silver daggers weigh 12; all other daggers (including athames, such as Magicbane) weigh 10.
dagger weight
All daggers weigh 10.
damage calculator
see {weapon_damage[4]}
dandelion wine
see {this_tastes_like_dandelion_wine}
As of 2015-08-29, the leading death dealers on soldier ants, jackals, wands of striking, dwarves, water moccasins
dangerous winds
To get killed by "dangerous winds", you must be wearing a ring of levitation, fall into a pit in Sokoban, and remove the ring of levitation; you will take d2 damage from having the winds causing you to fall over.
dark one
  1. The Wizard quest nemesis, a rather wimpy human.
  2. Good idea to use magicbane if you can.
  3. He can't run upstairs if you put a boulder on the staircase.
  4. Beware: if he's high-level, he might be able to summon nasties, which is usually a much greater danger than his other attacks.
  5. Only resistant to stoning intrinsically, although he usually picks up the Eye immediately and gains MR as well.
  1. One of the *very* freaky NetHackers. He loves to teach Rodney.
  2. He also tends to play with a lot of pets.
  3. Is _VERY_ patient.
  4. One of the freakier NetHackers. He loves to kill tourists.
Don't do that, then.
deafening roar
Careful... you just stepped on a magic trap and got the "blindness/summon monsters" result, but you were already blind. Hope it was a blindfold, a towel, or you've got ESP, buddy.
  1. One of the endgame riders, Death has a very annoying attack which drains your max hp. Don't shoot a wand/finger of death at him (duh), and as with all riders, touching his body revives him instantly.
  2. If you want to play around with riders for xp, Death probably isn't the best choice unless you can ensure that he won't continue to touch you.
  3. To every man upon this earth / Death cometh soon or late; / And how can man die better / Than facing fearful odds / For the ashes of his fathers / And the temples of his gods? -- Lord Macaulay Thomas Babington
  4. Revelation 6:8 "And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death..."
  5. Dying is not too difficult. But you'll have to figure out yourself how to do it.
  6. Understand death? Sure. That was when the monsters got you. -- Salem's Lot by Stephen King
  7. Eating Death also has a 100% chance of killing you instantly.
  8. Death's "deadly touch" attack has a 60% chance of draining your max hitpoints, a 15% chance of instantly killing you if you lack Magic Resistance (otherwise draining max HP), and a 25% chance of doing no damage at all.
  9. Death is very interested in finding out what makes humans tick, being well aware of what makes them stop. -- Terry Pratchett
  10. Eaten: Death Nutr: 1 Effects: DIE, Teleport Control
death drop
Any randomly generated item a monster leaves when it dies.
death magic
  1. There are (1) wand of death (death ray); (2) spell "finger of death" (death ray); (3) touch of death (melee attack of L and Rodney); and (4) Death's Touch (Death endgame rider attack).
  2. Death rays (1) and (2) are blocked by Reflection (i.e. SDSM or reflection shield).
  3. All four sources of death magic could be blocked by Magic Resistance, although Death will still drain your maxHP.
  4. _Don't_ zap yourself with a death ray.
  1. Possibly the most eccentric (insane?) NetHacker ever.
  2. He polypiled rocks for a year and a half, only to drink an unBUCed (cursed) potion of gain level on level one - leaving his hundreds of thousands of valuables behind.
  3. If you ever see him in real life, please give him a hug and tell him that everything is going to be all right.
  4. Just to taunt him, the RNG gave him two dilithium crystals on astral.
  5. He later tried again, succeeding this time, to ascend carrying over 8000 gems, with a total value of 32222050zm: []
  1. The goal of DeathRobin is to get as many unique deaths as possible. DeathRobin has some unique NAO deaths (like "killed by dangerous winds" and "killed by leg damage from being pulled out of a bear trap").
  2. As usual with the robins, the password is "robin". If there's a game in progress, please don't screw it up (for suitable values of "screw it up", obviously).
  3. Please name a weapon or something with what death you're going for if you leave it.
  4. No player has these helpless messages yet: being scared stiff (falling Magicbane), gazing into a mirror (floating eye polyself), pretending to be a pile of gold (eat mimic), scared by rattling (chat skeleton), ringing a bell (it must be cursed and summon a nymph for a chance at this).
  1. nethack-gnome, nethack-qt, nethack-x11, and nethack-console are the debian nethack packages. There is also a nethack-spoilers package. "apt-get install <packagename>" to install nethack.
  2. For debian stable users, [] tends to have the current version of nethack in deb form.
  3. Easily the best NetHack package out there.
decaying green substance
see {spinach}
  1. Configuration option. Use DEC line-drawing characters. Won't work for all terminals.
  2. If you use XTerm/RXVT/aterm/Eterm/etc. to play NetHack through NAO, and can't seem to get DECgraphics to display correctly, check out [] for a 13-pt fixed-width Lucida font that (supposedly) works with DEC/IBM/whatever, and looks cool.
  3. To prepare - decompress the file ($ bunzip2 lutRS13-ascii.bdf.bz2), then use bdftopcf to compile the font ($ bdftopcf lutRS13-ascii.bdf > lutRS13-ascii.pcf), then gzip the resulting file ($ gzip lutRS13-ascii.pcf).
  4. To install - copy the gzipped, compiled PCF file into any font path specified in your XF86Config or xorg.conf file. I use /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/local/. Then cd to that path and use mkfontdir (# mkfontdir) to regenerate the path's fonts.dir listing, then use xset ($ xset fp rehash) to have X look for new fonts. (You could also restart X, but, meh.)
  5. To use - tell your favorite terminal emulator to use the font -b&h-lucidatypewriter-medium-r-normal-sans-13-125-75-75-m-80-ascii-0 (on many systems -*-lucidatypewriter-medium-*-*-*-13-*-*-*-*-*-ascii-0 will be enough). Most of these accept a command-line argument of -fn; for something more permanent, add an entry to .Xresources like Aterm*font: -*-lucida...
  6. Report any bugs, occurences of artifacts (annoying pixels that remain after redraws) or general ideas (I plan, for example, to round the corners off eventually) to
To decrypt an arbitrary file, you will need a blessed magic marker, a cursed scroll of blank paper, and an uncursed tripe ration. While confused and hallucinating, eat the tripe ration, then attempt to write a scroll of gold detection.
default rc
  1. []
  2. []
Don't ever say that again.
see {delicatessen}
deliberately meeting medusa's gaze
  1. How to be petrified by deliberately meeting Medusa's gaze
  2. Step 1: Dig down past Medusa's lair (keep track of what level it's on)
  3. Step 2: Gather the following items: Blessed amulet of life saving, ring of polymorph control, wand of polymorph, ring of stealth (if you don't have it intrinsically), boots of speed. Put on or wear all the items mentioned above.
  4. Step 3: On the upstairs leading to Medusa's lair polymorph into an umber hulk
  5. Step 4: Go upstairs, Medusa should be alseep and you should not be stone. If medusa is awake then you messed up.
  6. Step 5: Attack Medusa, you'll turn to stone but your amulet should save you. It should then be your turn.
  7. Step 6: #monster
  8. Step 7: Your gaze confuses Medusa! Gazing at the awake Medusa is not a very good idea. You turn to stone...
  1. A shop. Sells and buys food, fruit juice, booze, water and ice boxes.
  2. Delicatessens are run by shopkeepers named: Djasinga, Tjibarusa, Tjiwidej, Pengalengan, Bandjar, Parbalingga, Bojolali, Sarangan, Ngebel, Djombang, Ardjawinangun, Berbek, Papar, Baliga, Tjisolok, Siboga, Banjoewangi, Trenggalek, Karangkobar, Njalindoeng, Pasawahan, Pameunpeuk, Patjitan, Kediri, Pemboeang, Tringanoe, Makin, Tipor, Semai, Berhala, Tegal, and Samoe.
delicious smell
You will smell a delicious smell when producing chunks of meat/reanmating statues/stoned monsters from stone. If you are a herbivore, you instead smell the odor of meat.
see {oracle}
Can cast any of Psi Bolt, Haste Self, Disappear (Invisibility), Destroy Armor, Curse Items, Aggravate, and a few more. Has base MR 60. Leaves no corpse.
  1. Like roundrobin, but for cool people (a.k.a. established demigods). Account: demirobin. Password: robin.
  2. Current project: lots of woodchucks in the demigod bar
  3. Priorities: ascend, collect ascension kit, get reflection, MR and PR, survive.
  4. "orc wiz died huh?" "orc wiz was 2 ascs ago" "you guys ascend like every 12 damn hours"
  5. For fuck's sake, DON'T BLOW UP THE BoH.
  6. DOAS is invited
  7. Start worrying when a) hpmon goes yellow, b) you see a cockatrice, or c) the death ray whizzes by you.
see {Demogorgon}
  1. Summoned-only demon lord: level 106, speed 15, AC -8, MR 95, resists fire and poison, M8d6+ 1d4V 1d6# 1d6#. With two illness attacks, he can kill quickly, so don't dawdle. He respects Elbereth, get it down ASAP and fix any illness or kill him quickly (such as stoning).
  2. Only chaotic demons (Orcus, Juiblex and Yeenoghu, of which Orcus is the most effective) may gate in Demogorgon, although he can be also be summoned by high-level spellcasters (eg Rodney)
  3. If you want to kill him a lot of times, take care of the black dragons before they disintegrate him.
  4. Unicorn horns have a chance of failing, and holy water will only work if you are not chaotic. Your best bet is to use a 100% way of curing sickness, such as the spell, or b!oHeal, !oEH, and !oFH.
  5. Image: []
  6. A recommended strategy for killing him is to stone him, either with a 'trice corpse, or some chickatrice eggs.
  1. Demons are all & except Death, Pestilence, Famine, the mail daemon, djinn, and sandestins. (weap-343, Calculating damage)
  2. Demons take additional weapon damage; +d4 if blessed, and another +d20 if silver. Demons are immune to death rays.
demon lord
see {demon_lords}
demon lords
  1. The following are demon lords/princes: Juiblex, Yeenoghu, Orcus, Geryon, Dispater, Baalzebub, Asmodeus, Demogorgon
  2. See their individual encyclopaedia entries for more info.
demon mapping
  1. An easy way to map out the staircases: 1) Find Asmodeus. 2) Level teleport to the bottom. 3) Whack on him until he teleports to the upstairs. 4) Teleport over to him and whack on him until he escapes upstairs. 5) Rinse, lather, repeat.
  2. Useful tip: Use a stethoscope to avoid killing him.
  3. One of the problems with this technique is you sometimes have to deal with arch-liches and other demon princes. The way to handle them is to wait on the >, wait for them to show up next to you, then go down. Asmodeus will remain on the above level, but now you're (hopefully) on the < with the other baddy.
  4. While you do this you might like to walk from > to < with a pick-axe in hand. You were going to make a path between stairs anyway, right?
  5. Asmodeus is probably the best demon lord to guide you to the stairs. Baalzebub's stunning gets incredibly annoying after the second or third level.
  6. One of the problems with this technique is it can be difficult to find Vlad's Tower. To find Vlad's you can buy clairvoyance from the Valley priest or use your very short supply of magic mapping scrolls. Or walk around like a real man!
demon prince
see {demon lords}
demon princes
see {demon_lords}
demon summoning
  1. All major demons will attempt to summon a demon as a 1/13 chance on each turn they act on, unless fleeing, in addition to normal actions. This has no message, and respects extinction.
  2. For additional information: []
  1. A pitiful long sword artifact that does double damage vs. demons and isn't even silver!
  2. You'd be better off using Frost Brand (double damage vs. non-cold-resistant monsters, including demons) or Grayswandir (silver).
  3. One of many joke monster-specific artifact weapons that is just an obstacle in the way of a good weapon.
  4. Doesn't even deal what extra damage it's got to the Riders, the mail daemon, sandestin and djinni.
dented pot
An iron helmet that drops AC by one. Use a dwarvish iron helm instead for a drop of AC by 2.
desire for conflict
  1. You get this message if you're wearing a ring of conflict while entering the Astral plane: A voice booms: "Thy desire for conflict shall be fulfilled!"
  2. Wearing ring of conflict when entering the astral plane causes you to get d4 hostile A's instead of a pet A
destroy armor
  1. A scroll that destroys one random piece of worn armor unless confused. If cursed and confused, adds rustproofing or fireproofing to one random worn armor. Non-cursed and confused randomly removes same. Base price: 100 zorkmids
  2. cursed unconfused destroy armor will not destroy a cursed item, instead stunning you for 10-19 turns and driving armor not already below -5 down by 1.
  3. See {some_armor} for which item is picked. Only artifacts can resist.
destroy armour
see {destroy_armor}
destroy old game
The bane of an online nethack session. As long as you don't press "y", the game is probably recoverable. Ask paxed nicely and he might help you with this.
detect food
Same effects as an uncursed (unskilled or basic) or blessed (skilled or expert) scroll of food detection.
detect monsters
  1. Level 1 divination spell, spellbook has a base price of 100 zm.
  2. Unskilled or basic has the same effect as an uncursed potion of monster detection. (Detect monsters briefly.)
  3. Skilled or expert works like a blessed potion of monster detection. (You detect monsters for 21 to 60 (more) turns (if already at least 300 turns, just one more turn.)
detect treasure
see {object detection}
detect unseen
Level 3 divination spell. Secret door detection spell variant.
  1. The /dev/null/nethack tournament, running every year in November: []
  2. Now discontinued. See also {tnnt}
devnull options
log in, then []
  1. The DevTeam, secret cabal that develops NetHack.
  2. Members of the core team include Michael Allison, Ken Arromdee, David Cohrs, Jessie Collet, Kevin Hugo, Ken Lorber, Dean Luick, Pat Rankin, Mike Stephenson, Janet Walz, Paul Winner, Warwick Allison, Sean Hunt, Pasi Kallinen, Derek S. Ray, Alex Smith, and Patric Mueller.
  3. That which thinks of everything.
see {dexterity}
  1. Dexterity (Dx:) affects your combat to-hit, your dodging ability, your agility, as well as untrapping ability, rate of smudging dust engravings, and musical instrument ability. It is rated from 1-18 for all races except dwarf, who may have 20 dex. Gauntlets of Dexterity can raise dexterity up to 25 for all classes.
  2. Dwarves are blessed with a racial max of 20 dexterity, while all other races have a cap of 18. This can be overridden by gauntlets of dexterity, which adds its enchantment to the dexterity (unlike gauntlets of power, which instantly set strength 25 regardless of enchantment).
  3. In the format of [Dex]=(to-hit bonus): [3]=(-3). [4-5]=(-2). [6-7]=(-1). [8-14]=(0). [15]=(+1). [16]=(+2). [17]=(+3). [18]=(+4). [19]=(+5). [20]=(+6). [21]=(+7). [22]=(+8). [23]=(+9). [24]=(+10). [25]=(+11).
  4. Exercised by: kicking monsters, doors, thrones, altars, and sinks; catching boomerangs; hitting a monster with a missile weapon, iron ball, or boulder; moving without levitation on the Plane of Air; picking a lock; playing a flute or harp; #monster'ing a web as a spider; disarming a trap; stealing gold as a leprechaun; sucking brains as a flayer; speed monster at self; fighting monsters.
  5. Abused by: satiated; heavily encumbered; wounded legs; fumbling; getting stunned; kicking a sink badly; kicking at space; missing a kick at small non-flying monsters while levitating; levitating over a sink; tumbling on Plane of Air; bumping into a door; paralyzed; being stoned or slowed down; caught in beartrap or pit; slow monster at self.
Dwarf Fortress
see {dig_for_victory}
dfv manifesto
  1. dig.
  2. for victory.
  3. please direct any further inquiries to see {DfV}
  4. don't get killed.
  1. The program used to launch nethack and allow people to watch others' games on
  2. Source: []
see {dgamelaunch}
  1. Rather successful commercial game that borrowed shamelessly from the roguelike genre. Graphics intensive and real-time.
  2. Apparently, unlike Angband, "immune" in Diablo actually means "resistant".
  1. A rare hard white gem worth 4000 zorkmids.
  2. In the main dungeon, diamonds usually won't be seen above dungeon level 25.
diamond ring
An unidentified ring. Cannot be eaten by any monster.
see {RoundRobin}
  1. What you try to not do.
  2. What most people in NetHack end up doing.
  3. The singular form of dice.
die for victory
see {Dig_for_victory}
You acquired teleportitis while hallucinating from eating a corpse.
dig for victory
  1. Play an elven wizard. Find a pickaxe. Dig down to the castle level. Squash everything using the drawbridge, getting you to xl10-12 or so. Get the castle wand, and wish up enough to survive. You can get to the wand in well under 2000 turns - in theory.
  2. Best done with elven wizards. Wizards can start with /oDigging, =oRegen, and other helpful items. Elves always start with an instrument (though it may be a bell, drum, unusable for the drawbridge). Tooled horns are the best instrument because if you improvise with it, it'll scare monsters away.
  3. Crassworm has achieved the first documented dig-for-victory ascension! See [] for the dig for victory portion.
  4. For an illustration of what Dig for Victory looks like, see [] (and note the flavor text)
  5. An alternate illustration: []
dig to victory
see {dig for victory}
see {dilithium_crystal}
dilithium crystal
  1. A rare soft white gem worth 4500 zorkmids, the most valuable in the game.
  2. In the main dungeon, dilithium crystals usually won't be seen above dungeon level 28.
  3. Levport me up, Scotty!
  4. No, you can't use dilithium in any way. It's just a soft gem. The port me up thing was a joke.
  1. Diff 5, Lvl 4. A relatively fast (16) wolflike creature with a 1d6 attack and AC5.
  2. Eaten: dingo Nutr: 200
see {#dip}
  1. Configuration option. What do you want NetHack to show when your game ends. ex. "disclose:yi na +v -g -c" y=prompt with default yes, n=prompt with default no, +=show it, -=don't show it, i=inventory, a=attributes, v=vanquished monsters, g=genocided monsters, c=conduct.
  2. A useful disclose option is yi +avgc. If you want to see none of your disclose stuff (perhaps you YASDed and are angry), hit 'q'. If you want to see all of it, hit 'y' or space, all the following options are auto-show. Stevie's idea!
  1. In the event of a sudden quit, such as with a program crash or a network disconnection, your game files will be available if you want to restore them (or not).
  2. However, it's possible that there's a restore failure or a savegame corruption, in which case you're screwed. Sorry.
  3. If you can't restore your game on NAO, get in touch with paxed.
discovery mode
see {explore mode}
  1. A monster whose melee attacks reduce the magical enchantment on your armor until it reaches +0. If you attack it, it will reduce the enchantment on the weapon you attacked it with until it reaches +0.
  2. Can be cancelled to remove the disenchantment ability, and its disenchantment attack respects magic cancellation so MC3 will protect your armor.
  3. LV12, speed 12, AC -10, 0 MR, alignment -3. Only generated in Gehennom. 4d4 disenchant melee, 0d0 passive disenchant. Yes, this is the only other monster with AC-10 in the game besides Master Kaen; as such, they make nice pets.
  4. Eaten: disenchanter Nutr: 200
disgusting nest
see {cockatrice_nest}
dish washer
"The dish washer returns!" Kicking a sink may give an appropriate foocubus.
see {disintegration_resistance}
disintegration resistance
  1. The kind of resistance that you need if you lack reflection, this protects you from being disintegrated by black dragons and the wrath of gods (If you survive the lightning).
  2. Also protects your armor from black dragons, but not the wide angle beams of gods.
  3. Obtained by wearing black dragon scales (or mail), eating a black dragon (tinning helps) or the Chromatic dragon, or polymorphing into a light, (baby) black dragon, or energy vortex.
  1. Yet another demon lord, resistant to fire and poison, with decent melee and spell attacks, including summon nasties. Dispater can only be summoned.
  2. He's lawful, so stick around Asmodeus, Baalzebub or Geryon to have a shot at meeting him.
  1. If you have displacement, monsters will think you are on an adjacent square and miss you. They have a 25% chance of resisting its effects.
  2. If you are invisible as well as displaced, displacement will only affect monsters that can see invisible, as your displaced image will be invisible.
distant howling
A magic trap had no effect.
see {Divination_Spells}
divination spells
  1. In this group (with their levels) are: detect monsters(1),light(1),detect food(2),clairvoyance(3),detect unseen(3),identify(3),detect treasure(4),magic mapping(5)
  2. Expert: Archaeologist, Priest, Ranger, Wizard. Skilled: Rogue. Basic: Monk, Tourist.
see {djinni}
Dungeon level
do not pass go
"Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 zorkmids." You died on turn 1. A reference to the board game Monopoly.
do you know what lives in this water!
  1. []
  2. You tried to quaff from the water around you when underwater
see {DeathOnAStick}
Dungeons of Doom
doesn't like your taste
  1. Monsters with digest attacks don't like it when you wear rings of slow digestion...
  2. Only applies to engulfing monsters that actually try to *digest* you. Vortices, elementals, etc, are not affected.
doesn't shock you
you have shock res
doesnt like your taste
see {doesn't_like_your_taste}
  1. Little dogs grow up into dogs which grow up into large dogs. Eating any of these gives you aggravate monster intrinsic, unless you're exempt from cannibalism.
  2. Speed 16, AC 5, bites for 1d6 damage.
  3. Eaten: dog Nutr: 200 Effects: Aggravate
Configuration option. Name of your starting dog, eg. "dogname:Fang" Cannot be set in-game.
don't panic
A message that might be printed on a T-shirt. A reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
  1. You can donate to any priest, regardless of alignment, if they are peaceful and in a temple of their own alignment.
  2. You donate by getting next to a non-hostile temple priest in their temple, #chat to them, and entering an amount of money.
  3. Donating 0 to a coaligned priest decreases your alignment by 1.
  4. Donating < 200 gold per XL when you have less than twice this amount of gold in main inventory gives you the thanks of the priest, and exercises wisdom.
  5. Donating 200-399 gold per XL when you have less than twice this amount of gold in main inventory: if you have bad alignment it will be improved by 1, and if your alignment was positive then you gain 500-1000 (extra) turns of clairvoyance (750 average). see {clairvoyance}
  6. Donating 400-599 gold per XL gives a chance at protection. see {protection}
  7. 600+ gold per XL with a coaligned priest, and over 1/3 of visible gold gives +2 align, or zeros it if it was negative (once every 5000 turns at most).
  8. If you #chat with a priest and the priest "is not interested," either you have no money and the priest has no money or, if the priest is coaligned, you have no money and you have strayed (your alignment is bad).
see {donate}
  1. A good roguelike by Kornel Kisielewicz. Fast-paced and relatively simple (even your kid brother may like it): []
  2. For keybindings similar to what NetHack uses (in numpad mode), check out []
door resists
The door isn't locked, it's just hard to open. You can try kicking the door, but if you just keep trying it'll open. Note that this exercises strength.
Eaten: doppelganger Nutr: 400 Effects: Human Polymorph
see {doppelmeleon}
Andreas Dorn has patches for nethack at []
  1. check every freshly slain corpse for edibility. food is scarce
  2. Always ID wands by engraving as soon as possible after you get them.
double trouble
One of the Wizard of Yendor's nasty tricks. It summons a second Wizard (sometimes he's disguised as a monster for the first few turns). The second Wizard is just as potent as the first, so watch out!
"You feel an unexpected draft." A wall-eating monster ate a door. This gives the message 1 out of 3 times.
  1. There are nine different colors of dragon - grey (magic resistance), silver (reflection), red (fire), white (cold), orange (sleep), black (disintegration), blue (shock), green (poison), and yellow (acid).
  2. Most of the different colors of dragons have a breath weapon related to their color. Dragons can leave scales that provide resistance (or reflection) depending on their color.
  3. Baby dragons will not leave scales and do not have a breath weapon, but they can grow up into the adult version. Female adult dragons can #sit to lay eggs which will hatch into baby dragons.
  4. Silver dragons breathe cold (like white), and grey dragons breathe magic missiles.
  5. While they do make powerful pets, they have a tendency to pick fights with peacefuls. Avoid bringing them into shops where you want to price ID.
  6. Level 15, difficulty 20, speed 9, AC -1.
dragon scale mail
  1. <color> dragon scale mail is made by wearing dragon scales and reading a non-cursed scroll of enchant armor. They lower AC by 9, do not corrode, and don't hinder spellcasting.
  2. Dragon scale mail weighs 40 and does not provide any magic cancellation.
  3. All dragon scale mails cost 900 except for black, silver, and gray, which cost 1200.
  4. The colors (and intrinsics) are red (fire resistance), white (cold resistance), orange (sleep resistance), blue (shock resistance), green (poison reistance), yellow (acid resistance), black (disintegration resistance), silver (reflection), and gray (magic resistance).
  5. When you polymorph (without polymorph control) while wearing dragon scale mail, you will always polymorph into a dragon of the color of the DSM you are wearing.
dragon scales
  1. All dragon scales lower AC by 3 and weigh 40. Reading a scroll of enchant armor will convert them into dragon scale mail, the best armor available.
  2. They provide different resistances depending on what color they are.
  3. If you use a blessed scroll of enchant armor, the resultant mail will have its enchantment increased by 1, and the mail will be blessed. If uncursed scroll, no change in enchantment, and the scales become uncursed if cursed.
  4. Also see {turn_undead}
  1. One of many joke monster-specific artifact weapons that is just an obstacle in the way of a good weapon.
  2. Base item is broadsword. Gets +1d5 to hit and double damage vs dragons.
drain for gain
see {drain_for_prot}
drain for prot
  1. A dangerous technique of getting to the VotD with a ton of loot (Ludios etc) and having a kindly wraith drain you back down to level 1, at which point you then turn your drain protection back on suddenly, kill the wraith and chat the VoD priest.
  2. Suggested that you notch up your bedposts with a number of nurse encounters BEFORE trying this, so you have a healthy, say, 80HP at level 1. Added bonus: leveling back up with your probably-18-Con-by-now character gets you even more max hp. You also get to fix all those silly skill slot choices you made 30k turns ago. Used by mathx, et al.
  3. It gets boring #ch<cr><space>400<cr>'ing each time you donate, so make a macro. Wield a creampie or a !o*Heal tho incase your macro messes up when something happens, cuz this one time, I, uh...</wiggum>
  4. nice to wear a -ve =Con for the drain, and +ve for the relevelling up, lose fewer hp going down, gain more going up...
  5. But BEWARE []
drain life
  1. Level 2 attack spell.
  2. Removes a plus from armor or weapon, or reduces monster HP, max HP and level.
  3. So you enchanted your helm of brilliance and it only went to +4. Drain life it and retry until you get +5. Also very effective against some of the quest nemeses: Master Kaen in particular.
  4. Doesn't work on undead peoples and stuffs. 'Cause, they've got no life to drain.
  5. Doesn't work on demons, either, but that's another story.
  1. Drawbridges are a type of terrain represented by the symbol "#" in the TTY interface. They can be found at the entrance to the castle and in Lord Surtur's lair. The castle drawbridge can be raised or lowered by playing the correct 5-note passtune on a tonal instrument. To do this, decline to improvise when asked.
  2. The tune can be divined by playing mastermind (gear = right note right position, tumbler = right note wrong position) or gifted as a prayer favor. Flipping the bridge will squish object or monsters on the "bridge up" and "bridge down" squares. Phasers will evade. Flying monsters may evade. Playing the passtune takes zero game-time. If you miss a flyer, try again.
  3. Drawbridges will be destroyed if hit by a wand of striking or a force bolt. This is usually fatal to anyone standing on the "bridge up" or "bridge down" squares at the time. For this reason one usually stands a "knight's move" away from the castle bridge while squishing the inhabitants, to avoid line-of-sight with soldiers.
  4. Mastermind solver : []
  5. Warning: Opening drawbridges can be fatal.
"you hear an angry drone" There is a giant beehive on this level.
Dark elves. They do not exist in NetHack, but they do in Slash'EM.
  1. Drowning can happen two ways. Being dragged in, or falling into the water in some way.
  2. Being dragged in by a ; can be prevented by the following means:
  3. Wearing a non-cursed greased cloak/suit (whichever is outermost) (100%, but 1/3 chance that the grease will wear off each time)
  4. Wearing a non-cursed oilskin cloak (100% guaranteed protection) (cursed outermost greased/oilskin item is only 2/3 chance of protection)
  5. Cancelling the ; in question (works 100% UNLESS you are already grabbed, or if you polyself into a grabber such as a rope golem or owlbear and attack said ;)
  6. Polyselfing into a monster that 'sticks' completely prevents you from being grabbed, 100%. (large/giant mimic; lichen; violet F; couatl; python; giant/electric eel; kraken; guardian naga; owlbear; carnivorous ape; rope golem; pit fiend; salamander)
  7. You basically can't usually drown if you walk into the water, apart from unusual circumstances, as you can crawl out.
  8. Having very low str, or cursed loadstones for example. If you are too heavily loaded to get out, you will drop stuff.
  9. If you have the ability to teleport at will, you will attampt to teleport when you fall in, but this may fail on non-teleport levels, or if you have insufficient Pw.
  10. Finally, if you are non-breathing due to Magical Breathing (or Strangulation - a temporary solution), or polyselfed into (earth/water E; any ;, b, e, j, m, v, y, F, L, M, P, V, W, X, or Z; or a newt or crocodile) being dragged in works just like walking in - you arrive on the bottom of the water, and can only see water squares next to you, not land, and can pick up items that have fallen in the water.
  11. If you manage to get into the water far from land (losing your levitation, waterwalking or flying source), you can't climb out and may drown.
  12. Managing to get into the water so that you are not next to land - by jumping or losing your levitation or flying source is another one.
see {drown}
Notable for having an entry in Rodney's learndb.
  1. A drum may be one of two things: A Leather drum (66%) or a Drum of earthquake (33%)
  2. Both items cost 25 zorkmids, so price identification is not available to tell them apart. In addition a drum of earthquake with no charges behaves exactly like a leather drum.
drum of earthquake
  1. When applied, creates pits and destroys dungeon features in an area centered on you. Be careful, as peaceful monsters falling into pits you created will get angry.
  2. Using one in a store will anger the shopkeeper.
dry rattle
A cancelled monster tried to spit.
  1. Dragon Scale Mail. Silver and Gray are the most popular.
  2. Lowers AC by 9 and provides an intrinsic according to the color.
  1. Author of dgamelaunch, and extremely lazy server admin of Also an uninspiring nethack player.
  2. A terrible bot programmer.
  3. He's my daddy!
  4. Crazy guy getting some more life into #nethack on freenode because everyone is teaching his damn bot.
  5. A hoopy frood that's good to sass.
  6. His name is D. Werm Biters!
see {Dudley's_dungeon}
dudley's dungeon
dump character
The dump character patch by will dump all ending information (inventory, kill lists, etc) to a file when the game ends. Great for making YAAP to rgrn.
dunce cap
  1. Its unidentified appearance is 'conical hat', which it shares with the cornuthaum. When worn, sets intelligence and wisdom at 6, auto-curses, and shopkeepers will treat you like a tourist for prices!
  2. Base cost is 1 as opposed to the only other item in its class "Conical Hat" - a cornuthaum with a base cost of 80
Configuration option. Set the character symbols for displaying the dungeon. See Guidebook for more info.
dungeon crawl
  1. Yet another roguelike.
  2. It is located at []
  3. It's quite a bit harder than nethack. You have been warned!
dust vortex
A handy place to rest from nastier enemies. Only downside is that you get blinded (if not wearing blindfold). Does almost no damage.
  1. The dwarf (pl. dwarves, dwarrows) is a humanoid species, short but stocky and robust. With high constitution and health, dwarves are considered more hardy than both elves or men, but make poor spellcasters.
  2. The dwarf race is available for the classes Arc, Cav, and Val. They start their Dungeon career with infravision and a lawful heart.
  3. The dwarf racial bonuses are as follows: +4 starting HP, +d3/+2 HP gain, +0 starting power, -1 power gain.
  4. Max stats: Str18/** Dex20 Con20 Int16 Wis16 Cha16
  5. Eaten: dwarf Nutr: 300 Effects: Dwarf
dwarf king
Eaten: dwarf king Nutr: 300 Effects: Dwarf
dwarf lord
  1. Diff 6, Lvl 4. The largest of the dwarves, there isn't anything special about these, except for consistently decent melee. They are slow(6) and easy to hit (AC10), however.
  2. Eaten: dwarf lord Nutr: 300 Effects: Dwarf
Misspelling of Dwarvish.
dwarven cloak
see {dwarvish cloak}
dwarven mithril
see {dwarvish mithril-coat}
dwarvish cloak
  1. Cloth cloak with the unidentified appearance of "hooded cloak". Does not drop AC (unless enchanted), but provides MC2.
  2. Costs 50zm, weighs 10.
dwarvish iron helm
Its unidentified appearance is 'hard hat'. Made of iron, it is often found in the mines, and will drop AC by 2. Good early game helmet for those who don't mind the iron penalty to spell casting.
dwarvish mattock
see {pick-axe}
dwarvish mithril-coat
  1. Lowers AC by 6, and does not rust. Weighs 150, very light for its AC.
  2. A good choice of armor for early non-magic users. A third of the weight of plate mail, yet provides almost the same protection, and offers more magic cancellation. Look for it in the mines.
  3. Gives magic cancellation level 3 (a.k.a. "MC3").
  4. Mithril-coat is hyphenated.
dwarvish mithril coat
see {dwarvish mithril-coat}
dwarvish roundshield
  1. An iron shield that, unenchanted, will drop AC by 2. It has the appearance of 'large round shield'.
  2. Weight: 100
dwarvish short sword
see {short_sword}
dwarvish spear
Does d8 damage to small enemies and d8 damage to large enemies. Unidentified appearance is a "stout spear".
see {dexterity}
  1. "Do you want your possessions identified?" - Abbreviation used to point out that the avatar of the player has died.
  2. Due to the DYWYPI counting as item identification, it exercises wisdom.
  1. Command: 'e' Eat something.
  2. Command: 'E' Engrave or write something on the floor. 'E-' use fingers.
  3. Monster: 'e' The infamous floating eye and its (less dangerous) kin: gas spore, freezing, flaming, and shocking spheres.
  4. Monster: 'E' Invisible stalkers and the four elementals -- air, fire, earth and water.
  5. Command: 'Meta-e' Same as '#enhance'.
see {Elbereth}
e nomsg
  1. Charged wands of locking, nothing, opening, probing, and undead turning give no message when engraved, as does secret door detection when there are no seekrits around.
  2. These wands are all fairly easy, though tedious to ID. Wands of locking, opening, probing, undead turning and nothing all request a direction when zapped. Secret door detection does not.
  3. Zapping the wand at yourself identifies probing and undead turning ("You shudder in dread."); if you get no direction prompt, it was secret door detection.
  4. If you have a open/locked chest, then put it in front of a door that's the other way, and zap at it. Locking will lock/close doors, opening will unlock/open doors/chests. If you get no result from the lock/open test and have zapped it at yourself already, it's a wand of nothing.
  5. Careful: if there was nothing on the ground when you engraved, your "no message" wand could be polymorph. E-test again!
easy mode
Dwarven Valkyrie
  1. In NetHack, you can eat almost anything that can be eaten, and even some stuff that can't!
  2. Eat items via the 'e' command. Though you can eat mostly everything, not everything is good for you.
  3. Remember, you are what you eat. See the "Last-Bite" rule for more details.
  4. Eating a monster corpse takes an amount of moves equal to three more than one sixty-fourth of the weight of the corpse. This may be more or less than the number of turns if you are fast, very fast, or encumbered.
eating a pet
see {eating_pet}
eating amulets
  1. All amulets except the Amulet of Yendor can be eaten, but only the Amulet of Magical Breathing is worth eating for a chance of gaining the intrinsic. If you are desperate, amulets of ESP and amulets versus poison may give telepathy and poison resistance respectively.
  2. Eating an amulet of strangulation may kill you. Eating an amulet of change may toggle your gender, and eating an amulet of restful sleep may put you to sleep.
  3. Eating amulets (if your form allows, eg as X) gives intrins 1/5 of the time: change, ESP -> telepathy, breathing -> +unbreathing, sleep (1-20 turns every 1-100), strangulation -> 19/20 chance choking death, unchanging -> back to natural form, poison (res).'
eating corpses
see {corpses}
eating for intrinsics
see {corpses}
eating pet
  1. There is nothing special about eating a corpse of your pet. Eating d and f can give you aggravate monster intrinsic as usual corpses do.
  2. However, sacrificing the corpse of a pet that died while tame will anger your god.
eating pets
see {eating_pet}
eating prob
  1. For a handy reference, see []
  2. The probability of gaining an intrinsic from eating a monster's corpse is in most cases HD/(N*15), where HD is the monster's hit dice and N is the number of intrinsics the monster can convey.
  3. anorexia too.
eating rings
see {edible_rings}
ebenezer scrooge
The sound of Ebenezer Scrooge is heard whilst hallucinating on a level with a vault.
edible amulets
see {eating amulets}
edible rings
  1. Bronze, brass, copper, silver and gold rings can be eaten by any metallivore not restricted to rustprone metals (rock mole or xorn).
  2. Wooden rings can be eaten by gelatinous cubes.
  3. Pearl, iron, twisted, steel, wire, engagement and shiny rings can be eaten by any metallivore (rock mole, rust monster or xorn).
  4. Granite, opal, clay, coral, black onyx, moonstone, tiger eye, jade, agate, topaz, sapphire, ruby, diamond, ivory, and emerald rings cannot be eaten in vanilla 3.4.3.
  5. Rings of gain constitution/strength, when eaten, will raise the appropriate stat, but only as long as the player remains polymorphed.
  6. Polymorph control, protection, protection from shape changes, regeneration, searching, see invisible, invisibility, stealth, teleport control, increase damage/accuracy and warning can all be eaten to gain desirable effects permanently (33% chance). Aggravate monster, conflict, hunger, and polymorph can also be eaten, but usually isn't worth it.
  7. A ring of teleportation can also be eaten for teleportitis, and a ring of free action for sleep resistance.
  8. Eating a ring has a 33% chance of conveying its intrinsic. (20% for eating an amulet) "Magic spreads through your body as you digest the ring|amulet."
Efembe the Mad Polypiler was a character played by Boudewijn Waijers. This was the character that made the devteam implement limits for polymorphing objects. (Use google groups to find out more)
Configuration option. Set the character symbols for displaying special effects. See Guidebook for more info.
  1. Edible, but might not be healthy. Some eggs will not hatch. Identifying will tell you what species egg it is. Polymorph into a female monster (of a species that lays eggs) to #sit and lay eggs, but doing that will use up nutrition. Egglaying species include snakes, naga, dragons, spiders, and cockatrices. ... And ants and centipedes. ... Maybe some more!
  2. Playing tip: Never eat unidentified random eggs.
  3. See {oviparous_monsters} for a list of creatures which can lay eggs.
  4. A method for pet-IDing cockatrice eggs (for puppies and kitties) is to #name the type of egg you hold "Not Cockatrice", and set it on the ground (don't throw). If the pet won't eat it, re-name to "Hooray, Stoning Grenade!"
  5. If you feel a desire burning within you to eat one of these, they don't break vegetarian and give 80 nutrition. Note that they will often make you sick.
  6. Because nausea confuses you, they're a handy way to get confused for getting different scroll effects.
a jerk
  1. Wizards always start with a blessed spellbook of force bolt. If you also start with a wand of polymorph, you can poly the spellbook and read it. Repeat a few times to greatly expand your starting repertoire.
  2. You can also polymorph your second book at the same time, but you run a greater risk of shuddering, and it's really only worthwhile if the second book is blessed (so you are guaranteed to learn the spells). You shouldn't be tempted to poly your pet at the same time. You can kill your pet with a bad polymorph (so wait a bit first)
  3. The big criticism of this technique is that after you forget the spells you're in trouble. My response is thus: better to start with the spell and forget it than to never have learned it at all (especially in the first 20k turns when the going is tough for wizards). If you really need the spell, you can write the book with the marker (guaranteed to work since you have ID'd the book)
  1. Engraving this word will cause most monsters (including some Quest Nemeses) not to attack you hand-to-hand. Engraving it with a capital 'E' exercises wisdom.
  2. All monsters will respect Elbereth except: pets, peaceful monsters, angelic beings (all 'A'), all '@', Minotaurs, the 3 Riders, werecreatures in animal form if they transformed less than a turn ago (this is a bug), and all monsters blinded by an external source. Intrinsically blind monsters will still respect Elbereth.
  3. Elbereth can occasionally appear as a random engraving; it is not necessarily a sign of a bones file, but it can be.
  4. You have the following chances of messing up each letter if you have a status problem: blind (1/11), confused (1/7), stunned (1/4), or hallucinating (1/2). If you are writing in the dust, each letter has a 1/25 chance of being miswritten; this is a 72% overall probability of successfully writing the word.
  5. Monsters who respect Elbereth will avoid stepping on a square so marked, provided the square contains at least a single item. Monsters can be created (via spawn or create-monster effects) on such a square.
  6. See also: []
  7. Also, you need moar Elbereth. No exceptions.
  8. Shopkeepers, guards, aligned/high priests and the Wizard of Yendor will never respect Elbereth, not even when polymorphed.
elbereth 3.6.0
Elbereth has been nerfed in four ways: a) it only works at the start of a line; b) it only works when you're standing on it; c) it erodes when it scares something (always when dusted, but sometimes even when burned); d) it doesn't work in Gehennom or the Planes
elbereth 3.6.1
Compared to NetHack 3.4.3, Elbereth works like this: a) it only works if it's the only text on the square; b) it only works when you're standing on it; c) it disappears (with an alignment penalty) if you take a hostile action towards a monster while standing on it; d) it doesn't work in Gehennom or the Planes
elbereth faq
Far, far less useful than Elbereth.
name of aartifact
electric eel
  1. Levitation does not prevent the grabbing attack of eels. Furthermore, even if you have protection against grabbing (e.g. oilskin cloak), there is another danger from electric eels: they can shock your rings off when you are surrounded by water.
  2. Therefore, even when you have anti-grabbing countermeasures, be extremely careful when crossing electric-eel-ridden waters with only a ring of levitation.
  3. For anti-grabbing countermeasures, see {giant eel}.
  4. - anselmus (Rog Hum Mal Cha), 196249 points, drowned in a pool of water by an electric eel
  5. Eaten: electric eel Nutr: 250 Intrinsic: Shock: 47%
electric third rail
Just a headstone engraving, nothing to worry about in nethack.
elemental planes
  1. In order of appearance: Earth, air, fire, water and finally astral.
  2. In order to get to the first elemental plane (earth) you must have the real amulet of Yendor and ascend the stairs or quaff a cursed !oGL on dlvl 1. Make sure you have everything you need. There is NO RETURN to the main dungeon. Make sure you have the amulet and it is not a fake.
  3. To get from one plane to another, you must locate the hidden portals on each level. The amulet of Yendor, if worn or wielded, will give clues to the portal's location, otherwise, crystal balls or cursed/confused ?oGD will work just as well (if not better).
  4. Good things to have include a way to dig (earth) and a method of levitation (to move around in air). Also, Air Elementals are particularly nasty, see {air_elemental}.
  5. If you don't have the Amulet in your possession (i.e. stolen), and you step on the portal, nothing will happen, so don't worry about it.
elementary chemistry
In real life, don't dip the water in the acid. In nethack, don't dip the acid in the water.
elementary physics
What goes up, must come down.
elephant stepping on a peanut
see {zoo}
  1. Elves are quick, agile and intelligent, but not very strong. The elves in nethack are not based on Tolkien only, but also on Moorcock and the traditional fairie folk stories. Think of Titania and Oberon.
  2. Elves start with infravision, and gain sleep resistance at experience level 4.
  3. Elves may play the roles of Priest, Ranger or Wizard.
  4. Eating one may yield sleep resistance.
  5. Max stats: Str18 Dex18 Con16 Int20 Wis20 Cha18
  6. Elven wizards and priests start with a random instrument.
  7. Types of elves include: Elvenkings, Elf-lords, Grey-elves, Green-elves, and Woodland-elves.
  8. Eaten: elf Nutr: 350 Effects: Elf Intrinsic: Sleep: 67%
Eaten: elf-lord Nutr: 350 Effects: Elf Intrinsic: Sleep: 53%
  1. Chaotic orcish spear, +5 to-hit and +15 to-damage against elves.
  2. One of many joke monster-specific artifacts that are just an obstacle in the way of a good weapon.
  3. Exists in SLASH'EM, not in NetHack.
leather helmet see elven leather helm
elven armour
The elven mithril coat, elven leather helm, elven cloak (faded pall), elven shield (blue and green shield) and elven boots (random appearance) are pieces of elven armor in the game. Unlike normal armour that can only be enchanted at +3 or below without chance of vaporization, elven armour can be enchanted at +5 or below without being vaporized. Thus, with a little luck, elven armour can be enchanted to +7.
elven boots
  1. Leather boots that drop AC by 1 and grant stealth when worn. Their unidentified appearance is random. see {boots}
  2. Also auto-ID when worn if you don't already have stealth.
elven broadsword
see {sword_damage}
elven cloak
  1. Provides stealth and MC1, and improves AC by 1 when unenchanted.
  2. Unidentified appearance is faded pall.
elven dagger
Appearance: A runed dagger. Considered wood not iron, so will rot/burn instead of rust. Interestingly it is reported to be very difficult, if not impossible, to erode. Will deal 1d5 damage against small monsters (compared to 1d4 damage for a regular dagger) but equal against large monsters. Elves have a 1/2 chance of carrying one.
elven leather helm
Made of leather, it won't hinder spell casting and it won't help against falling rock traps. Being elven, it can be enchanted at up to +5 without being vaporized.
elven leather helmet
  1. see elven_leather_helm
  2. see {elven_leather_helmet}
elven mithril-coat
  1. Lowers AC by 5 and weighs 150. Does not rust.
  2. Can be safely enchanted at +5 or below, like all elven armor. So it can be enchanted to a maximum of +7, while most armor can only go to +5.
  3. Gives MC3.
elven mithril coat
see {elven_mithril-coat}
elven shield
  1. A wooden shield that, unenchanted, will drop AC by 2. It has the appearance of 'blue and green shield'.
  2. Weight: 40
elven spear
Does d7 damage to small enemies and d8 damage to large enemies. Unidentified appearance is a "runed spear".
  1. Speed 12, AC 10 (but can wear armor), magic resistance 25%, sleep resistant and can grant that. Does 2d4 + 2d4 melee damage.
  2. 33% chance of being generated with a pickaxe (100% if on the Plane of Earth). Additionally, 2% chance of a crystal ball.
  3. Eaten: Elvenking Nutr: 350 Effects: Elf Intrinsic: Sleep: 60%
elvish short sword
see {short_sword}
embedded in your skin
like "being worn", but for dsm you were wearing when you were polymorph. i.e., _your_ dragon scales.
  1. A rare hard green gem worth 2500 zorkmids.
  2. In the main dungeon, emeralds usually won't be seen above dungeon level 10. Aquamarine gems, which can also be green, are much more probable at shallow levels.
emerald ring
An unidentified ring. Cannot be eaten by any monster.
see {enchantment}
enchant armor
  1. Blessed: makes a cursed armor uncursed and a uncursed armor blessed, cursed enchants with -1, uncursed +1 and blessed +1-3. Enchanting dragon scales makes it dragon scale mail (if blessed, armor is blessed and gains one enchantment).
  2. Confused noncursed repairs and fooproofs (rust/fire/rot/corrode-proofs), confused cursed removes fooproofing.
  3. Armor is safe to enchant from +3 (or +5 if elven or cornuthaum), otherwise there is an 1-in-<current enchantment> chance of it NOT vaporizing the item.
  4. For blessed scrolls: If the enchantment is from 0-2, you'll get +1, +2, or +3. If it's from 3-5, you'll get +1 or +2. If it's from 6-8, you'll get exactly +1. From +9 and on you will gain either nothing or +1. Keep in mind, these only apply if the armor is not vaporized by over-enchanting when applicable.
  5. info {base cost: 80; weight: 5; marker charges: 16}
  6. Only worn armour can be enchanted. For full details of how it's picked, see {some_armor}
enchant armour
see {enchant_armor}
enchant weapon
  1. Cursed disenchants by 1, uncursed enchants by 1. Blessed enchantment depends on weapon enchantment:
  2. +0, +1, +2 are enchanted 1 to 3. +3, +4, +5 are enchanted 1 to 2. After +5, things tend to start vaporizing.
  3. Note that unlike Enchant Armor, a noncursed scroll will only uncurse a cursed weapon; a blessed scroll will not bless an uncursed weapon.
  4. info {cost: 60; weight: 5; charges: 16}
  5. Enchanting worm tooth makes it crysknife instead.
  6. If you're confused when reading a non-cursed scroll of enchant weapon, your wielded weapon is repaired from damage and made rust/fireproof. Reading a cursed scroll while confused will remove said proofing.
see {enchantment}
enchanting safely
see {enchantment}
  1. It's not safe to enchant armour past +3 (or +5 if elven), or weapons past +5.
  2. If you go beyond the safe enchantment level (i.e. it's not safe to enchant it again), the item will "vibrate unexpectedly".
  3. Also see {Enchantment_Spells}, {enchant_armor}, {enchant_weapon}
enchantment spells
  1. sleep(1),confuse monster(2),slow monster(2),cause fear(3),charm monster(3)
  2. Skilled: Wizard. Basic: Monk, Tourist.
  1. Encumbrance level is determined by your current carrying capacity (see {carrying_capacity}) and how much weight you're carrying beyond that capacity.
  2. The formula is cap = (wt*2 / wc) + 1, where wc is your capacity, and wt is your extra weight.
  3. If the result is 0 or less, you are unencumbered; between 0 and 1, you are burdened; between 1 and 2, you are stressed; between 2 and 3, you are strained; between 3 and 4, you are overtaxed; above 4, you are overloaded.
  4. Thus, if your carrying capacity is 1000 (the maximum), you would be burdened at 1000, stressed at 1500, strained at 2000, overtaxed at 2500, and overloaded at 3000.
  5. The practical aspect of all this is: encumbrance affects your movement rate and how often you get to act. If you have a value greater than 0, put some things down or you're going to die.
energy vortex
  1. A vortex that engulfs you to deal a small (1d6+0) amount of electric damage. However, attacking it causes a powerful electric passive attack (similar to a blue jelly's cold passive attack). Attacking it in melee without shock resistance is NOT suggested.
  2. ...This includes from inside it. If you lack ranged weapons, throwing and picking up your main weapon repeatedly is advised.
  3. While energy vortices have an engulfing energy drain attack specified, it never drains energy because the AD_DREN attack is not implemented for engulfing attacks.
energy vortices
see {energy vortex}
enexto glitch
  1. A glitch in the game: if you #monster while in any 'p' or 't' form and a monster mistakenly moves onto your square, you'll fall onto the nearest empty square. Even if it's on the other side of a wall. Or the other end of the level.
  2. Named for the enexto() function in src/teleport.c which doesn't check for walls correctly. This is now on the buglist as C343-426.
engagement ring
An unidentified ring. *CAN* be eaten by rock moles, rust monsters, and xorns.
engrave id
see {engrave_testing}
engrave identification
see {engrave_testing}
engrave test
see {engrave_testing}
engrave testing
  1. A method of determining what a wand is by engraving some garbage text in the dust with your fingers, then engraving more with the wand to see any effects. Different wands have different messages when engraved with.
  2. If you get the "The bugs on the floor stop moving!", the wand is sleep or death. "The bugs on the floor slow down!" means you have a wand of slow monster.
  3. If you get the message "The engraving on the floor vanishes!", the wand is either make invisible, teleportation, or cancellation. You can further ID by zapping an item and a monster. If nothing appears to happen, it's canc. If both disappear, it's tele. Otherwise, the monster will disappear (or fade), so it's make invis.
  4. A wand of cold will erase an existing burned-in engraving ("The engraving on the floor vanishes!"), then "A few ice cubes drop from the wand"
  5. If the engraving changes substantially (it'll be obvious), then the wand is polymorph. "The bugs on the floor speed up!" means you have a wand of speed monster.
  6. If the wand "unsuccessfully fights your attempt to write", that's a wand of striking you're packing. This is a pun on the word "striking". The message is used in the sense of "I'm going on strike." A wand of magic missile will make the floor "riddled by bullet holes!"
  7. Engraving with a wand of wishing, light, enlightenment or create monster will auto-identify and have the same effect as zapping the wand.
  8. If you get no message, See {e_nomsg} for your options
  9. One can also tell if a gem is hard or soft by engraving with it. Be careful, engraving with a gem takes a long time - 1 letter per turn!
  10. Hard gems are always valuable (good for throwing to unicorns), while soft gems can be either. Remember, shopkeepers won't pay you full price for unid'd gems, even if you know they're valuable!
  11. In the off chance you're playing illiterate, you can still engrave test -- but only engrave a single 'x' or 'X'.
  12. Wands of digging, fire, and lightning will autoid before you write with the wand. You'll probably want to write Elbereth, especially if the wand is fire or lightning.
engrave wresting
  1. A technique to wrest the last charge out of a wand of wishing. It is better than simply zapping it normally because it uses no time on the clock.
  2. Simply attempt to engrave with the wand, and cancel if you don't wrest the wish. Lather, rinse, repeat.
  3. This process can be accelerated by levitating, #adjusting the wand to E, and holding down the E key--that way, you don't have to cancel if the wand doesn't wrest, you just get "You can't reach the floor!" This is sometimes known as "levitation wresting".
  4. Note that this is bug C343-246, "Engraving with an empty wand handles time wrong," and is marked as fixed in next release. For this reason, some players consider this trick to be abusive.
engraving on the floor vanishes
This wand is either a wand of cancellation (base price 200), a wand of make invisible (base price 150), or a wand of teleportation (base price 200). Do not put wand of cancellation into bag of holding.
engraving restrictions
You may not engrave on altars, fountains, water, lava, or air.
engraving vanishes
  1. The message 'The engraving on the <floor> vanishes!' when engraving with a wand means that it is either a wand of cancellation, make invisible, teleportation, or very rarely (if the engraving was burnt in) a wand of cold.
  2. Try zapping this wand at a cursed|blessed item on the floor - cancellation makes it uncursed, teleporation will move the object, and make invisible does nothing.
  1. An effect gained by either quaffing a non-cursed potion of enlightenment or zapping a wand of enlightenment. It informs you of your current properties, and, if from a blessed potion, adds 1 point to your Int and Wis scores. If the potion is cursed, it abuses your wis.
  2. Potions of enlightenment are an ingredient in the alchemy recipe for gain level. Mixing them with levitation has a 60% chance of creating gain level.
  1. The Head Honcho of NoeGNUd.
  2. Some of us prefer 'grand poobah'.
  3. What he lacks in skill, he makes up in enthusiasm!
  4. website: []
  5. has created or revived many nethack and slashem graphical interfaces, among them: noeGNUd, AllegroHack, newt, lizard, Vulture's
see {entro-p}
see {eye of the aethiopica}
see {Eye_of_the_Aethiopica}
see {eyes_of_the_overworld}
see { evil_patch_idea }
epic flail
When you forget to stop levitating after the Plane of Water, and you try to jump on the Astral Plane. "You flail around a little."
see {erinys}
  1. A demon (&) of which only 3 may be generated.
  2. The Punisher of the Unfaithful. Originally called Erinys... later called, Erinyes. Referred to as, "the mist-walking..." and, with fear and respect, "the kindly one". She would harass and injure her prey but not kill them. Homer refers to her in the singular (The Odyssey, 15.234) but, much later (circa 450 B.C.E.), Euripides used the number three and eventually they assumed the names: Tisiphone, Megaera and Alecto.
  3. Lawful demon, making random generation impossible in Gehennom, so these are never randomly generated. May be summoned by other lawful demons, and one is also found in the sanctum.
erkki saaressa
Finnish roguelike. It's harder than Slash'EM!
  1. Erosion is the general term for bad things that can happen to stuff, to make them less effective.
  2. Iron rusts, cloth and leather burn and rot, wood burns.
  3. With armour, each level of erosion reduces the base armour class by 1. For example, an elven cloak has a base AC of 1.
  4. The first attack takes this to 0, but subseqent attacks don't reduce it below zero.
  5. Enchantment still affects AC - a +2 rotted elven cloak gives you 2AC.
  6. Blessed armour is less likely to erode, and grease protects totally (until it is worn off).
  7. Armor can be erosion proofed by reading a cursed scroll of destroy armor while confused, or by reading a non-cursed scroll of enchant armor while confused (the latter repairs any damage).
  8. Weapons which are eroded suffer a damage penalty equal to the highest damage level. So a rusted, thoroughly corroded weapon will suffer a -3 damage modifier, not a -4.
see {Escape_Spells}
escape spells
  1. In this group (with their levels) are: jumping(1),haste self(3),invisibility(4),levitation(4),teleport away(6)
  2. Expert: Wizard. Skilled: Rogue, Tourist. Basic: Monk, Ranger, Valkyrie.
  1. This means a character exited the dungeons (alive) without the Amulet of Yendor.
  2. It is almost like #quit
Extra-Sensory Perception. An amulet of ESP helps you detect nearby monsters even while not blind. Cf. "telepathy".
etched helmet
One of the unidentified helms. It could be a plain helmet (auto-id'd for some chars), helm of brilliance, helm of telepathy, or the dreaded helm of opposite alignment.
  1. Symbol 'H', speed 12, AC 3, MR% 0, does 2d8+3d6 in melee. Ettins also have a 90% chance to overcome stealth when waking up, and ettins do NOT raise str like a giant.
  2. Eaten: ettin Nutr: 500
see {eucalyptus_leaf}
eucalyptus leaf
  1. Eat to cure sickness or vomiting. Apply for the same effect as a whistle. When blessed and applied, the leaf will act as a magic whistle, and have a one in 49 chance of unblessing the leaf.
  2. Probably not the best idea against Demogorgon, as it may be rotten.
  3. Considered vegan food. Weighs 1 and gives 30 nutrition.
  4. You might get one from kicking a {tree}.
evil coward
A lawful character using a poisoned weapon to hit a monster will feel "like an evil coward" and get -1 alignment penalty.
evil iggy
A monster from Moria, another roguelike game. Sometimes seen while hallucinating in NetHack.
evil patch
  1. A theoretical variant or patch which combines all the Evil Patch Ideas.
  2. According to some, SLEX is this.
  3. SLEX adds a lot of evil patch ideas on purpose to make the game harder in unfair ways.
evil patch idea
  1. An evil idea for a patch.
  2. Usually not something that makes the game unwinnable, but makes it much more annoying.
  3. Evil Patch ideas were originally not meant to be implemented, their purpose was to serve as a graveyard for bad ideas. Little did anyone expect SLEX would come along and deliberately try to implement as many of them as possible.
see {Excalibur}
  1. If you're lawful, #dip a longsword into a fountain at experience level 5 or higher and you may get this excellent artifact.
  2. Gives automatic searching, level drain resist, and a damage bonus vs. everything.
  3. There is a 1/6 chance of your longsword being turned into Excalibur regardless of class, so if you're lawful, keep #dipping.
  4. Makes monsters more likely to track you, and will ensure any demon prince is generated hostile. Talking to demon princes whilst wielding this weapon will also make them hostile.
  5. When your long sword is transformed into Excalibur, it is blessed, repaired of all damage, and rustproofed. It also keeps its enchantment.
  6. Has +d5 to hit vs. a regular longsword and +d10 to damage.
  7. Don't dip for Excalibur in Minetown. It _will_ dry up the fountain which will annoy the guards (even if you're nonlawful). You get no trickle warning.
  8. Also, don't try dipping a katana--only an actual longsword works. Dipping your katana will just happily summon water demons and grant you a thoroughly rusty katana.
expensive camera
  1. Has 29 to 99 charges when generated, with a maximum of 127. Can be used to blind monsters by (a)pplying. Cursed has a 50% chance to blind you.
  2. Applying this towards any seeing monster at point-blank range will blind that monster permanently.
experience level
see {experience levels}
experience levels
  1. Experience needed to gain a level: 2=20, 3=40, 4=80, 5=160, 6=320, 7=640, 8=1280, 9=2560, 10=5120, 11=10k, 12=20k, 13=40k, 14=80k, 15=160k, 16=320k, 17=640k, 18=1.28m, 19=2.56m, 20=5.12m, 21=10m, 22=20m, 23=30m, 24=40m, 25=50m, 26=60m, 27=70m, 28=80m, 29=90m, 30=100m
  2. Notice that experience required to reach "level" is given by 10*2^(level-1) from levels two to ten, and 10k*2^(level-11) from levels 11 to 20. Beyond that, it is given by 10mil*(level-20).
  3. You can't go beyond level 30.
  1. +3 to hit, +2 to damage. (-3 to hit, +1 to damage when two-weaponing.)
  2. Takes 180 hits, and three experience levels to advance from skilled to expert.
  3. +2 damage when riding, +2 to bare-handed damage, +6 to martial arts damage.
exploding rune
If you're killed by one of these, it meant you read a spellbook unsucessfully and it blew up in your face.
explore mode
  1. Playing in explore mode makes NetHack ask whether you want to die or not. This also ruins the fun.
  2. To enter this mode, just hit "X" during a running game or enter "nethack -X" on the command line.
  3. Generally unavailable on servers.
see {extinction}
extinct patch
  1. The extinct patch by Wingnut/Jukka Lahtinen lists extinct species along with genocided species when the game ends.
  2. Genociding an extinct species results in the species not being flagged as extinct. Thus, it will not contribute to the total number of extincted monsters reported.
  1. This occurs when 120 of a certain monster type are generated. Methods that respect extinction can no longer be used to generate that type of monster afterwards. Not to be confused with genocide.
  2. Djinn and ghosts can also be made extinct, but extinction for these two is only respected when generated from a potion or magic lamp.
  3. Refer to [] for more detail.
  4. Only 9 Nazgul can be created; 3 erinyes; only 1 each for a unique monster (besides the Wizard of Yendor)
  5. Species both genocided and extinct will be reported as only having been genocided at the end.
  1. A style of play in which one attempts to extinct or genocide as many monsters as possible.
  2. Usually done with the create monster spell. The Eye of the Aethiopica is very useful for the fast energy regeneration.
  3. This takes very long.
  4. []
  5. []
Configuration option. Does extended commands interface pop up a menu?
see {property}
eye of aethiopica
see {eye of the aethiopica}
eye of misspelling
see {eye_of_the_aethiopica}
eye of tapioca
see {eye of the aethiopica}
eye of the aethiopica
  1. The Wizard's quest artifact; grants energy regeneration, reduces spell damage by half, and confers magic resistance when carried. When invoked, it opens a portal to a visited dungeon branch of your choice.
  2. As an amulet of ESP, it naturally grants telepathy when worn.
  3. Also known as the Eye of Tapioca, due to its difficult spelling.
  4. While normally a neutral artifact, its alignment is adjusted to the wizard's starting alignment.
  5. When you port to another branch, you always end up at either the entry level or the deepest level you've seen. You go to the former if above or on the entrance to the branch level. You go to the latter if below the entrance. This means, among other things, that you'll always end up at the deepest part of the Dungeons when you branchport in.
eye of the misspelling
see {eye_of_the_aethiopica}
eye of the tapioca
see {eye of the aethiopica}
see {Eyes_of_the_Overworld}
eyes of the overworld
  1. The Eyes of the Overworld is the monk quest artifact. A pair of lenses that, if carried, provides magic resistance, and if worn, provides X-ray vision and prevents stunning by Archons' radiant gaze. #invoke for enlightenment. It's normally a neutral artifact, but will be adjusted for the monk's starting alignment.
  2. This vision lets you see every square that would be illuminated by a magic lamp, even if there are walls in the way.
  1. Command: 'f' Fire ammunition from quiver. You'll have to be wielding the launcher to shoot the ammo with it.
  2. Command: 'F' Fight a monster, even if you don't know there is a monster.
  3. Monster: 'f' Felines. kitten, housecat, jaguar, lynx, panther, large cat and tiger.
  4. Monster: 'F' Stuff that grows in your fridge. Includes lichen, brown|yellow|green|red mold, shrieker, and violet fungus.
  5. Command: 'Meta-f' Same as '#force'.
faded pall
see {elven cloak}
see {nutrition}
falcon's eye
  1. Slightly outdated isometric interface to NetHack, []
  2. The noegnud interface seems to have more attention now.
  3. there is an active fork of this project called vulture's
falcons eye
It's Falcon's Eye, with an apostrophe.
falling rock trap
  1. AKA kitty killer
  2. Does exactly what it says on the tin. A hard helmet is advisable.
see {wishful thinking}
"<x> falters". The equivalent to "<x> staggers" for legless nonflying creatures. or maybe snakes only.
falters for a moment
Famine just hit your pet.
  1. Nasty fellow that's found on the astral plane. Attack makes you hungry (makes you lose 40-79 nutrition). Resistant to almost everything.
  2. It is not resistant to drain life and death magic, though, so those two work like a charm. Especially if you can repeatedly drain his level to the point that any leveldrain is an instakill.
  3. Revelation 6:4-5 "..And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine."
  4. Eaten: Famine Nutr: 1 Effects: DIE
The ; key. Press it when you don't know what something is.
think "farewell", not "Carvel Ice Cream Cakes", unless you get it as an ascension message. You just lost a level there, champ.
  1. Also know as intrinsic speed. If you are "fast" then every turn you have a 2/3rds chance of getting 6 extra speed points.
  2. /oSpeed will make its target fast, while eating a quantum mechanic's corpse will toggle speed between fast and normal.
  3. If you are already fast, getting hit by a skeleton or shade, eating a quantum mechanic corpse or getting hit with a wand of slow monster will make you lose your intrinsic speed
fast ascension
  1. Fast ascensions as considered by this entry refer to the number of turns in a game, not real hours and minutes time. BilldaCat has the fastest known ascension with 2130 turns, using stuffed bones.
  2. You can find the writeup of the ascesion here: []
  3. Another good, fast ascension was done by Marvin in 8683 turns. You can read all about Wimp the Wizard here: []
  4. A discussion of theoretical ascension turn limits can be found here: []
fastest death
Death to Grayswandir autopickup on the Dlvl:1 upstairs: []
If you're a monk and you hit the "weak" state of hunger, your wisdom will be exercised. Only hitting "Weak" is necessary, you don't have to stay that way for any great length of time.
  1. A polearm with d6 damage versus small, d8 damage versus large. Its unidentified appearance is a pole sickle.
  2. Weight 60, cost 5, material iron.
  1. Cloth armour that fits in the helmet slot and, unenchanted, does not result in an AC drop. Being cloth, it doesn't protect against falling rock traps either.
  2. Part of the starting inventory of an Archaeologist.
fee fie foe foo!
"<giant> shouts "Fee Fie Foe Foo!" and guffaws." Has a chance of happening when you #chat to a hostile giant. Wakes up nearby monsters.
feel jumpy
see {teleportitis}
feeling of inadequacy
  1. "You have a feeling of inadequacy." You're trying to mollify an angry god, but your sacrifices aren't big enough (monster level). Try cross-aligned unicorns, too; unless you're chaotic. They won't help.
  2. Chaotics require difficulty-12 monsters to mollify their god; see {mollify_chaotic_god} for a list.
  3. Yet another reason not to play chaotic. :)
feeling of loss
  1. "A feeling of loss comes over you." You dipped an non-cursed item in a fountain, which would have been uncursed if it were cursed. Nothing happened.
  2. "You have a feeling of loss." You attempted to charge something which cannot be charged -- the chance to charge is wasted.
feeling of reconciliation
  1. You should be able to #pray now.
  2. If your luck is negative it is still not safe to pray. (Check for cursed luckstones)
feels amplified
see {your health currently feels amplified}
feels uneasy
see {uneasy_feeling}
fell onto a sink
Death from de-levitating by floating over a sink. HP loss is d8 + (25-CON). Abuses DEX. If wielding a trice corpse, it will stone you like falling into other traps. If a weapon or weapon-tool is on the sink, an additional d3 damage is applied and CON is abused.
fencing gloves
see {gloves}
  1. "You feel feverish." You've just contracted lycanthropy from a bite from a werejackal, wererat or werewolf in animal form.
  2. To cure the lycanthropy you can eat a sprig of wolfsbane, drink holy water or pray.
field of force
Some bits of your armor nearly got destroyed by a magic creature, but you have MR, so it's still there.
see {valkyrie}
  1. Apply a figurine to create a monster. Blessed figurines have 80% chance of giving a pet.
  2. Cursed figurines usually give hostile monsters, and may transform spontaneously some time after you pick them up.
  3. Figurines can create monsters regardless of extinction. Genocided monsters cannot be created.
  4. A magical tool for polypiling purposes.
finger of death
  1. Wand of death in spell form. Instantly kills the living who do not have magic resistance. Being a ray, it can be reflected, and it can also just plain bounce off a wall and kill you if you do not have MR or reflection.
  2. Do NOT zap it at . (yourself) and be sure to aim it, as it will kill you instantly even if you have magic resistance. Unlike magic missile.
A NetHack variant based off NetHack4 with (additional) quality of life improvements, major monster AI improvements and enhances monster/player symmetry, Also refactors code. See []
fire ant
  1. Diff 6, Lvl 3. These appear in groups and do fire damage, which can be deadly in early game.
  2. A supporting cast member of Team Ant.
  3. Eating their corpse may grant fire resistance.
  4. Fire ants have 10% magic resistance.
  5. Eaten: fire ant Nutr: 10 Intrinsic: Fire: 20%
fire brand
see {firebrand}
fire elemental
Level 8, speed 12, AC 2. Hits for 3d6 fire-based damage, and has a passive (level + 1)d4 fire-based attack as well.
fire giant
  1. Fire giants have a base speed of 12, base AC 4, MR of 5%. Eating one may grant fire resistance, and a bonus to strength.
  2. Eaten: fire giant Nutr: 750 Effects: Strength Intrinsic: Fire: 60%
fire horn
  1. A magic horn that shoots a directional beam of fire when applied. Base cost 50 zorkmids. Generated with 4-8 charges.
  2. It can be used as an instrument (for raising/lowering the Castle drawbridge) if you decline to improvise.
  3. Answering no to the "Improvise?" prompt lets you use the horn as a musical instrument without using up any charges.
  1. Fires a ray that explodes when it reaches a monster(centered on its location) or an obstacle(centered on the sqaure immediately before it). The eight surrounding squares are affected. see spoiler spl2-343 for more details.
  2. If you are skilled or expert, you choose a location to cast explosions of fire. 2 to 9 explosions occur, the first one at the chosen point, each of the following occur at any of the 9 around that square.
  1. An excellent early/midgame artifact weapon, due to its 2x fire damage. Unfortunately, since most major demons (and Rodney), are fire-resistant, Fire Brand tends to be less effective in lategame.
  2. Its base item is a long sword.
The phrase "You feel very firm" means you've picked up the disintegration resistance intrinsic. Go piss off $DEITY right away!
  1. A public NetHack server [] with a channel #NetHack on IRCnet.
  2. If you're on the EU side of the swimming pool, you may find this server to have low latency.
  3. The longest-running active nethack server in the world.
see {fishpool}
Fixed In The Next Release.
"fixed" is officially only used for crysknives, but as the fixed bit is the same as rust/rot/corrode/fooproof bit (for now), they're synonymous.
Configuration option. An object's inventory letter sticks to it when it's dropped.
Flail is a weapon. Does 1d6+1 for small and 2d4 for large monsters. It is one-handed weapon and uses its own 'flail' weapon skill.
flash of light
  1. Unless you've just sacrificed something, it means you've hit a magic trap and monsters have been generated, but you can't be blinded (Sunsword, Eyes of the Overworld, etc.).
  2. Otherwise, see {#offer}
fleeing forward
The strategy you use after waking Rodney. You should always refer to this as "Fleeing Forward" (quotation marks included)
flesh golem
Eaten: flesh golem Nutr: 600 Intrinsic: Fire: 12%, Cold: 12%, Sleep: 12%, Shock: 12%, Poison: 12%
flickers considerably
Your oil lamp is running low on oil.
flickers for a moment,_then dies
  1. Assuming you just tried to (a)pply a lamp to turn it on, this probably means it's cursed. Cursed lamps have a chance to not activate.
  2. On the plus side, if you were (a)pplying a lamp then it's somewhat likely to be magic! Now to find some holy water...
  1. Yet another gray stone. Pretty useless, but does slightly more damage than normal rocks when slung.
  2. Eating non-cursed flint stone gives "Yabba-dabba delicious!" message and exercises constitution.
  3. Well, it would... if there were any creatures in NetHack that could eat them.
flint stone
see {flint}
Costs 1 gp. Does more damage when thrown/slung. Generally useless.
floating eye
  1. This innocent-looking blue e is the demise of many unwary adventurers, even though it does no damage.
  2. Eating its corpse grants telepathy.
  3. Hitting them in melee normally results in being frozen for many turns, making them the most common cause of "while helpless" deaths. So kill them from range, with reflection, while either one of you is blind, or while the eye is invisible to you.
  4. Putting the eye to sleep does not help, nor does turning yourself invisible; instead, turn the eye invisible (unless you have see invisible).
  5. You can freeze it by (a)pplying a mirror in its direction.
  6. <Eidolos> Today's fun fact: Making a floating eye invisible is only helpful for avoiding the gaze if you cannot see invisible floating eyes.
  7. <Rodney> Eidolos (Mon Hum Mal Neu), 6522 points, killed by a gold golem, while helpless
  8. You can safely throw junk at a floating eye while right next to it, without fear of getting frozen (but don't attack it in melee!)
  9. Eaten: floating eye Nutr: 10 Intrinsic: Telepathy: 100%
  10. On NAO, adding "MONSTERCOLOR='floating eye':lightmagenta" to your configuration file might help avoid them, or at least notice them.
see {fluorite}
fluffy the kamikaze trap finder
RGRN humor referencing how skilled pets are good at dying from traps (e.g. falling rock) on DL1 or thereabouts.
A soft green, blue, white or violet gem worth 400 zorkmids.
  1. Either a wooden flute or a magic flute.
  2. The wooden flute's base price is 12zm and the magic flute's is 36zm.
"<x> flutters". The equivalent to "<x> staggers" for flying creatures.
Finger of Death, the most powerful attack spell there is.
fog cloud
A cloud. Engulfs you, and can occasionally kill a level 1 char, if they don't fight back. Handy place to rest from higher level monsters.
see {followers}
  1. Monsters which follow you across staircases, level teleports, trapdoors etc. are the Wizard of Yendor, angry shopkeepers, gremlins, stalkers, salamanders, ghosts, shades, mercenaries (soldiers etc. and watchmen/captains), Croesus, all quest nemeses, all zombies (Z except ghoul, skeleton), all i, t, A, T, &, V, W, and pets.
  2. Sleeping followers will not follow. Remember this if you have stealth and are trying to use levelporting to lure wraiths from a graveyard. Monsters with the Amulet of Yendor won't follow across levels. Monsters other than the Wizard of Yendor and shopkeepers won't follow if they're fleeing unless you have the Amulet of Yendor.
  3. Note that liches are NOT followers, but they will escape up stairs if you are nearby and they are deeply hurt. (They're very sensitive, you know.)
  1. Also known as a metasyntactic variable. Variable that stands for something in the metalanguage of a discussion.
  2. A term used for a variable in a name. Foocubus could be either an incubus or a succubus, footrice could be cockatrice or chickatrice.
  1. Generic name for artifacts giving double damage against specific monsters, but are otherwise less than useful.
  2. These include Dragonbane, Trollsbane, Werebane, etc.
  3. Artiwishers generally don't like receiving one by their gods, as it reduces artiwish success rate.
  1. plural of foocubus.
  2. Your VChip has blocked access.
  1. Incubus (male) or succubus (female). Known for temptation, and a potential teacher for characters of the opposite sex, but beware of their bite!
  2. A good way to get rid of cursed armor, but always remember, you look silly in your underwear, so get dressed before you face monsters!
  3. An incubus may place a ring of adornment from your inventory on your finger, so watch out for potential consequences of removing one of your rings. A succubus may take a ring of adornment from your finger and keep it for herself.
  4. "With my succubus, I learned to thrust AND parry!"
  5. The chance of a positive effect is (Cha + Int + 1)/35, and will bump up your level, con, wis, or energy.
  6. Avoid playing with a foocubus while wielding a footrice corpse.
  7. See spoiler at []
food appraisal
  1. After reading a blessed scroll of food detection or casting the spell of detect food at skilled or better, you'll be warned if the food you are about to eat is tainted, will petrify, slime, be rotten, break Monk's vegetarian conduct, be acidic, be rustproof (if you are a rust monster) break vegan, or break vegetarian conduct (in that order).
  2. Only lasts until you receive a warning.
food consumption
  1. Normally you consume 1 point per turn for normal food consumption, but having slow digestion or polymorphing into a monster that does not eat will get rid of this.
  2. Spell casting, using #monster, and laying eggs will all increase hunger.
  3. Wizards with enough Int consume less or no food for casting spells. 14 or less = same consumption, 15 = 1/2 consumption, 16 = 1/4 consumption, 17 or more = no comsumption
  4. Worn rings and amulets, fighting, heavy encumbrance, regeneration and conflict increase food consumption.
  5. Rings of slow digestion still cause ring hunger when worn, and two rings of slow digestion will actually make you hungry faster.
food poisoning
  1. If you eat a corpse that is too old, you will "feel deathly sick". Death follows in 10-19 turns (reduced if eat additional tainted food) if not cured.
  2. If you are in your wereform after acquiring lycanthropy, you do not return to human form, it is permanent death.
  3. Cures are: Blessed potion of healing, non-cursed full/extra healing, holy water (unless chaotic), eucalyptus leaf, the Cure Sickness spell, and unihorn. You can also #pray or poly into your own form or a sickness-resistant monster, or vomit.
food ration
  1. Typically a marmite sandwich, may also be a fish protein module or falafel. Takes 5 turns to consume, base price 45zm, weighs 20, and provides 800 nutrition points.
  2. This item is considered Vegan for eating purposes.
food shop
see {delicatessen}
food weight
tripe ration: 10. egg: 1. kelp frond: 1. eucalyptus leaf: 1. apple, orange, pear, banana, carrot: 2. melon: 5. sprig of wolfsbane: 1. clove of garlic: 1. slime mold (fruit): 5. lump of royal jelly: 2. cream pie: 10. candy bar: 2. fortune cookie: 1. pancake: 2. lembas wafer: 5. cram ration: 15. food ration: 20. K-ration: 10. C-ration: 10. tin (any): 10.
  1. If you're going for foodless, =oSD is the number one priority. Don't cast spells except in emergency. Coaligned altar to take the edge off your prayer timeout (but watch out for artifact gifts). B/U/C !oBooze and !oFJ give 30/20/10 nutrition. u!oWater gives d10 nutrition.
  2. Ways to fill your stomach: pray when weak or fainting, starve while wearing "oLS, polyself.
  3. If you're attempting a foodless wizard, {hungerless casting} will help loads.
foodless polyless atheist
Yes, it's been done (and more, I'm sure.) see: []
see {food_poisoning}
Demolishated, destroyed, or otherwise rendered into Something Unuseful.
  1. 'rustproof', 'corrodeproof', 'fireproof', and 'fixed' are synonymous within the game and any can be used successfully in a wish. Which word appears depends on the material of the item. All cloth, leather, wood, and plastic items are "fireproof", all iron items are "rustproof". Bronze plate mail is "corrodeproof" and only the crysknife is "fixed".
  2. Wishing for "fireproof" metal items results in "rustproof" ones, etc.
Cockatrice and/or chickatrice.
The plural of "footrice".
forbidding feeling
  1. The temple you just entered is not coaligned.
  2. Also caused by entering a coaligned temple while your alignment is very bad.
force bolt
  1. Level 1 attack spell, spellbook has base price 100.
  2. This spell will destroy boulders and statues, and drawbridges, and mirrors, and potions, ....
  3. Deals 2d12 points of damage.
force seems smaller
"The water's force seems smaller now." Don't feel bad, since you just tossed a (probably cursed) negative ring of increase damage down the drain.
forest centaur
  1. Speed 18, AC 3, magic resistance 10%, kicks for 1d6 damage and uses weapon for 1d8.
  2. Eaten: forest centaur Nutr: 600
forked polearm
see {spetum}
fort knox
a.k.a. "Fort Ludios"
fort ludicrous
An alternate name for Fort Ludios
fort ludios
  1. Also jokingly called Fort Ludicrous for the amount of gold and equipment you can get from there.
  2. The home of Croesus, a special level to which a magic portal may be generated in a gold vault between level 11 and Medusa's level.
  3. It is not always generated.
  4. There is a 77% chance of Fort Ludios existing in a single game.
fortune cookie
  1. A not very nourishing food item. Contains a message that may or may not be true. The truth of the message depends on the B/U/C status of the cookie; blessed ones are always true, cursed always false, while uncursed ones are randomly either true or false
  2. It can be used to tame anything that is tamed by eating tripe, such as cats and dogs.
  1. Quaffing from most fountains will (9/30) do nothing or give you a little nutrition. It's less likely (1/30) to enlighten you, make you vomit, poison you, curse some stuff, grant you see-invisible, detect monsters, create a gem, scare monsters, overflow to nearby squares, summon snakes, a nymph or a water demon. Water demons may grant a wish (see ?? water demon)
  2. There is a 1/3 chance quaffing will dry up the fountain.
  3. Dipping an item into the fountain has no effect most of the time, but will occasionally uncurse items (4/30), and 1/30 chance of most of the bad effects under quaffing.
  4. 1/7th of fountains are magic. Quaffing a magic fountain with positive luck has a 3/10 chance of refreshing you (small amount of nutrition) and a 7/10 chance of having the same effect as a blessed potion of restore ability and a uncursed potion of gain ability. (if luck >4, then a blessed potion of gain ability.) After this effect the fountain is now not magic.
  5. Digging on a fountain square will cause the fountain to overflow, which makes pools of water up to several squares away, but never under you. This can be a good way to get unlimited water with which to blank scrolls, dilute potions, or accidentally drown Izchak. Don't do it in minetown.
  6. Fountains in minetown will give you a warning before they're about to expire. If you use them after that, the fountain will disappear and the watch will attack you.
  7. If you dip a longsword into a fountain and obtain Excalibur the fountain disappears without warning.
  8. Also see ?? excalibur.
fountain gambit
  1. A playing style in which you quaff from or #dip into fountains with your low-level character. The potential reward of a wish is considered by some players enough to overcome the far-more-likely outcome of death by water moccasin or hostile water demon. Since it's only a low-level character, if you die you didn't lose much; but if you get a wish, you gain enormously.
  2. Doing the fountain gambit with a wizard has a chance of surviving thanks to force bolt and continous level ups (including hp + pw increase).
  3. Other players dislike this practice and compare it to #quitting and restarting until a blessed magic lamp is generated in the first room.
  4. The expected value of 100 first-level fountains is two wishes, eight hostile water demons, ten groups of snakes, and ten nymphs. Lower down in the dungeon you will get less wishes and more hostile water demons.
fountain gambling
see {fountain_gambit}
fountain quaffing
  1. A strategy that's nearly always a stupid idea.
  2. Also see {fountain}.
see {fountain quaffing}
four-leaf clover
You got a luck bonus; if your base luck was negative it is now at least 0. You can pray, too. If your luck allows for it that is.
four leaf clover
see {four-leaf clover}
  1. Difficulty 1, level 0, speed 15, AC 7, monster-MR 0. Attacks with a bite for 1d3. Its corpse is safe to eat and provides 250 nutrition, but conveys no intrinsics.
  2. Eaten: fox Nutr: 250
  1. Abbreviation for "feature request." Often used in a joking way, particularly by people who hang out in that other game's channel.
  2. See also {yani}.
"You feel fragile! You haven't been watching your health." You just lost one point of constitution. Use a unicorn horn to get it back quickly.
free action
  1. Protects against paralysis attacks of gelatinous cubes, guardian nagas, ghouls, shades and Yeenoghu. Also protects against passive paralysis attacks of gelatinous cubes and floating eyes. Paralysis and stunning spells cast by monsters have their effect reduced to one turn. Protects against quaffed or thrown potions of paralysis or sleeping.
  2. Protects against paralysis effect of chest traps. Protects against self-paralysis from looking into a mirror as a floating eye.
  3. Does not protect against wands of sleep or orange dragon breath.
  4. The base cost of this ring is 200.
freezing mist
You dipped an ordinary long sword into a fountain, were at least XL 5 and not lawful. Instead of being turned into Excalibur, your sword was cursed, lost any rustproofing, may have lost an enchantment, and you abused your wisdom. So don't do that.
  1. To ascend with the Fremen conduct, the following conditions should be followed:
  2. A stillsuit (oilskin cloak) must be worn as quickly as possible. Some say that if a fremen goes more than 5,000 turns without obtaining one is sure to die of dehydration.
  3. Water is to be treasured and kept un-polluted. Hence, you will never waste potions of water by #dipping things into them, or pollute sources of water by #dipping anything into pools or fountains.
  4. The preferred weapon is, of course, a crysknife (enchanted worm tooth), though poisoned and non-poisoned weapons are also quite acceptable. To perform a "Feyd-Rautha", #twoweapon a large blade and a small blade, but only conceal your poison on one of them.
  5. In credit to the movie, the elven dagger named Sting is also an encouraged weapon
  6. Sadly, long worms are not rideable in NetHack, though if you can manage to tame one or two, bonus props may also be given.
  7. Other items to carry are: a large box named pain, a wand of death named Gom Jabbar, a leather drum named thumper, and (if you're a follower of the movie) a wand of striking/magic missile named weirding module.
  8. Tame dust vortices are also encouraged to be pets of one of the desert such as yourself.
  9. Roles: Rogue or barbarian is encouraged, though rangers and cavemen are acceptable as well. No wizards, tourists, valkries (completely opposite environments), healers, priests or samurai.
friday 13 new moon
A list of days that are both Friday 13 and a new moon is available here: []
friday 13th
see {friday_the_13th}
friday the 13th
  1. On Friday the 13th, base luck in NetHack is -1, instead of 0. (Note that prayers _will_ fail, and wishes _may_ fail with negative luck.)
  2. Also known as "Helpless Day" due to people who try to pray, fail, and die while helpless.
  3. Full Moon and Friday the 13th cancel each other out.
friday the thirteenth
see {friday_the_13th}
frost brand
  1. A longsword that does double damage against monsters not resistant to cold. Can destroy potions carried by monsters.
  2. Also confers cold resistance while wielded.
  3. It kills stuff. Use it.
frost giant
  1. Frost giants have a base speed of 12, base AC 3, MR of 10%. Eating one may grant cold resistance, and a bonus to strength.
  2. Eaten: frost giant Nutr: 750 Effects: Strength Intrinsic: Cold: 33%
frost horn
  1. Magical, charged tool, base cost of 50 zorkmids. When applied, fires a bolt of cold, similar to a wand of cold.
  2. Can also be used to play the tune for the Castle's drawbridge.
  3. The frost horn acts identically to a wand of cold except it can be recharged infinitely, and deals 6-66 points of damage as opposed to 6-36.
  4. Answering no to the "Improvise?" prompt lets you use the horn as a musical instrument without using up any charges.
see {frost_brand}
see {frost_brand}
  1. Configuration option. User-defineable fruit, eg. "fruit:mango". Default is "slime mold".
  2. Weighs 5, provides 250 nutrition, takes 1 turn to eat, and doesn't break vegan or vegetarian conduct.
  3. A list of used fruit names (in addition to pets) is available at []
fruit juice
  1. Potion which gives you 30/20/10 nutrition if it's blessed, uncursed, or cursed respectively.
  2. Nutritional value is halved if diluted. It can be created from a potion of sickness by #dipping a unicorn horn in it, or from a potion of booze by #dipping an amethyst in it, or from a potion of sickness or see invisible by cancelling it.
  3. Base price is 50, same as the potion of see invisible.
see {fruit}
Filesystem check.
"For the win"
fuck you
see {foocubus}
see {satisfied}
full healing
see {potion_of_full_healing}
full moon
  1. When the moon is full, your base luck is +1 instead of its usual value of 0.
  2. Werefoo are much more likely to be in their creature form during a full moon, especially during nighttime (see {night}).
  3. also, tame dogs will reply with "[Dogley] howls." when chatted during a full moon, and are much harder to tame during full moon nights.
  4. NetHack considers the full moon to last for three or four days. Use Rodney's !pom trigger to get the current moon phase according to NetHack.
Fumble gloves and boots cause you to be very clumsy, and abuse your dexterity every 5 moves. They are usually cursed. You will trip over objects and yourself, and you will fall down stairs. Watch out!
fumble boots
  1. See fumble.
  2. These leather boots drop AC by 1 and cause fumbling when worn. They also tend to be cursed. Their unidentified appearance is random - see boots.
fumble gloves
see {fumble}
dragon with a FOO attack. Wearing fuschia dsm grants FOO resistance.
  1. Command: 'g' Run in direction until something interesting is seen.
  2. Command: 'G' Run in direction until something interesting is seen, except branching corridors aren't considered interesting.
  3. Monster: 'g' Gremlins and (winged) gargoyles.
  4. Monster: 'G' Gnoses, er, gnomes. In addition to the regular 'gnome', there are gnome lords, wizards, and kings.
gain energy
  1. In NetHack 3.6, a potion of gain energy increases maximum energy by 3d6 if blessed, 2d6 if uncursed, and *negative* 1d6 if cursed, then raises or lowers your current energy by three times the change (capped at maximum or 0 energy).
  2. Also useful in alchemy: mix with healing/extra healing/full healing to get extra healing/full healing/gain ability. Gain energy + confusion may yield enlightenment (1/3 chance) or booze (2/3 chance).
game of moloch
Slower than walking, but faster than standing still. Fits regexp 'C..w.'.
  1. Speed 10, AC -4, stoning resistant, does 2d6 + 2d6 + 2d4 damage.
  2. Eaten: gargoyle Nutr: 200
  1. A wielded clove of garlic does one damage, and will make undead flee for 2d4 more turns. NOTE: Undead includes liches, but not demons (and definitely not lichens).
  2. If you're undead, eating this will cause you to vomit.
  3. Leaving garlic on a square will prevent non-ghost undead from walking on it. Unlike Elbereth however, it will not prevent them from attacking.
  4. Weighs 1 and gives 40 nutrition.
A soft red gem worth 700 zorkmids.
garter snake
  1. A low level monster that isn't poisonous and doesn't convey any resistances.
  2. Eaten: garter snake Nutr: 60
gas spore
  1. When this monster dies (if you or another monster kills it) it generates a 3x3 explosion. If you are the perp, it angers peaceful monsters.
  2. Be careful because if you kill a gas spore and the explosion kills a pet, you get the blame.
  3. Deals 4d6 damage, low XL players beware.
  4. Fluffy hits the gas spore. The gas spore explodes! You die... Fluffy hears the rumble of distant thunder.
One of the lousiest players ever to grace NAO. Once actually managed to die on the plane of air.
gaulgath's law
For every good thing that happens in your NetHack game, the odds of a traumatic event occuring increases by one.
gauntlets of dexterity
Sometimes abbreviated as GoD, these leather gauntlets add their enchantment to your dexterity. Good choice for spellcasters. If not enchanted, they will not auto-ID when worn.
gauntlets of fumbling
In exchange for a drop of 1 AC, these gloves will make you occasionally fumble. To make matters worse, these gloves tend to be cursed.
gauntlets of power
  1. Frequently abbreviated as GoP or [oP, these iron gauntlets will increase your strength to 25, and reduce your AC by 1.
  2. These also hinder spell casting and firing from a bow.
  3. They weigh 30, unlike other gloves, which weigh 10 each.
see {gazetteer}
see {gazetteer}
  1. Dylan O'Donnell's NetHack Gazetteer, showing all special levels of the game; available at []
  2. Mirrors: []
Either {gray dragon scale mail} or {green dragon scale mail}
Eaten: gecko Nutr: 20
  1. Hell, and with all the mazes, it's boring as hell.
  2. Bring a pickaxe to speed things up.
  3. You cannot pray to your god there, so you'd better prepare some holy water before entering.
  4. Downward-extending branch consisting of 20-24 levels, reached via the trapdoors in the castle. You cannot pray to your god in Gehennom.
  5. Note: the Valley of the Dead is included in Gehennom.
gelatinous cube
  1. Speed 6, AC 8, resistant to fire, cold, sleep, shock, poison, acid and stoning, and eating its corpse can give fire, cold, sleep or shock resistance. Does 2d4 damage and can paralyze, and 1d4 when killed in melee.
  2. Will engulf almost anything except boulders and balls of punishment attached to the player.
  3. Anything organic is then digested, including any containers except ice boxes.
  4. The contents are then engulfed, and anything organic in the container is then eaten.
  5. Fortunately they respect E, and are intrinsically blind, so can't normally engulf stashes with E burned under them.
  6. Eating a corpse of a gelatinous cube does not break vegan conduct.
  7. Eaten: gelatinous cube Nutr: 150 V! Effects: Acidic Intrinsic: Fire: 10%, Cold: 10%, Sleep: 10%, Shock: 10%
see {gems}
gem weight
All gems and glass weigh 1. Loadstones weigh 500. All other gray stones and rocks weigh 10.
  1. Gems are expensive rocks. Hard gems engrave slowly in the floor, while soft ones write quickly in the dust. When testing gems by engraving, you can escape the prompt to avoid taking the time to engrave. There aren't any hard yellow or violet gems, so you can skip testing those.
  2. See [] and []
Configuration option. Your starting gender ("gender:male" or "gender:female"). Cannot be set in-game.
general store
  1. A shop. Sells and buys everything except worthless items.
  2. General stores are run by shopkeepers named: Hebiwerie. Possogroenoe, Asidonhopo, Manlobbi, Adjama, Pakka Pakka, Kabalebo, Wonotobo, Akalapi, Sipaliwini, Annootok, Upernavik, Angmagssalik,Aklavik, Inuvik, Tuktoyaktuk, Chicoutimi, Ouiatchouane, Chibougamau,Matagami, Kipawa, Kinojevis,Abitibi, Maganasipi, Akureyri, Kopasker, Budereyri, Akranes, Bordeyri, or Holmavik
You cannot genocide any AE&' (except stalkers), aligned/high priests, generic "elf"/"human", ghosts, player-monsters, quest-specific monsters, salamanders, shopkeepers, skeletons, titans, vault guards, werecreatures, or unique monsters. Everything else is fair game. Exception: a genocide that would hit /you/ always works, whether by race or role.
  1. Scrolls of genocide remove monsters (uncursed) or classes of monsters (blessed) from the game. Cursed scrolls summon a group of monsters. Be careful not to genocide yourself! This is easier to do than you might think; be sure not to genocide h for mind flayers if a dwarf, and note that spelling "master mind flayer" "master mindflayer" will kill you if a monk. Also be careful since genociding a monster CANNOT be undone. Ever.
  2. Popular genocides include 'L' (lich class) ';' (eel class, instakillers) 'h' (includes mind flayers, DO NOT class-genocide if you are a dwarf) 'R' (disenchanters) 'H' (giants/minotaurs, but giants are good for STR) 'c' (cockatrices/pyrolisks) and 'D' (dragons, but not if you need their resists).
  3. Cursed scroll of genocide can be used to reverse genocide monsters. Popular target is nurses for nursedancing. You cannot summon a monster that cannot be genocided or has already been genocided this way.
  4. If you are confused, an uncursed scroll genocides *your* role, and a cursed scroll sends in monsters of your role. Blessed scrolls work as normal.
  5. Monsters that cannot be genocided: any A, &, Titan, Vlad the Impaler, werejackals and werewolves while in 'd' form, wererats in 'r' form, salamanders, any elemental, skeletons, all unique (proper name) monsters, all golems, and most '@' monsters; figure for '@' monsters that if it's something you want to get rid of, you can't.
  6. Genociding pets does not carry any alignment or luck penalty; so if Frosty the Arch-Lich is making you nervous and playing with his athame when he thinks you aren't looking, don't be afraid to push the button.
  1. the bestest site ever, destroyed by Adeon
  2. Finnished.
  1. An otherwise good compile-from-source distribution that, in its nethack package, fails to create the necessary /var/games/nethack/save directory. Someone really should file this as a bug.
  2. To compile the non-graphical version of nethack, add "games-roguelike/nethack -X" to /etc/portage/package.use.
  1. A resonably high level demon lord, who is only summoned, and is resistant to fire and poison only. He has claw/physical, and sting/strdraining attacks.
  2. He's lawful, so stick around Asmodeus, Baalzebub, or Dispater to have a shot at meeting this strapping young lad.
  1. the geyser spell is a level 13 clerical monster spell, it deals 8d6 damage but is halved if you have half physical damage.
  2. monsters who can cast the geyser spell: high priest, master kaen, arch priest, grand master
Speed 3, AC -5, Magic resistance 50%, resists cold, sleep, disintegration and poison. Does 1 point of damage.
Slow monster that has a paralyzing attack. You can create one by trying to engrave with something else than your fingers on a grave.
  1. Giant corpses, and tins of giant meat, can be eaten to increase your strength. If you're eating actual corpses, don't do it when Satiated -- you could choke and die.
  2. If your current strength is less than 18, you gain either 1 str (75% chance) or d6 str (25% chance).
  3. If your current strength is between 18 and 18/84, inclusive, it adds d10 str.
  4. If your strength >= 18/85, it only adds 1 point.
  5. Eaten: giant Nutr: 750 Effects: Strength
giant ant
  1. The most common team member of Team Ant.
  2. Edible, but not very nourishing.
  3. Difficulty 4, bites for 1d4 damage, speed 18, AC 3.
  4. Eaten: giant ant Nutr: 10
giant bat
  1. Diff 3, Lvl 2. These aren't too hard, but with speed 22 are very fast.
  2. Polymorphing into one causes an uncurable stunning, and eating the corpse of one makes you temporarily stunned.
  3. Eaten: giant bat Nutr: 30 Effects: Stun (60)
giant beatle
A 20-foot-tall Paul McCartney (see {giant_beetle})..
giant beetle
  1. Diff 6, Lvl 5. These relatively easy creatures are slow(6), but have a 3d6 attack. Hit them from range or with decent melee, though, and you'll finish them quickly. They nearly always leave corpses, which are poisonous.
  2. Poisonous but may grant poison resistance ("You feel healthy.")
  3. Eaten: giant beetle Nutr: 10 Effects: Poisonous Intrinsic: Poison: 33%
giant eel
  1. These bastards may drown you in as quickly as two moves. When they "swing themselves around you", engrave Elbereth (obviously, not going to help you if you're crossing a body of water).
  2. Or: kill it in one turn, teleport it, freeze the water, "oMB, put it to sleep.
  3. Eaten: giant eel Nutr: 250
giant mimic
Eaten: giant mimic Nutr: 500 Effects: Mimic (50)
giant mummy
All your favorite qualities of a mummy, but doesn't show up on ESP or infravision! Get yours today!
giant rat
  1. A giant rat. Go figure.
  2. A rodent of unusual size.
  3. Speed 10, AC 7, deals 1d3 damage.
  4. Eaten: giant rat Nutr: 30
giant spider
  1. Speed 15, AC 4, poison resistant and can grant it. Has a poisonous bite, which does damage in melee for 2d4 draining strength.
  2. Poisonous to eat.
  3. Eaten: giant spider Nutr: 100 Effects: Poisonous Intrinsic: Poison: 33%
  1. One of many joke monster-specific artifact weapons that is just an obstacle in the way of a good weapon.
  2. Neutral. Base item is a longsword. Does +1d5 to hit and double damage vs giants (including Lord Surtur and Cyclops).
Swelling by a regular curve or surface; protuberant; convex; as, the moon is gibbous between the half-moon and the full moon.
A weak monster or weak player character that can't survive even an accute attack of team a.
  1. A polearm. Costs 6 zorkmids, weighs 75, is made of iron, hits for d6 against small monsters and d10 against large ones, and is a two-handed weapon.
  2. Unidentified appearance is {single-edged_polearm}. To a samurai it appears as a naginata.
  1. Items made out of glass are easy to break. For example, kicking a chest has a chance of breaking any item made out of glass in it, or force bolting a monster will break glass items it was carrying.
  2. Most unidentified gems are actually worthless pieces of colored glass.
  3. All unidentified 'gems' left by a glass golem are (surprise!) glass.
glass golem
All unidentified 'gems' left by a glass golem are (surprise!) glass.
glass orb
see {crystal_ball}
glass piercer
Eaten: glass piercer Nutr: 300
gleams with an oily sheen
You dipped a nonerodeable weapon into a potion of oil.
  1. an opengl accelerated 2d tile interface for NetHack
  2. []
  1. The name (in inventory)? of something of an unknown (to the game) class.
  2. If you see a glorkum, there must have been a serious bug of some kind that caused it.
  1. There are four types of gloves in the game: leather gloves (yugake), gauntlets of dexterity, gauntlets of fumbling, and gauntlets of power. Their unidentified descriptions are randomized per game: old gloves, padded gloves, riding gloves, fencing gloves.
  2. To identify gloves, use these guidelines: Leather gloves are common, tend to be dropped by certain NPCs, and cost far less then the other types. Gauntlets of fumbling tend to be cursed, if they are not, wearing them should give a clue. Gauntlets of power auto-identify when worn. Which leaves gauntlets of dexterity as the last possibility - they will auto-identify if enchanted.
  3. Leather gloves cost 8 zorkmids; the others cost 50 zorkmids.
  4. Gauntlets of power are metal, and will therefore rust and increase spell failure probabilities; the others are non-metallic. For spellcasters, gauntlets of dexterity are the gloves of choice.
  5. Gauntlets of power weigh 30; the others weigh 10.
gloves weight
gauntlets of power: 30. all others (leather, fumbling, dexterity): 10.
glow purple
You read a scroll of confuse monster while confused.
glow red
see {your hands begin to glow red}
glows purple for a moment
You've just got one of your worn items erodeproofed by reading cursed destroy armor being confused.
  1. As a player, you may choose to be a gnome if you select Archeologist, Caveman, Healer, Ranger or Wizard. Gnomish characters always start out neutral. Gnomish rangers get crossbows and bolts instead of bows and arrows. Gnomes may have In:19, but only St:18/50.
  2. Gnomish characters may also use an uncursed touchstone as if it were blessed.
  3. Eaten: gnome Nutr: 100 Effects: Gnome
gnome king
Eaten: gnome king Nutr: 150 Effects: Gnome
gnome lord
Eaten: gnome lord Nutr: 120 Effects: Gnome
gnomish mines
  1. This is the first separate branch in the Dungeons of Doom and visually very different from the dungeons, consisting of 8 or 9 levels, going downwards. The stairway is located between levels 2 and 4 of the DoD. See Minetown.
  2. The bottom level of the gnomish mines has a guaranteed luckstone (usually behind a secret door or buried in a huge rock-filled area which must be excavated).
  3. Loadstones will still appear at the bottom level of the Gnomish mines, so give gray stones the kick test before picking them up.
  4. Traps abound, so inappropriately-difficult monsters might prompt you to step lightly for fear of polymorph traps. (Then again, it could just be a shape-shifter.)
gnomish wizard
  1. A gnome who thinks they have magic powers and can cast spells, but in reality cannot.
  2. Eaten: gnomish wizard Nutr: 120 Effects: Gnome
go team ant
The traditional cheer of #nethack when someone on NAO dies to a foo ant.
  1. A weak monster, mostly harmless. Omnivorous. Can be fed on lichens.
  2. Eaten: goblin Nutr: 100
see {gauntlets of dexterity}
gold detection
  1. These scrolls detect the presence of gold on the current level. Use uncursed/blessed ones on the Planes while confused to find the portals to the next plane.
  2. Use a cursed scroll on the planes of earth or air to detect the location of the portal (it will show up as $).
  3. If there's no gold on the current level, you'll get "You feel worried about your future financial situation" if you're carrying gold, and "You feel materially poor" if you're not.
gold golem
  1. Speed 9, AC 6, Does 2d3 + 2d3 melee damage
  2. Is made out of gold! ...but not as much as you might think.
gold ring
An unidentified ring. *CAN* be eaten by rock moles and xorns.
gold vault
  1. Unsurprisingly, they contain gold. You can find a teleport trap into this near the text "ad aerarium".
  2. Also known as the "magic memory vault". One of these vaults may contain a magic portal leading to Fort Ludios, the home of Croesus (level 11-Medusa).
  3. Special level sounds include someone counting money, footsteps of a guard on patrol, or, if the vault has been robbed, someone searching.
  4. There are no doors in vaults, so if you can't teleport or dig your way out, you will have to wait for the guard to appear and escort you out. This way, you will have to drop all your gold, though.
  5. If you can't find the 'ad aerarium' around the walls of some room, then you can either dig out every wall, search a lot, or dig everywhere a 4*4 space (2*2 vault and the walls) may be. (Object/gold detection may be helpful here.)
  6. Unless he has been killed, telling the guard your name is 'Croesus', 'Kroisos', or 'Creosote' will make him go away. The guard will NOT let you out.
  7. A source of easily obtainable human corpses.
golden era
  1. Age of Adeon: Adeon has ascended 29 games in a row, between 20090405 and 20090515
  2. "In the following decades remember to give a prayer to me at every morning" - Adeon
golden glow
  1. "You are surrounded by a golden glow." One lost level (if any) is restored, max hp is increased by 5, strength and hp are restored to max, hunger is removed, base luck restored to 0 (if negative), and blindness is cured.
  2. Like blessed potions of full healing, you can only restore up to half of the amount of experience levels you lost.
golden naga
  1. Speed 14, AC 2, Magic resistance 70%, Poison resistant and can grant it. Does damage in melee for 2d6 and can cast spells for 4d6.
  2. Eaten: golden naga Nutr: 400 Intrinsic: Poison: 67%
golden naga hatchling
Eaten: golden naga hatchling Nutr: 100 Intrinsic: Poison: 20%
  1. A straw, paper, rope, gold, leather, wood, flesh, clay, stone, glass or iron golem.
  2. Lining up an Iron, Glass, Stone, Clay and Flesh golem in a row, and zapping /poly, does NOT make Golem Voltron
good pet
see {good_pets}
good pets
  1. most A (Archon, Aleax, Ki-rin), dragons, winged gargoyle, minotaur, titan, mind flayer, jabberwock, lich, vampire lord, balrog
  2. A bit more esoteric: cockatrice, air elemental, umber hulk, purple worm, iron/stone golem, various &
good things to polymorph into
arch-lich, winged gargoyle, xorn, dragons (for eggs and breath weapons), vampire lord, cockatrice
good wishes
  1. SDSM, MRtifact or CoMR, speed boots, marker, marker, marker, marker, Magicbane, marker. In this order.
  2. MRtifact = Eye, PYEC, Sceptre, Magicbane (but be careful).
  3. And for crying out loud, USE YOUR MAGIC LAMP.
  1. It's taking over. Watch out!
  2. "Don't be evil."
see {gauntlets_of_power}
Some monsters, such as owlbears and rope golems, have a grabbing attack, which, if it hits, makes the monster 'stick' to you. Wear an oilskin cloak or grease your cloak if wearing one, body armor if not to prevent this grabbing.
Threw unnamed/unidentified glass to a crossaligned or coaligned unicorn, 0 luck change.
Gradewrecker, aka NetHack. ;)
grand master
  1. The Grand Master is the monk quest leader.
  2. Grand Master is also the highest possible skill level for bare-handed combat and martial arts
  3. +3 to bare-handed damage, +9 to martial arts damage.
  4. It takes 500 hits and three experience levels to advance from master to grand master in either bare-handed combat or martial arts.
  5. Eaten: Grand Master Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
granite ring
An unidentified ring. Cannot be eaten by any monster.
grappling hook
Weapon tool that acts as flail. You can grab items from the floor with it whilst levitating.
  1. Digging these up can produce a corpse, a zombie, or a mummy (or sometimes nothing).
  2. Harms alignment for Lawfuls, and all Samurai and Archaeologists (the latter get hit the hardest)
  3. On the plus side, sometimes free items!
  4. Digging up always abuses Wisdom, even for Chaotics.
  5. Graves created when bones are left and those in graveyards do not contain items.
grave robbing
Digging up a grave causes an alignment penalty if you're Archeologist, Samurai, or lawful. It also abuses your wisdom, in any case.
gravel flies up from the floor.
You have engraved with a wand of digging. The wand auto-identifies.
see {grave_robbing}
  1. Special room. Contains undead monsters, graves, and buried treasure.
  2. Special level sounds include "You suddenly realize it is unnaturally quiet" and your hair on the back of your neck standing up.
  3. Undead monsters are less likely to leave corpses on this level. Some players like to lead wraiths upstairs for this reason.
  4. The graves in graveyards do not contain items, so there's no point in digging them up.
  5. Note that the Castle and the top and bottom floors of the Wizard's Tower are marked as graveyards, even though they don't have graves.
  6. Also, reading the cursed Book of the Dead or ringing the cursed Bell of Opening will mark the current level as a graveyard.
  7. Frequency: 1/6, DL 12+.
see {grey-elf}
gray dragon
  1. Breathes magic missiles dealing 4d6 damage. Bites for 3d8, then claws twice for 1d4 each. Base AC is -1, and MR is 20. Doesn't grant any intrinsics.
  2. Eaten: gray dragon Nutr: 1500
gray dragon scale mail
  1. Gray dragon scale mail drops AC by 9 and provides magic resistance while not hindering spell casting. Many AKs include this piece of armor.
  2. Does NOT provide magic cancellation.
  3. "Blessed greased +X gray dragon scale mail" is a great wish for many characters. The 'greased' part may save your life if you aren't wearing an oilskin cloak and are walking by water.
  4. Weighs 40.
gray dragon scales
  1. Drops AC by 3 and provides magic resistance. Does NOT provide magic cancellation. Can be transformed into gray dragon scale mail with a scroll of enchant armor.
  2. Weighs 40.
gray ooze
  1. Speed 1, AC 8, resists fire, cold, poison, acid and petrification, and can grant fire, cold and poison resistance. Bites for 2d8 in melee, rusting or corroding metal. The corpse is acidic and doesn't break vegetarian.
  2. Eaten: gray ooze Nutr: 250 V Effects: Acidic Intrinsic: Fire: 7%, Cold: 7%, Poison: 7%
gray stone
  1. One of luckstone, loadstone, touchstone or flint.
  2. Try kicking it while it's on the ground; if it's loadstone, it won't move (Thump!). Then pick it up and try to apply it to a iron object; if it goes "scritch, scritch", it's a touchstone. Otherwise, it's either flint or luck.
  3. If you are VERY strong and have kicking boots you may succeed in kicking a loadstone a small distance.
  4. Samurai and Monks may be able to kick a loadstone without kicking boots.
  5. If you kick a gray stone in a corner (i.e. against a wall), it will ALWAYS go "Thump!", so either dig away the wall behind it or teleport it somewhere else.
  6. If you see a gray stone in a shop that costs 1, it's either a loadstone or a flint stone.
  7. A luckstone cannot be *individually* named "Heart of Ahriman"; your hand will slip. That use of #name is a bug, so some players may say it is cheating.
  8. Luckstones have a base price of 60 zm; touchstones, 45 zm; flint and loadstones have a base price of 1 zm.
gray stones
see {gray_stone}
gray unicorn
  1. neutral aligned unicorn
  2. Eaten: gray unicorn Nutr: 300 Intrinsic: Poison: 27%
see {grayswandir}
  1. Lawful, silver saber, does double damage against everything.
  2. Corwin's sword in the Amber books by Roger Zelazny
  3. Gives hallucination resistance.
  4. It is NOT called "grays". You will be killed as an example to the others.
  1. Greased metal items are unlikely to rust, greased helms help prevent mind flayer attacks, and greased sacks are good for waterproofing against items inside. Just (a)pply grease to items to slather it on.
  2. A greased robe, cloak, or wrapping prevents an eel's grabbing attack (can be worn off), and if you aren't wearing one of those, greased armor will do the same.
  3. After it has protected an item, the grease may wear off. (1/3 chance)
  4. Grease is not always effective when used on cursed armor, and may not help to stop grabbing attacks, prevent flayings, or stop erosion.
  5. Grease can cause items to slip when thrown, and allows you to kick the item farther than it normally can go (1-3 squares)
  6. Avoid greasing items while standing on the downstairs, because if the grease is cursed, it will get on your fingers and cause you to drop your weapon.
  7. Even if a piece of armor is already rustproof, if you tangle with a rust monster the grease will dissolve. This applies to other corrosive attacks. So always check to make sure that the layer of grease is intact.
  8. You can also use a noncursed can of grease to untrap a squeaky board.
  1. The weakest variety of wild elf. Normally peaceful to Chaotics. Level 5, 2d4 weapon. RESISTS SLEEP. IGNORES ELBERETH.
  2. Eaten: Green-elf Nutr: 350 Effects: Elf Intrinsic: Sleep: 33%
green bitch
see {neferet_the_green}
green dragon
  1. Green dragons breathe poison gas.
  2. The corpse gives poison resistance
  3. Eaten: green dragon Nutr: 1500 Effects: Poisonous Intrinsic: Poison: 100%
green dragon scale mail
  1. Green dragon scale mail drops AC by 9 and provides poison resistance while not hindering spell casting.
  2. Weighs 40.
green dragon scales
  1. Drops AC by 3 and provides poison resistance. Can be transformed into green dragon scale mail with a scroll of enchant armor.
  2. Weighs 40.
green mold
  1. Non-moving fungus that doesn't have any attacks, but which does acidic damage if you hit it in melee, and can corrode weapons that hit it.
  2. The corpse is acidic, provides little nutrition (30) and cannot give any intrinsics.
  3. Eaten: green mold Nutr: 30 V! Effects: Acidic
green slime
  1. Represented by a green P, its attack can turn you into slime (delayed instakill). Its corpse is acidic (can save from stoning) but will begin sliming you. You have ten turns to cure sliming. A unicorn horn will not cure sliming.
  2. If you find yourself turning to slime, you can do one of the following to save yourself: burn the slime away (zap fire at self, read scroll of fire, fire trap, apply oil and throw <, etc), pray (if not in Gehennom), put on an amulet of unchanging, invoke the Staff of Aesculapius, cast cure sickness spell.
  3. Polymorphing yourself into a Green Slime will also cure it, as will polymorphing into a fire-based monster such as a fire elemental.
  4. Magic cancellation protects against sliming attacks.
  5. Green slimes can also slime other monsters, and will slime a monster if eaten - which turns the monster into a slime. Beware for your pet purple worm, trapper, lurker above, or (master) mind flayer!
  6. Green slimes respect Elbereth, if you find yourself hand-to-hand with one.
  7. Eaten: green slime Nutr: 150 V Effects: Slime, Poisonous, Acidic
  8. Attacking a green slime as [master] mind flayer will suck in some slime. This will start sliming, but will *not* update the status line, so be careful!
  1. Little green g that multiplies in water. Especially dangerous during night, as it has a high chance of stealing intrinsics when it hits (this is NOT blocked by magic cancellation). Their corpses are poisonous.
  2. Level 5, difficulty 8, speed 12, AC 2, 25% magic resistance, deals 1d6 + 1d6 + 1d4 + steals intrinsic damage (if night). This is the only way to lose aggravate monster.
  3. It is night from 22:00 to 05:59.
  4. These little buggers are chaotic, and thus (if randomly generated) will be peaceful to chaotics with positive alignment.
  5. Therefore, they won't try to steal your intrinsics. Yet another reason to play Chaotic. :)
  6. Eaten: gremlin Nutr: 20 Effects: Poisonous Intrinsic: Poison: 33%
  7. If an invisible gremlin splits, both new gremlins will be invisible. If a named gremlin splits, both new gremlins will share the name. If a shape changer temporarily assuming gremlin form splits, both new gremlins will be shape changers.
  8. Gremlins can use their intrinsic stealing ability on other monsters, producing the messages "The gremlin chuckles" and "You hear laughter" (if the gremlin was out of your sight). HOWEVER, the gremlin cannot actually steal an intrinsic from another monster.
  9. They can however destroy clay golems with that attack, producing the same messages. (If you are polymorphed into one, your clay golem form will be destroyed.)
  10. Gremlins are hurt by light, for instance from breaking a wand of light or applying an expensive camera.
see {stoning_grenade}
Eaten: Grey-elf Nutr: 350 Effects: Elf Intrinsic: Sleep: 40%
grey dragon
see {gray_dragon}
grey dragon scale mail
see {gray_dragon_scale_mail}
grey dragon scales
see {gray_dragon_scales}
grey ooze
see {gray_ooze}
grey stone
see {gray stone}
grey stones
see {gray_stone}
  1. Some old nethacker from back in the days when you could polypile for wands of polymorph, and elves were a separate class.
  2. Even though nethack will print his name as 'graycat', it will take 'greycat' for wishes.
see {grayswandir}
grid bug
  1. These little insects are not much of a threat, but can cause DYWYPI when you are careless, low on HP, or both.
  2. "Wait! I shall polymorph into a grid bug to give thee a fighting chance!" The grid bug can only move and attack in the four cardinal directions (N, S, E, W) -- never diagonally.
  3. These creatures originate from 'Tron'.
  4. Gives you 1 experience point when defeated.
  5. They usually appear in pairs.
  6. Like all electric monsters, they can explode wands and rings. The chance is normally quite low but increases dramatically when there is a wand of wishing in your pack.
grid bugs
see {grid_bug}
see {grid_bug}
gridbug price id
Price ID for scrolls, potions, wands, spellbooks and rings including markup for tourist/shirt/dunce cap: []
A chaotic orcish dagger artifact. +d2 to hit, +d6 damage.
Possible response by a canine pet when #chatted: indicates hungry and tameness of 5 or better.
In the devnull tourney, if you accept the challenge from the Tournament Administrator in a dark room, then grue will infest the dark places. You will then need a light to survive dark places. Some players have reported encountering grue despite not accepting the challenge.
  1. Castle Gremlin ttyrec (currently): []
  2. Gaulgath: Wow, Grunt, you are stinking up the joint!
  3. He was never really good at the game anyway.
  4. see also grunthack
  1. Play it online at
  2. Also swing by #grunthack for discussion and server commentary.
  3. A variant of NetHack with much extended and enhanced behaviour. Public server: (ssh); IRC: #grunthack (here on freenode).
see {go team ant}
gta camper
One who lurks until an ant death, and then says Go team ant!
Eaten: guard Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
guardian naga
  1. Speed 16, AC 0, Magic resistance 50%, Poison resistant and can grant it. Does 1d6 damage and paralyzes, spits poison for 1d6 and hits for 2d4 in melee.
  2. Eaten: guardian naga Nutr: 400 Effects: Poisonous Intrinsic: Poison: 80%
guardian naga hatchling
Eaten: guardian naga hatchling Nutr: 100 Intrinsic: Poison: 20%
Eaten: guide Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
This is the User's Guide for NetHack. You'd better read it. It comes with every nethack distribution (or at least it should come!), and it's also online at []
  1. Don't use public away-messages, nor away-nicks. Use /away, that's why it's there.
  2. The preferred language is English. Using some other language in the public channel is rude, so try to keep it at minimum.
  3. See also the Freenode policy and guidelines: [] and []
  1. A polearm with 2d4 damage versus small, d8 damage versus large. Its unidentified appearance is a pruning hook.
  2. Weight 80, cost 5, material iron.
gulps some air
A monster just tried to use an engulfing attack on you, but failed because you are invisible.
  1. Japanese food ration.
  2. The samurai's last meal before battle. It was usually made up of cooked chestnuts, dried seaweed, and sake.
  3. Also, [] is clan EIT's "elite scoreboard" for the annual /dev/null/nethack tournament.
gurgling noise
There is a sink on the level.
  1. Command: 'h' Without number_pad: Go one step in west. With number_pad: Show help menu.
  2. Command: 'H' Without number_pad: Go in west until you hit a wall or run into something.
  3. Monster: 'h' Short humanoids and mind flayers (because they are related, of course). Includes hobbits, dwarf (lord|king), bugbears, and (master) mind flayers. A good genocide choice, unless you are a dwarf.
  4. Monster: 'H' Tall humanoids. Includes (stone|hill|fire|frost|storm) giants, ettins, titans, and minotaurs. A lot of them are worth eating if you are a weak character.
You mistook channels - it's not hacking channel. NetHack is name of game, created by ancient hackers, and as wannabe h4x0r you should know it. Consider halting your h4x0ring activity for a while and play NetHack instead. See: [] and [] .
  1. When playing as the samurai class, your default starting pet is a little dog named Hachi.
  2. See []
  1. To bash/slash something, as in hack and slash. Hacking has nothing to do with computers.
  2. The source code for nethack, however, could be considered a hack.
  3. Also, NetHack's ancestor roguelike.
  1. If you want to become a hacker, look at []
  2. If you want to become nethacker, look at []
  3. If you want to become a cracker, /quit I suck.
  1. #nethack is not about hacking the net. It is a game--see the join message.
  2. See []
hag of bolding
see {helm of brilliance}
  1. A polearm. Unidentified appearance is an angled poleaxe. Costs 10 zorkmids, weighs 150, is made of iron, and deals d10 damage to small monsters and 2d6 damage to large monsters.
  2. Is a two-handed weapon.
see {hallucination}
hallucinated colors
  1. ultraviolet, infrared, bluish-orange, reddish-green, dark white, light black, sky blue-pink, salty, sweet, sour, bitter, striped, spiral, swirly, plaid, checkered, argyle, paisley, blotchy, guernsey-spotted, polka-dotted
  2. square, round, triangular, cabernet, sangria, fuchsia, wisteria, lemon-lime, strawberry-banana, peppermint, romantic, incandescent
hallucinated monsters
  1. Monsters you might see while hallucinating: jumbo shrimp, giant pigmy, killer penguin, giant cockroach, giant slug, maggot, pterodactyl, efreeti, marid, rot grub, bookworm, master lichen, shadow, hologram, jester, attorney, sleazoid, killer tomato, amazon, robot, battlemech,
  2. rhinovirus, harpy, lion-dog, rat-ant, Y2K bug, grue, Christmas-tree monster, luck sucker, paskald, brogmoid, dornbeast, gnu, tyrannosaurus rex, basilisk, beholder, nightmare, Ancient Multi-Hued Dragon, Evil Iggy, emu, kestrel, xeroc, venus flytrap, creeping coins, hydra, siren, killer bunny, rodent of unusual size, Smokey the bear, Luggage, Ent
  3. tangle tree, nickelpede, wiggle, white rabbit, snark, pushmi-pullyu, smurf, tribble, Klingon, Borg, Ewok, Totoro, ohmu, youma, nyaasu, Godzilla, King Kong, earthquake beast, Invid, Terminator, boomer, Dalek, microscopic space fleet, Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal, teenage mutant ninja turtle, samurai rabbit, aardvark, Audrey II
  4. witch doctor, one-eyed one-horned flying purple people eater, Barney the Dinosaur, Morgoth, Vorlon, questing beast, Predator, mother-in-law
  1. Easy way to get lots of YAFMs.
  2. While hallucinating, you will be immune to the touch of death monster spell, but not to Death's deadly touch.
  3. You will neither be able to tell friends and foes apart nor be able to see what monsters are near you. Many players die to hallucination-distorted baddies or shopkeepers because they actually didn't know what they attack.
  4. Cures involve applying the horn of a unicorn, wielding grayswandir, quaffing a potion of sickness or sitting it out. Also, potions of extra- or full-healing.
  5. When hallucinating you may see insane monsters like "The Luggage" and "The Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal". See also: hallucinated_monsters
  6. Hallucination also changes a lot of text and messages, and it also ruins your chances of engraving properly.
  7. Sitting it out is easier if you put on a blindfold or towel and use the count feature.
  8. Protip: Use "m" followed by a direction key to move without attacking, if there are peacefuls around that you want to avoid angering.
hallucinatory monsters
see {hallucinated_monsters}
hand reaches up
  1. "From the murky depths, a hand reaches up to bless the sword" You just got Excalibur.
  2. "From the murky drain, a hand reaches up... --oops--" You just drank from a sink while hallucinating. No effects other than YAFM.
hands glow a brilliant red
You just read a blessed scroll of confuse monster
hard gems
  1. All hard unidentified gems are valuable. Engrave with the gem to see if its hard (floor) or soft (dust).
  2. Diamond (white), ruby (red), jacinth (orange), sapphire (blue), black opal (black), emerald (green), aquamarine (blue or green), and topaz (yellowish brown) are all the hard gems listed by decreasing value.
hard hat
see {dwarvish iron helm}
hard shoes
see {iron shoes}
NetHack server, hosts several NetHack variants. [] :: IRC: #hardfought
hardware store
A shop. Sells and buys tools.
  1. Unidentified description of either a wooden harp or a magic harp.
  2. Both have a base price of 50zm.
  3. Magic harps produce very attractive music
haste self
You become very fast (like speed boots) for 100 to 109 (more) turns (160 to 169 (more) turns if skilled or expert) and exercise your dexterity. (
hat of smart
see {helm_of_brilliance}
hawaiian shirt
  1. Made of cloth, offers no AC drop if unenchanted, and will cause shopkeepers to exploit you if not hidden under armor! Yah! (Also the default starting armour for a tourist.)
  2. Costs 2 zorkmids and weighs 5.
  3. You don't need to bother fireproofing them, as the base AC is 0 to start with.
  1. "Hit Dice", referring to the 8-sided die used to determine monster hit points in AD&D. The hit dice was also used to determine monster "experience level" for comparison with player levels.
  2. For example, a 6-HD monster would have 6 - 48 hit points, and would be considered level 6.
see {healer}
hea skills
Basic: scimitar, saber, mace, polearms, spear, javelin, trident, bare handed combat. Skilled: dagger, short sword, club, sling, shuriken. Expert: knife, quarterstaff, dart, unicorn horn, healing spells.
head oscillates briefly
You just put on a helmet of opposite alignment.
head spins
You head spins as something blocks the spell. This is from trying to cast magic mapping on a level which is flagged as no map.
  1. The following creatures are headless (M1_NOHEAD) and therefore IMMUNE to the brainsuck (memory drain) attack of a flayer ('You seem unharmed'), as w
  2. All b, e, j, m, t, v, y, F, P; elementals (all E but stalkers); Juiblex
  3. Note that, for polyselfing, MOST headless monsters have no eyes (floating eyes are an obvious exception) and cannot see, so you'll want to have telepathy already.
  1. The Healer is a very difficult class to play, since the gentle arts of medicine are not conducive to survival in the Dungeons of Doom. Healers are neutral, and may achieve Expert skill in knives (but only Skilled in daggers), quarterstaves, darts and unicorn horns.
  2. Healers start out with poison resistance and a spellbook of stone to flesh, so starving is not a problem once you get to Exp:3. They get intrinsic warning at Exp:15.
  3. Stronger than a tourist in the early game, but their lack of #twoweapon skill makes them weaker in the mid and end game.
  4. Healers will start out with 1001 to 2000 zorkmids, a scalpel, +1 leather gloves, 5 to 10 apples, wand of sleep, spellbooks of healing, extra healing and stone to flesh, a stethoscope, and a low (4%) chance of an oil lamp.
  5. Healer rank titles: Rhizotomist (xplvl 1-2), Empiric (3-5), Embalmer (6-9), Dresser (10-13), Medicus ossium/Medica ossium (14-17), Herbalist (18-21), Magister/Magistra (22-25), Physician (26-29), Chirurgeon (30)
  6. Intrinsic abilities: 1: Poison res; 15: Warning. Healers may become Expert in healing spells, but are restricted in all other spell schools.
  7. Eaten: healer Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
healer artifact
The Staff of Aesculapius
healer staff
see {staff_of_aesculapius}
  1. Healerscum was a startscumming project. The idea was to get as early a wish as possible. So Eidolos wrote a script that continually creates healers, quaffs their healing potions, and quits if it didn't get a wish.
  2. It worked. Healerscum is sitting with a blessed +3 SDSM on turn ten. If you ask Eidolos, he'll load it up for you. Game #234 is the one that finally made it. A related success did the same for Monks and the Eye of the Aethiopica (which has blast damage)
see {Healing_Spells}
healing spells
  1. In this group (with their levels) are: healing (1), cure blindness (2), cure sickness (3), extra healing (3), stone to flesh (3), restore ability (4)
  2. Expert: Healer, Monk, Priest. Skilled: Knight, Wizard. Basic: Archaeologist, Ranger.
health food store
  1. A type of shop. Sells 70% vegetarian food, 20% fruit juice, 4% healing, 3% full healing, 2% scrolls of food detection, 1% royal jelly.
  2. Introduced in 3.6.
healthy life-style
  1. Just gained a point of Con.
  2. see {You_must_be_leading_a_healthy_life-style}
healthy lifestyle
see {You_must_be_leading_a_healthy_life-style}
hear a door open
  1. A monster with hands has opened a door on this level. On lower level it is probably an 'o' variant.
  2. It could also be a were-foo creature.
A utility to allow NetHack users to share bones files. See []
heart of ahriman
  1. The barbarian quest artifact, a neutral luckstone. It confers stealth while carried, and can be #invoked to toggle levitation.
  2. It also causes 2x damage when slung at monsters. Big whoop.
  3. At the very least, make sure it's kept blessed for the luck bonuses it'll give.
  1. "Thou art early, but we'll admit thee."
  2. All levels less then or equal to -10 are considered to be "heaven"
  3. Don't levelport to those levels unless you want to lose the game.
See Gehennom (both literally and figuratively(all those nasty mazes))
hell hound
  1. Firey d often found in hell. Bites for 3d6 and breathes fire for 3d6.
  2. Eaten: hell hound Nutr: 300 Intrinsic: Fire: 80%
hell hound pup
  1. Firey d often found in hell. Bites for 2d6 and breathes fire for 2d6.
  2. Eaten: hell hound pup Nutr: 200 Intrinsic: Fire: 47%
hello world
Haven't you got anything better to be doing with your time?
There are several objects in the game with the name helm: elven leather helm, orcish helm, dwarvish iron helm, helm of brilliance, helm of opposite alignment, and the helm of telepathy.
helm of brilliance
  1. Unidentified appearance is either the crested, etched, plumed or visored helmet. Adds its enchantment to your intelligence and wisdom when worn.
  2. Does not hinder spellcasting, even though it is made of metal.
  3. Does not help prevent death from brainlessness, for example with a +5 helm of brilliance you will die of brainlessness if your intelligence falls below 8.
  4. As a fortune cookie may tell you, not to be taken lightly.
helm of opposite alignment
Unidentified appearence is either the crested, etched, plumed or visored helmet. When worn, will auto-curse, remove protection and change your alignment. (Your alignment will change back when the helm is removed.)
helm of telepathy
Unidentified appearence is either the crested, etched, plumed or visored helmet. Gives ESP when worn.
helm weight
elven leather helm: 3. orcish helm: 30. dwarvish iron helm: 40. fedora: 3. cornuthaum: 4. dunce cap: 4. dented pot: 10. helmet: 30. helm of brilliance: 50. helm of opposite alignment: 50. helm of telepathy: 50.
  1. The helmet slot can be filled by the fedora, dunce cap (conical hat) and cornuthaum (conical hat) for zero drop in AC if unenchanted. A dented pot, elven leather helm (leather helm), helmet/kabuto, orcish helm (iron skull cap), helm of brilliance, helm of opposite alignment, and helm of telepathy will drop AC by one when unenchanted. A dwarvish iron helm (hard hat) will drop AC by 2 when unenchanted.
  2. The normal helmet, helm of brilliance, helm of opposite alignment, and helm of telepathy share the randomized appearance of plumed, etched, crested, and visored helmets.
  3. The normal helmet drops AC by one and is made of iron - it will rust, and it will hinder spellcasting. It is also known as the kabuto.
  4. The normal helmet costs 10 zorkmids and the other three randomized helmets cost 50. The helm of opposite alignment will self-identify and the helm of telepathy will hinder spellcasting while the helm of brilliance will not.
  5. Beware, however, that wearing a helm of opposite alignment will cause you to lose any divine protection you have accumulated. Oh, and it autocurses itself, too.
  1. Configuration option. If more information is available for an object looked at with the '/' command, ask if you want to see it.
  2. Rodney command help: [] ; for a short list see ?? bot_commands.
  3. These include ways to get high scores, the last time someone played, and even more.
see {while_helpless}
hemmed in
"You feel hemmed in!" A creature you can't see has just summoned help.
hentai conduct
Ascend naked wielding a blessed greased carrot and with a pet kraken. Bonus points if the kraken is leashed. Optionally, wear only a pair of high boots.
The AceHack equivalent of Elbereth (Elbereth is removed in Ace, but heptagrams do exactly the same thing). You can dust a heptagram easily by pressing ".".
The neutral god of Healers.
See Heterological.
  1. You can beat it.
  2. Common demon; looks somewhat like a malformed toad with arms in place of forelegs, but not as tall as a vrock. According to AD&D, hezrou can cause fear, levitate, detect invisible objects, and gate in other hezrou.
high-pitched humming
see {whistle}
high boots
Leather boots that drop AC by 2 and have the unidentified appearance of 'jackboots'.
high priest
  1. These are the priests that monitor the endgame altars, they do W4d10 2d8 M2d8+ M2d8+ damage, where W is their weapon and + is a spell, and they move with speed of 25, which is the equivalent of "very fast". Do not piss these guys off.
  2. Eaten: high priest Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
high whistling sound
Tin whistle, uncursed.
hiking boots
Either the unidentified elven, kicking, fumble, levitation, jumping, speed or water walking boots.
hilite pet
Configuration option. Visually distinguish pets from similar animals.
hill giant
Eaten: hill giant Nutr: 700 Effects: Strength
hill orc
  1. There's nothing special about these guys, they're weak and edible
  2. They like to attack in groups.
  3. Eaten: hill orc Nutr: 200
hilted polearm
see {ranseur}
  1. The healer quest leader.
  2. Eaten: Hippocrates Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
hissing gas
Someone just melted ice with a source of fire.
historic statue
  1. -1 alignment for breaking these as an archeologist.
  2. Medusa's statue of Perseus, the gnome king statue in the "Grotto Town" variant of Minetown, and the Oracle's centaur statues are all historic.
  3. -1 alignment for casting stone-to-flesh on the statue as archaeologist.
  4. stoning a unique monster (e.g. Medusa) turns it into a historic statue.
hit points
see {hp}
see {heart_of_ahriman}
see {helm of brilliance}
  1. a humanoid monster, speed 9, AC 10, 1d6 melee damage, can use weapons, will use projectiles. Sometimes wears an elven mithril-coat. Usually peaceful for lawful characters.
  2. Eaten: hobbit Nutr: 200
  1. Difficulty 3, speed 9, does 1d4 damage.
  2. Will be placed in throne rooms.
  3. Eaten: hobgoblin Nutr: 200
Using a cursed scroll of destroy armor on a cursed helm of brilliance or a cursed pair of gauntlets of dexterity reduces the enchantment of the piece of armor without altering the stats; after removing the piece of armor, stats are permanently increased.
Item prefix meaning the same as blessed. You can wish for an object to be holy to produce the same effect as asking for it to be blessed.
holy war
Please refrain from it. Thank you.
holy water
  1. Blessed water. #dip items in holy water to bless them, or uncurse them if cursed. Holy water is created by placing water on a coaligned altar and praying (when possible to successfully pray). #dip'd stacks of items only require one holy water to bless the whole stack, so you can create more potions of holy water by dipping a stack ordinary potions of water in one..
  2. Quaffing a potion of holy water will cure lycanthropy, but be careful, it will also do 2d6 damage and abuse constitution if chaotic.
  3. Confused blessed remove curse has a 25% chance to curse, and a 25% chance to bless, uncursed objects in your inventory, including uncursed water.
  4. To make holy or unholy water, 1) Name a stack of water and drop it. 2) Pick up one (using 'n1,'), rename, and repeat until you have about 8 or so. 3) Drop all other uncursed items ('D -> U'). 4) Confuse yourself and read a blessed ?RC.
  5. If you are confronted by a lycanthrope in the early game, thrown or wielded holy water can kill them quickly. Especially useful as a cornered priest.
  6. []
Ever try mixing acid and water?
  1. Attempted pluralization is futile. The homunculus corpse is poisonous, but the animal itself isn't terribly difficult to kill even for early adventurers.
  2. It's "Homunculi", they are minor demons and have a bite that can put you to sleep.
  3. Has a very small chance of giving poison resistance and a very small chance of giving sleep resistance.
  4. It is ITSELF poisonous though so it's a pretty awful way to pick it up unless you have extrinsic poison resistance.
  5. Eaten: homunculus Nutr: 100 Effects: Poisonous Intrinsic: Sleep: 7%, Poison: 7%
see {Helm of Opposite Alignment}
hooded cloak
see {dwarvish cloak}
hooked polearm
see {bill-guisarme}
hopeful feeling
  1. See also {feeling of reconciliation}.
  2. Your sacrifice reduced the prayer timeout but not to zero; it is not necessarily safe to pray yet.
Either a tooled horn (base cost 15 zorkmids), or a frost horn, fire horn, or horn of plenty (all 50 zorkmids). All but the horn of plenty can be used for the Castle drawbridge.
horn of fire
see {fire horn}
horn of plenty
  1. Created with 1 to 20 charges. May contain maximum 50 charges. Produces food or a potion of water, fruit juice, booze, acid, sickness or oil. Item blessing depends on the blessed/uncursed/cursed status of the horn.
  2. CANNOT be used to play the castle passtune.
horned devil
  1. Speed 9, AC -5, magic resistance 50%, fire and poison resistant, does melee damage with weapon for 1d4, claws for 1d4, bites for 2d3 and stings for 1d3.
  2. Lawful demon, making random generation impossible in Gehennom, so these are never randomly generated. May be summoned by other lawful demons, and are also found in the sanctum, Baalzebub's lair, and Asmodeus' lair.
  1. Level 5, difficulty 7, speed 20, AC 5. Not quite as good (as a pet) or bad (as an enemy) as a warhorse.
  2. Eaten: horse Nutr: 300
Configuration option. Name your starting horse (ex. "horsename:Trigger"). Cannot be set in-game.
hot air
see {you_feel_full_of_hot_air}
hot nethack guys
  1. These people don't exist, although mucknert can do a reasonable parody if pushed
  2. Although the variants guys are said to be really hot.
  1. Speed 16, AC 5, bites for 1d6 damage. Eating its corpse gives you aggravate monster intrinsic, unless you're exempt from cannibalism.
  2. Eaten: housecat Nutr: 200 Effects: Aggravate
how darest thou desecrate my altar
You attempted to engrave on an altar. -1 Wisdom if coaligned, -1 luck if not.
how not to die
  1. Never quaff from a sink or fountain
  2. Never use crap which you haven't made sure isn't cursed
  3. Never attack shop keepers
how to annoy people in one easy step
  1. Like the time I needed a new heel for my shoe, so I decided to go to Morganville, which is what they called Shelbyville in those days. So I tied an onion to my belt, as was the style at the time. Now, to take the ferry cost a nickel and in those days nickels had pictures of bumblebees on them; "Give me five bees for a quarter!" you'd say.
  2. Just behave like KimmoKM. This is the easiest way to annoy people.
  3. Now, where were we? Oh, yeah. The important thing was that I had an onion tied to my belt, as was the style at the time. They didn't have white onions, because of the war, all you could get was those big yellow ones...
  4. It's even better if the definitions with the ?> command is large, like this one. Of course, this message certainly isn't to be used for such purposes, and was made longer for other reasons, like.... uh.... um..... well.... you see.... Oh, forget it.
  5. But the yellow ones stank so much, we had to put those clothespins over our noses when we went into town. 'course, that didn't help the eyes, but you were crying anyways because of all these people with clothespins on their noses. But I was laughing so hard I went right by the shoestore, which in the old days was called a footstore. We often called it Footsore because the boots were so awful.
  6. Come in here and don't read the friggin' topic.
how to ascend
  1. Start as a dwarf valkyrie, enter the mines, get a mithril-coat, get to minetown and wish for sdsm if you can, get candles, go back to the main dungeon and go to the Oracle, make Excalibur when you're level 7, do sokoban, go to the castle,
  2. get the wand of wishing and wish for charging, silver dragon scale mail, Sceptre of Might if you can and want to artiwish, otherwise cloak of magic resistance, speed boots, ring of levitation, and markers, enchant your armor and weapon, get gloves from the barracks, go back and do the quest, exit the quest and levelport to the valley of the dead, map gehennom,
  3. do gehennom, kill Vlad and get the candelabrum, find the vibrating square, kill Rodney and get the book of the dead, do the invocation, activate conflict if you have the sceptre or the appropriate ring, go down, get the Amulet of Yendor, go back up, do the planes, on Astral go to the non-Death altars, and if you get the chaotic one wish for a helm of opposite alignment, ascend.
  4. It's easy!
how to ascend exploremode edition
Play in explore mode.
how to confuse yourself
see {how to get confused}
how to get girls
Reverse genocide nurses
how to play like ais523
  1. Ignore all potions that you haven't seen a monster ID, initially all scrolls (wish-ID charging and enchant weapon/armor), don't bother with a bag of holding (use a sack), don't bother with reflection unless you find it early, if you can get the OoF do so regardless of character, use conflict for Astral, use clairvoyance for Gehennom
  2. ais523 does not claim that this is a /good/ strategy, but nonetheless uses it
how to speedrun
see {how_to_ascend}
how to win
see {how_to_ascend}
A werecreature is around.
  1. Hit Points. If these go to zero, you're dead.
  2. Unless you're polymorphed into a monster, and don't have unchanging, in which case you'll regain your original form.
  3. for starting hp and hp gain per level, see []
  1. Hitpoints color monitor patch for 3.4.3 is up at []
  2. It will change the color of your hitpoints depending on how many are remaining. Superseded (on NAO) by the introduction of the statuscolors patch.
High Priest of Moloch
Command !hsn for Rodney, which displays high score a player. Stands for "high score...noodle".
hsp priceid
  1. Current version at []
  2. Javascript only (thus offline) version of a nethack helper.. including price id, help for alchemy and spellbook learning probabilites.
  3. More accurate than clippy when it comes to identification using the shopkeeper's price, especially for Tourists.
  4. For bug reports (including used browser, OS, version, error message and line number) as well as _constructive_ criticism please message HiSPeed.
"Holy Shit Real Thing!", also known as the -real- Amulet of Yendor.
huge chunk of meat
Weight 400, nutrition 2000. What happens when you stone-flesh a boulder.
The chaotic god of the Archeologist pantheon.
  1. You're probably one, you know.
  2. Basic player race in NetHack; completely unremarkable in this respect. Appear as @, and many monsters are human.
  3. The plain "human" is not generated randomly, but you can get one with a wand of undead turning and a human corpse.
  4. Keystone Kops also count as human, so don't eat them if you're human.
  5. Eaten: human Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
see {nutrition}
hungerless casting
The following applies only to Wizards. An intelligence of 17 or better will grant hungerless casting. An intelligence of 16 quarters hunger cost. An intelligence of 15 halves hunger cost. Any lower and you receive no reduction.
hungerless spellcasting
see {hungerless_casting}
see {nutrition}
hunt the wumpus
  1. An older Unix text-based game, in which you try to kill a wumpus while avoiding pits and bats. The ranger quest has a tip-of-the-hat to hunt the wumpus.
  2. see {wumpus}
Eaten: hunter Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
  1. The sound of an orc failing an intelligence/wisdom roll. Often stated when something obvious is missed.
  2. The sound of one grunt splatting.
see {holy water}
  1. Command: 'i' List your inventory (everything you're carrying).
  2. Command: 'I' List selected parts of your inventory. I* lists all gems, Iu lists all unpaid items, Ix is all used-up items on your shopping bill and I$ counts your money.
  3. Monster: 'i' Manes, imps, lemures, quasits, tengus, and the hard-to-pluralize homunculus.
  4. Monster: 'I' A monster that you felt but did not see. May or may not still be there anymore.
  5. Command: 'Meta-i' Same as '#invoke'.
  6. It's 'homunculi.'
  1. <I3rian> I tend to be the best video gamer I know. I believe it's only a matter of time
  2. I3rian is the foschizzle!
  3. Believe everything you read?
i bestow upon thee a blessing
The blessing is 500-1000 turns of clairvoyance.
  1. ...IS NOT A ROBOT
  2. least that's what he'd like us to think.
Don't ask.
  1. Configuration option. Use IBM extended characters. Won't work for all terminals.
  2. If you use XTerm/RXVT/aterm/Eterm/etc. to play NetHack through NAO, and can't seem to get IBMgraphics to display correctly, check out [] for a 13-pt fixed-width Lucida font that (supposedly) works with DEC/IBM/whatever, and looks cool.
  3. To prepare - decompress the file ($ bunzip2 lutRS13-ascii.bdf.bz2), then use bdftopcf to compile the font ($ bdftopcf lutRS13-ascii.bdf > lutRS13-ascii.pcf), then gzip the resulting file ($ gzip lutRS13-ascii.pcf).
  4. To install - copy the gzipped, compiled PCF file into any font path specified in your XF86Config or xorg.conf file. I use /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/local/. Then cd to that path and use mkfontdir (# mkfontdir) to regenerate the path's fonts.dir listing, then use xset ($ xset fp rehash) to have X look for new fonts. (You could also restart X, but, meh.)
  5. To use - tell your favorite terminal emulator to use the font -b&h-lucidatypewriter-medium-r-normal-sans-13-125-75-75-m-80-ascii-0 (on many systems -*-lucidatypewriter-medium-*-*-*-13-*-*-*-*-*-ascii-0 will be enough). Most of these accept a command-line argument of -fn; for something more permanent, add an entry to .Xresources like Aterm*font: -*-lucida...
  6. Report any bugs, occurences of artifacts (annoying pixels that remain after redraws) or general ideas (I plan, for example, to round the corners off eventually) to
  7. If you use Windows, use PuTTY as a telnet client (google for it). Type in '' under 'Host Name (or IP address)' and check 'Telnet', then hit 'Open' to connect. To have PuTTY translate IBMgraphics characters correctly, tell it to use code page 437 (on the left side, under Window -> Translation, change 'Use font encoding' to 'CP437'). You can save these settings by going back to 'Session', clicking 'Default Settings' and hi
  8. In Konsole it's Settings -> Encoding -> Western European ( ibm850 ) -- make sure you also "Save as Default"
ice box
  1. Heavy container (weighs 900 units or 90 daggers) that stops corpses from rotting. Usually generated with heavy corpses.
  2. If you find one with a corpse inside, be sure to check the corpse for useful intrinsics.
  3. Very handy to have next to an altar. Store up the kills so you can sacrifice what you want when you want.
  4. Ice boxes can be engulfed by gelatinous cubes, but the contents are unharmed. This makes them extremely useful for stashes, as monsters don't loot containers.
ice devil
Level 11, speed 6, AC -4. Both fire *and* cold resistant.
ice troll
Eaten: ice troll Nutr: 300 Intrinsic: Cold: 60%
ice vortex
Level 6 AC 2 engulfs and does 1d6 cold damage.
see {ice box}
Interactive Chat Kollaboration of Yendor.
see {PEBKAC}
id spoiler
  1. guide to identify objects [] (SPOILER!)
  2. Newer version (with confusing prices table though) on []
  1. Ideas is now closed.
  2. In the meantime, ideas can go directly to RGRN: []
Default barbarian dogname.
identification spoiler
see {ID_spoiler}
  1. You can identify items by reading a scroll of identify (best blessed), casting identify -spell, or #sitting on a throne. (small chance)
  2. Scrolls of identify are easy to price-ID in shops, as they are the cheapest scroll.
  3. Blessed scroll has a 1/5 chance of IDing 1, 2, 3, 4, or all items. Positive luck guarantees at least 2. Uncursed has a 21/25 chance of IDing one item, and a 1/25 chance of each 2, 3, 4, and all items. Cursed only IDs one item.
  4. You can also ID by price. See ??Clippy and tabs-343.txt.
  5. An identify scroll that identifies all items will not identify items in a container.
See nethack_helper
Configuration option. Ignore interrupt signals, including breaks.
ignoring you
see {#invoke}
  1. A small member of the lizard family.
  2. Slightly nastier than a newt. No special attacks, corpse does nothing other than feed you, quite boring really.
  3. Eaten: iguana Nutr: 30
see {interhack}
if i recall correctly
Don't take his advice on shkps please.
see {illiterate}
  1. The first hit that makes you Ill will give you 20 turns to live, plus a random number between 0 and your CON.
  2. All subsequent hits will reduce that time to 1/3 of its current value, plus one turn.
  3. The practical upshot of all this is that the worst possible progression is 20 -> 8 -> 4... and so on, so you need to kill whatever's making you sick before it hits you a 3rd time.
illegal move
If you are a knight, and attempt to jump to a location you cannot, it will say, "Illegal move!" Probably a pun on chess.
  1. This conduct requires you to not read or write any spellbooks and scrolls, eat or read any fortune cookies while not blind, read any T-shirts, or engrave anything besides a SINGLE x or X. Engraving "xxxx" will break the conduct, for example.
  2. Naming or calling items and reading gravestones and engravings will not break illiterate (that would be a bit harsh). Reading the Book of the Dead for the invocation does not break the conduct either.
  3. Scrolls of mail don't break the illiterate conduct, although they used to in 3.4.3 (bug C343-320).
see {mind flayer}
illustrated nethack
Images of many NetHack monsters: []
  1. Small demon that can regenerate itself. It neither has, nor confers any resistances.
  2. It claws for 1d4 damage and will randomly taunt you.
  3. AC: 2, MR: 20%, base experience: 32.
  4. Eaten: imp Nutr: 10
Another word for "Dead".
imperious order
What kills you when you genocide yourself on a throne. So, don't. Since it's uncursed, the only likely way to screw this up accidentally is to genocide master liches or master mind flayers while a monk and slip up. It sees master, sees that monks have the title 'Master' at some point then genocides you.
Another word for "Dead".
increase damage
A way you can determine your intrinsic damage bonus is to use a means of probing a monster's health, hitting that monster with a non-weapon item (like a comestible) and subtracting 1 + your strength damage bonus from the total damage. The strength damage bonus is 3-5 = -1; 6-15 = 0; 16-17 = 1; 18 = 2; 18/01-18/75 = 3; 18/76-18/90 = 4; 18/91-18/99 = 5; 18/100 or higher = 6.
plural of incubus
see {foocubus}
see {Thou shalt pay for thy indiscretion}
  1. Infravision is the ability to see heat sources through darkness.
  2. Every starting race except human has this, plus a countless list of monsters.
scroll charges: mail:2, amnesia:8, earth:8, fire:8, food detection:8, gold detection:8, light:8, magic mapping:8, create monster:10, destroy armor:10, punishment:10, confuse monster:12, identify:14, charging:16, enchant armor:16, enchant weapon:16, remove curse:16, scare monster:20, stinking cloud:20, taming:20, teleportation:20, genocide:30
insect farming
see {ant_farming}
see {instakill}
  1. Instantaneous death. Very frustrating.
  2. Examples: killer bee attack while not poison resistant, zapped wand of death while not magic resistant, footrice touching.
instructional ttyrec
some compiled here, by Jove. []
see {intelligence}
  1. Intelligence (In:) influences frequency of power regeneration (wisdom influences the amount instead), ability to successfully read spellbooks, cast spells, and use crystal balls. Also influences the amount of hunger induced as a result of casting, but only for Wizards.
  2. Racial limits: Elf=20, gnome=19, human=18, orc & dwarf = 16. Helm of brilliance adds its enchantment to intelligence (and wisdom), and can override racial limit.
  3. Along with Charisma, intelligence cannot be exercised, but instead can only be increased with blessed potions of enlightenment, potions of gain ability or helm of brilliance, or by eating a [master] mind flayer corpse (50% chance).
  4. Wisdom rather than Intelligence governs spellcasting success for Healers, Knights, Monks, Priests, and Valkyries.
"Interesting..." - means nothing interesting happened; gotta love NetHack's sense of humor. You probably dipped a blessed item into holy water, a cursed item into unholy water, a unihorn into a potion that doesn't clear (and isn't polymorph), etc.
  1. [] (#interhack on freenode) - the NetHack enhancement layer, runs on NAO, devnull, SporkHack, and any other game server!!
  2. Features: arbitrarily color messages/items, statuscolors, view maps of any levels you've visited, built-in price ID, automatic termcast, and more
  3. It is no longer in development and is somewhat difficult to get running sometimes, but if you want have fun with it.
see {property}
  1. Possible intrinsics are: aggravate monster, cold resistance, disintegration resistance, fire resistance, invisibility, lycanthropy, polymorph control, poison resistance, protection, searching, see invisible, shock resistance, speed, stealth, telepathy, teleport control, teleportitis, and warning.
  2. For information on what corpses convey what intrinsics, and the chances of such, see: []
see {invisible}
  1. While the player is invisible, monsters suffer a -2 to hit penalty and may attack empty spaces
  2. A unicorn will not teleport away from an invisible player. Thus a coaligned unicorn may be approached and offered a gem.
  3. Eating a stalker corpse while invisible will grant you see invisible intrinsically and make you permanently invisible.
  4. An invisible player will be prevented from entering shops by the shopkeeper ("Invisible customers are not welcome!"). This can be circumvented by wearing a mummy wrapping, which will render you visible while you are wearing it. You may also #jump to a tile within the shop.
  5. Do not expect a knight's intrinsic #jump to leap over the shopkeeper blocking the doorway, however. You have to leap at a 45-degree angle diagonally from the doorway.
invisible black light
see {black_light}
invisible stalker
see {stalker}
  1. To get to Moloch's Sanctum, you have to perform this. You'll need The Candelabrum of Invocation (plus 7 candles), The Bell of Opening and The Book of Dead.
  2. The normal procedure is to get the Bell of Opening and Candelabrum, find the vibrating square, make sure you are ready to ascend, whack the wizard, then perform the invocation.
  3. The exact procedure is to stand on the vibrating square, light the Candelabrum (7 candles must be attached), ring the Bell (these first two may be done in any order), and read the Book. Sascha Wostmann's guide to remembering is: 1) Make some light to read by. 2) Ring the bell to get the attention of the audience. 3) Read the book to them.
  4. All of the items must be non-cursed; the Bell must have charges.
see {#invoke}
  1. The state of successful prayer, this is supposed to make you completely invulnerable; monsters will not attack you and timeouts are paused.
  2. A few things are still able to hurt/kill you, though this is a bug; among them are stinking clouds, psychic blasts, gas spore explosions and monster-triggered traps.
  1. A "high-tech ttyrec player"; ipbt allows you to rewind, and go directly to specific frames, and so on.
  2. Only downside is ipbt requires a lot of preprocessing time for a ttyrec, so it's handy to keep an ordinary ttyrec player (like jilles' playttyrec) around as well.
  3. Download it at [] (it's written by the same guy who made PuTTY!)
A robin account created on for #nethack on freenode, but of course, usable by others
iron ball
see {punishment}
iron bars
You can fire through them but can't walk through them.
iron chain
  1. Almost the most useless item in the game (You can feed them to metallivores). They can't be polypiled into a more useful item. They are dropped by iron golems and can be created by punishment (via scroll or angry god).
  2. Is sometimes used to mark the location of the "vibrating square".
  3. Base price 0zm, weight 120
iron golem
  1. One of the harder Golems. This one can breathe poison, much like a dragon's breath attack.
  2. AC: 3 MR:60%. Hits for 4d10. Breathe damages dexterity.
  3. Healed by wands/spells of lightning or fire. Susceptible to rust traps/monsters.
iron hook
see {grappling hook}
iron piercer
  1. Speed 1, attack 3d6. Rarely a threat.
  2. Eaten: iron piercer Nutr: 300
iron ring
An unidentified ring. *CAN* be eaten by rock moles, rust monsters, and xorns.
iron shoes
  1. Iron boots that drop AC by 2 and have the unidentified appearance of 'hard shoes'. A common armor for many players in the early game.
  2. Just like all other metal stuff, inhibits casting.
iron skull cap
see {orcish helm}
The neutral goddess of the Caveman class.
The lawful god of the rogue's pantheon.
it's dead jim
You just applied a stethoscope to a corpse, while hallucinating.
it develops a huge set of teeth and bites you!
  1. You tried to loot a bag of tricks. Identify it next time.
  2. Consider yourself lucky. You just narrowly escaped becoming trapped within the bag with the other monsters. It opens only from the outside.
it explodes!
  1. An undetected exploding monster exploded; most likely an (intrinsically invisible) black light, but possibly a yellow light or <foo> sphere; never a gas spore as those have a different message.
  2. Common part of YAFMs, to such extent that some people don't even consider it funny anymore.
it feels rather humid down here
You have entered a swamp room while blind.
it is about time
  1. The RNG's favorite way of saying "screw you."
  2. A genie was released! But he had somewhere to go, see you later! Or not.
it looks rather muddy down here.
You have entered a swamp level.
  1. There is a cool player in your channel
  2. Known to be inhospitibly bored on occasion.
  3. There is no apostrophe. Remember that, for it may be important in the future.
  4. remember, kids: itsblah sez "l33t i5 l4m3!!!eleventy!#"
  5. Never ever sleeps. Ever. You will never catch him asleep.
ivory ring
An unidentified ring. Cannot be eaten by any monster.
  1. The Knight quest nemesis, a dragon.
  2. He casts spells and can curse your inventory. Luckily, he can be cancelled.
  3. Eaten: Ixoth Nutr: 1600 Intrinsic: Fire: 100%
  1. The lighting shop owner in Minetown, always generated. He is generally left alive, even during minetown clearings, out of respect for the late professor Izchak Miller (one of the founding DevTeam members, and responsible for much of the shopkeeper logic), for whom he is named. There is no technical reason, but killing him is considered very bad form among some NetHack players.
  2. Also a bot on IRCNet #NetHack, announcing deaths on fishpool public nethack server.
  3. One of the reasons we love him is because he sells us magic lamps.
  4. Izchak will happily sell you at least one magic lamp in roughly 20.6% of games.
  5. Chatting to him in minetown might give advice just like Oracle, but for free.
  1. Command: 'j' Either moves down or, if you have rejected the one-true-path-of-vi-movement-keys, will jump (same as #jump or Meta-j).
  2. Command: 'J' Move down until you hit a wall or something (vi keys on).
  3. Monster: 'j' Jellies. Blue, spotted, and ochre.
  4. Monster: 'J' Jabberwocks. Only jabberwocks. Because jabberwocks are special.
  5. Command: 'Meta-j' Same as '#jump'.
  1. Speed 12, AC -2, magic resistance 50%, flies, does melee damage for 2d10 + 2d10 + 2d10 + 2d10.
  2. Vorpy takes care of them with ease.
  3. Context: []
  4. Eaten: jabberwock Nutr: 600
  1. A rare hard orange gem worth 3250 zorkmids.
  2. In the main dungeon, jacinths usually won't be seen above dungeon level 19.
  1. A weak creature that rarely presents a threat. Can be found on the upper dungeon levels. Does 1d2 damage.
  2. Its corpse is nonpoisonous, provides 250 turns worth of nutrition and does not grant any intrinsics.
  3. Eaten: jackal Nutr: 250
see {high boots}
A soft green gem worth 300 zorkmids.
jade ring
An unidentified ring. Cannot be eaten by any monster.
  1. Creator of the "confirm hitting floating eyes" patch.
  2. Arguably the greatest troll of all time.
  1. Speed 15, AC 6, claws 1d4 + 1d4 and bites for 1d8.
  2. Eaten: jaguar Nutr: 300
A soft red gem worth 500 zorkmids.
Thrown spear which does 1d6 dmg vs small and large. Cost 3 Weight 20
jello mold
An advanced pudding farming technique, where the player leaves as many holes in sokoban as possible, then pudding farms on an upper level, and lets the puddings fall through the holes to fill multiple levels.
Eaten: jellyfish Nutr: 20 Effects: Poisonous Intrinsic: Poison: 20%
Top contender in the race for most deaths with least total score.
A soft black gem worth 850 zorkmids.
cross-platform Java GUI ttyrec player: []
A shop. Sells and buys rings, gems and amulets.
  1. Part of the dgamelaunch development cabal.
  2. NetHack homepage: []
  3. Besides being an incredible NetHack Player, he also knows the source by heart. There is no question he can't answer.
  4. Ascensions: more than 30
  1. []
  2. []
  3. JNetHack is Japanized NetHack, with all messages in NetHack translated to Japanese.
john harris
The author of the @Play column about roguelike gaming. []
jonah was here
  1. 'What would you write? "Jonah was here"?'
  2. You attempted to (E)ngrave while engulfed by a (non-whirly?) monster.
  3. []
Plays as Cid on NAO. Has promising games ruined by YASDs on a regular basis. The "JoshJ" account is his DfV account.
  1. One of the NetHack debian package maintainers.
  2. Part of the dgamelaunch development cabal.
A less common misspelling for Juiblex than Jubilex.
see {juiblex}
  1. One of the guaranteed demon lords found in Gehennom. He'll swallow and sicken you, so be prepared to either /oDig your way out (reduces him to 1hp), kill him, then cure yourself (holy water or blessed unihorn), or just wail on him from inside and then cure yourself.
  2. The only monster which you can just kill once; he is stoning resistant and doesn't leave a corpse. You may give him a "oLS and slow/haste him to make him put it on, but it will still count as only one kill.
  3. Flies, floats, flows under doors, amphibious, headless, sees invisible, acidic and poisonous if eaten.
  4. Attempts at pluralization are futile. (Juiblexen?)
  5. Juiblex only causes illness when he engulfs you or when he teleports to the stairs.
A method of leaving Gehennom quickly. Wait for Juiblex to engulf, unihorn, hit him so he teleports to < to heal, dig out, go < with him following, repeat
see {#jump}
see {#jump}
jumping boots
These leather boots drop AC by one and allow jumping via the #jump command. Their unidentified appearance is random - see boots.
  1. THE GREATEST TOURNEY OF THEM ALL. Next time 1.6.2017 - 30.6.2017
  2. []
jungle boots
Either the unidentified elven, kicking, fumble, levitation, jumping, speed or water walking boots.
  1. Command: 'k' Move up if you have embraced the one-true-path-of-vi-movement-keys. For heretics, k will kick something (same as ^D).
  2. Command: 'K' Move up until you hit a wall or something (vi keys on).
  3. Monster: 'k' Poisonous, icky kobolds. In addition to the plain kobold, there are large kobolds, kobold lords, and kobold shamans.
  4. Monster: 'K' Keystone Kops, Kop Sergeants, Kop Lieutenants, and Kop Kaptains. Warning: Corpses count as human.
Food. Weight: 10. Nutrition: 400. Takes 1 turn to consume. Does not break vegan conduct.
kaablamm!_ you hear an explosion in the distance!
A monster had exploded a landmine.
  1. You just got paralyzed by lightning in a thunderstorm in the Plane of Air
  2. Your ring of free action did not protect you!
see {Kaboom}
Japanese helmet.
kadoom!_the boulder falls in!
You made a hole in a tile with a boulder, and the boulder instantly filled the hole. No items/monsters on the square had a chance to fall through.
see {master_kaen}
  1. Like a long sword, only better. Costs 80 zorkmids, weighs 40, and is made of iron, which means it can rust. Its unidentified appearance is "samurai sword". Deals d10 damage to small creatures and d12 damage to large ones.
  2. Dipping a katana will never create Excalibur, just a thoroughly rusty katana. So don't try it!
see {kebabable}
  1. Monsters you gain a +2 to-hit bonus against when using a spear or javelin.
  2. These monsters include (and are limited to): XDJNH (Xorns, Dragons, Jabberwocks, Nagas, Giants, Titans and Minotaurs)
see {kelp_frond}
kelp frond
  1. A type of food that is only generated in water. There is nothing really special about it. Nutrition 30, weight 1.
  2. It's veggy.
see {troll}
An unidentified skeleton key. See {unlocking_tools}.
keystone kop
  1. see {keystone_kops}
  2. Eaten: Keystone Kop Nutr: 200 Effects: Human
keystone kops
see {kops}
  1. An angelic being, with speed 18, AC -5, MR 90%, does 2d4 + 2d4 + 3d6 damage and casts magic spells for 2d6.
  2. Makes a great steed, since it flies, moves very fast, can use a unihorn, can wear amulets, and equip armor besides body armor and cloaks.
kicking a wall
  1. Kicking a wall will cause d5 damage if the character's constitution is less than 16. Only d3 damage is inflicted if the characters constitution is greater than 15.
  2. Perhaps the only profitable exerice of this action would be to lower one's hit points 1/7 of one's maximum hit points, or below 6 total hit points, which would restore one's hit points fully with a successful #pray'er.
kicking an altar
Kicking an altar can incur the wrath of the owning God, lowering your luck by one.
kicking boots
Iron boots that drop AC by 1, gives additional damage to kicking, and provides martial arts bonuses. Their unidentified appearance is random - see boots.
killed by a soldier ant
A very common death.
killed by a wand
"Killed by a wand" always means it was a wand of striking.
killed by an exploding rune
see {reading spells}
killed by an unsuccessful polymorph
  1. "Your new form doesn't seem healthy enough to survive..."
  2. Oops, your polymorph dropped your HP or maxHP below 0.
killed by touching the edge of the universe
  1. A currently impossible death included in dothrow.c.
  2. In order to get this death, you must attempt to pass through a no-dig non-wall partition.
killer bee
  1. Its corpse is poisonous but can grant poison resistance when eaten (30%).
  2. They come in swarms and appear en masse in beehives.
  3. If you feel that you can't quite handle the situation - never go for luck. They always win... Those bastards.
  4. Luckily, they respect Elbereth.
  5. Eaten: killer bee Nutr: 5 Effects: Poisonous Intrinsic: Poison: 30%
  6. Difficulty 5, stings for 1d3, AC -1.
killing pets
see {you_hear_the_rumble_of_distant_thunder}
king arthur
  1. The knight quest leader.
  2. Eaten: King Arthur Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
kitchen sink
  1. You can quaff from it, kick it, drop a ring in it or dig down on it.
  2. Levitating or flying over it will cause you to drop on it (dealing d8 + 24 - con damage), and thrown objects will stop on the sink.
  3. Quaffing from or kicking sinks is dangerous for early characters.
  4. Kicking a sink can create a black pudding, a foocubus (of opposite gender if you're humanoid), or a ring. You can only get one of each per sink.
  5. Falling onto a sink while levitating will cause you to stop levitating, and it will take off any items that are causing you to levitate (even if cursed). Certain levitating monsters will not fall (floating eye).
  6. Drinking from a sink can polymorph you.
  7. Dropping a ring on a sink will cause it to vanish 95% of the time and give a unique message you can identify it with. (Searching and slow digestion will always survive this trip)
  8. See also: []
  1. Speed 18, AC 6, bites for 1d6 damage. Eating its corpse gives you aggravate monster intrinsic, unless you're exempt from cannibalism.
  2. For some reason, you can tame them with fortune cookies and pancakes, or a quickly thrown corpse in a pinch.
  3. Eaten: kitten Nutr: 150 Effects: Aggravate
klein bottle
  1. A bottle with only one side that contains itself.
  2. <[]
Sound you hear when you use a wand of locking on a large box/chest
see {knight}
kni skills
Basic: dagger, knife, pickaxe, scimitar, club, flail, hammer, trident, bow. Skilled: axe, short sword, broad sword, two handed sword, saber, mace, morning star, polearms, spear, javelin, crossbow, attack spells, healing spells, cleric spells, two weapon combat. Expert: long sword, lance, riding, bare handed combat.
  1. Honorable, charismatic, meat in a can. Can also jump like the chess piece.
  2. Salutations! The Knight is a lawful human warrior, who can achieve Expert skill in long swords, lances, riding and bare-handed combat (and can become Skilled with two weapons). They're lawful and they start with a long sword, so #dipping for Excalibur is highly recommended.
  3. Knight rank titles: Gallant (xplvl 1-2), Esquire (3-5), Bachelor (6-9), Sergeant (10-13), Knight (14-17), Banneret (18-21), Chevalier/Chevaliere (22-25), Seignieur/Dame (26-29), Paladin (30)
  4. They also have the ability to turn undead, just like a priest.
  5. Intrinsic abilities: 7: Speed.
  6. Knights have a huge advantage during full moons: the +1 luck effectively eliminates the chance of lance-breakage during jousting. (.4% per hit to .008% per hit)
  7. Knights may become specialized in any of the following magics: Attack, Healing, Clerical
  8. There's a Knight FAQ at [] - it covers knight stuff, jousting, jumping, and more.
  9. Eaten: knight Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
knight artifact
The Magic Mirror of Merlin
knight faq
[] - under construction!
Level 1 matter spell. The same as a wand of opening.
  1. Kobold, Large kobold, Kobold lord and Kobold shaman. Low-level weak monsters. Their corpses are poisonous.
  2. Eaten: kobold Nutr: 100 Effects: Poisonous
kobold lord
Eaten: kobold lord Nutr: 200 Effects: Poisonous
kobold shaman
  1. A type of kobold that enjoys pointing at things and cursing at them. Their corpses are poisonous.
  2. Eaten: kobold shaman Nutr: 150 Effects: Poisonous
  1. Kingdom of Loathing
  2. A browser-based mmorpg that totally rips off ascension, ascension tricks and conducts, and bad graphics from NetHack, but is otherwise completely dissimilar.
  3. It used to be part of a /dev/null tournament challenge, but because of changes in the code, that had to be disabled.
  1. A bit-higher-than-mediocre nethack player.
  2. Ascensions in chronological order: Wiz Sam Rog Kni Hea
kop kaptain
Eaten: Kop Kaptain Nutr: 200 Effects: Human
kop lieutenant
Eaten: Kop Lieutenant Nutr: 200 Effects: Human
kop sergeant
Eaten: Kop Sergeant Nutr: 200 Effects: Human
  1. The Keystone Kops was a series of silent film comedies featuring a incompetent group of policemen produced by Mack Sennett for his Keystone Film Company between 1912 and 1917.
  2. The Kops attack you if you try to be clever about stealing from shops, but fail at the aforementioned cleverness.
  1. The chaotic god of rogues.
  2. Kos hits! Your purse feels lighter.
Japanese wooden harp.
  1. valkyrie wizard monk
  2. Now with less abusive behaviour!
  1. A bigger, nastier eel (with accompanying drowning attack) that is usually found in the late game.
  2. A huge sea monster in Norwegian legend - sometimes depicted as dwarfing ships, and capsizing them - either by accident due to its great bulk, or in order to eat the crewmen.
  3. Krakens are a good choice to genocide if you don't know the B/U/C status of the scroll, because they are a good genocide choice anyway but if the scroll is cursed they are really easy to kill since they don't usually attack out of water. Also, they give good experience.
  4. Dead easy to farm, if you have a reliable way to cast Turn Undead. Build a fortress out of boulders, engrave E under them, teleport in and reverse geno kraken. Once you have it set up, it's a matter of casting Turn Undead and meleeing them to death or casting a spell like MM or FoD.
  5. Eaten: kraken Nutr: 1000
kraken farming
  1. Done to the extreme by Babamus and art.
  2. Place a row of krakens and repeatedly finger of death and turn undead them. Yields great amounts of items and experience points.
<kriebly> pray if you start to get hard
see {Croesus}
  1. Command: 'l' Move right if you have embraced the one-true-path-of-vi-movement-keys. For heretics, l will loot containers beneath you or a saddle from a tame mount beside you. (Same as #loot or Meta-l for the faithful).
  2. Command: 'L' Move right until you hit a wall or something (vi keys on).
  3. Monster: 'l' Who just took your gold? It was that green 'l' over there, otherwise known as a leprechaun, which is the only monster represented by a lowercase 'l'.
  4. Monster: 'L' Run away! Run away! Seriously, run away! Liches, demiliches, master liches, and arch-liches are all represented by an uppercase letter 'L'. A good genocide choice for any character.
lack of nethack
Not enough NetHack.. A dangerous condition that has only one cure...
The lag monster's effects are occasionally felt at telnet://, but few have ever seen him.
see {priest}
see {yasd}
  1. Unidentified description of either a magic lamp or an oil lamp.
  2. Apply or wield the lamp to light it. Applying is suggested, since it is difficult to kill monsters with a lamp.
  3. In a store oil lamp will be around 10 and a magic lamp around 50 zorkmids
  1. Attacks as a regular weapon. a)pply it to attack two squares infront of you.
  2. Also do extra damage when attacking with them from a steed.
land mine
  1. A trap that goes KAABLAMM! when you step on it. You'll fall into a pit and your legs will be injured. You'll also be hurt.
  2. Levitation/flying have a chance of still triggering the mine, but you won't fall into the resulting pit. Also, your legs will not be harmed.
  3. If you succesfully find and untrap one without it going 'splodey you can carry it around with you and plant it in a new location.
see {land_mine}
large box
possibly locked container. Weighs as much as banded mail, slightly over half as much as a chest. Take care when opening or unlocking; may be trapped. Can be #forced and kicked.
large cat
  1. Speed 15, AC 4, bites for 2d4 damage. Eating its corpse gives you aggravate monster intrinsic, unless you're exempt from cannibalism.
  2. Eaten: large cat Nutr: 250 Effects: Aggravate
large dog
  1. Speed 15, AC 4, bites for 2d4 damage. Eating its corpse gives you aggravate monster intrinsic, unless you're exempt from cannibalism.
  2. Eaten: large dog Nutr: 250 Effects: Aggravate
large kobold
Eaten: large kobold Nutr: 150 Effects: Poisonous
large mimic
  1. see {mimic}
  2. Eaten: large mimic Nutr: 400 Effects: Mimic (40)
large round shield
see {dwarvish_roundshield}
large shield
An iron shield that, unenchanted, will drop AC by 2.
An ancient roguelike.
  1. Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool
  2. A typical example of a LART is a 2x4 wooden striking implement.
  3. Formerly a #nethack ! command.
  1. The Last-Bite Rule: When eating corpses, any intrinsics you might gain are obtained when you reached the last bite, not before. Yes, that means you have to eat the _whole_ giant, dragon, or other hard-to-stomach beast in your search for greatness.
  2. However, those negative effects, such as major heartburn, food poisoning, and petrification, occur with the first bite. Note that food poisoning will occur even from a partially-eaten corpse.
  3. Also note that the curing lizard effect occurs on the first bite.
  1. "You heard laughter." A gremlin attacked you and stole an intrinsic.
  2. "You heard maniacal laughter [close by|in the distance.]" A scroll of scare monster was read [and some monsters were affected|but no monsters were around to be terrorized]
  1. A very hot surface that you shouldn't step on. Doing so without fire resistance causes you to burn to a crisp, which can be very unpleasant.
  2. Hot. Pain. Sink. Die.
  3. If you do have fire resistance, stepping on a lava tile will cause you to become stuck. Eventually, you will sink and die. Popular methods of extricating yourself include zapping a wand of cold downward and digging down with a pickaxe, and using a wand of teleport on yourself. Simply walking out may also work, but isn't guaranteed.
  4. Boots or a spell of jumping can also get you out. Of course, it's easier just to use a ring of levitation, boots of levitation, or fireproof boots of waterwalking to avoid the lava entirely.
  1. Some actions performed by lawful players have penalties. See ?? evil_coward, and ?? caitiff
  2. See [] for advantages and disadvantages
lawful artifact weapons
Demonbane, Excalibur, Grayswandir, Snickersnee, and Sunsword are the lawful artifact weapons. All except Excalibur can result from #offering.
The number one cause of stupid deaths in NetHack
A synonym for "dead".
see {!learn}
see {!learn}
  1. A tool for keeping your pet at close range.
  2. If you are faster than your pet, remember to wait regularly.
  3. You may leash your pet and it will attack co-aligned creatures without those creatures turning against you.
  4. Cursed leashes will choke your pet if you pull on its leash, reducing its tameness and dealing it 1d2 damage. If a monster dies from being choked with a cursed leash, it is considered to be killed by you.
  5. Note that this will never reduce the tameness below 1, so choking a pet with a cursed leash will never make it go wild. Unbreathing pets will not take damage, but still suffer the tameness penalty.
leather armor
Drops AC by 2 and does not hinder spellcasting. Weight is 150.
leather armour
see {leather_armor}
leather cloak
Provides AC 1 and MC1.
leather drum
Applying this has the effect of "causing fear" upon *most* nearby opponents, causing them to be "scared" ... will not anger shop keepers and also has no effect on the tameness of pets. However it will awaken nearby monsters due to "noise" (abuses wisdom)
leather gloves
Also known as yugake, leather gloves are relatively common, and drop AC by 1.
leather golem
When killed, drops a bunch of leather armor
leather hat
see {elven leather helm}
leather jacket
Lowers AC by 1 and weighs 30.
Configuration option. Display an introductory message when starting the game.
lembas wafer
  1. An elven food that costs 45 zorkmids each, only weighs 5, is worth 800 nutrition, and is consumed in 2 turns.
  2. The lembas wafer is superior to the food ration in that it weighs one fourth as much while providing the same nutrition and can be eaten in three turns fewer.
  3. The lembas wafer is the most bestest food in the game.
  4. but < Bethrezen> royal jelly is 200 nutrition and only weighs 2
  1. A train of people asking Rodney about the same thing in succession.
  2. A supporter of (insert your least favorite politician here.)
  3. Oddly enough, not a hallucinated monster, despite the popularity of the game Lemmings.
A very slow minor demon, appears in large groups. Sleep and poison resistant, and never leaves a corpse. Does 1d3 damage.
see {pair of lenses}
  1. a quadruped, speed 18, AC 4, magic resistance 10%, does 2d6 + 2d6 + 2d6 melee damage.
  2. < Cheapy> Leocrottas are hard to explain; They are basically a bunch of animals in one < tweek__> bottom line: if you see one, run like fuck
  3. A good way to kill one is to zap a wand of sleeping at it and then hit to death with melee
  4. Eaten: leocrotta Nutr: 500
A leprechaun
  1. These little fiends are not a big threat, even to unexperienced adventurers. They do little damage and will fall to brute force and magic spells equally well. But they are fast, they can teleport and are able to steal your gold. So always have some means of either securing your cash or killing them quickly.
  2. They can only teleport if they steal gold from you, or from the floor at your feet. They can't teleport after stealing gold that's lying on the ground away from you. So either drop your gold and *step away from it* or stash it away in a sack before fighting them.
  3. A neat trick if you're being chased by a greedy leprechaun is to throw your gold at him. He'll catch it but won't teleport away, but he'll probably stop chasing you.
  4. See also leprechaunflict.
  5. Eaten: leprechaun Nutr: 30 Intrinsic: Teleportitis: 50%
leprechaun hall
  1. Special room. Contains leprechauns and gold.
  2. Frequency: 1/8, DL 6+.
  1. Getting a leprechaun to repeatedly steal from a priest.
  2. This is best done with a pet leprechaun, but it can be done with hostile leprechauns, and usually requires a ring of conflict.
  3. A leprechaun's attack will steal gold from its target. To repeatedly rebuy protection, put leprechauns -- tame means you can whistle them back -- in the same room as a priest, and then cause conflict. The leprechauns (if they don't die first) will steal zorkmids from the priest, and then teleport away.
  4. The Valley of the Dead is no-teleport, but getting a horde of leprechauns there may be tricky; try a cursed scroll of genocide and some source of taming.
Plural for 'Leprechaun'.
lessons learned the easy way
NetHack is like, really hard and stuff.
lessons learned the hard way
  1. This has been moved to []
  2. NEVER use force bolt to break down doors in Minetown, especially if it is Izchak's door!
  1. "You feel momentarily lethargic." You stepped on an anti-magic trap, but no mana was drained because your max is 0.
  2. "You feel very lethargic." You stepped on an anti-magic trap with magic resistance, and lost more than 1/4 of your current health.
  3. "You feel unbearably torpid!" You stepped on an anti-magic trap with magic resistance, lost all your health, and died.
level drain
  1. Attacks from W, V, and Demogorgon may lower your xlevel. Killing them should give enough XP to regain the last level drained from you.
  2. A level drain lowers your experience to one point below what is required for your current level.
level sounds
See: []
level teleport trap
  1. This trap causes the creature on it to go to a different level, at random if there's no teleport control to help out. They can take creatures from the Valley of the Dead to the Dungeons of Doom.
  2. For details of where things can get sent, see uncontrolled_level_teleport.
  3. These dudes start showing up on dlv5.
level teleporter
see {level teleport trap}
  1. You're floating, what's to know?
  2. Side effects: you will not affect engravings while levitating and you cannot go down ladders or pick up items. Thusly, getting cursed boots or ring of levitation is considered a "Major Problem" by $DEITY, and as such, subject to fixing by prayer.
  3. B/U/C status has no effect on levitation from worn items, besides the expected problems of removing cursed items.
  4. You can also remove cursed levitation items by floating onto a sink.
levitation boots
  1. These leather boots drop AC by 1 and cause the wearer to levitate. They also tend to be cursed. Their unidentified appearance is random - see boots.
  2. Many players prefer using a ring of levitation instead, which frees up the foot slot for boots of speed.
levitation wresting
see {engrave_wresting}
see {!lg}
  1. The lowest of the Ls, but still has enough reasons to genocide all of them (Level 11, AC 0, MR 30). Eep.
  2. It probably resists some stuff too (cold, sleep, poison), and you can't eat it either, just to taunt you.
  3. You can beat it
  1. A plant whose "corpse" does not rot.
  2. Those green lumps are easy to overcome and their "corpses" are a perfect source of nutrition for the long-term adventurer.
  3. Slow moving fungus that doesn't do damage, but can stick to you. Its corpse is veggy and doesn't rot.
  4. Note that the corpse has 1/4 the nutritional value of a food ration.
  5. Always keep a corpse in your main inventory when you are on the wimpy side. It can be tossed at horses (tames), cats and dogs (makes them peaceful) for beneficial effects if you can't afford to fight. (Also useful as a backup when in need of food.)
  6. Eaten: lichen Nutr: 200 V!
Eaten: lieutenant Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
light blue aura
  1. It uncurses everything in your main inventory that is cursed.
  2. Possible result from #praying on an altar. Also the result of #dipping an uncursed item in holy water.
  3. Praying on an altar might result in blessing and repairing (but not protecting) your held weapon. "Your <weapon> softly glows with a light blue aura."
lighting store
A shop. Shopkeeper is Izchak. Sells and buys wax and tallow candles, brass lanterns, oil and magic lamps. Never randomly generated, this one can be found in the mine town.
lightning wand
See {wand_of_lightning}.
lilting melody
  1. The harp is not magical, sorry.
  2. This can also indicate a magic harp without charges.
liquor emporium
A shop. Sells and buys potions.
liquor store
Liquor stores are run by shopkeepers named: Njezjin, Tsjernigof, Ossipewsk, Gorlowka, Gomel, Konosja, Weliki Oestjoeg, Syktywkar, Sablja, Narodnaja, Kyzyl, Walbrzych, Swidnica, Klodzko, Raciborz, Gliwice, Brzeg, Krnov, Hradec Kralove, Leuk, Brig, Brienz, Thun, Sarnen, Burglen, Elm, Flims, Vals, Schuls, and Zum Loch.
list of fixable bugs
Change the wording for 'choked on an a very rich meal'
lit corridor
Configuration option. Distinguish visually between lit and unlit corridors.
little dog
  1. Speed 18, AC 6, bites for 1d6 damage. Eating its corpse gives you aggravate monster intrinsic, unless you're exempt from cannibalism.
  2. For some reason, you can tame them with fortune cookies and pancakes, or a quickly thrown corpse in a pinch.
  3. Eaten: little dog Nutr: 150 Effects: Aggravate
  1. The corpse is best kept in the main inventory (not a container) so you do not miss a turn if you start stiffening.
  2. A lizard corpse never rots. Eating one will stop the petrification caused by cockatrices or chickatrices, as will any acidic corpse.
  3. See also {new moon}
  4. Eaten: lizard Nutr: 40 Effects: Cure stoning Reduce stunning, confusion
lizard corpse
see {lizard}
see {lessons_learned_the_hard_way}
  1. Weighs a ton (500). Autocurses. Easily identified from other gray stones by kicking; loadstone just goes *thump*
  2. People with kicking boots and/or good bare handed combat / martial arts skills may be able to kick the loadstone a small distance. Normal gray stones go pretty far when kicked, so beware!
  3. If you end up with one, you can uncurse it to drop it. Beware, as it recurses when you get rid of it!
  4. A slightly odder way to remove it is to zap yourself with stone-to-flesh. Remove all other stone items from inventory first.
lock pick
  1. Rogues get a small bonus when using lock picks.
  2. See unlocking_tools.
  3. It is safe to pick the lock of a locked merchant shop ("Closed for inventory"); the merchant will not call upon the Kops.
locking tools
see {unlocking_tools}
see {unlocking tools}
see {loadstone}
  1. You can automatically login to NAO by passing "-l yourusername:yourpassword" as additional parameters (with GNU telnet).
  2. If you're using PuTTY, set "yourusername:yourpassword" as your auto-login username (Connection > Data) for the same effect.
  3. If you want to start PuTTY with command line arguments, "putty -l yourusername:yourpassword -telnet" seems to work, too.
The chaotic god of the Valkyrie pantheon
long poleaxe
see {bardiche}
long sword
A long sword does 1d8 damage against small monsters and 1d12 against large monsters. K, S, and V can become expert at using long swords.
long worm
  1. a monster which takes up multiple tiles on the map. It may split into two worms if you hit its tail with a bladed weapon. Only its head may attack. When killed, it drops a worm tooth (useful for making into a crysknife).
  2. Eaten: long worm Nutr: 500
longbow of diana
  1. The Ranger quest artifact. This bow confers telepathy while carried and reflection while wielded; it can be invoked to create arrows. Has a +d5 bonus to-hit against all monsters when firing from it.
  2. Uncursed #invoke creates 7-16 uncursed arrows, blessed #invoke creates 7-21 blessed arrows, cursed #invoke creates 6-11 cursed arrows.
looking glass
  1. A mirror. Breaking it brings bad luck (-2). Applying one to a monster has an 80% chance of scaring it.
  2. Applying a mirror while blind and telepathic may reveal the location of certain unique creatures.
  3. Applying a looking glass toward a nymph will cause the nymph to steal the looking glass instead of another item from your inventory.
  4. There are some exceptions to scaring a monster with a mirror: Humanoids, unicorns, blind creatures, nymphs, and invisible creatures (unless they can see invisible).
  5. One of many ways to scare monsters at range.
looks uneasy
see {uneasy_feeling}
see {#loot}
Configuration option. Use the old `a', `b', and `c' keyboard shortcuts when looting.
lord carnarvon
  1. The archeologist quest leader.
  2. Eaten: Lord Carnarvon Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
lord sato
  1. The Samurai quest leader.
  2. Eaten: Lord Sato Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
lord surtur
  1. The Valkyrie quest nemesis (a giant humanoid "H").
  2. Don't forget E, if you have lousy AC. He's not actually that hard, try doing him with 4 AC
  3. Eaten: Lord Surtur Nutr: 850 Effects: Strength Intrinsic: Fire: 100%
  1. You see nothing special.
  2. You feel as if something is watching you...
  3. You feel very sick. You suddenly vomit!
  1. Line of sight. Roughly speaking, everything you can see with your eyes is in your LOS and everything else isn't.
  2. Note: Your average nethack character has 360 degree vision, i.e. eyes in the back of their head. This is a consequence of not having 'facing' code which is difficult to implement in a streamline manner.
lost password
See []
loud splash
  1. The sound you get when striking (or force-bolting) down the drawbridge, while blind.
  2. "You hear a loud *SPLASH!*"
low boots
Leather boots that drop AC by 1 and have the unidentified appearance of 'walking shoes'.
lowest score
Lowest scoring NAO ascensions: []
lowest single kill
In the list of creatures vanquished, the lowest entry that is a single kill (as opposed to none, or 2 or more). This is useless trivia of an Ascension.
see {lowest_single_kill}
lucern hammer
A pole-arm. Is a two-handed weapon, costs 7 zorkmids, weighs 150, and is made out of iron. Unidentified appearance is a pronged polearm. Deals 2d4 damage to small creatures and d6 to large ones.
  1. Your character normally starts with 0 luck (neither good nor bad). Certain events in the game will raise or lower your luck. Normally, your luck will gravitate toward 0 over time, but a luckstone will prevent your luck from "timing out" (depending on b/u/c status).
  2. Luck affects many aspects of the game, but the most important is a straight bonus or penalty to your to-hit rolls.
  3. Starting or restoring a game during a full moon will set your base luck to 1; Starting or restoring a game on Friday the 13th will set your base luck to -1.
  4. These luck modifications are disabled when you save the game.
  5. Contrary to popular belief, a new moon does NOT have any effect on your luck.
  6. Enlightenment will partially reveal your luck value with a message: -13..-10 "extremely unlucky" -9..-5 "very unlucky" -4..-1 "unlucky" 1..4 "lucky" 5..9 "very lucky" 10..13 "extremely lucky".
  7. Luck times out at the rate of 1 every 600 turns normally; however, if your god is angry and/or you are carrying the amulet, it changes by 1 every 300 turns.
  8. See also: []
  1. Normally your luck changes by one point every 600 turns towards 0. Luckstones control this. A cursed one stops it rising, blessed stops it falling, and an uncursed one does both.
  2. A cursed luckstone subtracts 3 luck, all others add 3. You can still lose/gain luck by other means. More than one luckstone does not add more luck.
  3. See also {gray stone}, {luck}.
  4. The Barbarian quest artifact - The Heart of Ahriman - is one of these.
  1. You are: extremely unlucky (-11<=luck<=-10) very unlucky (-10<luck<=-5) unlucky (-5<luck<0) lucky (0<luck<5) very lucky (5<=luck<10) extremely lucky (10<=luck<=11)
  2. This luck does NOT include the +3 luck from a noncursed luckstone, or the -3 luck from a cursed luckstone.
see {fort_ludios}
The lawful god of the Knight pantheon.
lump of royal jelly
see {royal_jelly}
lumps of royal jelly
see {royal_jelly}
lurker above
  1. It's like a trapper except instead of trapping it's lurking. Also, it's above.
  2. Eaten: lurker above Nutr: 350
  1. <qt_> I went in riding a horse, got an impossible() about placing it on the map, ended up on the other side of the portal riding luxidream the Barbarian
  2. []
A command that lists the number of levels that an active player has visited.
  1. Gained when eating a werecreature corpse or bitten by a werecreature in animal form.
  2. Removed with eating a sprig of wolfsbane, quaffing holy water, or praying.
  3. While in monster form, you can summon pets with #monster, but you'll use food.
  4. Lycanthropes are werejackal, wererat and werewolf.
  5. Lycanthropes are vulnerable to wielded or thrown holy water. Especially useful as a cornered priest.
  6. Lycanthrope corpses are human, so beware of sacrificing or eating if human.
  7. In addition to granting lycanthropy 100% of the time lycanthrope corpses are poisonous and will not grant poison resistance, so take care.
  1. Level 5, speed 15, grant no resistances.
  2. You can view [] on this web browser!
  3. Eaten: lynx Nutr: 300
  1. Prefix: 'm' Usage: m[yuhjklbn] Move in a direction without picking up objects or fighting (even if you remember a monster there). Assumes vi keys on.
  2. Prefix: 'M' Usage: M[yuhjklbn] Move far, no pickup.
  3. Monster: 'm' Mimics. Includes large and giant variants. Usually hiding as another symbol.
  4. Monster: 'M' Mummies, or, things too old to eat or sacrifice. Varieties are kobold, gnome, orc, dwarf, elf, human, ettin and giant.
  5. Command: 'Meta-m' Same as '#monster'.
m2 nasty
  1. This monster flag makes you gain more experience for killing a monster. Additionally, some monsters have a higher chance of getting better weapons if they have this flag.
  2. It is also used to distinguish between baby dragons and adult dragons.
  1. Priest starting weapon. Deals 1d6+1/1d6 for small/large monsters.
  2. Weighs 30.
  3. Priests and Cavemen can get expert, Rogues, Knights and Barbarians can get skilled, Healer, Tourist and Wizard can get basic.
  4. The Caveman artifact - The Sceptre of Might - is one of these.
The method of copy-pasting sections of text (which are interpreted by NetHack as individual commands) to automate long and tedious processes (usually farming) in NetHack.
see {maniac}
A shopkeeper named Maganasipi will be running a general store.
The colour used to refer to the baddest monsters available. If you see a magenta monster that isn't an F or an x, watch out...
magic bane
  1. Do not wish for "an athame named Magic Bane".
  2. If Magicbane were intelligent, it would be insulted.
magic cancellation
  1. Magic cancellation lowers the chance of success of the following special melee attacks against you: fire, cold, electricity, sleep, poison, paralysis, level drain, lycanthropy, teleport, energy drain, slime, sticking to mimics, intrinsic speed stealing (shades/skeletons), and disenchanting. It does NOT affect the success probability of ray or gaze attacks, nor does it prevent monsters cursing your equipment.
  2. There are four levels of magic cancellation: 0 (no cancellation), 1 (~33% chance), 2 (~65% chance) and 3 (~98% chance)
  3. See "mc1", "mc2", and "mc3" for more details.
  4. Magic cancellation does not stack, instead it uses the greatest magic cancellation item you have equipped. For example, having a cornuthaum and an alchemy smock equipped results in MC2.
magic flute
  1. May put nearby monsters to sleep, exercises dexterity. Affects monsters that are less than sqrt(xplevel*5) away. Base price 36zm, more expensive than the 12zm wooden flute.
  2. Acts as a wooden flute if it has no charges.
magic fountain
  1. Some fountains are magic. When quaffed from with nonnegative luck, they have a 2/3 chance of giving blessed restore ability and blessed or uncursed gain ability, and an 1/3 chance of "The cool draught refreshes you." (some nutrition).
  2. 1/7 of all fountains are magic, but the only way to see is quaffing from them.
  3. The gain ability effect will be blessed if your luck is at least 4. If luck is 0-3, it's uncursed. If your luck is negative, you'll never know it's a magic fountain.
magic harp
  1. A chargeable tool that, when applied, charms monsters and exercises dexterity. Radius of effect is sqrt((xplevel-1)/3+1).
  2. e.g. 1 at XL 1, 2 at XL 10.
magic items
A slightly dated spoiler listing magical items can be found at []
magic lamp
  1. #rub a blessed one for an 80% chance of a wish (from a djinni). Otherwise they make a great permanent light source, which is actually often preferable in endgame when you don't need more wishes. Uncursed and cursed magic lamps provide the permanent light, but don't #rub them if you want a wish.
  2. The easist way to ID a magic lamp is by the high price (50-100 versus 5-15 for oil). You can also light it and see if it goes out within a couple thousand turns. If an unID'd lamp is already blessed, it doesn't hurt to #rub it anyway.
  3. Cancelling a magic lamp gives an uncursed magic lamp.
magic mapping
  1. A spell in both scroll and spellbook form which reveals the layout of a dungeon level.
  2. A blessed scroll reveals secret doors; cursed or confused maps 1/7 of the squares on the level.
  3. The spell acts as an uncursed scroll.
  4. Levels that cannot be magically mapped (and will confuse you if you try) are the Catacombs version of Mines' End, the first Rogue quest level, the Valley of the Dead, the Sanctum, and the Astral Plane.
magic marker
  1. Apply a magic marker to write on a scroll of blank paper or on a blank spellbook.
  2. You can write unknown scrolls by description (ie, XIXAXA as opposed to "identify"); wizards have 1 in 3, other classes 1 in 15 chance of succeeding. Writing unknown spellbooks by appearance (ie, "silver spellbook" as opposed to "polymorph") is not possible.
  3. Bless/curse status of the resulting scroll/spellbook is the sum of the b/u/c status of both the marker and the medium (if <0, cursed; if 0, uncursed; if >0, blessed, assuming cursed = -1, uncursed = 0, and blessed = +1).
  4. They are generated with 30 - 99 charges, and can only be recharged once. An uncursed scroll of charging will add 10 - 20 charges, and then bring the marker to a minimum of 50 charges. Blessed scrolls of charging add 15 - 30, and then set the charge to 50 if below 50, or 75 if between 51 and 75.
  5. The number of charges used in writing a spellbook is a random number between LVL*5 and LVL*10-1, where LVL is the spell's level.
  6. The number of charges used in writing a scroll or book is a random number between X/2 and X-1. See {ink} for the values of X. If you have less than X/2 charges, you won't even attempt to write the scroll.
  7. Your chance to write unknown spellbooks increases with your luck to a maximum of about 98% for wizards and 32% for other classes.
  8. "The pen is mightier than the sword."
  9. You can write (scribble) Elbereth on the ground with a magic marker. This is a semi-permanent engraving, just like a wand of digging or athame. Every two letters uses one charge, so Elbereth takes only four charges.
magic mirror of merlin
  1. The Knight quest artifact. Lawful. Confers magic resistance and telepathy when carried. Doubles some of your spell damages, if you are a knight. Apply to get rumors. #invoking it has no effect.
  2. Knights get double damage when using force bolt, undead turning, magic missile, drain life, cone of cold or wand of striking
magic missile
  1. Level 2 attack spell. Special spell of the wizards.
  2. Deals (1+(XL/2))d6 + damage bonus worth of damage, making it much more powerful for high level casters than for low level ones. Low level wizards should stick with force bolt the first few levels.
  3. For the unbelievers, force bolt costs 5 and does 2d12 (2-24) damage. Magic missile does 1d6 (1-6) for 10Pw at low levels, and only gets similar damage at XL4 (4d6, 4-24) and even then it still costs twice as much as force bolt...
magic resistance
  1. Magic resistance is technically not essential to ascension, but you'd be insane to face Rodney without it. You can get it from a cloak of magic resistance, or gray dragon scale mail, or some of the quest artifacts.
  2. Magicbane also provides magic resistance when wielded.
  3. It's a bad idea to rely solely on your role's quest artifact for magic resistance, since it can be stolen by Rodney or your quest nemesis.
  4. []
  5. For monster magic resistance, see {monster-mr}.
magic spreads
"Magic spreads through your body as you digest the [ring/amulet]." - You ate a ring or amulet and successfully gained an intrinsic from it.
magic tools
see {magical_tools}
magic trap
  1. A trap. There is a 1/30 chance of getting these results: It says "You are caught in a magical explosion!". Lose d10 HP; if you survive, "Your body absorbs some of the magical energy!". Power points increased to max+2, and the trap vanishes.
  2. Otherwise, a random effect can occur as follows:
  3. 9/20: "You are momentarily blinded by a flash of light!" (If already blind, "You hear a deafening roar!"; if blinding resistant (Sunsword, poly), "You see a flash of light!".) Blinds for 9+d5 turns, creates d4 monsters around you.
  4. 1/20: Same as fire trap ("A tower of flame erupts from the floor!". If not fire resistant, lose 2d4 HP, max HP is reduced by a number between 0 and the HP you lost. Chance of armour being damaged and flammables in inventory being burnt/boiled.)
  5. 1/20: "You feel charismatic!" Gain 1 CHA, and tame the monsters immediately around you, and this form of taming can't be resisted.
  6. 1/20: "You feel like someone is helping you." (If hallucinating, "You feel in touch with the Universal Oneness.") Acts as uncursed scroll of remove curse; uncurse loadstones, worn and wielded items. Remove ball and chain if being punished.
  7. 2/20: Nothing happens, and does it quietly.
  8. 6/20: Nothing happens, and any of a number of random messages may be displayed.
  9. Thanks to Dylan O'Donnell < [] >
  10. floating over it will still trigger it.
magic trap boogie
  1. This uses the "You feel charismatic!" effect of magic traps to boost a character's charisma. Move to or #sit on a magic trap and hope for the best. For best results, have fire resistance (since otherwise it's possible for magic traps to reduce maximum hit points) and telepathy (or other way to make blindness no more than an inconvenience).
  2. See {magic_trap} for the requisite details
magic whistle
If non-cursed, apply to produce a "strange whistling sound" ("normal" if hallucinating) and summon pets on the level to your location. If cursed, has 1/2 chance of producing a "high-pitched humming noise" and waking up nearby monsters instead.
magical armor
  1. For polypiling, magical armor is cornuthaum, dunce cap, h of brilliance, h of opp align, h of telep, robe, elven cloak, alchemy smock, c of protect, c of invis, c of magic resist, s of reflect, g of fumbling/power/dex, spd boots, ww boots, jump boots, elven boots, kick boots, fumble boots, lev boots
  2. Magical armor has a 54% chance of turning into non-magical armor when polymorphed.
magical objects
see {wan2}
magical resistance
see also monster-MR
magical tools
  1. For polypiling, bag of holding/tricks, magic lamp, crystal ball, figurine, magic marker, magic whistle, magic flute, frost horn, fire horn, horn of plenty, magic harp, drum of earthquake, unicorn horn.
  2. Magical tools have a 60% chance of turning into a non-magical tool when polymorphed.
  3. Unicorn horns tend to be the easiest source of magical tools for polymorphing needs.
  4. Apart from magic markers, if you keep recharging magical tools (that need charging) they will carry on working. They do not explode. They have a maximum of 20 charges; the recharge counter can only show up to 7, no matter how many times you charge them.
  5. See ?? magic_marker
  6. See also []
  1. An unusual artifact which offers resistance from most curses. Hits targets with several magic attacks, including occasional probing, stunning, and cancellation of opponents. These extra attacks work best at +2.
  2. As it is an athame, it can hard engrave Elbereth in one action (i.e. instantly), as long as it is not cursed. Just like a wand of digging, but with infinite charges. Unless you need to burn E permenantly, never E with anything else once you have magicbane. If it IS cursed, it will still engrave Elbereth instantly but will get dull just like a normal dagger, quickly reaching -3 and being unable to engrave at all. If you get it from bones: beware!
  3. The first sacrifice gift for a wizard.
  4. Confers magic resistance and 95% curse resistance when wielded.
  5. Cancelling a caster with Magicbane will increase your max power by 1.
  6. Neutral, but don't worry; your chaotic wizard will still get it from an altar.
  1. Configuration option. Enable mail delivery during the game.
  2. If you're watching someone on NAO, you can send them mail by hitting m. This requires that you log in, though.
  3. If someone receives multiple scrolls of mail, it will list all of the messages on the first read. The rest will be all gibberish.
mail daemon
  1. Daemon (represented by an &, but not actually a demon) who delivers mail to adventurers in the dungeon and normally only appears temporarily for that purpose. It is, however, an actual monster.
  2. You can create a mail daemon by wishing for a statue of one and casting stone to flesh on it (or using a statue trap). Normally, it will immediately disappear on its next action, however.
  3. If you anger a mail daemon, it will not leave while you are next to it (and won't attack as it has no attacks). Step away and it'll disappear, though.
  4. Tame mail daemons will behave as any other monster and won't disappear. Because of their high monster MR of 127, you can only tame them by repeatedly using a magic trap while they are adjacent.
  5. Killing one mail daemon will set the genocided flag for all of them, so no more mail daemons can be created. Mail daemons that are already present on your level will be unaffected until you change levels.
mail demon
see {mail_daemon}
mail of the banshee
You read the scroll of mail. It says: "WAAAAAAAAAAAAH! -The Banshee".
major problems
see {major troubles}
major trouble
see {major_troubles}
major troubles
  1. noninstantaneous stoning from footrice, sliming, wearing an amulet of strangulation, standing in lava, lethal sickness (Pestilence or food poison), hunger status Weak or Fainting, HP <= 1/7 maximum (rounded down) or less than 6, lycanthropy, being Overtaxed or worse due to strength drain, being stuck in a wall without means of escape, wearing a cursed blindfold/towel, wearing cursed ring or boots of levitation
  2. Your deity will usually help you out with such things (priority given to items earlier on the list), even if your prayer timeout has not expired (as long as it will expire within 200 turns).
Some random guy in #nethack. He's not ascended yet. Zauren mocks him for this since.
malignant aura
  1. congrats! something in your inventory has just been cursed
  2. Unless the message was "You feel a malignant aura surround the magic-absorbing blade." in which case Magicbane just sucked up the curse.
mana regeneration
see {power_regen}
manannan mac lir
The chaotic god of the Knight pantheon.
see {mandevil's_nethack_price_identification_tool}
mandevil's nethack price identification tool
Minor demons that show up in large groups. Usually not a threat, because they move slowly, and you can do hit-n-run.
Maniac's Ascension Guide. []
maniacal laughter
You just read a scroll of scare monster. This has a chance to scare all monsters you can currently see. This is not the best use of the scroll.
Marduk is the Creator of the NetHack universe, from whom Moloch stole the Amulet of Yendor.
  1. A demon, Speed 12, AC -6, magic resistance 80%, fire and poison resistant, has 6 attacks per turn, each does 2d4 damage.
  2. They taunt you.
see {magic_marker}
The chaotic god of rangers.
marsh gas
"You smell marsh gas!" means you're on a muddy-water level. Watch out for pools of water and eels.
Christian Bressler, who ascended 23 times in a row on NAO as mrivan, before losing a ranger to a plains centaur (which he blamed on fatigue).
  1. Someone who derives pleasure from physical pain.
  2. Also: people who ascend polyless foodless genoless wishless atheist Zen Samurai.
see {mastodon}
  1. +2 to bare-handed damage, +7 to martial arts damage.
  2. It takes 320 hits and two experience levels to advance from expert to master in either bare-handed combat or martial arts.
master assassin
  1. The Rogue quest nemesis.
  2. Eaten: Master Assassin Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
master kaen
  1. Master Kaen is the Monk quest nemesis. He's extremely tough, hits HARD, and you won't even see him once you reach his level until he starts whacking you.
  2. To beat him "straight", have at least about 300 hp, good ac and a good weapon.
  3. Levitating or walking over the lava may be useful.
  4. Spells or wands of sleep may be effective, but they will often miss or Master Kaen will resist them (due to his -11 or -12 AC).
  5. If you're not wearing body armor and have free action, hitting him with a potion of paralysis may be a good idea.
  6. Drain life works surprisingly well. You need not stand on the stairs up for this spell to kill him. It's better to stand on the downstair so you can temporarily flee. Engrave Elbereth on the other side of the stairs so you can heal without molestation by xorns or earth elementals.
  7. Rast recommends (and Eidolos approves of) using a scroll of earth in addition to the drain life technique.
  8. Fireball and Cone of Cold also work wonders, but boulder fort will still be useful to keep Kaen away from you and prevent fireball from hitting you if you care.
  9. A boulder fort in his lair is the easiest/safest method; upon arrival in his level burn E, do something to wake him up (zapping a wand of light [can confirm this will always awaken him], tin whistle, possibly other wands), he will port over, read blessed or uncursed earth and next turn he will pop outside the fort.
  10. This will expose you to at most one turn in melee distance. Often he'll port over and drink a potion or other silliness. From inside the fort you can use anything that doesn't need to go through MR to kill him (drain life, cold, fire, throwing rocks, etc).
  11. Another method is to polymorph yourself into a black dragon and #monster to disintegrate him. Contrary to popular belief, this will not destroy the Eyes of the Overworld.
  12. Eaten: Master Kaen Nutr: 400 Effects: Human Intrinsic: Poison: 100%
  13. Real men deal with him LIKE A BAU5: [] (frame 3212)
master key of thievery
The Master Key of Thievery is the Rogue quest artifact (chaotic). It gives warning, teleport control and half physical damage when carried, speaks to you when applied and can be invoked to untrap boxes and doors with 100% success.
master lich
  1. Genocide L's when you can! Master Liches curse items in inventory, summon monsters, teleport to heal, and are otherwise a general nuisance. Quite possibly the most annoying (and dangerous) non-named creatures in the game.
  2. Arch-liches and high-level master liches can cast touch of death.
  3. They like waking up all monsters on the level ("You feel monsters are aware of your presence.")
  4. Arch and master liches (both represented as a purple 'L') have MR 90, which basically means they are highly resistant to many spells.
  5. Be careful -- in Gehennom, their summon nasties spell might summon a demon lord.
master mind flayer
see {mind_flayer}
master of thieves
  1. The rogue quest leader, and tourist quest nemesis.
  2. Eaten: Master of Thieves Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
  1. []
  2. "Solving NetHack's Mastermind" []
  1. A "q" monster, quadruped, with 12 speed and 4d8 4d8 damage.
  2. Eaten: mastodon Nutr: 800
mathx spoilers
  1. at []
  2. Use with tail -n20000 *.txt | less -i and search all spoilers at once for stuff, search for '> (filename)' to find top of each spoiler (eg: '> wea' for 'weap-343.txt')
  3. If you find spoilers not in the collection, please let mathx know -> thx0r kk ar la
mathx spoilers collection
see {mathx_spoilers}
see {Matter_Spells}
matter spells
  1. In this group (with their levels) are: knock(1),wizard lock(2),dig(5),polymorph(6),cancellation(7)
  2. Expert: Wizard. Skilled: Caveman, Rogue. Basic: Archaeologist, Monk.
see {dwarvish_mattock}
  1. A gametime speedrunner, with a 2135-turns ascension on 2010/12/06. []
  2. Ttyrec of most of the game at []
  3. Also a 2596-turn bones-free ascension: []
  4. Thinking of him makes you forget everything else.
  5. <galdor> is Maud a bot?
  1. Things to scum for: high intelligence, polymorph (ring, wand), polymorph control, magic marker, charging scrolls, wand of digging, a tonal instrument.
  2. At the ends of corridors, cast force bolt instead of searching for doors.
  3. Learn detect monsters to find shops easily and train divination spells.
  4. Dwarvish cloaks are nice to sell in Minetown -- you might not have enough money to buy the stuff you need there. (scrolls, potions, useful tools)
  5. No 300zm rings, no lamps at Izchak? Consider #quitting.
  6. Polying into a mountain centaur tears your cloak apart.
  7. If you stumble in, clear out Sokoban level 1 for a ring, wand, and scrolls for blanking.
  1. NetHack uses C's "int" type to store the score. The C standard requires this type to be at least 32 bits in size. A signed 32-bit int can store a maximum value of 2^31 - 1, or 2147483647 in decimal.
  2. Implementations are free to make the "int" type larger, however, and on 64-bit architectures it's often 64 bits in size, which equates to a value of 2^64 - 1, or 9223372036854775807. This score has been achieved by some players playing 64-bit NetHack builds.
  3. A C implementation's maximum value for an int is stored in the constant INT_MAX in limits.h, which is where the name comes from.
maybe not...
A monster was revived by a worn amulet of life saving, but you couldn't see it. The amulet isn't identified that way.
mazes of menace
The area where all of the Dungeons of Doom and its branches are held.
Magic bag go boom!
see {magic_cancellation}
  1. The following armors give magic cancellation level 1: orcish ring mail, studded leather armor, orcish chain mail, chain mail, splint mail, mummy wrapping, leather cloak and alchemy smock.
  2. Gives 101/150 (67%) chance of special attacks working.
  1. The following armors give magic cancellation level 2: plate mail, crystal plate mail, orcish cloak, dwarvish cloak, cloak of displacement, cloak of invisibility and cornuthaum.
  2. Gives 52/150 (35%) chance of special attacks working.
  1. The following armors give magic cancellation level 3: elven mithril-coat, dwarvish mithril-coat, oilskin cloak, cloak of magic resistance, elven cloak, robe, and cloak of protection.
  2. Gives 3/150 (2%) chance of special attacks working.
meaning of life
meat ring
  1. A granite, opal, clay, coral, black onyx, moonstone or emerald ring that was stone-to-fleshed.
  2. Weighs 1, provides 5 nutrition, and takes one turn to eat. Is a treat for carniverous pets.
meat stick
  1. A former marble wand, that was stone-to-fleshed.
  2. Weighs 1, provides 5 nutrition, and takes one turn to eat. Is a treat for carniverous pets.
  1. A former rock, gray stone or valuable gemstone , that was stone-to-fleshed.
  2. Cost 1, weight 1, nutrition 5.
  3. Meatballs can be used to tame cats and dogs.
  4. A stack of meatballs is a quick and easy way to get a few turns of confusion when needed - at least one's likely to be rotten.
see {this_makes_you_feel_mediocre}
  1. Unique monster who can petrify you if you happen to see her with your eyes.
  2. Easy to kill if you have a mirror, and Medusa practically kills herself if you have reflection.
  3. When cancelled and you see her, gives the message "Medusa doesn't look all that ugly."
  4. You can easily farm Medusa with reflection and stone to flesh. Best done with the Eye so you can keep up the farm for a while.
  5. Reflection alone does not kill Medusa if you're invisible. "Medusa doesn't seem to notice that her gaze was reflected." As long as you're reflecting, Medusa cannot petrify you, even if you aren't blind.
  6. See {medusa's island} for information about her special level.
  7. Eaten: Medusa Nutr: 400 Effects: Petrify, Poisonous Intrinsic: Poison: 100%
medusa's island
  1. Medusa's Island is located in the DoD between dlvls 21 and 28, 1-4 levels above the castle.
  2. Both Medusa's variants can be jumped across (unless your only source of jumping is from being a knight)
  3. Dig down if you cannot cross water yet. You can either come right back up and get the levitation boots from Perseus (maybe), wish for a means with the castle wand, or go down to Vlad's and get the water walking boots (if you are able to cross the moat).
  4. You can fall past Medusa from a trap door or hole on the level above.
medusa's lair
see {medusa's_island}
medusa abuse
see {medusa farming}
medusa farming
  1. A very quick way to get a lot of points. Eidolos has farmed Medusa with just pasting for a billion points in two and a half hours.
  2. You let Medusa stone herself with reflection, then cast stone to flesh, wait, repeat. Very easily bottable if you can prevent other monsters from ambling over.
  3. Each Medusa kill gives approximately 2724 points. This means 368 kills nets you a million points.
  4. When done farming Medusa, do not forget the basics of how to ascend. (see !hsn eidolos for details [addendum by Eidolos: it was a damn polypiling accident!])
melancholy feeling
"You have a melancholy feeling for a moment, then it passes." - your pet yellow/black light or freezing/flaming/shocking sphere just attacked a monster and blew itself to smithereens.
Considered vegan food. Weighs 5 and gives 100 nutrition.
menu commands
see {menu_controls}
menu controls
  1. next page '>' prev page '<' first page '^' last page '|' select page ',' select all '.' deselect page '\' deselect all '-' invert page '~' invert all '@'
  2. $")[%?+!=/(*`0_ will also toggle all items in the corresponding item groups
menu deselect all
Configuration option. Menu character accelerator to deselect all items in a menu. Default '-'.
menu deselect page
Configuration option. Menu character accelerator to deselect all items on current page of a menu. Default '\'.
menu first page
Configuration option. Menu character accelerator to jump to the first page in a menu. Default '^'.
menu invert all
Configuration option. Menu character accelerator to invert all items in a menu. Default '@'.
menu invert page
Configuration option. Menu character accelerator to invert all items on this page of a menu. Default '~'.
menu last page
Configuration option. Menu character accelerator to jump to the last page in a menu. Default '|'.
menu next page
Configuration option. Menu character accelerator to goto the next menu page. Default '>'.
menu previous page
Configuration option. Menu character accelerator to goto the previous menu page. Default '<'.
menu search
Configuration option. Menu character accelerator to search for a menu item. Implemented by the Amiga, Gem and X11 ports. Default ':'.
menu select all
Configuration option. Menu character accelerator to select all items in a menu. Default '.'.
menu select page
Configuration option. Menu character accelerator to select all items on this page of a menu. Default ','.
  1. One of the patches currently in use on It allows items to be colored in different ways if they match certain regular expressions.
  2. newest menucolor patch is at []
  3. Available colors: black, red, green, brown, blue, magenta, cyan, gray, orange, lightgreen, yellow, lightblue, lightmagenta, lightcyan, white. Available attributes: none, bold, dim, underline, blink, inverse.
  1. Menucolors is a patch that lets you colorize menu items (like the inventory and the spellcasting spell-selection window) based on regular expressions. For example, you could color all blessed items blue and all cursed items red.
  2. You can find the patch at []
  3. NetHack on NAO currently uses GNU regex, not POSIX.
  4. Many players on NAO use Eidolos's menucolors settings, and he encourages others to use them, that's why he has version numbers and dates. []
see {menucolors}
Configuration option. Controls the interface used when you need to choose various objects. Value should be one of "traditional", "combination", "partial", or "full". eg. "menustyle:full"
Possible response by a feline pet when #chatted: indicates will be hungry within the next 1000 moves.
The lawful god of the ranger pantheon.
  1. Meta key commands: M-? = #? M-2 = #twoweapon M-a = #adjust M-c = #chat M-d = #dip M-e = #enhance M-f = #force M-i = #invoke M-j = #jump M-l = #loot M-m = #monster M-n = #name M-o = #offer M-p = #pray M-q = #quit M-r = #rub M-s = #sit M-t = #turn M-u = #untrap M-v = #version M-w = #wipe
  2. Don't have a 'meta' key? Try the 'alt' key under NT, OS/2, and PC NetHack. According to tsuteiuQ, the alt key does not work under putty. :(
  3. In regards to PuTTY, see []
meta keys
see {meta}
Possible response by a feline pet when #chatted: indicates hungry, and tameness of 5 or better
see {mind_flayer}
Possible response by a feline pet when #chatted: indicates will be hungry within the next 1000 moves.
microscopic space fleet
  1. From Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (both book and game), in which aliens invaded earth, but due to a discrepency in size, the fleet was eaten by a small dog.
  2. Appears as a hallucinated monster in NetHack. Also referenced to in the Infocom game, the packaging of which included an official copy [ [] ].
see {undead}
mild buzz
see {newt}
mild tingle
Playing with an energy vortex while shock resistant results in feeling a mild tingle.
mildly warm
"You feel mildly warm." means you were unaffected by monster fire attack because of fire resistance.
milky potion
  1. Milky potions may summon a ghost when quaffed, smoky potions may summon a djinni (see: smoky_potion). If something is summoned, the normal potion effect does not occur.
  2. There is a 1/(13+n) chance of summoning a ghost in this manner, where n is the number of ghosts created in the game. There is a maximum of 120 ghosts per game.
  3. When the ghost appears, the potion is used up. If the potion was quaffed by a monster, that monster is paralyzed for three turns. If the potion was quaffed by you, and you are not blind, you will be paralyzed for three turns.
  1. These folks usually hide in shops and pose as staircases and will reveal themselves once you run into them. Easy early experience, but watch out if you eat them - you'll become a pile of gold for a number of turns relative to the size of the mimic.
  2. If you eat a mimic corpse while hallucinating, you will instead mimic an orange.
  3. Watch out, as they can hit quite hard.
  4. Repeatedly write Elbereth, until you get released, to escape from a large or giant mimic.
  5. Mimics will assume the symbol of the following: if on top of an object, that object's type; if in a doorway, a door; if on a maze level or Sokoban, a statue (50% chance); if in a corridor or Sokoban, a boulder; if in a zoo or vault, gold; if in a temple, an altar.
  6. Word of warning: If your pet is of a level to fight mimics, do /not/ let them. This usually happens in shops. Mimics can kill a pet before it is damaged enough to stop auto-attacking, especially large ones.
  7. <aioli> for some reason being around pets drives mimics berserk and their attack speed goes up 300%
mimic of the mines
see {mines'_end}
mind flayer
  1. ACHTUNG! These fellows will easily lock on to you if you're near them and you are telepathic. When they strike, they will eat your brain. They strike several times in one turn, and when you get flayed you will forget random dungeon levels and item identifications permanently.
  2. Your helmet helps prevent flaying, especially if greased. Usually, you should polymorph these badass dudes, or have them get acquainted with a wand of death or a trice corpse.
  3. Eating their corpses may raise INT ("Yum! This is real brain food! You feel smart!")
  4. Oh yeah, mind flayers are base level 9, speed 12, AC 5, MR 90, and have 3 brainsucking attacks; MMFs are base level 13, AC 0, and have 5 brainsucking attacks. Both can fly.
  5. They respect Elbereth, and if you find yourself next to one with no option, you can finger engrave Elbereth for 70% or better chance of survival.
  6. By the time you run into them, you should have a unicorn horn. This will fix the int drain after the battle - but it won't help with forgotten items.
  7. In the words of Brave Sir Robin... "Run away! Run away!"
  8. Eaten: mind flayer Nutr: 400 Effects: Intelligence: 50% Intrinsic: Telepathy: (if no Intelligence gain)
  9. Master mind flayers can be summoned by the summon nasties monster spell, so genociding them before genociding ordinary mind flayers is usually recommended if you can genocide only one of them.
Mindless monsters cannot be detected telepathically. Some of the AI code also behaves differently for them, especially parts related to item use.
mine's end
see {mines'_end}
see {gnomish_mines}
  1. The end of the gnomish mines, strewn with various gems and one guaranteed luckstone. Maps of this level can be found at []
  2. The 8th or 9th level of the mines, somewhere between DL 10 and DL 13.
mines end
see {mines'_end}
mines flayer
see {minesflayer}
  1. This term is mostly used in reference to the random 'h' in the Gnomish Mines rarely being a [master] mind flayer.
  2. The function creating random monsters of a class does test for difficulty, but sometimes it picks a too high-difficulty monster anyway.
  1. Located on the 3rd or 4th level of the Gnomish Mines. There is a guaranteed altar and lighting store and usually several other shops. See [] for details and layouts.
  2. Watch the watchmen. Each layout has at least one watch captain and several watchmen. Don't let them see you stealing; attacking a shk/priest; picking or breaking locked doors; digging the walls of the town proper; drying up fountains; or damaging trees.
  3. You can appease the watch by paying off an angry shopkeeper. Anger one by stealing from them or by breaking their door and refusing to pay. Killing the watch can be tough for a low-level char and carries murder penalties for non-chaotics. You could try locking them in rooms.
  4. The levels below minetown can be disproportionately difficult; polytraps start being generated at depth 8 and the mines have a high density of traps and, usually, hostile monsters.
A pseudo-conduct / strategy where you ignore the vast majority of the game's items: []
minion of huhetotl
  1. This demon is the archeologist quest nemesis.
  2. He can cast spells, so be sure to take caution or MR with you. Cancellation may work, but it is unlikely.
minor troubles
  1. Punishment, being Strained or worse with a loadstone, wearing any cursed item, being blind, attribute drain, wounded legs, being Hungry but not worse, being stunned, being confused, hallucinating
  2. Your deity might help you out with such things (priority given first to major troubles, then to items earlier on this list), even if your prayer timeout has not expired (as long as it will expire within 100 turns).
  1. Symbol 'H', Level 15, speed 15, MR 0. Giant humanoid, carnivorous, does 3d10 + 3d10 + 2d8 damage. Often have a wand of digging, and mostly found in mazes. They hit very hard in melee and ignore Elbereth. They have MR 0 so try things such as sleep, polymorph, or teleport.
  2. Eaten: minotaur Nutr: 700
  3. <bnagy> minotaurs are nethack's way of saying it's getting serious now
The wishless genoless polyless illiterate atheist weaponless vegan ascension, seen at []
see {looking_glass}
misc weight
boulder: 6000. statue: 2500. heavy iron ball: 480. iron chain: 120. (If I'm reading this part right.)
Grunt's apprentice
"The <monster> misfires!" Indicates that a monster's missiles are cursed.
  1. Given the speed of his gameplay, we're not sure whether misha is a bot, or just a human on crack.
  2. aka nolispex on #nethack.
  3. aka xepsilon
  4. aka xep
missile damage
(Damages are shown as S/L for "small/large" monsters.) arrow: 1d6/1d6. elven arrow: 1d7/1d6. orcish arrow: 1d5/1d6. silver arrow: 1d6/1d6. ya: 1d7/1d7. crossbow bolt: 1d4+1/1d6+1. dart: 1d3/1d2. shuriken: 1d8/1d6. boomerang: 1d9/1d9.
Slash'EM Extended feature. An intentionally glitchy role that crashes the game randomly.
Mithril armor (elven mithril-coat and dwarvish mithril-coat) give mc3.
The Barbarian lawful god.
mitre of holiness
  1. The priest quest artifact, a lawful helm of brilliance. It confers fire resistance when carried, reduces damage from undead and demons by half (only for priests), and can be invoked for a boost in spell energy.
  2. This helmet is not rustproof when you get it; be sure to rustproof it yourself ASAP. When not rusted, it improves AC by 1.
  3. See also {you_feel_re-energized}
  1. The massive hammer hits!!! Lightning strikes you! (The Valkyrie's first sacrifice gift, and one of the better artifacts.) With d24 extra damage, Mjollnir is a fantastic weapon, but it is less useful in the endgame, due to the shock-resistance of many monsters (priests, angels, riders...).
  2. If you use Mjollnir, expect to collect fewer wands and rings from your vanquished opponents.
  3. Mojo (as it's often called) can be thrown at monsters if you have Strength of 25 (gauntlets of power). In addition, if you're a Valkyrie, it has a 99% chance of returning to your hand afterward. If it doesn't return, there is a 0.5% chance it will land at your feet, and a 0.5% chance it will hit you!
see {mjollnir}
see {Master Key of Thievery}
see {master mind flayer}
see {Magic_Mirror_of_Merlin}
The neutral god of the Rogue's pantheon.
  1. See morning
  2. Also seen as morn, but only from a very few.
see {mjollnir}
If your god is mollified, their anger is set to zero and your base luck is adjusted to at least zero. Unless your luck is negative (from a cursed luckstone), you can pray safely again after prayer timeout.
see {appeasement}
mollify chaotic god
  1. Angered chaotic gods require sacrifices of high-level monsters to reduce their anger. A list of these monsters follows:
  2. Olog-hai, aligned priest, baby dragon [all], baluchitherium, black pudding, captain, disenchanter, dragon, ettin, frost giant, golden naga, guard, guardian naga, hell hound, ice troll, jabberwock, kraken, lieutenant, lurker above, master mind flayer, mastodon, mind flayer, minotaur, nurse, prisoner, purple worm, queen bee, rock troll, salamander, shopkeeper, storm giant, titan, titanothere, trapper, umber hulk, watch captain
  3. water troll, as well as all player class corpses
The rebel god, whose high priest holds the amulet of Yendor.
moloch's sanctum
see {sanctum}
see {mazes_of_menace}
momentarily weakened
You resisted a Drain Strength spell with magic resistance. Feel happy.
momentary chill
You have just received fire resistance.
momentary vision
see {you_have_a_momentary_vision}
see {monk}
mon skills
Basic: quarterstaff, spear, javelin, crossbow, shuriken, attack spells, divination spells, enchantment spells, escape spells, matter spells. Skilled: cleric spells. Expert: healing spells. Grand Master: martial arts.
  1. The Monk is a mystic warrior who can cast a few spells. They require a unique playing style, focusing on martial arts (weaponless combat, in which they can achieve Grand Mastery) and no body armor. They also suffer an alignment penalty if they eat meat.
  2. To compensate for the penalties, they also gain a huge number of intrinsics as they gain experience levels. They start with speed, sleep resistance, and see invis. They gain poison resistance, stealth, warning, searching, fire/cold/shock resistance, and teleport control by level 17. Also, they exercise wisdom while weak.
  3. Monk rank titles: Candidate (xplvl 1-2), Novice (3-5), Initiate (6-9), Student of Stones (10-13), Student of Waters (14-17), Student of Metals (18-21), Student of Winds (22-25), Student of Fire (26-29), Master (30)
  4. Intrinsic abilities: 1: Speed, Sleep res, See invis; 3: Poison res; 5: Stealth; 7: Warning; 9: Searching; 11: Fire res; 13: Cold res; 15: Shock res; 17: Teleport control.
  5. The physical to-hit penalty for wearing armor is -20.
  6. spellskill { attack: basic; healing: expert; divination: basic; enchantment: basic; clerical: skilled; escape: basic; matter: basic }
  7. They start with one of the following spellbooks: sleep, protection, or healing.
  8. There is a Monk FAQ that covers conducts, wishes, equipment, etc. You can find it at []
  9. Eaten: monk Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
monk artifact
The Eyes of the Overworld
monk faq
NetHack Monks FAQ: []
  1. Pesky little bugger that can steal items from you.
  2. Eaten: monkey Nutr: 50
monks faq
see {monk_faq}
  1. A non-monk character who doesn't wear body armor and maintains 'never hit with a wielded weapon' conduct
  2. For additional fun (aggravation), maintain a vegetarian appetite.
  1. a percentage stats for monsters that protects them from attacks like sleep, charm (tame), polymorph, drain life, cancel, (whether from spell, wand, potions, or traps)
  2. monsters with high monster-mr are: Riders and the Wizard of Yendor have 100%; Demogorgon has 95%; (master) mind flayers, master and arch-liches, ki-rin, Asmodeus have 90%,
  3. Baalzebub, Nalzok and Orcus have 85%; Vlad, archons, the Dark One, Norn, marilith, Yeenoghu, Dispater have 80%; Minion of Huhetotl, balrogs, Geryon have 75%;
  4. foocubus, Arch and high priests, Grand Master, titans, golden nagas and unicorns have 70%; Juiblex, pit fiends, nalfeshnee have 65%; sandestins, iron golems, Neferet the Green, demiliches, ogre kings have 60%; hezrous, ice devil, Angels have 55%;
  5. ghosts, vrocks, horned devils, glass and stone golems, Medusa, the Oracle, shopkeepers, aligned priests, Lord Surtur, jabberwocks, guardian nagas, and vampire lords have 50%
  6. but the effects of monster-MR are actually much more complicated than what's listed here, treat this only as first approximation until someone goes through the source.
monster alignment
  1. Some monsters (including your quest leader) are always peaceful, some (including your quest nemesis) are always hostile. Additionally, some monsters are peaceful or hostile to players of certain races.
  2. Failing that, crossaligned monsters are always hostile, chaotic monsters are hostile to players with the Amulet, and angelic minions are hostile to players with negative alignment records.
  3. For coaligned monsters when none of the above conditions apply: there's a 1 in (alignment+15) chance, and an independent 1 in (2+monster alignment) chance, that they're hostile, otherwise peaceful. Note that this means that coaligned neutral monsters generally have at least a 50% chance of being hostile.
monster clerical spells
  1. The following clerical spells can be cast by monsters (at specified level): Open Wounds (0), Cure Self (1), Confusion (2-3), Paralize (4-5), Blind (6-7), Summon Insects (8), Curse Items (9-10), Lightning (11), Pillar of Fire (12), Geyser (13)
  2. monsters that can cast clerical spells (with base level): abbot(5), acolyte(5), aligned priest(12), high priest(25), master kaen(25), arch priest(25), grand master(25)
monster detection
Can be achieved through casting detect monsters, or more temporarily gained by quaffing a potion {see potion_of_monster_detection}.
monster hitpoints
  1. The maximum HP for a monster is as follows:
  2. For golems, the values are: straw/paper: 20; rope: 30; flesh/gold/leather: 40; clay/wood: 50; glass/stone: 60; iron: 80.
  3. For the three horsemen (War is on vacation): 10d8 hitpoints -- so, from 10 to 80.
  4. For the special 'fixed-hp' monsters: Juiblex (88), Yeenoghu (100), Orcus (120), Geryon (132), Dispater (144), Baalzebub (166), Asmodeus (198), Demogorgon (200), mail daemon (100)
  5. For adult (i.e non-baby) dragons: in the Astral plane, 8*<level> HP. Otherwise, 4*<level> + <level>d4 HP. (See monster_level to find the effective value for <level>; base level of all dragons is 15.)
  6. For monsters where the computed <level> is 0: d4 (See monster_level to find the effective value for <level>.)
  7. For elementals at home (e.g. water E on plane of water): 3 * <level>d8
  8. For everybody else: <level>d8 hp.
monster level
  1. To compute a monster's effective level: First, get the base level ([] can tell you)
  2. The Wizard of Yendor's effective level is (30 + times-he's-died), up to a maximum of 49.
  3. For the special 'fixed-hp' monsters: Juiblex (22), Yeenoghu (25), Orcus (30), Geryon (33), Dispater (36), Baalzebub (41), Asmodeus (49), Demogorgon (50), mail daemon (25)
monster manual
  1. What's this monster do? See: []
  2. mirrored at []
monster mr
see {monster-mr}
monster spells
[] mirrored at []
An option specific to NAO and UnNetHack; allows you to adjust monster colors. For example, put this into your rcfile: "MONSTERCOLOR='floating eye':lightmagenta"
  1. Configuration option. Set the character symbols for displaying monster classes. See Guidebook for more info. The default option is given in the next entry. Note that ] is included in the string.
  2. monsters:abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ@ '&;:~]
monsters sense the presence of you
You quaffed a cursed potion of monster detection.
monsters spoiler
  1. Monster basic properties and attacks: []
  2. Monster generation and disposal: []
  1. Starting or restoring a game during a full moon will set your base luck to 1 (that is, you have a +1 luck bonus).
  2. There is no luck penalty for a new moon. See {full moon} and {new moon}.
moonstone ring
An unidentified ring. Cannot be eaten by any monster.
mordor orc
Eaten: Mordor orc Nutr: 200
see {graveyard}
An old roguelike game, precursor of Angband.
Good morning!
morning star
  1. A form of a weapon, more or less a mace but with a bit more spikiness on the end.
  2. Iron, costs 10, weighs 120. 2d4 damage to small monsters and 1d6+1 for large.
"You hear mosquitoes!" means you're on a muddy-water level. Watch out for pools of water and eels.
mottled black glow
You read a cursed scroll of enchant armor whilst confused
see {steed}
mountain centaur
  1. Speed 20, AC 2, magic resistance 10%, kicks for 2d6 and uses weapon for 1d10.
  2. Eaten: mountain centaur Nutr: 500
mountain nymph
see {nymph}
move not fight
  1. Allows player to move without fighting one square. No single key macro available in game, so use <metakey>:bindkey (key) stuff m(dir) in screen(1) (alt-dir is a good choice for key)
  2. see mathx's screenrc snippet: []
movement commands
  1. [YUHJKLBN] Go in that direction until you hit a wall or run into something -- g[dir]: move until something interesting is found -- G[dir] or <ctrl>[dir]: same as g, but forking of corridors is not considered interesting -- m[dir]: move without picking up objects or fighting (even if you remember a monster there)
  2. F[dir]: fight a monster (even if you only guess one is there) -- M[dir]: move far, no pickup. -- If the number_pad option is set, the number keys move instead. Depending on the platform, Shift number (on the numberpad), Meta number, or Alt number will invoke the YUHJKLBN commands -- 5[dir] does G/ctrl[dir]
  3. ctrl[dir] may or may not work when number_pad is enabled, depending on the platform's capabilities -- travel: _[choose spot or type symbol (for example: _> to place cursor on downstairs if visible)]: move via a shortest-path algorithm to a point on the map
moves only reluctantly
Your pet has stepped over something cursed.
see {magic resistance}
see {marvin}
Lawful quest artifacts that confer magic resistance when carried: the Orb of Detection (archeologist), the Sceptre of Might (caveman), the Magic Mirror of Merlin (knight). Neutral quest artifacts that confer magic resistance when carried: the Eyes of the Overworld (monk), the Platinum Yendorian Express Card (tourist), the Eye of the Aethiopica (wizard). No chaotic quest artifacts confer magic resistance.
When it comes to killing hackers, this shopkeeper is number one. Watch out, known to pack wands of death and destruction.
msg window
  1. Configuration option. How recalled messages are displayed: eg. "msg_window:s", s=single message, c=combination, f=full window, r=reversed full window.
  2. If msg_window:combination is on, hitting ^P does a single line the first two times, then goes to the full mode on the third. If reverse, newer messages are displayed higher than older messages.
Configuration option. The number of top line messages to save (and recall with ^P). Cannot be set in-game. See also msg_window.
  1. Not Maud.
  2. Ya hya chouhada Muad'Dib!
  3. <Muad> Oh heh, now I know why you shouldn't bash your cat with polymorph potions. <Bisclaveret> it died from system shock? <Muad> No, I died from touching my new cockatrice.
  1. Evil demon-op. Handle with care!
  2. Is a proud owner of a pet Juiblex.
mud boots
Either the unidentified elven, kicking, fumble, levitation, jumping, speed or water walking boots.
muffled cracking
The container you just kicked now has one less egg in it.
muffled shatter
You just broke a glass object that was inside a chest.
Projectiles that allows multishot: missiles fired from a launcher, or thrown using dart, dagger, or shuriken skill.
  1. An exceptionally dangerous 'q' (quadruped), hits extremely hard and shows up fairly early. Avoid them, or kill from a distance if possible.
  2. Speed 9, AC 0, does 4d12 + 2d6 melee damage.
  3. Think of the huge elephants from Lord of the Rings.
  4. plural: mumakil
  5. Eaten: mumak Nutr: 500
mumak resistance
  1. An unusually high amount of HP (200+) combined with low AC (-20 or better), such that meleeing a mumak would leave the player with only a few scratches.
  2. Also considered the short version of "enough physical toughness so that plain HP loss to combat is very unlikely to be the cause of death without also extreme carelessness."
Death by mumak, made from the plural of mumak which is 'mumakil' and the word kill.
mummy rapping
If you ever see this, run away. Quickly. Vanilla Ice was bad enough.
mummy wrapping
  1. Use one of these to make yourself visible (if you are permanently invisible) so that you may enter shops. It counts as a cloak, so don't forget to take it off (and put on your regular cloak) when you leave.
  2. Provides no AC, costs 2, weighs 3, and provides MC1.
  1. Mur is probably seen in some room, which might be even locked, casting spells and reading IRC scrolls. If you see Mur, come greet him and give him some good vegan food to eat.
  2. He might be drawing pictures of rothes with magic marker on empty scrolls.
see {murderer}
  1. "You murderer!" Kill an always-peaceful human while non-chaotic and you'll lose intrinsic telepathy and get -2 Luck. Killing your own race if non-human is not murder. If you polymorph your victim before killing them, you will not be flagged as a murderer.
  2. Contrary to popular belief, you will never lose protection from murder. You can lose protection by killing a co-aligned priest, but this is independent of the murder penalty.
mysterious farce
see {mysterious_force}
mysterious force
  1. That evil power which prevents you from teleporting.
  2. It is a side effect of possessing the Amulet of Yendor, and applies to monsters, too - so don't bother!
  3. This will block all attempts at level teleporting, and in Gehennom, it will occasionally drag you down a level or three when you try to go upstairs.
  4. If you are chaotic, you will slip down up to one level, neutral up to two, and lawful up to three. You can end up on the same level, and in all cases are teleported to a random location.
In NetHack, it's spelled "mithril".
  1. Command: 'n' Move diagonally right and down if you have embraced the one-true-path-of-vi-movement-keys.
  2. Command: 'N' Move diagonally right and down until you hit a wall or something. For those who have not embraced the one-true-path-of-vi-movement-keys, 'N' will name an item or object (same as #name or meta-n for the faithful).
  3. Monster: 'n' Hope you didn't want everything in your inventory, since that 'n' is either a wood, water, or mountain nymph.
  4. Monster: 'N' Nagas. Red, black, golden, or guardian. Also includes naga hatchlings of the four variants.
  5. Command: 'Meta-n' Same as '#name'.
n.a.o for the very lazy, but not so lazy as those that might type 'nao'.
see {newt}
Nagas are half human, half snake, and can be quite nasty without proper resistances, e.g. red nagas can breathe fire and golden nagas can cast magic spells. Naga hatchlings, on the other hand, are mostly harmless.
Japanese for {glaive}.
Splashing of a naiad indicates the presence of a fountain. 'Naiad' is another name for a water nymph, taken from Greek mythology.
Without clothing
A demon, speed 9, AC -1, magic resistance 65%, resistant to poison and fire, Does 1d4 + 1d4 + 2d4 damage in melee and can cast spells.
  1. The Priest quest nemesis, a demon.
  2. Nalzok is a spellcaster; magic resistance is strongly recommended before facing it.
  3. Cold magic is particularly effective.
  5. & 16 12 -2 85 fp* W8d4 W4d6 M0d0+ 2d6-
  1. You can #name objects in the game, choosing to name an individual object (such as this object is cursed) or a class (such as READ ME is identify). Name monsters or pets with the 'C' key.
  2. Configuration option. Set your character's name. You can also set your character's role by appending a dash and one or more letter of the role, eg. "name:Foo-Bar". Cannot be set in-game.
  3. see {#name}
naming and calling
  1. Naming and calling are frequently confused among new players--they even use the same command (#name). If you get them confused, you'll do a lot of things you didn't intend to.
  2. Naming an object (#name y, or #name b on NAO) will affix a name to just that particular object.
  3. Use this to make a note about an item's BUC status, make a note of resistances or special levels, write how many times you've read a spellbook, mark how many charges of a wand you've used, etc.
  4. Calling (#name n or #name c on NAO) affixes a name to all items with the given appearance.
  5. Use this to affix a name to a type of object once you know its identity or mark the time that you last read a spellbook.
  6. Say you had a "ruby ring" that you had determined was a blessed ring of conflict. You would call (#name n) it "conflict", then name (#name y) it "blessed." The end result would be "a ring called conflict named blessed."
  7. None of this should be confused with the call command (C, or Ca on NAO), which assigns a unique name to a pet or monster.
  8. On NAO, the traditional keys have been patched: pressing C now opens the #name menu, with choices a, b, and c. However, the vanilla keystrokes still work fine (with the exception of C; you must use Ca for that).
  9. For a few more examples of applications for both naming and calling, see []
  10. To remove the name on an object, set its name to a space.
naming artifacts
  1. Two artifacts can be created by #naming their base types, Sting (an elven dagger) and Orcrist (an elven broadsword).
  2. If you try to give the name of an artifact to an object of the same type (e.g. "Excalibur" to a long sword), it will fail ('your finger slips').
  3. While a pointless exercise for weapons, you can abuse this 'feature' to help discern certain other object types:
  4. gray stone: Luckstones cannot be named 'The Heart of Ahriman'
  5. amulet: Amulets of ESP cannot be named "The Eye of the Aethiopica"
  6. helmets: Helms of brilliance cannot be named 'The Mitre of Holiness'
  7. Note carefully that you have to NAME, not CALL the object -- answer YES when it asks "Name an individual object"?
  8. In Slash'EM this abuse is more effective because there are many more artifacts. In this way, you can identify: bag of holding, speed boots, gauntlets of dexterity, cloak of displacement, helm of telepathy, and some other, Slash'EM-specific, items.
  9. This bug is fixed on NAO; your hand will always slip, even if naming e.g. a tinning kit "Trollsbane".
nao abbreviation for the supremely lazy.
NAO50 is a friendly competition among interested players. The basic idea is to ascend as many games as possible out of 50. For more information, see []
nao config editor
see {nao_rc_editor}
nao diff
see {naohack}
nao patches
see {nao diff}
nao rc editor
[] (use your NAO username and password)
see {#nethack:naohack?}
  1. The following monsters are "nasties": cockatrice, ettin, stalker, minotaur, red dragon, black dragon, green dragon, owlbear, purple worm, rock troll, xan, gremlin, umber hulk, vampire lord, xorn, zruty, elf-lord, elvenking, yellow dragon, leocrotta;
  2. baluchitherium, carnivorous ape, fire giant, couatl, captain, winged gargoyle, master mind flayer, fire elemental, jabberwock, arch-lich, ogre king, olog-hai, iron golem, ochre jelly, green slime, disenchanter.
  3. When Rodney, an arch-lich or other spellcasting monster summons monsters, they're always nasties.
  4. In Gehennom, other monsters like demon lords may be summoned instead.
  5. If a chosen "nasty" is genocided, a random monster is generated instead.
  6. Summoned nasties don't respect extinction, summoned random monsters (because the chosen nasty was genocided) do.
  7. Any arcane spellcaster at high enough level can summon nasties; the following often can: ki-rin, titans, Archons, demiliches, master liches, arch-liches, Rodney, Orcus, Dispater, Demogorgon, various quest nemeses.
  8. Do not confuse this with the M2_NASTY flag, which is unrelated; the list of monsters used by summon nasties is in wizard.c in the nasties[] array.
"Nasty" may either refer to monsters that can be created by the summon nasties monster spell (see {nasties}) or to the M2_NASTY monster flag (see {M2_NASTY}).
  1. The ringwraiths from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.
  2. Also, as with Tolkien, you can meet a maximum of nine of them.
  3. They always carry a cursed ring of invisibility.
  4. They can breathe sleep gas, but by the time you're running into them you ought to have sleep resistance or reflection anyway.
  5. Like every wraith, they can drain levels.
New Curses.
Eaten: neanderthal Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
neferet the green
  1. The Wizard quest leader.
  2. Eaten: Neferet the Green Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
Possible response by an equine pet when #chatted: indicates hungry and a tameness of less than 5.
Nesta only ever plays elven rangers, ever.
  1. You may place a bag of holding inside another bag of holding, but it'll blow up. However, by wrapping the second bag in multiple sacks, you may pull it off.
  2. The chances are decreased up to the seventh nested sack. (Oilskin sacks work just as well, and can be mixed in without penalty.)
  3. The exact odds of detonation are, for (n) intermediate sacks: (0) 1/1, (1) 2/2, (2) 3/4, (3) 4/8, (4) 5/16, (5) 6/32, (6) 7/64, (7) 8/128, (n where n > 6) (n+1)/128
Word play which alludes to the nature of NetHack.
  1. A single player dungeon-exploration game, nothing to do with cracking into computers or networks. The official NetHack website ([]) has the latest release in both source and binary form for many platforms. You can also play online on; there's a wiki at []
  2. <Stonar> NetHack(n): A game in which the objective is to do fewer stupid things the next time you play. See {chronology} for the chronology.
  3. The black hole into which all your productivity shall sink.
  1. With this patch, you'll be able to play NetHack in emacs. See []
  2. They also have a channel #nethack-el on freenode, where the authors idle.
  3. Put (add-to-list 'load-path "path/to/nethack.el") (autoload 'nethack "nethack" "Play NetHack." t) (setq nethack-program "/path/to/nethackbinary") into your ~/.emacs, reload, and M-x nethack RET
A public nethack server. Telnet to, register, login, and play!
see {}
see {}
nethack addiction
<Rodney> player (Val Hum Fem Neu), 457 points, killed by a newt, while helpless <player> Now it's payback time... - 3 months pass - <Rodney> player (Val Hum Fem Neu), 10448 points, killed by a newt, while helpless
nethack cafe
see {NetHack Café}
nethack café
nethack carols
Devnull is a-coming and the Wizard's getting fat / Please put the star of dilithium in the old man's hat / If you can't ascend a wizard, then a valkyrie'll do / If you can't ascend a valkyrie then Tyr bless you!
nethack floppy
  1. The bootable NetHack operating system for x86, on a single floppy: []
  2. For playing on x86 systems (IBM-like PCs) where no OS is extant, or when you would like to touch nothing on the system.
nethack helper
  1. A Dungeon of Doom Notetaker with built in price id (only runs in Mac & Windows) []
  2. HiSpeed's NetHack Helper, price-id, spellbook reading & alchemy help []
nethack linux
see {nethack_floppy}
nethack pickup lines
  1. "Hey babe, are you a mindflayer? 'cuz you blow my mind!"
  2. "Is that a blessed +1 mace in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"
  3. "How about you follow me upstairs and tame my long worm."
  4. Hello, nurse!
  5. Ever done it with a dwarf before?
  6. You pick up the cockatrice corpse. You turn to stone...
  7. You cover your meat stick with a thick layer of grease.
  8. Did you throw a potion of paralysis? Because I just stiffened momentarily.
  9. ,
nethack porn
NSFW kids, []
nethack quotes
nethack scoreboard
nethack song
  1. A parody song; see []
  2. []
nethack utilities
Links to spell failure rate calc, price id, mastermind solver, etc: []
The other way to set up nethack viewing on your own box, see []
see {nethack floppy}
You can change the place where .nethackrc is loaded from by using "export NETHACKOPTIONS=@/path/to/file"
  1. []
  2. Please link to For example, "[] would redirect to the right place.
  3. If you've contributed to Rodney, and wish to grant permission for your entries to be entered into the wiki, see []
You chatted to a nonpeaceful raven
new moon
  1. If you are hit by a cockatrice's or chickatrice's special hissing attack during a new moon and you are NOT carrying a lizard corpse in your main inventory, you will always start turning to stone.
  2. Contrary to intuition, the new moon does *not* penalize your luck.
  1. The RNG turned me into a newt! ... I got better.
  2. Eating a newt corpse when you are above 2/3 Pw capacity will have a 66% chance of giving a small Pw boost of 1-3 points. "You feel a mild buzz." When your power is 2/3 or below, this always occurs.
  3. If you are already at max Pw, there is a 22% chance of increasing your max Pw by 1. Bonus!
  4. Eaten: newt Nutr: 20 Effects: Energy: 67%
No Fucking Clue
No Fucking Idea
HanClinto's general purpose NetHack bot, affectionally named Jessie 'The Bottie' Venturer. Source code available at []
Hackens attempt at a nethack bot. Ascensions: Twice as many as any other bot on NAO.
A very inexperienced bot written in Perl by Eidolos. Its source code is available at []
NetHack Is Not AD&D
  1. NetHack is not Quake.
  2. That means taking your time, and doing it right.
NetHack is not real life.
The previous gametime speedrun record holder, with a 2185-turns ascension on 2010-02-24. Dumplog at [] combined ttyrec of the game at []
NetHack: The Next Generation (also NH:TNG), an old variant with some additions, such as the "Geek" character.
Ye Olde NetHack Bestiary. []
  1. NetHack is a game.
  2. It has nothing to do with hacking, networking, or anything else.
  3. Rodney is the resident bot.
  4. See [] as mentioned in the topic.
  1. Was never killed by a kitten.
  2. Was killed by itsblah.
  1. It is night from 22:00 to 05:59.
  2. Gremlins may steal your intrinsics at night.
Eaten: ninja Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
Japanese broadsword.
NetHack is not Quake.
see {no-teleport levels}
no-teleport levels
Sokoban; Quest home; Rogue and Samurai Quest nemesis; Ludios; Medusa; Castle; Valley; demon lairs; Vlad's Tower; wiztower levels; sanctum; planes; astral
no engraving message
see {e_nomsg}
  1. "noeGNUd" - Interface to NetHack that is capable of displaying the game in ascii, tiled and 3D.
  2. []
non mappable
The Valley Of The Dead, Moloch's Sanctum, the Astral Plane, and the Catacombs version of Mines' End are non-mappable levels. Reading a scroll of magic mapping there will confuse you, which can be useful.
normal feeling
"You have a normal feeling for a moment, then it passes." - you are hallucinating; see 'strange feeling' for more information.
  1. The Valkyrie quest leader ("the Norn").
  2. Eaten: Norn Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
note that
Avoid this phrase. Please. It's almost always a sign of bad style.
A complete list of noteleport levels (as of 3.6.1): all Sokoban levels, Fort Ludios, all quest home levels, Rogue and Samurai quest goal levels, Medusa, Castle, VotD, all Gehennom demon lairs, all levels of Vlad's, all levels of Rodney's (whether inside or outside the tower), Sanctum, all five Planes
nothing interesting happens
You read a scroll of taming but there was nothing to tame.
The un-official conduct of ascending in NetHack without the use of any armour/clothes from turn one.
Configuration option. Send padding NULLs to terminal. A boolean, defaults to TRUE. Only used if you compiled NetHack with TERMCAP and without TIMED_DELAY.
number pad
Configuration option. Use the number keys to move instead of the vi-keys. Press O in-game to set, select number_pad, change to 1 for enabled or 0 for off. To set on in your rcfile, use OPTIONS=number_pad:1
An evil way to move your character, not quite as bad as arrow keys but still a waste of time.
Japanese flail.
  1. If you're wearing no armor, and wielding no weapon, the nurse will heal you, and in the process possibly raise your max hp as well. The healing attack is suffixed with "I hope you don't mind!"
  2. In a practice known as 'nurse dancing', players reverse genocide nurses (often in sokoban), strip of armor and weapons, and stand still getting healed by nurses to increase max hit points.
  3. On each nurse heal, there is a 1/7 chance of point of maxhp, given your current maxhp < (5*clvl + [2*clvl]d10), which means only 50% efficiency at 450hp at clvl 30, deteriorating fast. Regardless of that check, there is then a 1/13 chance of the nurse teleporting away.
  4. Eating nurse meat heals you to maximum hit points and has about a 73% chance of giving poison resistance.
  5. Nurses will not hurt healers with weapons or armor, but will not heal them either unless they strip. (line 1422, mhitu.c)
  6. Eaten: nurse Nutr: 400 Effects: Human Heal Intrinsic: Poison: 73%
nurse dancing
see {Nurse}
  1. This is how full you are: Above 2000: risk of choking. 1999-1000: satiated. 999-150: not hungry. 149-50: hungry. 49-0: weak. Below 0 you faint, and below (-20*CON)-200 you die from starvation.
  2. Normally you use a unit every turn, some things use more. Each worn ring or amulet, or carrying the AoY uses an extra unit per 20 turns. Having the hunger, conflict or regeneration intrinsic (unless regeneration/conflict is from an artefact), being Stressed or worse, use one unit each every 2 turns.
  3. If you begin eating anything unsatiated, you are guaranteed to be able to finish it without choking, even if this takes you beyond 2000 nutrition. Eating anything at all in the meantime means you may choke.
  4. If you are unbreathing (amulet of magical breathing, or in a non-breathing form) choking will just make you vomit. Otherwise you have a 1/20 chance of vomiting anyway—else you die (AoLS will save you). Choking will happen if you eat anything while your nutrition is over 2000.
  5. A ring of slow digestion eliminates normal food usage (but still causes ring hunger), so you use food at 1/20 the normal rate wearing only =SD. Sleeping reduces normal food usage to about 1/10th of its normal value.
  6. Also see {Spell_Hunger}
see {ade}
see {hallucination}
  1. These little vixens are not dangerous in melee, but are quick and will steal items from your inventory and teleport away. Never underestimate how helpless you are without your weapon and best armor. Kill them from range if possible, or simply avoid them, as they are usually asleep when you encounter them.
  2. Eating nymph corpses can give you teleportitis.
  3. Usually found carrying a potion of object detection and a mirror.
  4. When polymorphed into one, heavy iron balls may be removed with #monster command.
  5. Monster nymphs can carry a practically unlimited amount of items; players polymorphed into a nymph get the maximum carrying capacity.
  6. Because they are often carrying a mirror, it is harmful to your luck to kill them with Force bolt or wands of striking.
  7. If you lack a ranged attack, a pet is a very effective way of dealing with them
  8. A nymph can be created by quaffing from a fountain (water) or ringing any cursed bell.
  9. They might not be directly dangerous, but if they steal your attack wands they WILL use them against you. It also sucks even more if they steal your amulet of life saving.
  10. They can be useful for getting rid of cursed items, though its random so dropping all your other items will help... though being naked is in itself a risk.
  11. Eaten: nymph Nutr: 300 Intrinsic: Teleportitis: 30%
  1. Command: 'o' Open a door.
  2. Command: 'O' Set options. You probably want to change your .nethackrc or defaults.nh file for options that you want to change permanently.
  3. Monster: 'o' Hill, Mordor, Uruk-hai orcs, orc shamans and orc-captains, and finally the plain 'orc'. Tastes like pork.
  4. Command: 'Meta-o' Same as '#offer'.
  5. Monster: 'O' Ogres, ogre lords, and ogre kings.
object detection
  1. You detect objects on that level and exercise your wisdom.
  2. If cursed, shows mimics as objects; if blessed, you can farlook objects to see their descriptions.
  3. The detect treasure spell acts as an uncursed potion of object detection if your skill in divination spells is Basic or lower, and as a blessed potion of object detection if you're at least Skilled in divination spells.
  4. base price is 150
object id spoiler
  1. Configuration option. Set the character symbols for displaying object classes. See Guidebook for more info.
  2. The order is "mimic/strange object, weapon, armor, ring, amulet, tool, food, potion, scroll, spellbook, wand, gold, gem/rock, boulder/statue, iron ball, chain, venom."
  3. If you have the "boulder" option set, boulders will appear with that symbol instead of the statue one.
A soft black gem worth 200 zorkmids.
occam's razor
The theory that the best solution to a problem is more often than not the least complex solution.
ochre jelly
  1. You are splashed by the ochre jelly's acid! Watch out! It can really hurt you, so try to attack it from a distance. It can also engulf you once in a while
  2. They can corrode your weapon.
  3. Fortunately, they're quite slow.
  4. Their engulf is caused by them moving onto the same square as you. Just stand back. :)
  5. Eaten: ochre jelly Nutr: 20 V! Effects: Acidic
The neutral god of the Valkyrie pantheon
see {orange dragon scale mail}
off with her head
A throne room message.
off with his head
There is a throne room nearby.
Eaten: ogre Nutr: 500
ogre king
Eaten: ogre king Nutr: 750
ogre lord
  1. Level 7. AC 3, 30 MR, 12 Spd. Hits for 2d6.
  2. Eaten: ogre lord Nutr: 700
  1. One of many joke monster-specific artifact weapons that is just an obstacle in the way of a good weapon.
  2. Wins the greycat award for Most Useless Artifact Weapon in the game.
  3. Its base item is a war hammer. It gets +1d5 to hit and does double damage versus ogres.
oh shit
  1. Exclamation made when one attempts to genocide master mind flayers, then quickly discovers that a lich had cursed the scroll.
  2. ... or when you genocide h forgetting you are a dwarf...
oh wow!_great stuff!
see {hallucination}
oil lamp
  1. Light source, weighs 20, and can last from 999 to 1499 turns. A blessed scroll of charging will refill them to 1500 turns, uncursed scroll will add 750 turns (to a max of 1500). Potion of oil will add 400 turns.
  2. Keep in mind that the PYEC acts as a charging source, see {PYEC} for more details.
  3. Its easy to get lamp in the Mines (lighting shop often has some) or in a polymorphed pile of tools.
oilskin bag
see {oilskin_sack}
oilskin cloak
A slippery cloak that fits tightly and protects your metal body armor from erosion. Additionally, it provides the highest magic cancellation and prevents grabbing attacks.
oilskin sack
A non-cursed oilskin sack protects its contents from water damage.
old gloves
see {gloves}
  1. The most powerful kind of troll.
  2. Speed 12, AC -4, deals 3d6 (+weapon damage) + 2d8 + 2d6 damage.
  3. Eaten: Olog-hai Nutr: 400
Probably an Amulet of Life Saving.
Spanish polearm.
Another roguelike, with a sense of humor and references to nethack and other games. The first roguelike with a "wilderness" mode for between-town travel.
omniscience quadriad
Stacked skilled detect monsters, magic mapping on each level, detect treasure every time you enter a level, identify on every object you want to keep.
A truly impressive nethack extinctionist. Search for "omniwhack nethack" at [] to find his accomplishment.
one more game
  1. "Just one more game! I promise!"
  2. "I'm not addicted! I can stop any time!"
  3. I KNOW this char will ascend!
  4. "Huh? It's already midnight?!"
see {orb of detection}
  1. see {Orb of Fate}
  2. sound made when lifting orb of fate, or the orb itself.
  1. Oops... Hit <Enter> to continue. || Suddenly, the dungeon collapses. - something VERY wrong just happened in the game, and it crashed.
  2. If you receive a scroll of mail while your inventory is full, you get this message when your character drops it on the floor. Butterfingers!
A soft white gem worth 800 zorkmids. Not to be confused with black opals.
opal ring
An unidentified ring. Cannot be eaten by any monster.
opens like magic
The tin was blessed
opera cloak
Either the unidentified cloak of displacement, unidentified cloak of invisibility, unidentified cloak of magic resistance, or the unidentified cloak of protection.
opulent throne
see {throne}
  1. The Oracle is located between levels 5 and 9 of the Dungeons of Doom. #chat with her, and for a small sum of money she'll tell you things in her own cryptic way. This is mostly useful for unspoiled players.
  2. a minor oracularity (from the true rumours file) is 50 zorkmids and gives you a few xp.
  3. a major (specific, if highly cryptic, information) is 500 + (50*XL) and gives you a few more xp.
  4. Her only attack is a (passive) shower of missiles, so you can easily take her out with MR.
  5. If you request a consultation for which you don't have enough money, she will scornfully take all of your money and give you no help at all. Also, it will have used up your attempt to get experience for that kind of consultation.
  6. You only get the experience bonus the first time for each type of consultation.
  7. Eaten: Oracle Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
  8. []
Ordinary comestible. Weighs 2, gives 80 nutrition. It is considered vegan food.
orange dragon
  1. see {dragon}
  2. Eaten: orange dragon Nutr: 1500 Intrinsic: Sleep: 100%
orange dragon scale mail
  1. Orange dragon scale mail drops AC by 9 and provides sleep resistance while not hindering spell casting.
  2. Weighs 40.
orange dragon scales
  1. Drops AC by 3 and provides sleep resistance. Can be transformed into orange dragon scale mail with a scroll of enchant armor.
  2. Weighs 40.
orb of detection
  1. This crystal ball is the archeologist quest artifact. It confers magic resistance, telepathy, and protects from half damage from spells when carried, and toggles invisiblity when invoked.
  2. It is a lawful artifact.
orb of fate
  1. The Orb of Fate is the Valkyrie quest artifact. It gives half damage vs. physical and spell attacks, acts as a luckstone, grants warning, and can be invoked for level teleport. Oh, and it's a crystal ball, too.
  2. You can only pick it up if you're Neutral or a Valkyrie.
  3. Otherwise known as the Orb of Weight, due to its mass (150). That's as much as 3 spellbooks, 30 scrolls, or 15,000 zorkmids. And you don't get the benefits if it's in your bag of holding. But it's often worth it.
orb of weight
  1. Alternate name for the Orb of Fate, due to the fact that the artifact is considerably heavy.
  2. It weighs 150!
  3. dtriscuit: Acts as a luckstone AND a loadstone
orb of weight ii
see {orb of detection}
  1. A cruel race, full of hatred and malignity. They are strong, enduring and evil. They fight with passion, but are not so bright to be good in spellcasting.
  2. Orcs are naturally poison resistant, and are immune to penalties for cannibalism.
  3. Max stats: Str18/50 Dex18 Con18 Int16 Wis16 Cha16
  4. Eaten: orc Nutr: 150
Eaten: orc-captain Nutr: 350
orc shaman
Eaten: orc shaman Nutr: 300
orcish chain mail
Reduces AC by 4 and weighs 300.
orcish cloak
  1. Cloth cloak with the unidentified appearance of 'coarse mantelet'. Does not drop AC, but provides mc2. Other then being slightly cheaper, it's identical to the dwarvish cloak.
  2. Costs 40 and weighs 10.
orcish dagger
Very basic weapon that has a +2 bonus to hit. Orcish daggers do 1d3 damage against small monsters, and 1d3 against large ones. Ra, Ro, T, V, and W can become experts at daggers.
orcish helm
Its unidentified appearance is 'iron skull cap'. Often the first helmet you see in the game. Will drop AC by one, but the dwarvish iron helm has double the AC and is almost as easy to find.
orcish ring mail
Lowers AC by 2. Weighs 250. This is terrible armor.
orcish shield
An iron shield that, unenchanted, will drop AC by 1. It has the appearance of 'red-eyed shield' and weighs 50 units.
orcish short sword
see {short_sword}
orcish spear
Does d5 damage to small enemies and d8 damage to large enemies. Unidentified appearance is a "crude spear".
  1. Elven broadsword artifact that does better attacking Orcs. Can be created by #nameing a regular Elven broadsword.
  2. Very crappy artifact weapon. Slap the face of the deity who gifted it to you.
  3. If you #named this sword yourself using an elven broadsword, toss it up repeatedly to get rid of it.
  4. Does +d5 to hit and x2 damage against all orcs. Alive or (un)dead.
  5. Disclaimer: line 3 is sarcasm.
  6. It's occasionally useful to #name Orcrist--if you've named Orcrist and Sting and are an elf, your first sacrifice gift will always be Stormbringer.
  1. Watch out! This chaotic demon, whom you'll find on his own special level (Orcus town) on level 10-15 of Gehennom, has a wand of death. He also has a 1/260 chance of summoning Demogorgon each move.
  2. Paranoid way of dealing with Orcus: dig down on his level, find the upstairs, burn Elbereth, drop junk object, go up and make Orcus follow you down (first wake him if necessary).
  3. Level 30, AC -6, MR 85, speed 9, base XP 1421, difficulty 36 (from Monster Manual). Attacks include a random magic spell, projectile or melee weaponry, two 3d4 claws, and a strength-drain poison stinger. Watch that /oDeath.
orcus town
see {orcus}
see {orcus}
  1. The Ranger quest leader.
  2. Eaten: Orion Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
ornamental cope
Either the unidentified cloak of displacement, unidentified cloak of invisibility, unidentified cloak of magic resistance, or the unidentified cloak of protection.
Japanese lock pick.
Orange Dragon Scale Mail. Provides sleep resistance.
out of wishes
"Sorry, I'm all out of wishes." You #chat'ed to a tame djinni.
  1. <djanatyn> Oh, snap, it's a master mind flayer. <djanatyn> I remember when they used to scare me. :) <blackcustard> before they made you too brainless to know better ;)
  2. <djanatyn> ... <djanatyn> ... ... .. <djanatyn> LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. <djanatyn> Well, that game taught me not to be overconfident. <djanatyn> I melee'd it. <djanatyn> I thought, hey! Everything I'm wearing is greased! <djanatyn> I forgot I wasn't wearing a helmet.
  1. That's right! You've just been humped to death.
  2. More specifically, you died by level drain from a foocubus encounter.
You can't even move a handspan with this load! You are Owned.
  1. A method of killing yourself by carrying too much and dropping your speed. You will lose 7/8ths of your speed - monsters will get eight hits instead of one, effectively increasing their damage by 700%. Ouch!
  2. While overtaxed, you will lose HP while walking and you may not throw things, cast spells, read scrolls, or stash items into containers.
oviparous monsters
  1. These are monsters capable of laying eggs (the adult females, naturally)
  2. 'a', queen bee, cockatrice, pyrolisk, winged gargoyle, 's', long worm, purple worm, 'D', 'N', 'S', piranha, shark, giant eel, electric eel, crocodile, Scorpius
  1. Speed 12, AC 5, does 1d6+1d6+1d8 damage.
  2. Beware: it can grab you; if so all subsequent grab attacks hit ("You are being crushed.") and you cannot escape.
  3. Eaten: owlbear Nutr: 700
  1. Command: 'p' Pay your shopping bill.
  2. Command: 'P' Put on a ring or other accessory (amulet, blindfold).
  3. Command: '^P' Repeat previous message. Subsequent ^P's repeat earlier messages. The behavior can be changed via the msg_window option.
  4. Monster: 'p' Things that like to drop on your head, i.e., rock, iron and glass piercers -- wear a hard helmet!
  5. Monster: 'P' Black or brown puddings, green slime and gray oozes.
  6. Command: 'Meta-p' Same as '#pray'.
A conduct accidentally created in the comments of <[] It's like regular NetHack except you can't use the letter 'p'.
  1. A method of playing where the player does not directly kill any creatures.
  2. Usually aided by pets, and conflict.
  3. An early wish for a blessed figurine of an archon will aid you greatly.
  4. make sure your pet's XP level is high enough to attack Rodney
  5. Or use conflict for it.
  6. You can get some experience points by consulting with the Oracle, eating tripe, untrapping squeaky boards, and quaffing from sinks.
  7. PacifistRobin (password: robin) is a community game for playing with the pacifist conduct.
  8. A better term for this method is "Politician", since you're not actually against the death of those who oppose you - you just have others take care of the messy parts for you.
  9. For more guidance, see: []
pacifist extinctionist
A rare form of insanity. Check google groups for the few people who have managed to pull off pacifist extinctionist games.
Configuration option. Specify the order to list object types in, default is ")[%?+!=/(*`0_
A devnull challenge introduced for the November 2007 devnull tournament.
padded gloves
see {gloves}
Eaten: page Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
pair of lenses
  1. Tool, worn in the blindfold slot. They'll help in searching, speed reading spellbooks by 50%, improve the chance of success for reading uncursed spellbooks by 10% and protect against physical blindess (like a raven's attack).
  2. They break when thrown.
  3. The artifact pair of lenses is the Eyes of the Overworld, the monk quest artifact.
pair of yugake
leather gloves when playing samurai.
palantir of westernesse
in the old versions, the elf quest artifact was this chaotic cystal ball. carrying gave ESP, hungerless regeneration, and half spell damage. #invokeing acted like a blessed scroll of taming
Weighs 2, provides 200 nutrition, takes 2 turns to eat, is vegetarian (but not vegan).
  1. Speed 15 Base AC: 6 Attacks: Claw: 1d6 + 1d6 Bite: 1d8
  2. Eaten: panther Nutr: 300
paper golem
Doesn't do much damage, and is a good source of blank scrolls.
papyrus spellbook
see {book_of_the_dead}
paranoid delusion
The way a monster is seen when hallucinating when you are warned against that type of monster. (In vanilla nethack, this only applies when wielding Sting or Orcrist, against orcs).
paranoid quit
The paranoid quit patch to nethack will require typing all three letters of 'yes' to prompts such as #quit, X (enter explore mode), hitting peaceful monsters, and leaving wizard bone files.
parody song
see {nethack_song}
A polearm with d6 damage versus small and d6 + 1 versus large. Its unidentified appearance is a vulgar polearm.
see {drawbridge}
see {patches}
A faster way to build NetHack - []
see {patchhack}
  1. The best place to find links to all the patches is Ali's NetHack Patch Database, at []
  2. See also []
  3. For those used on NAO see {nao_patches}.
A variant of nethack that includes a lot of patches. Fun to play, but unfortunately, there isn't a lot of project activity. Try [] for the website.
  1. 1) Get the NetHack source, 2) make sure you can compile it and it works, 3) Get the patches, 4) Copy the source tree so you have something to go back to incase you get problems, 5) Apply patches with "patch", 6) recompile.
  2. []
  1. Author of the menucolors patch, even though he uses boring colors on it.
  2. NetHack-fundamentalist. Don't even *mention* other games (especially _NOT_ *bands) or he will nuke you to hell and back.
  3. Timezone is UTC + 2 or thereabouts. If you need recovery, tell me your username on NAO. I do read my backlog here. I know how to use /away
  4. One of the newest members of the DevTeam, so in other words no more NAO updates :(
Ordinary comestible. Weighs 2, gives 50 nutrition. It is considered vegan food.
pearl ring
An unidentified ring. *CAN* be eaten by rock moles, rust monsters, and xorns.
Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard
Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair
peculiar feeling
The potion you just quaffed had no effect (for example, quaffing !oMonsterDetection while already under the influence of a previous !oMD).
peculiar odor
A potion shattered. Doesn't help in identifying what it was very much. In other words, it wasn't water or (lit) oil.
peculiarly sad feeling
"You have a peculiarly sad feeling for a moment, then it passes." - Your pet just turned to stone.
  1. The barbarian quest leader.
  2. Eaten: Pelias Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
perm invent
Configuration option. If true, always display your current inventory in a window. TTY does not use this.
  1. Perseus is a statue you'll find next to Medusa. His statue may contain: a sack, a shield of reflection, a scimitar, and/or boots of levitation.
  2. The sack is always uncursed, the scimitar is always blessed and +2, the shield is always cursed and +0, and the levitation boots are always +0 and may be cursed.
  3. When Perseus' statue is stone to fleshed, it creates a knight named Perseus who is not very special.
  4. There's a chance the statue will be completely empty.
  1. Nasty fellow that's found on the astral plane. Attack makes you sick. Resistant to almost everything, but he is vulnerable to death rays, so make sure you're packing heat.
  2. His attack can also stun you, and does quite a lot of damage. In many minds, the baddest of the three Riders.
  3. Alternatively, just have a couple good melee weapons, and you may take him out in one or two rounds, as he has rather low HP. You should still have a blessed unicorn horn, though.
  4. Consider killing Pestilence _before_ curing yourself with the horn, as he can just keep making you ill and doing damage at the same time. The sickness won't kill you instantly, so you've got some room to work.
  5. Eaten: Pestilence Nutr: 1 Effects: DIE
see {pets}
pet buc test
  1. If your pet walks over an item without a "moves only reluctantly" message, and it didn't move there to eat something, then all items on that square are either blessed or uncursed.
  2. See also moves_only_reluctantly
pet test
see {pet_buc_test}
petrification resistance
see {stoning_resistance}
petrified by elementary physics
Throw a rubber chicken upwards.
petrified by medusa
One of the evilest instadeaths for newbie chars.
  1. You can tame (or at least make peaceful) domestic animals (cats, dogs and horses) by throwing food they like at them.
  2. You can also carry eggs in your inventory; some of them will hatch, and might be tame.
  3. Reading a scroll of taming will tame the monsters around you, but they have a chance of resisting that.
  4. There is a small chance that stepping on a magic trap will make monsters around you become tame; "You feel charismatic!"
  5. Naming pets allows you to recognize them later if they've gone wild. You can name your pet with the 'C' command.
  6. Pet XPlev: Natural max level is floor(1.5*baselevel) (cat/dog max 9/72, horse 10/80, dragon 22/176, archon 28/224). Wraith corpse eating is base+15, max HP 8*maxlev (cat/dog 21/168, dragon 30/240). Intelligent pets drink gain level (max 49, 396hp).
  7. See also: []
  8. see also []
  9. Killing your pet will give you -15 alignment and -1 luck.
  10. See also: {good_pets}, {tameness}
  11. Pet carrying capacity: []
Configuration option. Specify the type of your initial pet, if you are playing a character class that uses multiple types of pets. Possible values are "cat", "dog", and "none", eg. "pettype:cat".
Patches Gratefully Accepted
Portable Garbage Disposal Unit - Also known as a pet dog or cat.
Allows you to enter and exit almost all walls, pits and prevents death by drawbridge. Only earth elementals, xorns, ghosts and shades have this intristic, the former two being the only polyable ones.
  1. a handy tool for all sorts of mischief. Can dig down, into walls, into magic vaults, etc. Most of the time you cannot dig into shops, although occasionally it does happen. Expect a big fine if you do. Shop keepers don't trust you with them, so stash them before entering a shop.
  2. A pick-axe is a one-handed weapon-tool; cost 50; weight 100; SDAM d6; LDAM d3. A dwarvish mattock is a two-handed weapon, cost 50; weight 120 SDAM d12; LDAM d8+2d6; -1 to-hit. Pick-Axe skills - Basic:Cav,Kni,Ran,Tou; Skilled:Bar,Val; Expert:Arc
  3. For an explanation of how long it takes to dig, see []
  4. +2 to-hit against xorns and earth elementals(!)
pick-axe of anhur
Miner quest artifact, named after the usual god of digs for victory. Cuts through rock in one turn and can dig holes instantly.
pick axe
see {pick-axe}
see {pick-axe}
pickup burden
  1. Configuration option. When you pick up an item that would exceed this encumbrance level (Unencumbered, Burdened, streSsed, straiNed, overTaxed, or overLoaded), you will be asked if you want to continue. Default 'S'.
  2. Does not apply to loadstones.
pickup types
Configuration option. Specify the object types to be picked up when autopickup is on.
picture painting demon
"An imp or homunculus that is released 1/3 of the time when an expensive camera is broken."
piece of cloth
Either the unidentified cloak of displacement, unidentified cloak of invisibility, unidentified cloak of magic resistance, or the unidentified cloak of protection.
pile limit
Configuration option, the threshold at which the message "there are x object here" is given instead of a popup. 0=always list objs, 1=never. Default 5. Persistent.
pillar of fire
  1. a level 12 clerical monster spell which is directed and does 8d6 damage. Damage is halved if you have half spell damage, and nullified if you have fire resistance. Cures sliming and may burn flammable inventory items.
  2. monsters who can cast Pillar of Fire: aligned priest, high priest, master kaen, arch priest, grand master
dragon with a BLAHH attack. Wearing pink-but-not-quite dsm grants BLAHH resistance.
Eaten: piranha Nutr: 30
pit fiend
Level 13, Speed 6, AC -3, 65% MR, Resistant to fire and poison. Damage 4d2+4d2+2d4
pit viper
Eaten: pit viper Nutr: 60 Effects: Poisonous Intrinsic: Poison: 40%
Pain in the ass!
plain spellbook
Spellbook of blank paper.
plains centaur
  1. Speed 18, AC 4, kicks for 1d6 damage and uses weapon for 1d6.
  2. Eaten: plains centaur Nutr: 500
plane of air
see {elemental_planes}
plane of earth
see {elemental_planes}
plane of fire
see {elemental_planes}
plane of spam
  1. The Elemental Plane of Fire. So-called because it is open-plain and lit by the various flaming monsters on it, so you can usually see every damn fire trap activation on the level.
  2. If you additionally have conflict, you can expect to need to leave something heavy on your spacebar and go do something in the other room for a while.
  3. Hint: Taming fire elementals only makes it worse, as they will try to set untame ones on fire, generating vast quantities of spam as the attacks are resisted.
  4. Setting the 'sparkle' #option to false makes things slightly better (but not much). Another option is wearing a blindfold or towel so you don't have to see the spam.
  5. The MSGTYPE option can help with the issue, but requires some more configuration.
plane of water
see {elemental_planes}
plate mail
Iron body armor, AC7, MC2, weight 450, cost 600. Called "tanko" for Samurai games. Cumbersome, but a big AC boost. Dwarven mithril is a lot better, if you can find it---a third the weight for -1AC, MC3, and rustproofing. Also comes in bronze and crystal flavors---collect the whole set!
platinum yendorian express card
see {PYEC}
play nethack
The theme song for NetHack: []
player monster
  1. A player monster is a monster with a class/title resembling the player. They are NOT randomly generated, and are rarely seen, being primarily used as the polymorphed forms of the doppelganger.
  2. Using Turn Undead on a player corpse (from bones levels or the Valley of the Dead)revives the corpse as a player monster. This will also happen if you use Stone To Flesh on the player's statue. On the Astral Plane, player monsters will be given items representing an ascension kit, including the possibility of artifact weapons. There is a player monster for every character class.
player selection
  1. If you're playing under a GUI, and would rather create your characters via old-style prompting, rather than with tickboxes and menus, add this line to your config:
  2. OPTIONS=player_selection:prompts
playstation 2
  1. One of the many Linux platforms that NetHack can be compiled on. (with the Linux kit) TTY, X11 with tiles and Qt interfaces all work in the usual way.
  2. Yes, you can use a keyboard, the Playstation 2 has USB ports.
  3. You've got telnet too, for NAO. If in X kvt is recommended using DECgraphics, if in the console IBMgraphics work well.
  4. Falcon's eye compiles too. It has problems if you run it using a TV display
  5. noeGNUd will also compile but runs too slowly to be playable.
When you recieve this message after praying, it means you have an alignment record of 4 to 13
pleased as punch
see {well-pleased}
sound made by a lightweight object falling into water while you are levitating or flying. Heavy objects "splash".
A hollow voice says "Fool."
plumed helmet
One of the unidentified helms. It could be a plain helmet (auto-id'd for some chars), helm of brilliance, helm of telepathy, or the dreaded helm of opposite alignment.
points all around,_then curses
A monster tried to cast a spell not directed at you before its spell-casting timeout (every (10 - (monster's level)) turns, to a minimum of two) expired.
points and curses
A monster tried to cast a spell at you before its spell-casting timeout (every (10 - (monster's level)) turns, to a minimum of two) expired while you're invisible and/or displaced and it doesn't know your actual location.
points at you,_then curses
A monster tried to cast a spell at you before its spell-casting timeout (every (10 - (monster's level)) turns, to a minimum of two) expired.
pointy hat
Throw it away; it's rubbish!
see {poisoned}
poison resistance
  1. To avoid an annoying kind of insta-death, you should get this one as soon as possible. The safe ways are playing an orc, barbarian, healer, monk from XL 3, tourist from XL 20, or by eating one of the corpses listed below (eater beware: some may be unsafe to eat for other reasons).
  2. Other safe ways include crowning, wearing a ring of poison resistance, amulet versus poison, an alchemy smock, green dragon scale (mail), or by polymorphing into the many monsters that have poison resistance.
  3. Non-poisonous corpses that can give PR: Master Kaen 100%, nurse 73%, golden naga 67%, black naga 53%, cockatrice 33%, quivering blob 33%, chickatrice 27%, unicorn 27%, Wizard of Yendor 25%, black pudding 22%, black|golden|guardian naga hatchling 20%, pyrolisk 20%, quasit 20%, red naga 20%, shrieker 20%, violet fungus 20%
  4. blue jelly 13%, centipede 13%, tengu 13%, flesh golem 12%, brown pudding 11%, red naga hatchling 10%, cave spider 7%, gray ooze 7%, brown|red mold 3%
  5. POISONOUS corpses that can give PR: Medusa: 100%, Scorpius: 100%, green dragon: 100%, guardian naga: 80%, queen bee: 60%, scorpion: 50%, xan: 47%, cobra: 40%, pit viper: 40%, giant beetle: 33%, giant spider: 33%, gremlin: 33%, killer bee: 30%, snake: 27%, water moccasin: 27%, jellyfish: 20%, soldier ant: 20%, Chromatic Dragon: 17%, homunculus: 7%, yellow mold: 7%
  1. If you hit a non-poison-resistant monster with a fired poisoned missile, there's a 10% chance of an instant kill, else you inflict d6 more damage.
  2. Only some weapons can be poisoned: all arrows, crossbow bolts, darts, and shuriken. These weapons have a 1% chance of being generated poisoned.
  3. Poisoned weapons or missiles can be created by dipping the above weapons into a potion of sickness.
  4. Lawful and Samurai receive a -1 penalty to their alignment for using a poisoned weapon.
poisoned by a unicorn horn
Next time you'll make sure the horn isn't cursed FIRST.
poisonous corpses
  1. baby green dragon, Chromatic Dragon, cobra, giant beetle, giant spider, green dragon, green slime, gremlin, guardian naga, guardian naga hatchling, homunculus, jellyfish, killer bee, all kobolds, Medusa (ALSO PETRIFIES), pit viper, quantum mechanic, queen bee, rabid rat, salamander, scorpion, Scorpius, snake, soldier ant, vampire bat, water moccasin, werecreatures (als
  2. gives lycanthropy), xan, yellow mold
pokemon conduct
Stone all the major demons (except Jubby), and be carrying their statues as you ascend
pole arm
see {polearm}
pole cleaver
see {voulge}
pole sickle
see {fauchard}
  1. A block of sharp stuff on a long stick. Can be applied to attack two squares away.
  2. If you want one, just find a spetum or ranseur, the rest are sub-optimal.
polearm damage
((Damages are shown as S/L for "small/large" monsters.) partisan: 1d6/1d6+1. ranseur: 2d4/2d4. spetum: 1d6+1/2d6. glaive: 1d6/1d10. lance: 1d6/1d8. halberd: 1d10/2d6. bardiche: 2d4/3d4. voulge: 2d4/2d4. fauchard: 1d6/1d8. guisarme: 2d4/1d8. bill-guisarme: 2d4/1d10. bec de corbin: 1d8/1d6.
  1. A blade on a stick. Apply it to attack two squares away.
  2. Polearm with real name bardiche, two-handed, weight 120, 2d4/3d4 base damage.
polished silver shield
see {shield_of_reflection}
  1. See 'polyself' for information on polymorphing yourself.
  2. Zapping a wand of polymorph (or casting the spell) at an object or stack of objects will change them into new, randomly chosen objects of the same class (i.e. weapons -> weapons, armor -> armor). Dipping an object into a potion of polymorph will have a similar effect.See 'polypile' for more information.
  3. Items being worn can also be polymorphed by dipping, which may remove the item.
  4. Hitting a monster with a wielded potion of polymorph may polymorph it into a cockatrice, turning you to stone if you are not wearing gloves.
  5. The polymorph spell is a level 6 spell (requiring 30 mana, as well as 60 points of nutrition for non-wizards)
  6. See also ?? system_shock, ?? polyself_bug
polymorph trap
  1. These do not show up until dlvl 8. Wimpy monsters might deliberately jump into these. With magic resistance or unchanging, displace your pet on the trap, or without, use magic whistle repeatedly next to the trap. Cannot be untrapped.
  2. They disappear after one use by the player. Monsters (including pets) can trigger them indefinitely.
  3. They cannot be found using a (s)earch while blind.
  1. Zapping a wand (or spell) of polymorph on a pile of objects changes them into different objects of the same class (such as a light scroll to an enchant armor scroll).
  2. Stacks of objects have a chance of reducing in size and all objects have chances of disappearing during polypile, especially wands, and some objects have chances of merging and turning into golems.
  3. Popular polypile objectives are "oLS, scrolls of genocide, enchant wpn/armor, remove curse, potions of gain ability/level, full healing, all spellbooks, wands of cancellation, rings, and magical armor.
  4. See magical_armor and magical_tools for items considered magical when polypiling (greater chance of turning into other magical items).
  5. Elven cloaks and elven boots can both be safely enchanted at +5 or below (leading to a +7 enchantment if you are lucky) and both are considered 'magical'. 2) Polypiled armor keeps the same enchantment. 3) Profit!!!
  6. Items appearing in quantities of 2 or more have a (quantity in 1000) chance of merging into one object.
  7. Items also have a probability of "shuddering": 1/3 if a wand or cursed, 1/8 if uncursed, 1/12 if blessed (if in quantities greater than 4, 100%, 1/4, and 1/6, respectively). This will decrease the quantity of the item randomly, cause any remainder not to be polymorphed, and has a one in (luck + 45) chance of creating a golem.
  8. Polymorphing items in a shop can anger the shopkeeper.
see {polypile}
  1. Polymorphing yourself is a somewhat rare but fairly useful tactic. To use polyself effectively, you need a source of polymorph (wand, ring, spell), and a ring of polymorph control. (You can gain control as an intrinsic by eating the ring, in some cases.)
  2. Good all-around choices (all of which can wield weapons and wear armor), include arch-lich (poor touch attack, but has regeneration and is strong), master mind flayer (flies, eats brains for loads of damage), vampire lord (flies and has regeneration, and can drain levels), Aleax (gets two weapon attacks).
  3. Air elementals make you extremely fast, but are otherwise poor forms; titans are both fairly fast and good fighters, but destroy armor.
  4. Xorns can eat metal, allowing you to gain some ring properties as intrinsics; they can also phase through walls, making it a popular choice for finishing the rogue quest. Gelatinous cubes can eat wooden rings. Both will break armor.
  5. Female dragons can lay eggs, making it easy to gain new pets, and black dragons have a powerful disintegration breath (#monster), that instakills every monster in the game that it hits besides the Riders and black dragons. Note that dragons will break your armor.
  6. You can also polymorph yourself into your own race; this also happens 1/5 of the time even with polymorph control, and will change your attributes randomly and cure a variety of ailments. Polymorphing into your own race does not break polyselfless conduct.
  7. If your hp drops below positive while in a polymorphed form, you will revert to your normal form. However, if you are wearing an amulet of unchanging you will die instead. Note that deaths other than losing HP will also still kill you.
  8. Attributes are saved when you polymorph, and return to their original values when you revert (except wisdom).
  9. See 'edible rings' for a list of edible rings. See 'eating amulets' for information about eating amulets.
polyself bug
  1. Drain xp level to 1. Put on an amulet of life saving. Polymorph yourself into a new human (or elf or whatever). If your xp level decreases, "oLS kicks in and no change. If you gain level, your HP and power double or triple. Repeat ad nauseam.
  2. Make sure you drop your level back to 1 after a level increase. You don't want your HP to revert back to its normal magnitude.
  3. See '!hsn Berry' for one example outcome of this trick.
  4. The line that causes the bug is (in polyself.c): "u.uhpmax = ((u.uhpmax - 10) * (long)u.ulevel / oldlvl + 10) + (9 - rn2(19));" -- HP change is proportional to level change plus or minus a little bit.
  5. This is usually done in conjunction with farming to accrue the large number of amulets of life saving necessary to gain huge amounts of hit points.
see {polymorph_trap}
  1. Level 3, difficulty 4, speed 16, AC 6. The knight's starting pet. Can grow into a horse, and eventually become a warhorse.
  2. Really likes carrots, apples or lichen corpses: throw these at it to tame.
  3. Eaten: pony Nutr: 250
Hallucination of priest(ess)
  1. Dip potions in these to make water[1].
  2. Create a pool by digging on a fountain, or melting ice. Do not fall into a pool with no bordering land or you will drown.
  3. Falling in : rusts all non-rustproof metal, blanks scrolls and dilutes potions that are not stored in a greased bag or oilskin sack.
  4. Fly or water walk to #dip, carry unstashed items and hop in to blank.
  5. Can be evaporated by fire, frozen by ice, and can spread if you dig down on a square surrounded by at least 3 squares of pool.
popcorn effect
Wearing a ring of conflict in a leprechaun hall.
Healer class' chaotic god.
Information about smoky, milky, holy water, cancelling, diluting and alchemizing potions: []
  1. An item to 'q'uaff , #throw or apply (oil).
  2. You can also #dip items into potions, including other potions. See "alchemy".
  3. Base prices for potions -- 50: booze, fruit juice, see invisible, and sickness. 100: confusion, extra healing, hallucination, healing, restore ability, sleeping and water (blessed/cursed). 150: blindness, gain energy, invisibility, monster detection and object detection. 200: enlightenment, full healing, levitation, polymorph and speed. 250: acid and oil. 300: gain ability, gain level and paralysis.
  4. Smoky potions have a chance of summoning a djinni when quaffed (A wish may result, with a higher chance if the potion is blessed), milky potions may summon a ghost. If something is summoned, the normal potion effect does not occur.
potion id
see {quaff_test}
potion of acid
  1. Does 1d10 damage if it gets wet.
  2. Drinking one of these will stop the stoning process - a good way for a vegan/vegetarian to keep the conduct in case of a stoning emergency
potion of booze
  1. Booze (or sake) has a base price of 50. Blessed, you gain 30 nutrition, heal one hit point (undiluted only) and abuse wisdom. Uncursed only gives 20 nutrition, while cursed gives 10 nutrition. Uncursed and cursed potions result in confusion.
  2. Quaff message mentions liquid fire or dandelion wine (if hallucinating).
  3. Throw it at a monster to confuse it (some monsters may resist).
  4. Can be converted into fruit juice by dipping an amethyst into it.
potion of confusion
  1. Quaffed: You are confused for... Blessed: 8 to 14. Uncursed: 16 to 22+. Cursed: 24 to 30+. (turns) When thrown, what it hits may become confused.
  2. Alchemized by #dipping booze into enlightenment.
  3. #dipping a unicorn horn into one produces plain water.
potion of extra healing
  1. Blessed will heal 8d8 HP. If this would put you above your current maximum, the maximum is raised 5. Will cure sickness, blindness and hallucination. Exercises constitution and strength.
  2. Uncursed will heal 6d8 HP. If this would put you above your current maximum, the maximum is raised 2. Will cure sickness, blindness and hallucination. Exercises constitution and strength.
  3. Cursed will heal 4d8 HP. Will not raise maximum HP. Will cure blindness and hallucination. Exercises constitution and strength.
  4. If you hit Pestilence with one, has the possibility of halving its current and maximum HP.
potion of fruit
juice see {fruit juice}
potion of full healing
  1. Blessed will heal 400 HP. If this would put you above your current maximum, the maximum is raised by 8. If you lost any levels, one level is restored with a maximum of half the levels lost. Will cure sickness, blindness, and hallucination. Exercises constitution and strength.
  2. Uncursed will heal 400 HP. If this would put you above your current maximum, the maximum is raised by 4. Will cure sickness, blindness, and hallucination. Exercises constitution and strength.
  3. Cursed will heal 400 HP. Will cure blindness and hallucination. Exercises constitution and strength.
  4. Can alchemize by dipping extra healing into either gain energy or gain level. Or vice versa.
potion of gain ability
  1. If blessed, increases all non-maximized stats by one. If uncursed, increases a random non-maximized stat by one. Cursed abuses one random stat. Thrown at a monster heals it to full.
  2. When quaffed cursed, the potion will deliver the message, "Ulch! That potion tasted foul!"
potion of gain energy
see {gain_energy}
potion of gain level
  1. When blessed, you gain your next level and a random amount of EXP to the next level after that. When uncursed, you gain the next level exactly. When cursed, you rise up through the ceiling.
  2. At experience level 30 (the max), you just gain some HP and power (blessedness of the potion is irrelevant).
potion of hallucination
  1. Quaffed: You hallucinate for... Blessed: 300 to 499+. Uncursed: 600-799+. Cursed: 900-1099+. (turns) Vapors give the message "You have a momentary vision." Throwing has no game mechanics effect.
  2. Alchemized by #dipping booze into gain energy/level.
  3. #dipping a unicorn horn into it creates uncursed water.
  4. Quaffing a potion of sickness while hallucinating can cure hallucination. "You are shocked back to your senses!"
potion of healing
  1. Blessed will heal 8d4 HP. If this would put you above your current maximum, the maximum is raised 1. Will cure sickness and blindness. Exercises constitution.
  2. Uncursed will heal 6d4 HP. If this would put you above your current maximum, the maximum is raised 1. Will cure blindness. Exercises constitution.
  3. Cursed will heal 4d4 HP. Will not raise maximum HP. Exercises constitution.
  4. If you hit Pestilence with one, has the possibility of halving its current and maximum HP.
potion of invisibility
A blessed potion of invisibility makes you permanently invisible (this does not give see invisible), nonblessed makes you invisible for 31-45 (more) turns, cursed makes you aggravate monsters temporarily.
potion of levitation
  1. Effect lasts for 10-149 turns for uncursed, 250-299 for blessed.
  2. If your only source of levitation is a blessed potion, you may stop levitating at any time with >.
potion of monster detection
  1. Blessed you will detect monsters for 21 to 60 or more turns and exercise wisdom.
  2. Uncursed you are shown monsters on the level briefly.
  3. Cursed wakes up the sleeping and paralyzed monsters on the level in addition to the uncursed effect.
potion of object detection
see {object detection}
potion of oil
  1. You can apply a potion of oil to light it. Throw a lit potion to cause a small fireball.
  2. You can #dip an oil lamp into potion of oil to fill the lamp.
  3. You can #dip a weapon into a non-cursed potion of oil to remove one level of damage caused by rust or corrosion. This doesn't work on armor.
  4. You can #untrap squeaky boards using noncursed and unlit potions of oil.
  5. "That was smooth!" The potion was uncursed or blessed, and you've just abused wisdom.
  6. "This tastes like castor oil!" The potion was cursed, and you've just abused wisdom
potion of restore ability
see {restore_ability}
potion of see invisible
  1. Cursed or uncursed: see invisible for 750-849 (more) turns. Blessed: *permanent*! Find a potion of holy water!
  2. This potion, though it tastes like <fruit> juice, gives no nutrition, if foodless is your fetish.
  3. Base price is 50, same as the potion of fruit juice.
potion of sickness
  1. Quaffing this while hallucinating can cure hallucinations.
  2. These will drop 1 hit point if blessed, 10 if uncursed and 15 if cursed
potion of speed
When quaffed, makes you "very fast" for 40-49 (more) turns if cursed, 100-109 (more) turns if uncursed, and 160-169 (more) turns if blessed. Heals wounded legs, but does -not- grant any additional speed if this happens.
potion of water
see {water}
potion weight
All potions weigh 20.
See: []
The act of applying a polearm to hit a target.
see {pw}
power regen
Every (38 - XL) * 2/3 turns (non-wizards), every (38 - XL) / 2 turns (wizards), or every turn for anyone carrying the Eye of the Aethiopica; you regain d(1 + (WIS+INT)/15) power.
Poison resistance
see {#pray}
pray for maxhp
  1. When low HP is cured by prayer, not only are you restored to maximum HP, characters with low maximum HP (maxHP <= 5*(level+2)) will receive an additional 1d5 maximum HP at the end of the prayer. This can be useful for weedy characters in the early game to get their maximum HP up. Be careful though!
  2. For this to work, have your HP < = 5 (or < 1/7 max HP, rounded down), have prayer timeout of less than 200, have non-negative luck, unangry God, and have positive aligment. CPTVW start with 0 alignment so should whack a cross-aligned monster first. Everyone starts with 300 prayer timeout so wait until turn 102. Try throwing non-weapons in the air to get your HP down.
Configuration option. Prompt for confirmation before praying.
For general info about prayer, see [] and []
prayer spoiler
see {praying_spoiler}
prayer timeout
  1. The amount of time (in turns) you have to wait until you can safely pray. If you are suffering from a major problem, you can safely pray with as much as 200 prayer timeout. If you you are suffering from a minor problem, you may safely pray with a prayer timeout as high as 100.
  2. Is increased when you pray, or receive an artifact from #offering. Is decreased when you #offer when prayer timeout>0.
  3. A character's initial prayer timeout is 300 turns. After a successful prayer the timeout is set at random. The median value is about 350 before crowning but the count is randomly higher after crowning or after attracting the attention of the Wizard Of Yendor (cumulatively!). The median increase for these cases is 1000 turns.
  4. The function rnz is used for calculation and can return very strange results, see []
praying spoiler
see {priest}
pri skills
Basic: lance, bow, sling, crossbow, dart, shuriken, boomerang, bare handed combat. Skilled: polearms, spear, javelin, trident, unicorn horn. Expert: club, mace, morning star, flail, hammer, quarterstaff, healing spells, divination spells, cleric spells.
The act of checking an unidentified item's selling or buying price in order to narrow down the possible identities. See ?? clippy.
price id
  1. A method using shopkeepers to determine the base price of an item which aids in object identification. There are various spoilers and tools that explain/automate this.
  2. []
  3. []
  4. []
  5. See following entries: clippy, hsp_priceid, nethack_utilities, interhack, nethack_helper, Mandevil
  1. 1 tripe ration - 15 zorkmids, 1 leash - 20 zorkmids, robbing the shopkeeper blind with his own goods - Priceless
  2. 1 blindfold - 5 zorkmids, applying blindfold - 0 zorkmids, Feeling a cockatrice corpse while blind - Priceless.
  1. Priest rank titles: Aspirant (xplvl 1-2), Acolyte (3-5), Adept (6-9), Priest/Priestess (10-13), Curate (14-17), Canon/Canoness (18-21), Lama (22-25), Patriarch/Matriarch (26-29), High Priest/High Priestess (30)
  2. The Priest is a holy warrior (based on the AD&D cleric), bashing skulls for $DEITY. They may be human (any alignment) or elven (chaotic). They can become Expert in healing, divination and clerical spells. They may achieve Expert skill in club, mace, morning star, flail, hammer and quarterstaff. They're not allowed to use two weapons.
  3. Priests always know the b/u/c status of items without needing an altar. They gain warning at level 15 and fire resistance at level 20.
  4. They can also #turn undead
  5. See "Aligned priest" for info on the NPC near an altar.
  6. Eaten: priest Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
priest artifact
The Mitre of Holiness
Eaten: priestess Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
Eaten: prisoner Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
program in disorder
A situation happened that the DevTeam thought was impossible. It's possible to continue playing, but not necessarily recommended
pronged polearm
see {lucern_hammer}
Properties are traits of the hero or a monster, a property may by either intrinsic (If the character has it internally) or extrinsic (If it is granted by an item). Extrinsic properties go away when you remove/drop the item
  1. Bought from a priest by #chat'ting and donating 400*XL to (600*XL)-1 in gold.
  2. Your first donation will lower your natural AC by 2-4 points, and subsequent donations will lower your AC by 1 point until you reach naked AC:1.
  3. Once you reach 9 points of protection (AC:1), additional donation attempts only have a 1/(protection) chance of giving you another point of protection, up to a maximum of 20 points of protection (AC:-10)
  4. Additional protection may also be gained from #praying. This comes in one-point increments with no limit (beyond the hard limit of AC wrapping at -128)
  5. You can lose protection by: 1) praying when it is unsafe to pray; 2) attempting an egregiously offensive sacrifice; 3) killing a coaligned priest; 4) putting on or removing a helm of opposite alignment; or 5) getting hit by a gremlin at night.
  6. See [] for details.
  7. See also {donate}.
protection from shape changers
  1. Ring of protection from shape changers lets you see monsters' true form. Also protects you from becoming lycanthropic.
  2. info { price: 100; weight: 3; charged: no }
  3. does not protect you from contracting lycanthropy by eating a werefoo corpse.
  4. Prevents werefoo from summoning ('But none comes.')
  5. Useful on the rogue quest due to all the chameleons, and anytime in the early game to prevent seeing an arch-lich where you shouldn't.
protection racket
  1. A way of playing the beginning game, where you'll try to reach the Minetown while still being on experience level 1, so you can buy protection from the priest cheaply.
  2. Probably one of the better ways of dying, but some classes tend to be better at pulling this off then others. Healers, with their potions and high amount of starting money is a good example.
  3. There is a way to do this later on in the game, with a means of draining your own level (Wraiths are ok for this, but pile on the armor so they don't do much damage, important since you'll have low health afterwards, and remove ALL your magic cancellation so that they can still drain your level), and at least 3200 gold (the most needed for 9 levels of AC at XL 1). Bring your level drain tool, or lure the wraith..he
  4. to the nearest priest, make a safe spot (Burned Elbereth or a dropped scare monster scroll), and either throw the drain level tool <, or let the wraith hit you, while keeping a careful eye on your health. Wraiths do 1d6 damage AFTER the level drain, so keep that in mind and have full health before each drain at levels under 5.
  5. Ideally, you'll want to have the safe square next to the altar that the priest is roaming around, and the temple walls intact, so try to either kill any nearby burrowers before starting (usually dwarves, if this is in minetown), or patch any holes with boulders, to prevent monster interference.
  6. If you want to do it right away, try choosing dwarf or gnome for your starting race, then the majority of gnomes and dwarves that spawn in the mine will be peaceful, easing your descent to minetown.
  7. < Muad> "I gave money to the Church! Yay!" *kills indiscriminately*
  8. Hope it's not a dead-priest bones when you get there.
  9. Also hope the temple hasn't been converted.
protection run
see {protection_racket}
pruning hook
see {guisarme}
psi bolt
A low-level monster spell; does ((monster level/2)+1)d6 points of damage, halved by half spell damage and magic resistance (quartered if you have both).
psychic energy
see {you_sense_a_faint_wave_of_psychic_energy}
The lawful god of the Wizard pantheon
public server
see {servers}
public servers
see {servers}
puddi puddi puddi
Pudding farmer's anthem. Lyrics: puddi puddi puddi puddi puddi puddi puddi puddi puddi puddi puddi.
pudding farm
  1. Farms may vary in size and complexity based on your needs and preferences. Power-players may only settle for a pudding plantation. Many newer players are content with a basement operation similar to growing pot.
  2. Species of pudding that have become extinct (i.e., 120 have been generated by a non-split means) will no longer split in half when attacked.
pudding farming
  1. A somewhat abusive technique for getting large amounts of items and corpses for sacrificing.
  2. Step 1: Locate a level which has both a sink and an altar. Step 2: Clear a sufficiently large area for your farm and light it up. Step 3: Kick the sink to create a black pudding, then attack it with a dull knife to split it into many more puddings. Let them heal, and repeat the process. Step 4: Lure the puddings toward your altar and kill them with the dull knife, allowing them to split even more. Step 5: Profit! Sacrifice the corpses for artifacts/prayers and collect the items they leave behind, polypiling whatever you don't need.
  3. If you can't find a sink, you can reverse-genocide black/brown puddings, bring a corpse from another level and revive it using a wand/spell of Turn Undead, or simply wait until one shows up. You can also lure puddings down holes, if there's a sink above a usable altar. If you can't find a pudding, you can also polymorph yourself into one and wait for a monster wielding a metallic weapon to hit you.
  4. Brown puddings are nice because they don't hit for damage. Black puddings are nice because they always leave corpses (browns don't always), and your god likes them more.
  5. You might want to consider zapping the starting pudding with a wand of speed monster; they'll move onto your altar faster.
  6. Chaotics get 166% more prayer timeout reduction than other alignments, and are more efficient at pudding farming.
  7. "The DevTeam has arranged an immediate and savage punishment for pudding farming. It's called pudding farming." -- Jove, on RGRN
  8. Also see "How to Raise the Perfect Pudding" at []
  1. Usually a highly rusted iron helmet or skeleton key/lock pick, used to split brown and black puddings in order to farm them. The name is a joke based on the many crap monster-specific artifacts such as Dragonbane, Trollsbane, etc.
  2. You should use an orcish dagger or a scalpel (knife if you can't find a scalpel) not a key, whichever you are unskilled in. Engrave it to -3, and the damage done when rusted should be 1 per hit. With a non-weapon, damage will be 1 + str bonus per hit.
  3. the drawback to using a weapon instead of a tool is that your altar prayers (you are farming an altar, right?) will occasionally result in the weapon being repaired.
  4. You can solve this problem by switching to your alternate weapon before praying. It's a good idea to have a proper weapon handy anyway just in case something nasty sneaks up on you.
  5. Unarmed combat while wearing iron gloves or an iron ring will not split puddings. However, you can split puddings with these items if you wield them. (iron wands work too when wielded)
  6. See [Breadknife] for more details.
puff of logic
Message you get when a throne disappears. 1/3 Chance of occuring every time you #sit.
"A food ration is pulped!" A result of forcing a box/chest with a blunt weapon.
NetHack is filled with puns. Such as going over a sink while wearing levitation boots. You will "SINK" to the ground.
  1. When your parents take your computer away and you can't play NetHack any more.
  2. Reading a scroll of punishment will chain you to an iron ball. This is cumulative, so if you really like having a very heavy iron ball chained to your leg, read some more.
  3. You can remove the ball using remove curse, burying it (pre-3.6.0), polymorphing into something unsolid, letting a nymph steal it, or having a metallivorous monster eat it (for the last two options, you can be the monster if polymorphed).
  4. If you have an urge for silly conducts and ascensions, an iron ball can be a weapon if thrown.
  5. In vanilla, iron balls have an inventory category all to themselves (titled "Iron Balls", symbol "0")
  6. When throw/kicking objects, iron balls get a larger range than other objects of their weight since they can easily roll along the ground.
  7. When dragging the ball, you move at half speed, and it causes you pain if you go downstairs or fall.
  8. Carrying the ball doesn't slow you down (unless it makes you burdened), and is preferable to dragging it
see {magenta}
purple worm
  1. A gigantic engulfing monster. Bites for 2d8 and engulfs for 1d10 and digestion (delayed instakill). Can kill other monsters in one bite. Burrrrp! Difficulty 17, base level 15, speed 9, AC 6, MR 20. A popular pet, due to its instakill. Can be summoned by shriekers (it adores the taste).
  2. Eaten: purple worm Nutr: 700
Possible response by a feline pet when #chatted: indicates not hungry.
Configuration option. Using the `w' (wield) command when already wielding something pushes the old item into your alternate weapon slot.
  1. If you really must use windows, grab PuTTY from []
  2. PuTTY has a "nethack" numpad mode which dupes the number pad to hjklyubn. Crazy. All versions of NetHack played nowadays (including NAO and even vanilla 3.4.3) have better numpad support natively, so you shouldn't use it.
  1. Magic "power" points. Casting spells uses these.
  2. Failing to cast spells uses them half as fast. Carrying the (real) Amulet makes them get used faster.
  3. For starting pw and pw gain per level, see []
pw regen
see {power_regen}
  1. The Platinum Yendorian Express Card (don't leave home without it!), Tourist quest artifact.
  2. When carried, it confers magic resistance, telepathy, and half spell damage. Invoke to act like a scroll of charging with the same blessed/uncursed/cursed status. Only tourists can do blessed charging.
  3. Only neutral types and tourists may use this artifact.
  1. Speed 6, AC 6, magic resistance 30%, this monster is fire and poison resistant and its corpse can give either. It has a gaze that does 2d6 fire damage.
  2. Its gaze attack is rendered useless if either one of you is blind. It won't affect your armor, but your potions, spellbooks and scrolls may burn up or explode.
  3. Eaten: pyrolisk Nutr: 30 Intrinsic: Fire: 20%, Poison: 20%
Eaten: python Nutr: 100
  1. Command: 'q' Quaff (drink) a potion. Perhaps you are looking for #quit?
  2. Command: 'Q' Select an object for your 'Q'uiver. Then throw that object using the 'f' command. Perhaps you are looking for #quit?
  3. Monster: 'q' Rothes, mumakil (the plural of 'mumak'), leocrottas, wumpuses, titanotheres, baluchitheria (plural of 'baluchitherium') and mastodons. A few of these monsters are quite adept at killing low-level characters.
  4. Monster: 'Q' A quantum mechanic, which makes a good meal for those desiring a change of pace.
  5. Command: 'Meta-q' Same as '#quit'.
  6. Command '^Q' (Ctrl+Q) Apply flow control XON; this continues sending output to the screen after a previous ^S (Ctrl+S) stopped it.
see {nethack_quotes}
quaff test
  1. How to ID potions, with no ID scrolls. There are of course risks, but these can be minimised.
  2. First, apply a potion. This will find oil.
  3. Next, dip an arrow, or other projectile into the potion. This will poison the arrow, if the potion is sickness, and ID it. If the arrows are already poisoned and the coating wears off, it's some sort of healing potion.
  4. If the arrow turns into something else at this step, you've found polymorph.
  5. Dip a unicorn horn into the potion. If it clears, it is hallucination, blindness or confusion. Dipping a horn can also make sickness turn into fruit juice, but we've already covered that.
  6. Now, the remaining nasties are sleeping, paralysis, and to a lesser extent levitation.
  7. If you have a few hundred turns of food, you can safely test levitation, but paralysis and sleeping are best tested in a closet with elbereth engraved.
  8. Clear potions are always water, smoky potions in addition to their normal effect may give a wish (see {smoky_potion}) and milky may yield ghosts.
  9. Also, see help entries on 'potion' and 'nymph'
  10. Note that the effects of sleeping potions can be countered by sleep resistance or free action, so if you have one of the two and sleeping is the only 'nasty' potion remaining, you can go ahead and quaff test.
quality apparel and accessories
A shop. Sells and buys wands, leather gloves and elven cloaks.
quantum mechanic
  1. These aren't dangerous: they only do 1d4 of damage, but when they hit you, you'll teleport. Eating the corpse toggles your speed.
  2. Sometimes, they can be found carrying a box containing Schroedinger's Cat.
  3. The corpse is poisonous.
  4. Eaten: quantum mechanic Nutr: 20 Effects: Poisonous Intrinsic: Speed Toggle
"You hear the quarterback calling the play" is a sound you hear when there is an unlooted vault on the level and you are hallucinating.
Wizard's starting weapon. It's twohanded, so watch out for curses. Does 1d6 against both small and large monsters.
  1. Small minor demon, speed 15, AC 2, magic resistance 20%, corpse can give poison resistance. In melee, drains dexterity 1d2 twice and does 1d4 normal damage.
  2. Eaten: quasit Nutr: 200 Intrinsic: Poison: 20%
queasy feeling
"You have a queasy feeling for a moment, then it passes." - Your pet trapper/lurker/purple worm just died attempting to swallow Death, Pestilence, or Famine.
queen bee
Eaten: queen bee Nutr: 5 Effects: Poisonous Intrinsic: Poison: 60%
  1. Each character class has a unique Quest. The entrance to the Quest level is a hidden portal 6 or 7 levels below the Oracle level (between DL 11 and 16). While you can enter the Quest before level 14, your guild leader will not allow you to attempt it until you've reached experience level 14. You must complete it by defeating your quest nemesis, thus obtaining an essential artifact, in order to win the game.
  2. You get two artifacts from the Quest: One essential, one brimming with special abilities.
  3. <dasunt> Tourist quest is your reward for getting to the quest portal.
  4. Have the quest artifact in your main inventory when you #chat with the quest leader after completing the quest.
quest artifact
see {quest_artifacts}
quest artifacts
  1. Lawful: The Orb of Detection (Arc), The Sceptre of Might (Cav), The Magic Mirror of Merlin (Kni), The Mitre of Holiness (Pri), The Tsurugi of Muramasa (Sam)
  2. Neutral: The Heart of Ahriman (Bar), The Staff of Aesculapius (Hea), The Eyes of the Overworld (Mon), The Platinum Yendorian Express Card (Tou), The Orb of Fate (Val), The Eye of the Aethiopica (Wiz)
  3. Chaotic: The Longbow of Diana (Ran), The Master Key of Thievery (Rog)
  4. Quest artifacts of other roles will blast you when picked up or used. Additionally, you will be unable to pick up or use a cross-aligned quest artifact.
  5. See {artifact} for details.
quest leader
The person who calls you and gives you the quest.
quest nemesis
  1. The person (or monster) you have to defeat to get the quest artifact.
  2. The quest nemesis also guards the Bell of Opening. Don't forget to bring it along!
quest portal
Between dungeon levels 11 and 16 (inclusive), you'll get a telepathic call for help from your quest leader. Search the level for a magic portal.
see {quest artifact}
The lawful god of Archeologists.
  1. There are several means to exit the game. First, there's the #quit command, to completely terminate the session and kill your character.
  2. Next, there's the S command, in case you want to save (i.e. continue playing later).
  3. Finally, if panic is enabled, you can use that, in case your boss is coming. There's always the good ol' I/O button on your box, too.
  4. See also: {disconnect}
quit while already on charon's boat
  1. Can happen when you quit before a delayed instakill kills you.
  2. Or, if you quit using SIGINT at the You die... --More-- prompt.
  3. More specifically, if u.uhp <1 and you quit, you will get that message.
quivering blob
  1. Slow monster that may give poison resistance without being poisonous.
  2. equines (horses) enjoy eating the occasional quivering blob
  3. Eaten: quivering blob Nutr: 100 V! Intrinsic: Poison: 33%
see {nethack_quotes}
see {foo}
  1. Command: 'r' Read a scroll or spellbook.
  2. Command: 'R' Remove an accessory (ring, amulet, etc).
  3. Monster: 'r' Rat and rodents. Sewer, giant, rabid, wererats, rock moles, and woodchucks. You probably won't see the latter.
  4. Monster: 'R' Annoying rust monsters and disenchanters which tend to drop AC. A frequent genocide choice.
  5. Command: '^R' Redraw the screen.
  6. Command: 'Meta-r' Same as '#rub'.
see {rgrn}
rabble rouser
You have activated conflict.
rabid rat
Eaten: rabid rat Nutr: 5 Effects: Poisonous
Configuration option. Selects your race (for example, "race:human"). Default is random. Cannot be set in-game.
Feared wielder of the -4 Shkbane. See also: roadkill
radiates explosive energy in your face
Congratulations, you just found an exploding rune!
[] use for pasting large amounts of text
  1. The neutral god of the Samurai pantheon.
  2. The Samurai neutral god.
see {ranger}
ran skills
Basic: pickaxe, short sword, morning star, hammer, quarterstaff, trident, whip, healing spells, escape spells, riding, bare handed combat. Skilled: knife, axe, flail, polearms, spear, shuriken. Expert: dagger, javelin, bow, sling, crossbow, dart, boomerang, divination spells.
random level teleport
see {uncontrolled_level_teleport}
  1. Rodney's random-number generation is quite good. Any apparent bias is therefore your own imagination ;-)
  2. From a specific set of experiments: the Shannon entropy is 99.9784%, the chi-squared distribution is 238.27 at df=99999 (about 75%), the Monte Carlo value of pi is 3.137885515 (error 0.12%), and the serial correlation coefficient is 0.004831
  1. Well met! The ranger is a hybrid warrior and spellcasting character, skilled in hunting and tracking. The ranger can achieve Expert skill in daggers, javelins, bows, slings, crossbows, darts, and boomerangs. They may not use two-weapon combat (unlike their AD&D counterparts).
  2. Ranger rank titles: Tenderfoot (xplvl 1-2), Lookout (3-5), Trailblazer (6-9), Reconnoiterer/Reconnoiteress (10-13), Scout (14-17), Arbalester (18-21), Archer (22-25), Sharpshooter (26-29), Marksman/Markswoman (30)
  3. Has automatic searching. Gains stealth at level 7, see invisible at level 15.
  4. Rangers can achieve Basic skill at Healing and Escape spells, and Expert skill at Divination spells.
  5. Eaten: ranger Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
  6. Elf ranger is for pros.
ranger artifact
The Longbow of Diana
A polearm that deals 2d4 damage. Its unidentified appearance is the hilted polearm.
rare books
A shop. Sells and buys spellbooks and scrolls.
is a nethack bot written by nekrom in PHP. It needs work. Source is at [] .
rather muddy
"It looks rather muddy down here." means you're on a muddy-water level. Watch out for pools of water and eels.
  1. Neutral flier that bites for 1d6 damage and blinds for 1d6 turns. Difficulty 6, Base level 4, Base experience 46, Speed 20, AC 6.
  2. Eaten: raven Nutr: 20
  1. Ray-type spells have a range of 7 to 13 squares and will bounce off of walls. See also "beam".
  2. Zapping a ray upwards or downwards essentially reduces the range to 1 square.
rc editor
see {nao_rc_editor}
see {red dragon scale mail}
Short for 're-hi.'
read scrolls
Teleportation, create monster and earth.
reading failure
see {spell_learning}
reading prob
see {spell_learning}
reading spellbooks
  1. Calculator to determine chance of successfully reading an uncursed spellbook: []
  2. Another calculator on Freenode: /msg perlbot spellbook XL Int
reading spells
  1. The odds of successfully reading a spellbook depend on the b/u/c status of the spellbook, your INT, your experience level, whether or not you are wearing lenses, and the book's spell level.
  2. Blessed spellbooks are always safely readable. Cursed spellbooks always fail. Uncursed spellbooks can fail, depending on the other factors, in which case they will behave like a cursed book.
  3. For uncursed books, there is a calculator at []
  4. Reading a cursed book or failing to read an uncursed book causes you to be paralyzed for the number of turns required to read (varies by book) as well as one bad effect from the following list (chosen based on spell level):
  5. You suddenly teleport (dangerous if you're in a shop). You wake up every monster on the level a la cursed !oInvis. You are blinded. Your gold vanishes. You are confused. You are poisoned (or, if wearing gloves, they are damaged). The book explodes.
  6. For more details, see []
The infamous function that parses wishes, found at []
real life
  1. Outside of NetHack. Nothing of interest there.
  2. This thing is even nastier and harder than Slash'EM. So avoid it.
reasons why you shouldn't read unidentified scrolls
  1. 1. You see that shiny new GDSM you just got? Accidentally read a scroll of destroy armour and watch it go *poof*
  2. 2. Who's "Maud", again?
  3. Look up. If the scroll's earth, then it comes down, and you go up. Think past dlvl -10
  4. 3. *bamf*
see {rgrn}
see {feeling_of_reconciliation}
See recursion[1]
see {recursive}
red-eyed shield
see {orcish_shield}
red dragon
  1. see {dragon}
  2. Eaten: red dragon Nutr: 1500 Intrinsic: Fire: 100%
red dragon scale mail
  1. Red dragon scale mail drops AC by 9 and provides fire resistance while not hindering spell casting.
  2. Weighs 40.
red dragon scales
  1. Drops AC by 3 and provides fire resistance. Can be transformed into red dragon scale mail with a scroll of enchant armor.
  2. Weighs 40.
red eyed shield
see {orcish_shield}
red mold
  1. Low-level and non-moving, but does fire damage if you hit it, so avoid using melee against this monster.
  2. Eating its corpse can grant fire resistance or poison resistance.
  3. A vegan food item
  4. Eaten: red mold Nutr: 30 V! Intrinsic: Fire: 3%, Poison: 3%
red naga
  1. Speed 12, AC 4, resistant to fire and poison, and can grant both. Does damage in melee for 2d4 and can breathe fire for 2d6.
  2. Eaten: red naga Nutr: 400 Intrinsic: Fire: 20%, Poison: 20%
red naga hatchling
Eaten: red naga hatchling Nutr: 100 Intrinsic: Fire: 10%, Poison: 10%
To redirect a database topic, use "see {alternate topic name}".
reference card
  1. When you have reflection (either from amulet, shield, dragon scales or the Longbow of Diana), all ray-type effects, including breath attacks, will bounce off of you, without harming you.
  2. (Note that lightning will still blind you even though the electricity itself won't touch you.)
  3. Although, it won't protect you from pyrolisks or a wide-angled disintegration beam from an angry god.
  4. Gaze attacks from Medusa and floating eyes are reflected back onto the attacker. Umber hulk and Archon attacks are not affected.
  1. This will make you regain 1 hp per turn, but will also increase your food consumption by 1 every odd turn, except when gained via an artifact.
  2. All characters regenerate naturally 1 point every so many turns, shortened by XL.
see {doesn't_like_your_taste}
see {doesn't_like_your_taste}
remove curse
  1. As an uncursed scroll or unskilled/basic spell, removes the cursed status of all worn/wielded items and loadstone, and (unless confused) unpunishes you.
  2. As a blessed scroll or skilled/expert spell, removes the cursed status of all items in main inventory, and (unless confused) unpunishes you.
  3. As a cursed scroll, it unpunishes you and nothing else.
  4. Level 3 clerical spell.
  5. You can wield virtually any cursed item and use this spell to uncurse it. Except for casting + 2-handed weapons.
  6. When a blessed scroll of remove curse is read while confused, each uncursed item in your main inventory has a chance of becoming blessed or cursed. This is probably the safest way to make unholy water.
remove levitation boots
see {they_say_there_are_at_least_15_ways_to_lose_a_pair_of_levitation_boots}
A shopkeeper named Renrut will be running a hardware store.
see {repeat_command}
repeat command
  1. You can put a number before a command to repeat it that many times, as in "40." or "20s". If you have the number_pad option set, you must type 'n' to prefix the count, as in "n40." or "n20s".
  2. The repetition will be interrupted if anything happens: a hostile monster comes into view, you find something, etc. This makes it ideal for searching an area or resting to recover hp/pw.
  3. Pressing '^A' (Control-A) repeats the last command you entered, but this doesn't work very well if the command itself asks you to press other keys.
"You feel repulsive!" You just lost Charisma.
reset nethackwiki skin
If your skin is broken on NetHackWiki, you can use the form at the following link to reset it: []
residual undead turning effect
Death from d20 damage caused by praying while undead as lawful or neutral (1/10 chance for neutral).
rest on space
  1. Configuration option. Make the space bar a synonym for the `.' (rest) command.
  2. Turning this on is usually considered a bad idea, especially if you use space to dismiss --More--s, as it's easy to accidentally type a space when you didn't mean to rest.
restore ability
  1. THE most useless spell in the entire game due to the existence of unicorn horns. Also, see: Cure blindness.
  2. Blessed, uncursed, and cursed potions of restore ability make "You feel great!", "good!", or "mediocre!", respectively. Blessed potions restore all lost stats; uncursed, one random one; cursed does nothing.
restore old game
see {destroy_old_game}
reverse genocide
Reading a cursed scroll of genocide summons several of the targeted monster rather than genociding them. Popular with nurses for 'nurse dancing'. Cannot be done with foocubi, genocided, extinct, and other non-genocidable monsters.
  1. The Unique Items (when left in bones files) (Bell of Opening, Candelabrum of Invocation, Book of the Dead, and Amulet of Yendor) will revert into ordinary objects (cursed bell, pile of used candles, cursed spellbook of blank paper, and cursed fake amulet of Yendor, respectively).
  2. this also happens when the unique items are wished for
If you meet a shopkeeper named Rewuorb, he will be running a hardware store.
  1., the newsgroup dedicated to all things NetHack. The rgrn-FAQ is at []
  2. Try checking out google's archive of rgrn at []
  1. Traditionally, there are four riders - Death, Famine, Pestilence, and War.
  2. You'll see the first three riders on the astral plane. Death drains hps, Famine makes you hungry, Pestilence makes you sick. All three are & symbols, all are resistant to almost everything, and eating their corpses is instantly fatal. The fourth rider is not as obvious, but if you look at the source, chat with one of the riders, or try to tin one of the riders, you'll figure it out. (Big hint: He or she's shown by a @)
  3. The three riders have no distance attacks, but are quite potent in melee. They are best killed with magic missiles, or thrown/fired traditional missiles, or wand/finger of death (except for Death).
  4. #chatting with Riders other than Death, or 9/10 chance if Death, results in "Who do you think you are, War?". Otherwise (Death and 1/10 chance) "Death is busy reading a copy of Sandman #8."
  1. Advance it to Basic and you can pick things up off the ground without first having to dismount. Higher levels in it also give you combat bonuses.
  2. When advancing the riding skill, 100 turns spent moving is equivalent to a single hit from a weapon. Unskilled riding gives a -2 to-hit penalty while riding, basic gives a -1 to-hit penalty, skilled gives +1 damage, and expert gives +2 damage. Only knights can achieve expert riding. Using #twoweapon while riding always bestows a -2 to-hit penalty.
riding boots
Either the unidentified elven, kicking, fumble, levitation, jumping, speed or water walking boots. When worn, they provide a 10% bonus to the chance to successfully saddle a steed (not cumulative with riding gloves). Does not apply if they happen to be fumbling boots.
riding gloves
  1. Unidentified description of a pair of gloves. Provide some help for riding, if they are something else than gauntlets of fumbling.
  2. See gloves for more information.
  1. The rings are: adornment, gain strength, gain constitution, increase accuracy, increase damage, protection, regeneration, searching, stealth, sustain ability, levitation, hunger, aggravate monster, conflict, warning, poison resist, fire resist, cold resist, shock resist, free action, slow digestion, teleport, teleport control, polymorph, polymorph control, invisibility, see invisible, and protection from shape changers
  2. You can charge some types of rings. Blessed charging may charge it by up to 3, uncursed charging only 1. Rings have a (current charge)/7 chance of exploding. This increases the enchantment of the ring - for a ring of protection the AC bonus, for example. Does nothing to some rings.
  3. Eating some rings can grant intrinsics.
  4. If you are polymorphed into a rust monster, you can eat rings with the following appearances: pearl, iron, twisted, steel, wire, engagement, and shiny. As a rock mole or xorn, you can eat those rings, and also bronze, brass, copper, silver, and gold. Gelatinous cubes can eat wooden rings.
  5. All rings weigh 3 except the meat ring, which weighs only 1.
  6. See: [] and also: []
  7. Base prices 100 - adornment, protection, stealth, sustain ability, hunger, warning, protection from shape changers. 150 - gain strength, gain constitution, increase accuracy, increase damage, aggravate monster, poison resistance, cold resistance, shock resistance, invisibility, see invisible.
  8. 200 - regeneration, searching, levitation, fire resistance, free action, slow digestion, teleportation. 300 - conflict, teleport control, polymorph, polymorph control.
  9. If you know that a ring is not cursed, it is safe to wear it for a turn or two, if you're not near any powerful peaceful creatures, such as shopkeepers or priests (in case the ring is conflict). This is helpful for identifying =oLevitation and other rings that auto-identify.
ring mail
Lowers AC by 3 and weighs 250.
ring of adornment
Modifies your charisma by its enchantment (charge).
ring of conflict
  1. Makes monsters and peaceful creatures attack each other and you.
  2. Or not.
  3. When eaten, it confers the conflict intrinsic; remember that this also affects your nutrition consumption.
ring of free action
see {free_action}
ring of hunger
The other reason why you don't wear-test rings of unknown BUC state.
ring of increase damage
Eating a ring of increase damage has a 1/3 chance of giving you that bonus. This is very effective, but it takes a lot of work to accumulate enough rings to make a difference
ring of protection
see {ring}
ring of regeneration
Regenerate HP every turn at the cost of hunger. If you are satiated, this is the cure.
ring of slow digestion
see {slow digestion}
ring of spam
see {ring_of_conflict}
ring of warning
Gives warning when worn.
ring store
Ring stores are run by shopkeepers named: Feyfer, Flugi, Gheel, Havic, Haynin, Hoboken, Imbyze, Juyn, Kinsky, Massis, Matray, Moy, Olycan, Sadelin, Svaving, Tapper, Terwen, Wirix, Ypey, Rastegaisa, Varjag Njarga, Kautekeino, Abisko, Enontekis, Rovaniemi, Avasaksa, Haparanda, Lulea, Gellivare, Oeloe, Kajaani, and Fauske.
ring weight
All rings weigh 3.
see {ring}
ripping sound
The sound of a cloak or shirt being destroyed by something that just polymorphed; if you hear this early, it might be a werecreature, but if it's a polytrap, you might be in trouble.
  1. Style is for losers. RKRobin is for those of us not particularly worried about style. For the most part.
  2. Team Roadkill members are always welcome. Others poke an RK and ask.
that other thing
rn1(x,y) = (rn2(x)+(y))
rn2(x): A random number function in the source. Returns a random integer on the interval [0, x) with (presumably) uniform distribution, uses RND(x).
rnd(x) = RND(x)+1
  1. Random Number God. Kneel before the RNG, mortal!
  2. The cause of our pain, our agony and our never-ending crusade: the Random Number Goddess. Bow before Her or die! Or bow before Her AND die!
  3. The benevolent deity who gives wishes on dlvl1, and poisoned spiked pits on dlvl2.
  4. Random Number Generator. NetHack uses a linear congruential generator, where the new random number R = (previous * A + B) % M. If A, B, and M are suitably chosen, the resulting sequence of numbers can be billions of digits long.
  5. What the RNG giveth, the RNG taketh away.
  6. The RNG is loving, caring, vengeful, unpredictable, whimsical, and capricious. So why do you call it a 'he'? -- Boudewijn Waijers
  7. Rodney's !rng command supports the following: @role, @race, @gender, @align, @char, @player, @coin, @<role> (like !rng @pri) and some synonyms thereof. And dice (such as !rng 3d10).
  8. The RNG cannot be bribed, apparently.
  9. The RNG is your friend. The RNG is your enemy.
  1. Rather complicated function used in the source to get a random number from 0 to x-1, very heavily influenced by luck. A calculator is available at []
  2. "well, at least it isn't as bad as rnz" -- ais523
  1. Function used for prayer timeout value (among others) - see: []
  2. This is an evil function and it hates you.
roaring of a confused bear
Congratulations, that's a pretty rare one. An Owlbear or a Bugbear just got caught in somebody's spider web. Davey Crockett, git yer gun.
roaring of an angry bear
An owlbear or bugbear just hit a bear trap.
roast in peace
  1. "May <monster> roast in peace."
  2. A tame straw or paper golem was killed from a fire attack, and you didn't see it happen.
  1. Enables characters who wouldn't be able to use magic ordinarily have a higher chance of casting spells correctly. Nicely paired with a helm of brilliance.
  2. Monks and priests start with one.
  3. Provides MC2
  4. Wearing a robe will reduce the spellcasting penalty for wearing metal armour by 50%. If you do not wear metallic body armor, the robe will instead decrease the spell difficulty by your role's penalty amount.
Provides MC2
  1. Either FooRobin (see RoundRobin) or V.'s name
  2. shared account; similar to Dwarf Fortress succession games
rock mole
Eaten: rock mole Nutr: 30
rock piercer
  1. An evil little rock that will attempt to fall on and kill you. Slow moving.
  2. Wearing a metal helmet will help protect you from its first attack. Speed: 1, Base AC:3, Bite attack 2d6
  3. Corpse breaks vegetarian conduct.
  4. Eaten: rock piercer Nutr: 200
rock troll
Eaten: rock troll Nutr: 300
rocks only
A conduct in which player is only permited to throw and hit with wielded rocks (gems).
  1. GreyKnight's NetHack bot.
  2. Current status: He can connect to NAO and everything!!1!!one
  1. Duh! That's me!
  2. The Wizard of Yendor (spell it backwards). One mean and tricky opponent, and an otherwise pretty badass bot in #nethack on freenode.
  3. Some ports of Rogue had 'Rodney' as the default player name.
  4. Rodney is not a bot -- he is a direct feed from one million monkeys with keyboards.
  5. The source code for Rodney is at []
  6. To use my database without bothering everyone with constant queries, visit [] - See also {rodney abuse}
  7. Type !help to get info on how to push my buttons.
  8. "So thou thought thou couldst kill me, fool."
rodney abuse
  1. When you ask the semi-wise Rodney too much. Don't abuse Rodney, it's not nice, and especially not if you are flooding the channel.
  2. Harassing poor Rodney with spurious requests for "!rng LINUX_RAWKS WINDOZE_IS_TEH_SUCK" and whatnot just because you're sleepy and have had waaaay too much caffeine. Chill out, kids.
  3. Fun fact: Rodney accepts ?? queries in private messages, which helps keep the channel clean. ! commands (but not triggers starting with '!') are also accepted, with the exception of !learn (so people can't mess with the learndb secretly).
  4. Please only add cruft to the learndb provided it's actually FUNNY. You know, humor. Yeah, that stuff.
  5. Do not abuse Rodney. You will regret it.
  6. What you're doing.
  7. When you're going to do it, at least get the commands right.
rodney dive
Rodney's (the bot, not the wizard) unexplainable tendency to jump off a cliff during certain IRC events.
rodney instant
Google Instant for Rodney's learndb: []
rodney source
see {source}
rodney variables
For a full list, see []
see {rogue}
rog skills
Basic: two handed sword, morning star, flail, hammer, polearms, spear, riding. Skilled: broad sword, long sword, scimitar, saber, club, mace, shuriken, divination spells, escape spells, matter spells. Expert: dagger, knife, short sword, crossbow, dart, two weapon combat, bare handed combat.
  1. In addition to being the primal game of nethack's genre, Rogue is also a character class. The rogue is always chaotic, but may be human or orc. The rogue can achieve Expert skill in dagger, knife, short sword, crossbow, dart, two-weapon combat (!) and bare-handed combat. They get a backstab bonus against fleeing monsters with single weapons.
  2. They can become skilled in broadsword, long sword, scimitar, saber, club, mace, and shuriken, and in divination, escape, and matter spells.
  3. Rogues are stealthy from the time they set foot in the Dungeons of Doom, and they learn Searching at level 10.
  4. Rogue rank titles: Footpad (xplvl 1-2), Cutpurse (3-5), Rogue (6-9), Pilferer (10-13), Robber (14-17), Burglar (18-21), Filcher (22-25), Magsman/Magswoman (26-29), Thief (30)
  5. The final level of the rogue quest requires trickery to complete. See {rogue quest}.
  6. When attacking a fleeing monster, a rogue gets a 1d(XL) damage bonus, unless they are twoweaponing.
  7. Magicbane is a good wish for a Rogue. They're probably going to get Expert in daggers, and its athame Elbereth ability makes backstabbing a tactical nuke. Don't forget the magic attack effects, curse absorption, and MR, either!
  8. Eaten: rogue Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
rogue artifact
The Master Key of Thievery
rogue level
  1. An older, more primitive world. No corpses are generated, the colors and symbols change, and the layout is a 3x3 grid of rooms with corridors between them, never more than one door on each wall, etc.
  2. Only monsters with capital letter symbols are generated.
  3. Killed monsters do not leave a corpse.
  4. It exists primarily as a tribute to NetHack's ancestor game (and the namesake of the roguelikes), Rogue.
  5. The rogue level randomly appears between levels 15 and 18.
rogue quest
  1. There are separate compartments in the rogue quest. There's one with the <, the one with the Master Assassin, the one with the $ lake, and another one with no notable features. You may land in a compartment that has neither nemesis nor < so you'll need a reliable way to leave.
  2. Digging down into the final level works fine, that way you just need a way to leave. Levelporting or polymorphing into a xorn (to go into the compartment you want) are popular methods of defeating the quest.
  3. Note well, o Rogue! The master assassin will probably teleport to the < (which is in a different compartment!) when damaged, so be sure to take that into consideration. If you have a spare c!oGL, you may find it profitable to share it.
  1. Video games patterned after the game Rogue, focusing mostly on hacking-and-slashing one's way through dungeons. NetHack is one such game.
  2. Roguelikes generally emphasize gameplay over all else. Most use either text-based "graphics" or 2D tiles for display. Most are also very difficult; once you die, that's it for your current game, though many offer an "explore" mode where dying is optional, but wins aren't official.
  3. []
  4. Games about killing letters to obtain punctuation.
  5. See also: {chronology}, {nethack}, {adom}, {angband}, {dungeon_crawl}
Configuration option. Pick your type of character (ex. "role:Samurai"); synonym for "character". Also see "name".
roles and races spoiler
rolling boulder trap
  1. If you see a boulder in the middle of a room (i.e. not in a hallway or an area dug out of the mines by a monster with a pickaxe), be very careful. If you manage to get close enough to destroy the boulder (a pickaxe, /oStriking, or Force Bolt work), walk around to find the trap; the trap will disappear if triggered with no boulder.
  2. You can also untrap them by pushing the boulder away.
  3. Rolling boulder traps can make a decent stash if you have no containers available.
Take off those gloves of fumbling.
rope golem
  1. The most dangerous of the early golems, with its grabbing attack.
  2. Don't let 'em rope you!
see {slow_digestion}
Eaten: roshi Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
  1. As corpses age, they become ineligable for sacrifice (no ill effects if you try though), then tainted (make you ill when you eat them, see food_poisoning), later they rot (which makes them disappear).
  2. The buc status of corpses affect how fast they age. Lizard and lichen corpses don't taint or rot, nor do corpses in an ice box. Corpses of zombies, vampires, mummies start out tainted.
rot in peace
A tame leather or wood golem was killed from a decaying attack, and you didn't see it happen.
  1. A rothe is fairly quick and if you're not a melee class these beasts can kill you easily, so beware.
  2. However, they come in droves, and aren't too heavy, and as such are REALLY GOOD SAC FODDER.
  3. Speed 9, AC 7, Does 1d3 + 1d3 + 1d8 melee damage.
  4. They're like subterranean cows.
  5. Eaten: rothe Nutr: 100
see {erosion}
A bat from the "Sonic the Hedgehog" series, she's a jewel thief/secret agent and has large boobs. But you probably meant rogue.
  1. This is an idea by a poster of a game attempt that is shared by a number of players in 2000-turn increments. There is also Demirobin, for players who have ascended. It currently has a 66% ascension ratio, so don't mess it up.
  2. Please respect the games and not try to ruin them for everyone involved.
  3. Also some more specific robins have been created; specifically, PacifistRobin and DeathRobin. The latter is the only one you're encouraged to kill off (note: please, no quitting or escaping).
  4. The password to all robin accounts is 'robin'. Please don't change the password or any of the options. If you cannot live with the robin's options, change them in-game.
see {dwarvish_roundshield}
Rodent of unusual size. Unusual as in bad. And big.
royal jelly
  1. Royal jelly is generated only in beehives, or by horn of plenty. This is very healthy stuff, non-cursed will increase your HP, and possibly even your max HP, and it will heal your legs too. Gives 200 nutrition.
  2. Gives +1 strength.
  3. Noncursed restores d20 hp. If this would bring you above maxhp, there is a 1/17 chance of increasing maxhp by 1.
  4. Unless you need the hp regen, don't eat this stuff while polyed -- any strength and maxhp gain will be lost when you revert.
  5. This is a vegetarian food but will break vegan.
  6. Note that since it does not occur randomly that it can not be polypiled for.
see {slow_digestion}
Please to not ask questions in here that can be answered with twenty seconds perusal of [] You lazy fool.
rubber chicken
Slang term for cockatrice corpse.
rubber hose
  1. Keystone Kops drop it.
  2. a whip weapon that is better than the whip
  3. Does d4/d3 damage.
  1. A rare hard red gem worth 3500 gold pieces.
  2. In the main dungeon, rubies usually won't be seen above dungeon level 22.
ruby ring
An unidentified ring. Cannot be eaten by any monster.
The 1st rule of NetHack: "Of *course* you can do other things with it" --greycat
see {rumors}
  1. Rumors are used for fortune cookie messages, random engravings, and true rumors for minor Oracle consultations. Blessed and cursed cookies give true and false rumors, respectively; uncursed ones give either.
  2. A list of the true rumors in vanilla nethack is available at [] and the false ones at []
  3. NAO has also added additional engravings beyond the stock vanilla list, for your 'hacking amusement.
  4. For a list, and to add more: []
run away!_ run away!
You have entered a graveyard during midnight (00:00-00:59).
run away!_run away!
see {run_away!__run_away!}
run away run away
see {run_away!__run_away!}
runed dagger
  1. Unidentified name for elven dagger.
  2. Can be named "Sting".
runed spear
Unidentified elven spear.
Configuration option. Controls the amount of screen updating for the map window when engaged in multi-turn movement. Possible values are "teleport", "run", "walk", and "crawl".
running with scissors
  1. A great Weird Al album.
  2. Slang for wielding a cockatrice corpse while not levitating - an act that can easily get you killed if you fall down.
rushing noise
You hear a rushing noise nearby when a whirly engulfing creature that you can't see attempts to engulf a space near you, likely due to displacement or invisibility.
  1. Metallic items can rust. On weapons, it reduces the damage by 1 per level of rustiness. On armor, it reduces the protection given by the armor. Has no effect on other items. See also "rustproof".
  2. Only items made of iron can rust. Other metals, such as mithril or silver, do not.
rust disenchanter
Don't ask. Just. Don't.
rust in peace
  1. "May <monster> rust in peace."
  2. A tame iron golem was killed from a rusting attack, and you didn't see it happen.
rust monster
  1. 'R' They rust metal items that they can touch; they'll also eat metal items they find lying around.
  2. Hitting a rust monster can also rust your weapon, if it isn't rustproof.
  3. they're safe to eat, but don't convey any intrinsics.
  4. Eaten: rust monster Nutr: 250
  5. []
  1. To rustproof your armor, read an uncursed/blessed enchant armor while confused, and a random piece of armor will be rustproofed. Take off everything else! A cursed destroy armor while confused works as well.
  2. That goes for weapons too.
see {erosion}
see {rust}
  1. Command: 's' Search for secret doors and traps around you. It usually takes several tries to find something.
  2. Command: 'S' Save (and suspend) your game. The game will be restored automatically the next time you play.
  3. Monster: 's' Creepy crawling things. Cave spiders, centipedes, giant spiders, and scorpions.
  4. Monster: 'S' Green and go hiss. Well, most of them. Includes garter snakes, snakes, water moccasins, pit vipers, pythons and cobras. Yet another good reason not to quaff from sinks and fountains.
  5. Command: 'Meta-s' Same as '#sit'.
  6. Command '^S' (Ctrl+S) Apply flow control command XOFF; this stops sending output to the screen, but *the game still executes*. You should press ^Q (Ctrl+Q) to continue. Don't press any other buttons, the game *will* receive and act on the commands.
short for slash'em.
  1. Also known as Zered (the name he usually plays with). Often dies while helpless due to forgetting to eat.
see {#offer}
Need a specific artifact weapon? Need a little more protection or HP? Want to soften your prayer timeout's edge? Try a sacfest. Just lock yourself in a room with an altar, apply that bag of tricks or use create monster, kill, sac, repeat.
  1. Worth 2 zorkmids, it will allow you to carry more items in your inventory. If greased, will offer *some* protection from water. Otherwise, worthless.
  2. note that it will also protect items inside it from fire damage, so flammable objects should be kept in one at all times until you get an oilskin sack or bag of holding.
Artifacts that you obtained by sacrificing a number of dungeon creatures roughly equivalent to the population of a small village.
sad feeling
  1. "You have a sad feeling for a moment, then it passes." Your pet just died.
  2. "You feel sad for a moment". Your pet just starved (and is dead now). Shoulda fed it!
sad wailing
You just read a cursed (or confused) scroll of scare monster.
  1. 'a'pply one to a pet horse or other steed, and then you can #ride it. Use #loot to get one off, unless it's cursed.
  2. If cursed: zap wand of opening/spell of knock at mount, get a nymph to steal it, polyself to nymph to steal it.
see {slash'em}
safe enchantment
see {enchantment}
safe pet
Configuration option. Prevent you from (knowingly) attacking your pets.
safely converting minetown altar
See []
  1. S* AI Playing netHack (* a suiting adjective beginning with S, such as "Silly", "Swift", "Superior", etc). Written in C++, see also [] for other bots
  2. irssi ignore: /ignore -regexp -pattern "^csaiph.*" -channels #nethack Rodney
Japanese potion of booze.
  1. Level 8, Speed 12, AC -1, MR 0.
  2. They are fiery, so polymorphing into one of these will burn off any green slime that's trying to consume your person.
  3. Based on the D&D salamander, not the Real-Life one; hence their ability to use weaponry and so on.
  4. Eaten: salamander Nutr: 400 Effects: Poisonous Intrinsic: Fire: 53%
see {samurai}
sam skills
Basic: dagger, scimitar, saber, quarterstaff, spear, javelin. Skilled: knife, broad sword, flail, polearms, lance, attack spells, cleric spells, riding. Expert: short sword, long sword, two handed sword, bow, shuriken, two weapon combat. Master: martial arts.
  1. Konnichi wa! The Samurai is a noble Japanese fighter, always human and lawful. Samurai can achieve Expert skill in short swords, long swords, two-handed swords, bows, shuriken, and two-weapon combat.
  2. Samurai rank titles: Hatamoto (xplvl 1-2), Ronin (3-5), Ninja/Kunoichi (6-9), Joshu (10-13), Ryoshu (14-17), Kokushu (18-21), Daimyo (22-25), Kuge (26-29), Shogun (30)
  3. Samurai can also achieve Mastery in martial arts, just in case you were crazy enough not to use your two-handed quest artifact or your expert two-weapon skill.
  4. Has speed intrinsic. At level 15 gains stealth intrinsic.
  5. Samurai may become Skilled in Attack and Clerical spells
  6. Eaten: samurai Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
samurai artifact
The Tsurugi of Muramasa
samurai sword
Unidentified name for "katana".
  1. You are granted sanctuary in any co-aligned temple, if attended by a peaceful priest(ess) and your alignment is above -4.
  2. Sanctuary protects against melee as well as wand/potion/scroll attacks and prevents monsters from moving into the temple.
  3. Sanctuary is respected by all hostile monsters except 'A' and riders.
You are granted sanctuary in any co-aligned temple with a peaceful priest(ess), and your alignment is above -4.
  1. Moloch's Sanctum is the lowest level of the dungeon, reachable by invocation. It is a special level with one map variation. It contains the Amulet of Yendor.
  2. Moloch's Sanctum is on dl 45-53 and is the last level in Gehennom.
  1. A shapeshifter that appears as a nasty 1/7 of the time and a random monster 6/7 of the time.
  2. Despite the appearance, a sandestin isn't a demon (if you see it in its natural form, anyway)
  3. Resistant to stoning in its natural form.
  1. A rare hard blue gem worth 3000 zorkmids.
  2. In the main dungeon, sapphires usually won't be seen above dungeon level 16.
sapphire ring
An unidentified ring. Cannot be eaten by any monster.
  1. Strongest ape. Bonus to kick (like monks and samurai), because of their Big Feet. Nutrition 750.
  2. Eaten: sasquatch Nutr: 750
  3. Speed: 15, Attack 2d6+d8
see {nutrition}
see {nutrition}
When you receive this message after praying, it means you have an alignment record of 0 to 3.
save scumming
  1. The act of saving a local game, copying the saved game to another directory/folder and then loading the game back up.
  2. Thus, you have a fall back point in case something bad happens to your character.
see {save_scumming}
  1. One very helpful hacker.
  2. Two! Two helpful hacker! Ah-ah-ah-ah! -- The Count
scale mail
  1. Lowers AC by 4 and weighs 250.
  2. Not to be confused with a $COLOR dragon scale mail.
  1. <color> dragon scales drop AC by 3 when worn and provides a resistance based on color. Can be transformed into <same-color> dragon scale mail by reading a non-cursed scroll of enchant armor when worn.
  2. Dragon scales do not hinder spellcasting and will not corrode.
  3. Dragon scales (and dragon scale mail) do not provide magic cancellation.
scales cover your eyes
A monster cast a spell at you, and you will be blind for 200 turns.
scare monster
  1. A scroll, when dropped it acts as an engraved Elbereth. When picked up: if blessed, it becomes uncursed; otherwise if cursed or dropped before, it turns to dust.
  2. Monsters that don't respect Elbereth don't respect these either.
  3. When read: if blessed or uncursed, monsters within visual range will flee (chance to resist is based on monster level and MR); if cursed or confused, you will wake up/unparalyze/unscare monsters within visual range.
  4. If read while blessed/uncursed and something was affected, "You hear maniacal laughter close by"; if no monster was affected, "You hear maniacal laughter in the distance".
  5. If read cursed or while confused and something was affected, "Your hear sad wailing close by"; if no monster was affected, "You hear sad wailing in the distance".
scepter of might
see {sceptre of might}
scepter pounded in judgement
There's a throne room on the level.
sceptre of might
  1. The caveman quest artifact, a lawful mace. Confers magic resistance when carried, toggles hungerless conflict when invoked, +d5 to hit and x2 damage against monsters not of its alignment.
  2. A good choice for a lawful character looking for a wish (except cavemen, of course).
  3. Especially good for lawful priests, because they can get expert in mace.
sceptre pounded in judgement
There is a throne room on the level.
schroedinger's cat
  1. The housecat inside the box is dead
  2. The housecat inside the box is alive!
  3. Found inside large boxen sometimes dropped by quantum mechanics. Whether the cat is dead or alive is not determined until you open the box.
Hits for 1d8 damage against small and large monsters. Unidentified appearance is "curved sword".
see {slash'em}
The showscore option will accurately display the score you would receive upon death, minus 10% of the carried gold value. Ascension doubles your score, after which the face value of amulets and non-glass gems plus 2.5 * cost of each artifact are added to that total score, along with the maximum health of any visible pets you might have.
  1. A new metagame invented by Hours. People compete with new characters to get the highest single score within a half an hour.
  2. See []
  3. see also [] for alternate scorings
  4. rules: (1) go no further than p)play menu before SF starts (2) must escape/quit/ascend/die before SF gametime end to count. (3) start and end as many games as you want within SF gametime.
  1. Speed 15, AC 3, poisonous and can grant poison resistance. Does 1d2 + 1d2 with claws, and stings for 1d4 possibly draining strength.
  2. Eaten: scorpion Nutr: 100 Effects: Poisonous Intrinsic: Poison: 50%
  1. The Ranger quest nemesis.
  2. A scorpion thingy. Causes illness, so have a blessed unihorn handy. Easy to kill with wands, if he sits on the up stairs, get it so it bounces into him again
  3. Eaten: Scorpius Nutr: 350 Effects: Poisonous Intrinsic: Poison: 100%
scratch marks
  1. "You make scratch marks on the stone" - you rubbed worthless glass on an uncursed touchstone, or an iron item on any other gray stone.
  2. "You see colored scratch marks on the stone" - you rubbed a gem or piece of glass on a non-touchstone.
  3. "scritch, scritch" - you rubbed an iron item on a touchstone, or any item on any gray stone while blind.
To write in an awkward manner
"Scritch, scritch" is the noise a touchstone makes against a metal object.
  1. The sound a cursed or uncursed touchstone makes when you #rub it with a metallic object
  2. Any gray stone will make this sound when you rub an item on it while blind.
scritch scritch
see {scritch,_scritch}
  1. Press 'r' to read it. Many scrolls are beneficial if uncursed or blessed. Some may be harmful, though.
  2. Base prices for scrolls -- 0: mail. 20: identify. 50: light. 60: enchant weapon, blank paper. 80: enchant armor, remove curse. 100: destroy armor, confuse monster, scare monster, teleportation, gold detection, food detection, magic mapping, fire. 200: create monster, taming, amnesia, earth. 300: genocide, punishment, charging, stinking cloud.
  3. See: []
scroll labels
scroll of acquirement
Slash'EM Extended item. Gives you a random item (you cannot select what to receive).
scroll of amnesia
see {amnesia}
scroll of blank paper
The only non-magical scroll. Cost is 60, making it more economical to blank your light and ID scrolls before selling them.
scroll of charging
  1. Adds additional uses to wands, tinning kits, cameras, magic markers, and special tools like horn of fire. Blessed adds a lot, uncursed adds some, and cursed will set non-blessed items to zero charges.
  2. When used to charge rings, adds to rings of adornment, increase damage, protection, gain constitution, gain strength. Unlike for wands/tools, cursed scrolls of charging will REDUCE the enchantment of rings.
  3. If you read it while confused, you either fully recharge energy or gain 5d4 maximum energy (if already at maximum).
  4. info {base cost:300; weight: 5; marker charges: 16}
  5. See also ?? wands and ?? magical_tools.
scroll of confuse monster
see {confuse_monster}
scroll of destroy armor
see {destroy_armor}
scroll of earth
  1. Creates boulders. Cursed drops one on top of you, uncursed drops one on top of you and one on each surrounding nonwall square, blessed drops one on each surrounding square.
  2. Good for erecting barriers, preparing pudding farms, and preventing monsters from teleporting to the upstairs.
  3. Some monsters (eg. Giants) will read this scroll. Guaranteed to stuff up your sokoban.
  4. 2 of these scrolls are guaranteed at the first level of sokoban.
  5. When read confused, instead creates rocks on the squares it would have affected.
  6. Peaceful monsters will _not_ get angered by being hit by a boulder. This is theoretically the least-risky way of eliminating priests and shopkeepers.
  7. Has no effect on any of the elemental planes (except Earth), or the Astral plane.
  8. Wearing a hard helmet greatly reduces the amount of damage the falling boulders do to you.
  9. Base cost 200, 8 marker charges.
scroll of enchant armor
see {enchant_armor}
scroll of enchant armour
see {enchant armor}
scroll of enchant weapon
see {enchant weapon}
scroll of fire
  1. It's a scroll. It makes fire and boils your potions, and burns your scrolls, spellbooks, and stuff around you. It's also a scroll.
  2. Will damage adjacent monsters, angering them if they're peaceful
scroll of food detection
  1. If non-cursed, you detect comestibles. Additionally, if blessed, you will be warned next time you attempt to eat something dangerous or conduct-breaking.
  2. If cursed or confused, you detect potions.
scroll of genocide
  1. When noncursed, wipes a monster (or if blessed, a group of monsters) out of the game. Every monster of that type is completely wiped out, and one of them can never exist in the game again.
  2. Base price 300zm, takes 15-29 marker charges to write.
scroll of gold detection
see {gold_detection}
scroll of light
  1. Lights (cursed darkens) a circular area.
  2. Confused also darkens areas, regardless of the b/c/u status of the scroll.
scroll of mail
On a proper OS, NetHack can deliver mail you receive in the game; it'll be delivered by a mail daemon.
scroll of punishment
see {punishment}
scroll of scare monster
see {scare_monster}
scroll of taming
  1. If blessed or uncursed, it will tame monsters within a one square radius. Also calms shopkeepers. Some monsters may resist. If cursed, it will anger monsters within a 1 square radius.
  2. When read by a confused player, an noncursed scroll of taming will try to tame monsters in an 11x11 circular area (and calm shopkeepers). If cursed, it will anger monsters in an 11x11 circular area.
  3. "Natural" pets (horses, dogs, and cats) are initially tamed with a tameness of 10; other creatures start with a tameness of 5. This is important to note, for creatures that don't eat.
  4. Scrolls of taming operate with an effective level of 9, as opposed to spells of charm monster which use actual player level. d(100 + (level) - (monster level)) is compared to monster MR to determine success.
scroll of teleportation
  1. Blessed one lets you choose (if you don't have TC) if you want to teleport. Uncursed teleports you to a random position on the same level. Cursed allows for level teleporting (very useful).
  2. If you have teleport control, you can choose where to teleport with all three forms of the scroll.
  3. When carrying the Amulet of Yendor, you have a 1/3 chance of not teleporting in case of a blessed or uncursed scroll. You will NOT be allowed to level teleport with a cursed scroll while carrying the Amulet of Yendor.
  4. If you found a scroll in a corridor, chances are pretty good it's teleportation (unless a monster drops it or something).
  5. Confused is like cursed (level teleport) except there is a chance that the teleport may be random, regardless of teleport control
scroll of wishing
Slash'EM Extended item. Allows you to wish for an item.
scroll turns to dust as you pick it up
see {scare_monster}
scroll weight
All scrolls weigh 5.
see {scroll}
The sound of Ebenezer Scrooge is heard whilst hallucinating on a level with a vault.
see {secret door detection}
  1. a pure graphical NetHack & SLASH'EM interface mimicing the tty interface as much as possible in look and in feel, yet with tiles
  2. []
  3. this project has been renamed as 'newt', see []
see {silver dragon scale mail}
sdsm wish
"blessed fixed greased +3 silver dragon scale mail"
second-hand bookstore
A shop. Sells and buys scrolls and spellbooks.
secret door detection
Detects hidden doors, corridors, traps besides statue traps, mimics, and unseen monsters in a radius of 8.
secret doors
  1. They're always in the last place you look.
  2. That said, there's a 1 in 7 chance (modified by luck) every time you search to find a secret door or passage, unless you have some help like Excalibur. To be 95% confident you'll find one, use n20s.
see invisable
seems a more vivid color than before
You just healed a mimic.
seems disoriented
A monster stepped on a teleport trap, and teleported somewhere where you could see it.
seems not to notice you
You attempted to #chat with a sleeping monster that wasn't a priest. (A priest would wake up.)
seems to flinch
A sleeping or paralyzed monster was scared.
  1. Eaten: sergeant Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
  2. Also, the rank title for a Knight at XL 10-13
Chaotic god of the barbarians.
several flies buzz angrily around the sink
It is a ring of aggravate monster. See {aggravate monster}.
severe headache
  1. Playtime's over. The foocubus has been cancelled and will no longer consort with you.
  2. Unless your idea of "Playtime" involves a lot of bleeding.
sewer rat
  1. A rodent differing from the related giant rat in size and smell.
  2. Eaten: sewer rat Nutr: 12
Known by some as Sgep. Sgeo is the preferred name.
  1. A slowly moving monster that is not randomly generated, cannot be harmed except by artifacts with a damage bonus, or with blessed weapons, or with silver, and has a touching attack that will slow you.
  2. Currently the only shades appear in Orcus' town.
  3. Speed 10, AC 10, resists cold, sleep, disintegration and poison. Paralyzes for 2d6 and slows for 1d6.
  4. By the time you reach Orcus' level, you should have the Bell of Opening, which can be used as a silver weapon if needed. Also, wearing a ring with the appearance "silver ring" will work if you fight barehanded and without gloves.
  5. Make nice pets (especially in gehennom) due to their resilience, slowing effect, and ability to pass through walls. They also occasionally wear equipment.
shaman karnov
  1. The caveman quest leader.
  2. Eaten: Shaman Karnov Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
shame on you
  1. You tried to be kinky and tried to saddle a foocubus!
  2. This also abuses wisdom. The implications of this are left to the reader.
  1. Sandestins, doppelgangers and chameleons appear as other monsters unless you are wearing a ring of protection from shape changers. They change form after some time.
  2. If you find a high-level monster (e.g. master lich) shallow in the dungeon it's probably a shapeshifter.
  3. If a monster that normally always leaves a corpse doesn't, it's probably a shapeshifter.
  1. A water dwelling creature. By the time you see these, you should be able to handle them easily. Just don't fall in the water. They can't drag you in.
  2. Eaten: shark Nutr: 350
sharp tingle
see {your hands tingle very sharply}
shatters from the force of your blow
You may sometimes shatter your opponent's weapon if you are wielding a two-handed weapon, or are a Samurai wielding a katana with nothing in your off-hand. Your skill with your weapon must be skilled or better. The chance depends upon your weapon's erosion and the ability of your opponent's weapon to resist; it is about 2.5% under the best circumstances. This attack also causes the monster to flee for 2d3 (more) turns.
There are seven types of shields in the game. The small shield, orcish (red-eyed), and Uruk-hai (white-handed) shield all drop AC by one. The elven (blue and green), dwarvish roundshield (large round), large, and shield of reflection (polished) all drop AC by 2. The shield of reflection is made of silver, the small and elven shields are wood, the rest are iron.
shield of reflection
  1. A silver shield that, unenchanted, will drop AC by 2 and *ta-da!* provide reflection. Being silver, it will not rust or corrode. It has the appearance of 'polished silver shield'.
  2. Shields of reflection are considered magical (for polymorphing, etc.).
  3. Perseus's statue on Medusa's Island has a chance of containing a cursed +0 shield of reflection. On the variant with Medusa in the middle, the chance is 75%. On the variant with Medusa on the right (and the beloved titan), the chance is 25%.
shield weight
small shield: 30. elven shield: 40. Uruk-hai shield: 50. orcish shield: 50. large shield: 100. dwarvish roundshield: 100. shield of reflection: 50.
shiny ring
An unidentified ring. *CAN* be eaten by rock moles, rust monsters, and xorns.
There are two shirts in the game: Hawaiian shirts and T-shirts. Both are made of cloth and have an unenchanted AC of 0.
Japanese knife.
see {shopkeeper}
see {shopkeeper}
shock resistance
  1. Protection from shock/electricity damage, etc.
  2. Get it by eating: Blue dragon (100%), storm giant (50%), electric eel (47%), black pudding (22%), the Chromatic Dragon (17%), flesh golem (12%), brown pudding (11%), gelatinous cube (10%).
  3. If you're desperate, polymorph into something that can eat a ring of shock resistance for a chance at gaining it intrinsically.
shocking sphere
Explodes in your face for 4d6 damage. Shock resistance will protect you from all damage.
  1. Special room. Contains a shopkeeper and merchandise. Level sounds include someone cursing shoplifters and the chime of a cash register.
  2. Drop item in the shop to sell it, pick up item and press 'p' to pay.
  3. The odds of generating a shop are 3/DL, with a 44% chance of getting a general shop. For the other types see the shop spoiler at
  4. DL = dungeon level
  5. Stealing items from shops is a quick way to get money and items early in the game.
  1. Shopkeepers are the people who own shops. #chat with him to learn prices, press [p] to pay or [$] to check your debt or credit. Shopkeepers are strong fighters and often carry offensive wands.
  2. They have 50% chance of resisting magic, among other assorted nasty stats.
  3. Killing one gives you the 'Murderer!' penalty, if not chaotic, so it's not a good idea to even try killing them
  4. If you -are- chaotic, kill 'em and take their stuff. Yet another reason to play Chaotic. :)
  5. [] for more info on the source of all their crazy names.
  6. Shopkeepers are generated with (1000 + 30d100) zorkmids and a skeleton key. Then a d4 is rolled and that many items are additionally given, starting from the beginning of the following list: wand of striking, potion of healing, potion of extra healing, wand of magic missile.
  7. Eaten: shopkeeper Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
shopkeeper conspiracy
Ever wondered how shops get new stock in when they're buried halfway in the bowels of the earth? Let's just say those mimics don't get in there by accident. All that stuff you're buying used to belong to a hapless adventurer just like you. STAY ALERT.
You need at least 26 str to do this.
short sword
  1. Short swords are orcish (crude) short swords [d5/d8], short swords (or wakizashi) [d6/d8], dwarvish (broad) short swords [d7/d8], and elven (runed) short swords [d8/d8]. All weigh 30.
  2. Barbarians, Rogues, Samurai, and Tourists can be Expert in short sword; Healers, Knights, and Valkyries: skilled; Archeologists, Rangers, and Wizards: basic.
see {short_sword}
A patch that will add the number of each species created (born) when listing your vanquished creatures list. By default it is off on NAO, turn it on with OPTIONS=showborn in your rc file.
Configuration option. Show your accumulated experience points on bottom line.
Configuration option. Display yourself as the glyph for your race, rather than the glyph for your role.
Configuration option. Show your approximate accumulated score on bottom line.
  1. A fungoid monster with no direct attack of its own. However, its shriek awakens and unparalyzes monsters (as the "aggravate monster" monster spell) and may summon new ones, including the fearsome purple worm. Difficulty 2, base level 3, speed 1, AC 7, MR 0. The corpse may grant PR (20%).
  2. Every time a shrieker shrieks, there's a 1/10 chance of it summoning a monster. If it summons, then there's a 1/13 chance that it summons a purple worm, otherwise it summons a regular monster. Purple worms will attack shriekers given the chance, because they enjoy eating them.
  3. Eaten: shrieker Nutr: 100 V! Intrinsic: Poison: 20%
shrieks in pain
"<monster> writhes/shrieks in pain!" The potion that just hit it was either acid, or for werefoo, possibly holy water.
shrill whistling
  1. A cursed tin whistle.
  2. The sound made by a cursed tin whistle
shrivels up and dies
  1. "<monster> belches feebly, shrivels up and dies"
  2. A monster attempted to swallow Famine.
shudder for a moment
see {shudders_for_a_moment}
shudders for a moment
  1. You saw a creature walk onto a level teleport trap; however, it teleported to the very same level it was on.
  2. This also happens if a monster reads a confused or cursed scroll of teleport and level teleports to where it already is.
  3. If it happens to you, you will shudder for a moment, and the level teleport trap, if any, will then be used up and disappear.
  1. Japanese throwing star.
  2. Technically, a shuriken is a throwing blade. The generally-accepted English translation isn't totally accurate.
see {ill}
sickness resistance
Gives immunity to FoodPois and Ill statuses. Only ghouls and F have this, though.
something nethack doesn't always handle too well
Try ##crawl.
Configuration option. Suppress terminal beeps.
silver bell
see {bell_of_opening}
silver dagger
d4/d3 damage, +2 to hit, made out of silver. Very rare and only useful against vampires and demons (and marginal, even then).
silver damage
see {silver_haters}
silver dragon
Eaten: silver dragon Nutr: 1500 Effects:
silver dragon scale mail
  1. Silver dragon scale mail drops AC by 9 and provides reflection while not hindering spell casting. Many AKs include this piece of armor.
  2. "Blessed greased +2 silver dragon scale mail" is a great wish for many characters. The 'greased' part may save your life if you aren't wearing a robe and are walking by water.
  3. Does NOT provide magic cancellation.
  4. Weighs 40 and does not hinder spellcasting.
silver dragon scales
  1. Drops AC by 3 and provides reflection. Can be transformed into silver dragon scale mail with a scroll of enchant armor.
  2. Weighs 40.
silver dsm
see {silver dragon scale mail}
silver haters
  1. Silver-haters are: werefoo, all 'V' monsters (not vampire bats!), all demons (most '&'), shades, and all 'i' but tengu (imps/quasits/homunculi)
  2. These creatures all take an extra d20 damage if struck by a silver dagger, silver sabre, shield of reflection (silver shield), silver arrow, silver spear, or the Bell of Opening.
  3. They are also affected if you wear a silver ring and punch them without wearing gloves.
  4. They are even affected if you wield a mirror (looking glass) and hit them, but the -2 to luck (the mirror will break) is not at all worth it.
silver hating
see {silver_haters}
silver ring
An unidentified ring. *CAN* be eaten by rock moles and xorns.
silver saber
  1. d8 (4.5 average) damage against small and large creatures. d20 (10.5 average) extra damage against silver-hating creatures.
  2. Archeologist is the only class that can achieve expert skill level with this weapon
silver sabre
see {silver_saber}
silver shield
see {shield of reflection}
silver spear
Does d6 damage to small enemies and d8 damage to large enemies, and also does an extra d20 damage to silver haters.
Hook up your keyboard to send the same input to two separate games. Eidolos is trying to simulascend a monk and wizard.
single-edged polearm
see {glaive}
sinister laughter
see {you_hear_sinister_laughter_as_you_fall_asleep}
see {kitchen_sink}
sink looks nothing like a fountain
"The sink looks nothing like a fountain." = ring of protection from shape changers
sink quaffing
see {fountain_quaffing}
sitting in a corner
You just put on a dunce cap. Better whip out that ?RC!
  1. This white 'Z' monster can touch you to slow you down (removes your intrinsic speed). Normally these only appear in Orcus's domain, but you know how polytraps and other effects can bring out the worst in some folks.
  2. The worst part of the skeleton's attack is that you aren't *told* that you've lost an intrinsic; you have to check for it by other means.
skeleton key
Has the unidentified appearance of 'key'. See unlocking_tools.
  1. How weapon skills affect you: []
  2. How spell skills affect specific spells: []
  3. How spell skills affect your failure rates: []
skill slots
  1. The number of slots required to attain levels of skill are: 1 for unskilled to basic, 2 for basic to skilled, and 3 for skilled to expert.
  2. For martial arts, bare-handed combat, and riding skills this is different: it takes 1 slot to advance unskilled to basic and basic to skilled, 2 for skilled to expert and expert to master, and 3 for master to grand master.
  3. For magic spells, it's also different. Advancing from unskilled to basic or basic to skilled costs 1 slot. Going from skilled to expert costs 2 slots.
  4. You get one skill slot per experience level, so spend them wisely! If you misspent them, you can drain your experience level to unenhance the bad skills, then enhance the ones you want after you level back up.
  1. +2 to hit, +1 to damage. (-5 to hit, 0 to damage when two-weaponing.)
  2. Takes 80 hits and two experience levels to advance from basic to skilled.
  3. +1 to damage when riding, +1 to bare-handed damage, +4 to martial arts damage.
  4. To advance from basic to skilled in riding, it takes 8000 turns riding a creature and one experience levels. To go from basic to skilled in bare-handed or martial arts damage, it takes 80 hits and one experience level.
see {skill}
  1. Slash'EM (Super Lotsa Added Stuff Hack - Extended Magic) is a variant of NetHack with more races, classes and generally just more stuff.
  2. See []
  3. Use SSH to connect to, Elronnd's server. It has the same software as, only it runs Slash'EM.
  4. Also see #slashem on freenode, if you like sitting in a channel full of people idling who never speak.
see {slash'em}
Level 1 enchantment spell. It's an offensive spell, use it as such.
sleep resistance
Corpses that can give sleep resistance are orange dragons, flesh golems, homonculi (poisonous), gelatinous cubes (acidic), all kinds of elves, the Chromatic Dragon (poisonous).
In many respects, a glorious, bloated trainwreck. It can be incredibly unfair and adds traps to induce such severe aggravation that the player wishes their character was dead instead.
slightly mollified
If your god is "slightly mollified", your god's anger was reduced, but not set to zero. You can't pray.
see {green_slime}
slime mold
  1. You can name one food item to be whatever you want. If you don't, it's called "slime mold" by default. The juice of the item is used as the potion of fruit juice.
  2. The named food item keeps its name in bones files, etc. so this explains strange food items.
  3. This item is considered Vegan for eating purposes, and gives 250 nutrition.
  4. Slime molds can use "external memory" <[] can farm bacteria <[] and can even solve image analysis problems <[] They're awesome!
see {green_slime}
Used to throw rocks and gems. It's better to just throw the rock until you have basic skill.
slippery cloak
see {oilskin cloak}
slow digestion
  1. Just what it sounds like; your normal nutrition consumption (1 per turn) is prevented. Good if you're trying to offer lots of corpses.
  2. With two rings of slow digestion, you can go indefinitely without losing any nutrition. The hunger of each ring hand is calculated on different turns. Wear both rings. A turn before the left ring hunger is calculated, remove the left ring. Wait. Put the left ring back on. Same for the right. Repeat.
  3. When turn mod 20 == 4, your left hand hunger is calculated. When turn mod 20 == 12, your right hand hunger is calculated. x mod y == z means the remainder of x/y is z.
  4. While wearing a ring of slow digestion, you still consume a point of nutrition every 20 turns (from the ring hunger). You still face the normal nutrition penalties of other rings, amulets, spellcasting, jumping, etc.
  5. A fringe benefit of wearing a ring of slow digestion is that corporeal monsters that swallow you (such as purple worms and trappers) will immediately spit you out. You can even abuse this to identify =oSD.
see {you_hear_a_slurping_sound}
slurping sound
see {you_hear_a_slurping_sound}
small mimic
  1. See {mimic}.
  2. Speed 7, 3d4 damage, killer of overzealous, underleveled housecats and dogs.
  3. Eaten: small mimic Nutr: 200 Effects: Mimic (20)
small shield
  1. A wooden shield that, unenchanted, will drop AC by 1, and won't hinder spell casting too much. Weight: 30
  2. In fact, knights, samurai and valkyries don't get any spellcasting penalties for wearing a small shield.
Same as hit. Only for barbarians.
see {smoky_potion}
see {smoky_potion}
smoky potion
  1. Smoky potions have a chance of summoning a djinni when quaffed, milky potions may summon a ghost. If something is summoned, the normal potion effect does not occur.
  2. There is a 1/(13+2n) chance of summoning a djinni, where n is the number of djinn generated so far in this game.
  3. If you get a djinni: if the potion was blessed, you have an 80% chance of getting a wish (woo!). Uncursed, 20% chance. Cursed, 5% chance.
smooth shield
Shield of reflection (you are blind).
  1. Base level 4, speed 15. Its attack can be poisonous. Its corpse is poisonous and can convey poison resistance (27% chance).
  2. Eaten: snake Nutr: 80 Effects: Poisonous Intrinsic: Poison: 27%
  1. The Samurai's first artifact weapon, Snickersnee does extra damage vs. everything but is otherwise unexceptional. Worth using until you find a better weapon.
  2. "As he squirmed and struggled, / And gurgled and guggled, / I drew my snickersnee!" --Gilbert and Sullivan, "The Mikado"
  3. It is a katana, with +d8 to all creatures
snoring snakes
see {delphi}
snow boots
  1. Unidentified description of a pair of boots, these also prevent slipping on ice, no matter what these boots actually are.
  2. Either the unidentified elven, kicking, fumble, levitation, jumping, speed or water walking boots.
see {Staff of Aesculapius}
soft gems
  1. All soft unidentified gems are either worthless glass or valuable. Engrave with the gem to see if its hard (floor) or soft (dust).
  2. Dilithium crystal (white), turquoise (green or blue), citrine (yellow), amber (yellowish-brown), jet (black), opal (white), chrysoberyl (yellow), garnets (red), amethyst (violet), jasper (red), fluorite (green, blue, white or violet), jade (green), agate (orange) and obsidian (black) are all the valuable soft gems listed by decreasing value.
see {sokoban}
  1. The top level of Sokoban is guaranteed to either contain a Bag of Holding or Amulet of Reflection (chosen at random), as well as a wand and a ring on each of the four levels, and two scrolls of earth on the bottom level.
  2. An upward-extending branch consisting of 4 levels; it is reached by a second upstair on the Dungeons of Doom located on the level immediately below the Oracle level.
  3. This special dungeon branch is optional but recommended, and is a good source of food and a decent exercise regimen for under-muscled characters. Once you learn the correct pattern for pushing the boulders around, it's not hard.
  4. A good Sokoban spoiler is located at [] , if you're into that sort of thing. Alternatively, you can practice (without spoilers) at [] , to avoid messing up irreversibly in the real game (there is no reset button).
  5. In the sokoban branch, reading scrolls of earth, jumping, casting stone-to-flesh at a boulder, polymorphing a boulder, smashing a boulder, being pulled by a chain attached to a thrown iron ball, movement by Newton's Third Law and squeezing past a boulder will give a -1 penalty to luck.
  6. In 3.4.3, the prize was not random, but depended on the layout: entrance at top = bag of holding, entrance at bottom = amulet of reflection.
  1. Say you really like amulets of reflection OR bags of holding. So much so that you quit if you get the wrong soko prize.
  2. Start up monks and dive to Sokoban. If you don't get your desired prize, scum that one away.
Eaten: soldier Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
soldier ant
  1. Diff 6, Lvl 3. soldier ants have a poisonous bite, are poisonous to eat, are extremely fast (18), AC3, generated in groups, and just plain dangerous to low level adventurers.
  2. Fortunately, they respect the name of Elbereth.
  3. 2d4 3d4P damage per turn, the most common killer of poorly-attired players.
  4. "P" being poison damage.
  5. The MVP of Team Ant.
  6. Eaten: soldier ant Nutr: 5 Effects: Poisonous Intrinsic: Poison: 20%
see {sceptre_of_might}
some armor
  1. This function determines which item of armor will be affected by enchant/destroy armor,
  2. monsters casting destroy armor, or disenchanters hitting your armor.
  3. First, the game picks the outer body armor (of cloak, main armor, shirt), if any.
  4. Then, for each slot of helm, gloves, footwear and shield, if it has not picked an item, that slot gets picked. If it has a pick, then the new slot has 1/4 chance of being picked instead.
  5. This means that if all slots are filled, main armor is most likely, followed by shield, footwear, gloves, helm.
somehow you miss
Vorpal Blade tried to decapitate, but the monster has no head!
someone is helping you
  1. Scroll of remove curse.
  2. Or, you successfully cast the 'remove curse' spell
  3. Or, you stepped onto a magic trap and it uncursed an item.
someone searching
"You hear someone searching." There's a vault on the level, but it's already been looted.
something brushed your foot
see {brushed_your}
  1. Your pet mind flayer wants to snuggle you. And make you scroll thru more useless messages.
  2. Or it's merely peaceful.
  3. BTW, Pet mindflayers can wake up Rodney from outside his tower. Beware.
Shield of Reflection
  1. The sortloot patch to nethack makes it possible to configure for inventory and container's contents to be sorted by description. If the sortpack option is on, the objects will be sorted by category first, then by description.
  2. 'loot' affects only looting containers and picking stuff up, while 'full' affects your inventory too. 'none', of course, does none of this stuff.
  3. Get the patch (written by Jeroen Demeyer and Jukka Lahtinen) at []
Configuration option. Sort the pack contents by type when displaying inventory.
Configuration option. Enable messages about what your character hears. This has nothing to do with your computer's audio capabilities.
sound and hale
  1. Congrats, you just threw a perfectly good potion of healing, extra healing, or full healing at a monster, and his HP was restored to max.
  2. You can also break a potion on a monster's head, with the same results.
sound reminiscent of a seal barking
There is zoo on your level.
  1. Some window ports, (Qt, win32tty and win32gui), can play user-defined sounds.
  2. Add "SOUNDDIR=/path/to/sound/files" and then for each sound event "SOUND=MESG <regex> <soundfile> <volume>" to play <soundfile> with <volume> when a line shown to user matches <regex>.
Want to investigate Rodney's guts? Visit [] , I hope you have a strong stomach.
source code
  1. The NetHack source code can be found at []
  2. Archived older versions of NetHack can be found here: []
  1. Stupid Pointless Annoying Message. See also {plane_of_spam}.
  2. Also 'spiced ham', in case you've wondered.
Configuration option. Display a sparkly effect when a monster (including yourself) is hit by an attack to which it is resistant.
Does d6 damage to small enemies and d8 damage to large enemies.
spear damage
(Damages are shown as S/L for "small/large" monsters.) spear: 1d6/1d8. elven spear: 1d7/1d8. orcish spear: 1d5/1d8. dwarvish spear: 1d8/1d8. silver spear: 1d6/1d8. javelin: 1d6/1d6. trident: 1d6+1/3d4.
special spells
Arc: magic mapping, Bar: haste self, Cav: dig, Hea: cure sickness, Kni: turn undead, Mon: restore ability, Pri: remove curse, Ran: invisibility, Rog: detect treasure, Sam: clairvoyance, Tou: charm monster, Val: cone of cold, Wiz: magic missile
Speed is categorized as "fast" and "very fast". If fast, your average speed is 1/3 greater than normal; if very fast, 2/3 greater than normal.
speed ascension
see {fast_ascension}
speed boots
  1. These leather boots drop AC by one and makes the wearer very fast. Their unidentified appearance is random - see boots.
  2. Most players consider fireproof enchanted speed boots a must in an AK.
  3. "blessed greased fixed +3 speed boots" (or +2) are a good wish.
  1. Has been playing nethack way too long. First nethack was played on a 386/20, when it was state of the art.
  2. Cunningly avoids ascending, and has several chars with thousands of hp, and pages and pages of stuff idle.
  3. May occasionally be seen on NAO, as oj1 - oj8, speedevil, queazocotal.
  4. See SpeedEvil's_Ranger for my worst game.
speedevil's ranger
  1. I could probably have got out of this - but I decided to skip it - and zapped /oDig downwards. This was a mistake. I fell two levels, found the upstairs, and emerged next to medusa. Fortunately, she was asleep. Unfortunately, I had no means of crossing water. Fortunately, a blindfold was one thing I had.
  2. I put the blindfold on, and then stabbed her with a silver saber till she died. This was the medusa with the little fort over to the right, with the titan in it. I killed everything around the island that I could reach, and got screwed over majorly by disenchanters taking me to AC-8
  3. I still had no means of crossing water - so I seized the opportunity of a pudding, to setup a small black pudding farm. I'd been at this some 5000 turns, when something woke the titan. Oops.
  4. Of course, this rotted some of my armour, taking me to -5.
  5. So, down I go into the mazes - boy are those fun with 85hp and -5AC, with only distance attack drain life. I scour the couple of levels down to the castle for any means of crossing water, magical instrument,
  6. or means of breaking the drawbridge, with no luck, for another 5000 turns, before hitting the castle. Having no means of doing anything, I shot the waterlife with drain life in the hope that something random would generate while I was, but nothing, so I head back up.
  7. I spend another 8000 turns or so - my drain life is about to time out - tooling around the couple of levels open to me, barely avoiding death, but getting small items that _may_ help me, till I finally find a /oDeath, with which to try to take back my farm with.
  8. I head up, and see a green elf on telepathy, which is handy as my existing hat could do with replacing. I go over to get a new hat.
  9. "You meet medusas gaze" --More-- "You turn to stone.".
  10. I just sat there incredulous for quite a while. It wasn't the fact that I'd died. It wasn't even that it had taken so long. It was just that I was on the verge of being able to get back to my farm, and get some way to cross water, and proceed.
  11. Of course, much later, I realise that she'd read a cursed scroll of teleport, while I was preoccupied with not dying to a black dragon, and I'd somehow missed her when going down.
  12. I never dig down below level 17 or so now.
  13. On NAO.
see {scorefest}
  1. Each spell belongs to a "school" (=skill), and you'll get better at the skill by casting the spell. You can see what spells you know by pressing '+', and that menu also lets you to reorder them. Press 'Z' to cast spells you have memorized.
  2. There are 7 levels of spells, from 1 to 7, and the spells in higher level are harder to learn. Casting a spell uses up 5*spelllevel Pw points, unless you fail to cast it, in which case it only uses up half of that. Casting spells also exercises wisdom.
  3. There are specifically two requirements needed to advance a spell school: a number of successful castings of any spell in the school and a number of experience levels.
  4. If your role is Hea, Kni, Mon, Pri, or Val, NetHack uses WIS instead of INT for spell casting success.
spell fail
see {spell_failure}
spell failure
Spell failure rates calculator at [] and backup at []
spell failure rate calculator
see {spell_failure}
spell hunger
Casting a spell normally uses twice its successful power cost in nutrition; detect food consumes no nutrition. For wizards, see {hungerless_casting}.
spell learning
see {reading_spellbooks}
spell of levitation
  2. Don't stack the castings until you're skilled at it! It can be very hard to get down.
  1. Symbol '+', each spellbook has one spell in it. You can read the spell, and you memorize it for 20k turns, barring memory loss. Spellbooks fade after the 3rd reading.
  2. If you do forget spells, they'll either give you Conf or Stun status ailments. Use wisely with scrolls of enchantment. ;)
  3. The base price of a spellbook is 100*level of spell.
  4. Failure to learn the spell often comes with a nasty backfire, causing you to suddenly teleport and/or be paralyzed for many turns. High-level spellbooks can wake monsters (level 2), blind you (level 3), disintegrate your gold (4), confuse you (5), poison you (6), or explode (7). Books that don't explode often disintegrate afterwards.
  5. Cursed spellbooks ALWAYS fail, while blessed spellbooks NEVER fail. No exceptions. (On a related note, spellbook gifts from prayer are always blessed.)
  6. The failure rate is 1 - ((INT + 4 + (experience_level/2) - (2 * spellbook_level)) / 20) where the 4 is 6 when wearing lenses. Reading capability based on WIS is merely a rumor.
  7. See also: []
  8. The chances of writing an unknown spellbook for a wizard are luck 0-2: 33.3%, luck 3-5: 65.6%, luck 6-13: 98%. Within each mentioned range, the likelihood of writing successfully drops infinitesimally with higher luck.
  9. The chances of writing an unknown spellbook for a non-wizard are luck 0-2: 7%, luck 3-5: 13%, luck 6-8: 20%, luck 9-11: 26%, luck 12-13: 33%. Luck above 10 requires a luckstone.
  10. Chance to successfully read an uncursed spellbook: [] - calculator: []
spellbook of slow monster
  1. Enchantment, Level 2, Beam. This spell slows monster to 2/3 of normal speed. MR roll to resist, skill has no effect.
  2. Casting slow monster at some sort of vortex will expel you from it.
spellbook weight
All spellbooks weigh 50, except for the Book of the Dead, which weighs only 20.
See: []
spelunker today
  1. "<archaeologist> describes a recent article in "Spelunker Today" magazine." You #chat'ed to a peaceful archaeologist.
  2. "Spelunker Today" is a reference to the original ADVENT game exploring Colossal Cave.
A pole-arm. Unidentified appearance is forked polearm. 1+1d6 vs. small monsters, 2d6 vs large.
spider web
  1. Web of a spider.
  2. It will stick to you for a few turns.
  3. Sufficiently strong characters will break through the webs. Sting will also cut them.
  1. Very nourishing (600 nutrition) and healthy stuff. Eating a tin of spinach raises your STR, but watch your hunger status lest you choke on such a nutritious meal.
  2. Note that a cursed tin of spinach (tin contains some decaying green substance) will decrease STR instead. Strength loss or gain is equivalent to eating a giant corpse, see {giant}.
  3. Watch out, giant man-eating tins of spinach have claimed over 500 lives on NAO.
sound made by a heavy object falling into water.
nymph. someone replace this with a better definition.
  1. "Splat!" - you've just destroyed something squishy at a distance. Often heard when force bolts hit certain food items, or when an egg is thrown.
  2. Also, dying in a particularly amusing, embarrassing, or otherwise observation-worthy manner. Frequently accompanied by the suffix "(with the Amulet)".
splat tv
see {splattv}
Termcast'd collection of NAO endgame deaths, telnet to view
splint mail
Lowers AC by 6 and provides MC1. Weighs 400. Made of iron.
  1. A "spoiler" is an explanation of something in the game. That explanation may spoil the fun of discovering that something for yourself.
  2. See for example [] or []
  3. See also eva's spoiler list:
  4. see also mathx_spoilers for a text collection from a huge number of sources.
see {spoiler}
A NetHack 3.4.3 fork with a number of balance changes. For details, look in #sporkhack or at []
spotted jelly
  1. Effectively a much stronger version of the green mold.
  2. Eaten: spotted jelly Nutr: 20 V! Effects: Acidic
sprig of wolfsbane
see {wolfsbane}
square robin
see {RoundRobin}
see {RoundRobin}
squeaky board
Squeaky boards inform monsters of your presence (for example, you may wake up Medusa by stepping on one of the squeaky boards in her lair). Either #untrap them with a potion of oil/can of grease or float over them to avoid making noise.
see {#nethack:!ssh}
see {strength}
stab resistance
A property not possessed by the hero or any monster, except shades.
stack splitting
To split a stack of objects into two, name the stack, drop some of the objects with d3a for example, then name the rest differently, and pick up the objects you dropped. Now you have 2 stacks that do not merge.
Gold pieces, daggers, darts, knives, arrows, crossbow bolts, food, scrolls, potions, candles, gems, stones, rocks.
Unidentified appearance of a quarterstaff.
staff of aesculapius
  1. Healer quest artifact (neutral): no effect when carried, wielded x2 damage to non-level-drain-res monsters. Confers hungerless regeneration and protection from level drain.
  2. Try invoking it to heal half of your hp loss, to cure sickness, blindness (except from cream pie or venom) and sliming.
  3. Also known as the Staff of Eucalyptus or the Staff of Misspelling, due to its difficult spelling.
  4. Like Stormbringer, it will drain levels from your adversaries (unless, of course, they're resistant).
staff of eucalyptus
see {Staff of Aesculapius}
staff of misspelling
see {staff_of_aesculapius}
see {stale_processes}
stale process
see {stale_processes}
stale processes
  1. Don't Panic. You disconnected while playing NetHack, leaving the game still running on the server. If you answer "y" or wait for the countdown, the running game will be terminated, saving it, and then reloaded for you to play.
  2. Note that this is different from the dreaded {destroy_old_game} prompt.
  1. Formerly known as the "invisible stalker", this monster is now simply called "stalker", but since it also happens to be invisible, it's called an "invisible stalker", too. See?
  2. Eating a stalker corpse while you're already invisible grants you permanent invisibility and intrinsic see invisible.
  3. Eating a stalker corpse also stuns you for 60 (additional) turns.
  4. Eaten: stalker Nutr: 400 Effects: Stun (60) Intrinsic: Invisibility
stamped scroll
  1. Someone sent you mail, read it! Unless you're trying to keep illiterate intact and haven't fixed C343-320, of course..
  2. (C343-320, "Reading scroll of mail break illiterate conduct", is fixed on NAO.)
Configuration option. Boldface monsters and "--More--".
stands in the way
"<monster> stands in the way!" You just zapped a wand of locking.
see {startscum}
start scumming
see {startscumming}
starting attributes
Please see the spoiler on starting attributes here: []
starting statistics
see {starting_attributes}
starting stats
see {starting_attributes}
see {startscumming}
  1. A method of metagaming whereby you keep starting a new character until you get the stats or items you want, and quitting, escaping or dying quickly if you don't.
  2. Most of the scripts define a startscum as a quit or escape with less than (and in some cases, less than or equal to) 1000 points.
Name for the place where you keep your valuable stuff. Typically on a burned Elbereth so it doesn't get stolen. Or in a container.
static electricity surrounds the sink
Shock resistance.
statistical clumping
  1. Sometimes the RNG just hates you.
  2. And sometimes the RNG loves you long time.
  1. Statues can be broken to get rocks, and sometimes a spellbook. Also, the statues of stoned monsters will contain their inventory.
  2. If a player dies by stoning and leaves a bones file, there will be a statue of that person instead of a ghost on that level. That statue will contain all of that player's possessions.
  3. Statues can be broken with a wand of striking, the spell 'force bolt' or with a pickaxe.
  4. The exact chance for a suitable statue to be given a spellbook is (dlvl/2 - 1) in (dlvl/2 + 10) calculated on creation, so moving it before breaking won't help. The formula (which uses integer arithmetic) implies that only statues randomly created on levels below 3 (i.e. level 4 or deeper) can contain spellbooks.
  5. Statues of the following monsters are considered 'verysmall', too small to hold a spellbook: All 'a' except giant beetles; acid blobs; chickatrices; homunculi and imps; leprechauns; sewer/giant/rabid/were-rats; cave spiders; centipedes; all 'x'; bats; garter snakes; all ':' except crocodile and salamander.
  6. Furthermore, since containers resulting from a polymorph never have contents, trying to poly boulders for spellbooks is a waste of time.
  1. A generalized version of the hpmon patch for customizable coloring of the status lines. Available at []
  2. Works with (after) the menucolor patch as of v1.2.
  3. NAO employs this patch as of 19th May 2012. You may need to reconfigure your nethackrc file. Example of config file: []
see {stealing_from_shops}
stealing from shops
  1. Stealing items from shops is a quick way to get money and items early in the game.
  2. If you teleport out of the shop with anything of value, the Kops will arrive to help the shopkeeper kill you. The safe way to steal is to get your pet to pick up items and then move them out of the shop.
  3. Shopkeepers have a finite amount of gold. You want to get all of it. Plus their items. Preferably without angering them.
  4. To do this, gather up some money outside of a shop. Enter the shop (with or without your pet). Drop all of your money by the door. The shopkeeper will give you credit. Buy all the items you can. Drop all of the items in your inventory that the shopkeeper will pay you for (even if they weren't originally in the shop). Drop the new money on top of the old coins. Wait for your pet to steal it.
  5. Repeat until the shopkeeper is offering you credit instead of coins, and then use credit to buy everything you want from the store. It helps if you buy all the cheap items so your pet doesn't waste time stealing those instead of the coins.
  6. Stupid move of the day: Dropping gold on the entrance of a shop, then your kitten reverse-steals it and you have REVERSE CREDIT
  7. More brute force methods include using a wand of digging downwards (> key) and teleportation. Either will anger the shk and summon Kops.
  8. The teleportation has the disadvantage that your pet will not accompany you, but the shk is powerless to prevent your escape with the loot. With digging, on the other hand, you can keep an adjacent pet, but the shk will "leap and grab your backpack" if you aren't more than five squares away.
  9. The ultimate brute force is to simply kill the shk; they are powerful compared to an early character, however, so lots of planning is called for. It is also impractical for low-level characters without magic resistance, since shk usually have /oMagic Missile or Striking.
  10. Provided you refrain from throwing the shopkeeper's stuff, a shk will stand in front of the door if you are invisible. Combining this with magic resistance, you can stand at a distance and whack on the shk with ranged attacks for an extended period.
  11. Make sure your invisibility doesn't wear off...
  12. Finally, remember they deserve it, for cheating you out of gems and killing you with their mimic allies.
  13. Beware, sometimes a shk may have a /oL. Magic resistance will not protect you from this.
  14. Additionally, shopkeepers will follow you through holes.
  15. Shopkeepers are quite well equipped to deal with traps, and catching them in bear traps does not appear to work.
  16. However, never, NEVER, kill Izchak.
  17. It's not nice and is frowned upon by the community.
You are less likely to wake sleeping monsters.
steam vortex
A swirling cloud of steam. Engulfs you, and does moderate damage (d10 or so per round) if you're not fire resistant.
Potential steeds include all CDJqu and ki-rin.
steel ring
An unidentified ring. *CAN* be eaten by rock moles, rust monsters, and xorns.
  1. "The ogre queen zaps a wand of death!"
  2. he's a german guy who loves club maté and epic nethack speedrunning
  1. A stethoscope can be used to check your own, your pet's, your steed's (apply >), or a monster's stats by applying. Can also be used to find secret doors and passages.
  2. A stethoscope can be applied once per turn without taking any time. Each additional application takes one turn.
  3. You can apply a stethoscope to "a remembered, unseen, creature" in order to reveals its identity while blind.
  4. You can also use a stethoscope on a statue: If it's in "excellent" health for a statue, it's normal; if it's in "extraordinary" health, it's a statue trap so watch out!
  5. A cursed stethoscope has a 50% chance of hearing only your own heart beat. This uses up your free application per turn.
  6. Weight 4.
  1. The God of Polypiling. Also known as Stevie[FP].
  2. Tends to die because of Minotaurs. And other stupid unfair crap.
see {stone_to_flesh}
stiffen briefly
"You stiffen briefly." Cleric casts Paralyze on you, but you resist because of free action or magic resistance. You are frozen for one turn.
Similar to a regular knife, with a lower chance of being randomly generated. Salamanders have a 1/21 chance of being created with one. Uses the knife weapon skill.
see {stiletto}
  1. Elven dagger artifact which does better at attacking Orcs. Can be created by #nameing a regular Elven dagger.
  2. Also slashes through spiderwebs and gives you the ability to see any orcs (including undead) on the level when wielded.
  3. <mrivan> With the Ranger the first I do is create Sting ...
  4. If you find an Elven Dagger and a shop that buys weapons at XL1, you could always #name sting, sell it for 400 gold, and try the protection run.
stinking cloud
  1. Creates a poison gas cloud that blinds and does damage to any living, breathing, non-poison-resistant monster inside of it.
  2. A cursed scroll will generate a cloud of radius 2 that will dissipate in d3+3 turns, with damage d4+5 until the last two turns of the cloud's life. Uncursed scrolls give radius 3, d3+5 cloud duration, and d8+5 damage (d4+5 damage during the last two turns). Blessed gives radius 4, d3+7 cloud duration, and d12+5 damage, d6+5 damage during last four turns, and d3+5 in last two rounds.
  3. Always identified when read ("You have found a scroll of stinking cloud!") and must be used at some spot that is visible to you that is (generally) five squares away or less. If used too far away, no effect ("You smell rotten eggs.")
  4. info {base cost:300; weight:5; marker charges:20}
  5. Try using them in: zoos, the room at the top of Sokoban, the big room, leprechaun halls...
stone giant
  1. A stone giant has a base speed of 6, base AC of 0 and no MR. Eating its corpse can give a bonus to strength
  2. Eaten: stone giant Nutr: 750 Effects: Strength
stone to flesh
  1. A level 3 healing spell.
  2. When cast in a particular direction, any statues and figurines of monsters with flesh will be brought to life (or be animated, in the case of undead monsters), and all stone items will turn into meat.
  3. Rocks, gray stones (all types), and all valuable gemstones will be transformed into meatballs.
  4. Marble wands will transform into meat sticks.
  5. Granite, opal, clay, coral, black onyx, moonstone, and emerald rings will transform into meat rings.
  6. Items which have been turned to flesh cannot be restored to their original state.
  7. If cast at yourself, it will affect all items in your inventory, and stop the process of stoning.
stoning grenade
see {cockatrice egg}
stoning resistance
Cannot be acquired by eating corpses. Conferred by polymorphing into any of: acid blob, gelatinous cube, chickatrice, cockatrice, any gargoyle, spotted or ochre jellies, yellow dragon (baby or adult), any elemental, green mold, black naga (adult or hatchling), wraith, xorn, skeleton, stone golem, lizard, or any 'v', 'y', 'P'.
storm giant
Eaten: storm giant Nutr: 750 Effects: Strength Intrinsic: Shock: 50%
  1. Elric's sword from Michael Moorcock's series. It drains the life from living foes, healing you. Extremely chaotic, and it also has a mind of its own....
  2. Chaotic players may get stormbringer upon being crowned, although wizards might get a spellbook of finger of death and monks may get a spellbook of restore ability.
  3. Watch who you hit while wielding it, because you will no longer be asked whether you wish to hit peacefuls or not!
  4. That goes for tame monsters too.
  5. A Chaotic runesword (Broadsword skill), with +d5 to hit, and +d2 to damage (against non-leveldrain-resistant monsters). Drains levels from non-leveldrain-resistant monsters (1hp to 8hp), and protects from leveldrain while wielded.
see {stormbringer}
stout spear
see {dwarvish_spear}
see {strength}
  1. A method of killing yourself by carrying too much and dropping your speed. A strained character will be 75% slower then normal - monsters will get four hits instead of just one, effectively doing 300% more damage.
  2. when carrying 2.0 to 2.5x capacity. -5 to hit. Extra hunger count on odd turns. Excercises Str. Can drown (like burdened or worse) by not getting a turn to climb out.
strange feeling
  1. The message "You have a strange feeling for a moment, then it passes" can be one of five scrolls: destroy armor or enchant armor (if you aren't wearing any armor), enchant weapon (not wielding a weapon), food detection (no food on level), or gold detection (no gold on level).
  2. You can also get this from potions of object detection (no objects on level) and monster detection (no monsters on the level).
strange mental acuity
You got intrinsic telepathy. Got a blindfold/towel?
strange sense of peace
"You experience a strange sense of peace." You entered a coaligned temple and have sanctuary in there.
strange tingling
"A strange tingling runs up your arm." You dipped something in a fountain and nothing special happened.
strange whistling sound
You just found a magic whistle. If you have a pet, (a)pplying a magic whistle will teleport it to within a square or two of where you're standing.
strange wind
see {you hear a strange wind}
strangely sad feeling
"You have a strangely sad feeling for a moment, then it passes." - Your pet clay golem just got cancelled by a gremlin.
You just rubbed a valuable gem on an uncursed touchstone.
  1. Strength (St:) affects your fighting ability (to-hit and damage), carrying capacity, throwing/kicking distance, chances of opening doors, bashing doors or chests. It has a strange scale: 3-18, then 18/01-18/99, followed by 18/**, then 19-25 (gauntlets of power or str rings with 18/**).
  2. Dwarves and humans can reach 18/** strength natively. Gnomes and orcs are capable of 18/50, and elves just 18. However, gauntlets of power can override these racial limitations.
  3. To-hit bonus in the format of [Strength]=(bonus): [3-5]=(-2). [6-7]=(-1). [8-16]=(+0). [17-18/50]=(+1). [18/51-18/99]=(+2). [18/**-25]=(+3).
  4. Damage bonus in the format of [Strength]=(bonus): [3-5]=(-1). [6-15]=(+0). [16-17]=(+1). [18]=(+2); [18/01-18/75]=(+3). [18/76-18/90]=(+4). [18/91-18/99]=(+5). [18/**-25]=(+6).
  5. Carrying capacity = ([(Strength + Constitution)/2]+1)*50, capped at 1000. Strength "carrying points" for this purpose are computed thus: 3-18, 22-25 counts as themselves. 18/01 - 18/31 counts as 19. 18/32 to 18/81 counts as 20. 18/82 to 21 counts as 21.
  6. Raised (directly) by: quaffing potions of gain ability, eating royal jelly, giant corpses, tins of spinach (1 point each). Gauntlets of power (at any enchantment) directly raises strength to 25, past racial limitations.
  7. Exercised by: attacking monsters; quaffing healing/extra healing; kicking doors; throwing iron balls or boulders; pushing boulders; failing to open doors; hit by nurse; "restored to health" after *cubus; enchant armor without armor; being "stressed" or "strained"; regenerating; hit by electricity or fire as iron golem.
  8. Abused by: weak from hunger; kicking stairs, ladder, wall, space, trapped door, or when levitating; damaged by explosion; strangled, choked, crushed, digested, pummeled, damaged by acid; xan prick; *cubus exhaustion; break out of armor; destroy armor without armor; rock and pit traps; force-bolt or magic missile self; lose grip on iron ball; divided as pudding.
  9. Strength is not exercised by being burdened, but by being stressed or higher. This is generally a bad way to do it as ABUSES dexterity, and leads to much death.
  1. A method of killing yourself by carrying too much and dropping your speed. You will lose 1/2 of your speed. Consider - you will not be able to outrun many monsters, monsters will tend to do 100% more damage (get two hits instead of one), and if you were very fast, odds are that you are now slower then a normal-speed character.
  2. At level Stressed or higher, you cannot climb up stairs (but you can fall down them).
  3. when carrying 1.5 to 2.0x capacity. -3 to hit. Extra hunger count on odd turns. Excercises Str. Can drown (like burdened or worse) by not getting a turn to climb out.
Arguably one of the best NetHack players in existence, stthP has an ascension rate of approximately 80%, just under mrivan.
studded leather armor
Lowers AC by 3, MC 1, and does not hinder spellcasting. This is probably the best early-game armor for a spellcaster. Weighs 200.
studded leather armour
see {studded_leather_armor}
Eaten: student Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
studio audience applaud
"You hear the studio audience applaud." You were hallucinating and killed a pet. -15 to align, -1 to luck.
stupid ascension tricks
  1. Things like ascending with one of every kind of amulet, or ascending with every color of dragon scale mail. See []
  2. Help us achieve them all: []
plural of succubus
see {foocubus}
suck in some slime
  1. "You suck in some slime and don't feel very well."
  2. As a (master) mind flayer, you tried to eat the brain of a green slime.
  3. You're now being slimed.
suddenly you are transparent,_but there
While invisible (and not having the 'see invisible' intrinsic), you put on a ring of see invisible.
suddenly you are transparent but there
see {suddenly_you_are_transparent,_but_there}
You have to push the boulders with numbers around them in such a way that no number appears in the same row, column or box, and doing so wins you a fake amulet.
If this is your only option, controlled levelport to 0.
sum quod eris
Latin phrase that translates to "I am what you will be" -- typically found on gravestones.
summon nasties
see {nasties}
summon storm
see {summoning_storm}
summoning storm
Archons, Titans and Liches can cause a kind of cascade, summoning other monsters, which will keep summoning others.
see {summoning storm}
  1. Artifact long sword that acts as a light source when wielded. It has bonuses against undead.
  2. It also protects against light-based causes of blindness.
  3. Chaotics and Neutrals could be blasted (4d4 damage, only 2d4 if MR) by Sunsword's power when wielding it.
suppress alert
Configuration option. This option may be set to a NetHack version level to suppress alert notification messages about feature changes for that and prior versions (ex. "suppress_alert:3.3.1").
surprise anal
see {summon_nasties}
Unofficial conduct, meaning you were never saved by an amulet of lifesaving throughout the game.
The chaotic god of the Samurai pantheon.
sustain ability
  1. Prevents your stats (STR, CON, DEX, INT, WIS, CHA) from increasing or decreasing.
  2. Does not stop your stats from changing as a result of polymorph.
  3. The intrinsic cannot be granted by eating the ring.
  1. Special room. Up to 5 rooms on the level can be swampy. Rooms have pools in a grid pattern, and contain giant and electric eels, piranhas, and any monsters of the Fungus-class. Special level sounds include hearing mosquitoes and smelling marsh gas.
  2. Water squares in swamp rooms will contain eels, kraken and the like, which can cause delayed instadeath by drowning. Don your oilskin cloak, pack a charged wand of cold, be very fast with a powerful weapon, or attack at range.
sweet flash
it's blessed
Allows you to move through water. That's about it. You can only get it by polying into monsters; gremlins, water nymphs, woodchucks, water elementals, rust monsters, water trolls, newts, crocodiles, any S
sword damage
(Damages are shown as S/L for "small/large" monsters.) short sword: 1d6/1d8. elven short sword: 1d8/1d8. orcish short sword: 1d5/1d8. dwarvish short sword: 1d7/1d8. scimitar: 1d8/1d8. silver saber: 1d8/1d8. broadsword: 2d4/1d6+1. elven broadsword: 1d6+1d4/1d6+1. long sword: 1d8/1d12. two-handed sword: 1d12/3d6. katana: 1d10/1d12. tsurugi: 1d16/1d8+2d6. runesword: 2d4/1d6+1.
system shock
A polymorph can fail and result in a system shock. The chance is (20 - CON) out of 20. So with 18 con, 2/20. It costs 1d30 hit points and your CON is abused. "You shudder for a moment." Polymorph control protects you from system shock.
  1. Command: 't' Throw an object or shoot a projectile. Also see 'Q' and 'f'.
  2. Command: 'T' Take off armor.
  3. Monster: 't' Things that hide and eat you -- lurker above and trapper.
  4. Monster: 'T' Trolls. Not only do they bugger you in everyday life, usenet and IRC, they follow you into nethack! Worst of all, they come back. Again and again. In addition to the plain 'troll', there are ice, rock and water trolls, and the Olog-hai. Try eating the corpses, throwing them into water to drown ('cept water trolls), putting them into boxes, chests, or bags of holding, or stoning the monsters.
  5. Command: '^T' Teleport, if you can.
  6. Command: 'Meta-t' Same as '#turn'.
  1. Made of cloth, offers no AC drop if unenchanted, and will cause shopkeepers to exploit you if not hidden under armour! Yah!
  2. You can read T-shirts.
  3. You don't need to bother fireproofing them, as the base AC is 0 to start with.
  4. Costs 2 zorkmids and weighs 5.
The guide to the last few turns of the NetHack TAS. The latest plans are always available at <[]
  1. The Tactical Amulet Extraction Bot, in Perl by Eidolos and a bunch more people. []
  2. This is the second bot with the name TAEB. The original was in Ruby, and Eidolos' inexperience with the language really showed.
  3. TAEB is actually a framework for playing NetHack, with a pluggable AI on top of it. Such a divide works really well.
talking to yourself
"Talking to yourself is a bad habit for a dungeoneer." You #chat'ed to yourself.
  1. A general measure of how resistant a pet is to going wild.
  2. tameness goes up every time your pet eats, and goes down when its tameness is abused (time spent on other levels, cursed leash, attacking your pet, etc.) Every 150 turns spent on another level, starting at 75 turns, your pet's tameness decreases by 1.
see {scroll_of_taming}
  1. Japanese plate mail.
  2. see {plate_mail}
see {eye_of_the_aethiopica}
  1. Some random noob idk
  2. ok maybe actually an ok player. jury still out
see {tool assisted speedrun}
tastes like fruit juice
What you just drank was either fruit juice or a potion of see invisible.
tastes like slime mold juice
see {tastes_like_fruit_juice}
tattered cape
Either the unidentified cloak of displacement, unidentified cloak of invisibility, unidentified cloak of magic resistance, or the unidentified cloak of protection.
The Dev Team Said So. Don't hurt yourself trying to apply elaborate real-life logic to the game... just enjoy.
The DevTeam Thinks Of Everything.
team a
Some folks have taken to cheering for "Team a" -- various insects -- who are quite successful at killing off hordes of lower-level characters. Don't take it personally.
team ant
  1. aaaaaaa@aaaaaaaa
  2. The semi-official clan of #nethack. If you're interested in joining, bug Violist.
  3. Also likes to show up when the priest of foo summons insects.
  4. When someone dies to an ant, it is customary to cheer "GO TEAM ANT!" (without quotes).
see {it develops a huge set of teeth and bites you}
Japanese for enemy.
  1. Telepathy will allow you to see monsters that have minds anywhere on the level, as long as you are blind.
  2. Telepathy from an item (worn amulet, worn helm, artifact) is also known as extrinsic telepathy, and it works on nearby monsters even while not blind.
  3. The easiest way to gain telepathy is to eat a floating eye corpse.
teleport at will
You can teleport at will using the ctrl-T command if you have teleportitis (intrinsic or extrinsic), XL 12 (or 8 for a wizard), and are willing to spend 19 Pw (you need at least 20 to use it) and 100 nutrition.
teleport away
Level 6 escape spell, 600z, works like a wand of teleportation. You can also ^T to cast this spell at yourself.
teleport control
  1. The cure for "you feel jumpy". You can get intrinsic teleport control by eating a tengu corpse (17% chance) or the Wizard of Yendor's corpse (20% chance), or you can wear a ring of teleport control. High-level wizards and monks (XL 17) get it automatically.
  2. Rings of teleport control have a base cost of 300 zorkmids.
  1. A malady which causes you to teleport randomly. You want teleport control too.
  2. When the teleportitis player shops, he or she should first #chat with the shopkeeper to find the price of an item, drop that amount of zorkmids (d n $ where n is the number of zorkmids), then pick up the item.
  3. commonly given from eating leprechauns, tengu, nymphs.
  4. Hitting ^t (that's ctrl+t) will force teleportation if you're of sufficient level. Handy for escaping air elementals, energy vortices, being surrounded by black dragons, etc. This will burn up nutrition. You also cannot force teleportation if you're too burdened or hungry. None of this applies to random teleportation.
telnet tiles
temoid sucks at nethack
  1. Special room, a randomly aligned altar with a priest tending it.
  2. If you and the priest are coaligned, the temple is a sanctuary (monsters will not enter or attack you.)
  3. Frequency: 1/5, DL 9+.
  1. Small minor demon. Eating its corpse may give either teleportitis, teleport control, or poison resistance.
  2. Eaten: tengu Nutr: 200 Intrinsic: Poison: 13%, Teleportitis: 20%, Teleport control: 17%
tengu shuffle
Reverse genocide of tengu for the purposes of obtaining teleport control.
tentacle porn
  1. Pervert!
  2. Sn@&;
  1. A server that broadcasts NetHack and other terminal-based games or processes. See [] for more information.
  2. telnet to connect
The window you use to play nethack.
terminal freeze
If your terminal freezes, you might have hit Ctrl-S. Try Ctrl-Q to unfreeze the terminal.
A ttyplayer for Windows. See []
The Gnome With A Wand Of Death. A really silly YASD
The Gnome With The Deadly Poisoned Dart
  1. The Gnome With The Rubber Chicken
  2. Thankfully, these haven't been sighted... yet...
The Gnome With The Wand Of Death. Happens with astounding regularity.
that is a potion bottle,_not a klein bottle
A message you get when you try to dip a potion into itself.
that potion smells terrible
You just breathed the vapors from a cursed potion that was either gain ability or restore ability.
that potion tasted foul
"Ulch! That potion tasted foul!" -- you just quaffed a cursed potion of gain ability.
that tasted bland
You ate a [master] mind flayer corpse to raise your intelligence, but it was already at max!
that was a very educational experience
You gained an experience level from a foocubus encounter. But you probably already knew that, didn't you?
that was smooth!
You quaffed a potion of oil, abusing your wisdom.
  1. " Thaumaturgists recieve no magical schooling. They can just about be trusted to wash out an alembic." (Pratchett)
  2. For NetHack context, see /wizard/
the air crackles
A monster cast a spell while it was able to do so (i.e. after its spell-casting timeout expired), but the spell failed (2 in (monster's level) chance, or five times that if the monster is confused).
the air crackles around
see {the_air_crackles}
the altar glows
You just converted an altar.
the altar glows black
You just converted an altar to chaotic.
the amulet of yendor feels hot
You are within 3 squares of an endgame portal, while wielding or wearing the Amulet.
the amulet of yendor feels very warm
You are within 8 squares of an endgame portal, while wielding or wearing the Amulet.
the amulet of yendor feels warm
You are within 12 squares of an endgame portal, while wielding or wearing the Amulet.
the blood coagulates
  1. Summoned a demon on an altar, but level was full. No monster appeared.
  2. Same-race sacrifice, but failed to make a demon. (Is the level full? Are foocubi extinct?)
the blood covers the altar
  1. Summons a same-alignment demon, changes the altar to chaotic, and gets your ass kicked if you're -not- chaotic.
  2. Foocubi are chaotic, and chaotics can summon them from same-race sacrifice. Yet another reason to play Chaotic.
the bugs on the floor slow down
You engraved with a wand of slow monster.
the bugs on the floor speed up
You engraved with a wand of speed monster.
the bugs on the floor stop moving
The wand you just engraved with may be an ultra-rare wand of death, but is more likely a wand of sleep.
the cold water faucet flashes brightly for a moment
Ring of cold resistance.
the dark one
see {dark one}
the devteam thinks of everything
They do, you know.
the door resists
  1. The old door is just stuck. Try again until it's open!
  2. Also exercises strength.
the dungeon acoustics noticeably change
Someone or some thing has dug through a shop wall and the wall was repaired.
the engraving on the floor vanishes!
You engraved on the floor with a wand that's either cancellation, teleportation or make invisible. Alternatively, you drew on a burned engraving with a wand of cold - this is followed up by "A few ice cubes drop from the wand." when you've written in the dust.
the entire dungeon is shaking around you
see {drum_of_earthquake}
the eyes of the overworld
see {eyes_of_the_overworld}
the faucets flash brightly for a moment
Ring of adornment. Note that unlike the other chargeable rings, this message does not change for negative enchantment.
the floor is riddled by bullet holes
You engraved with a wand of magic missile.
the floor is riddled by bullet holes!
  1. You have tried to engrave with a wand of Magic Missile.
  2. Usage of this wand to attack the darkness may not be effective.
the floor is riddled with bullet holes
see {the_floor_is_riddled_by_bullet_holes}
the flow reduces to a trickle
Your in minetown and you just used a fountain. If you use the same fountain again it will dry up and the watch will attack you.
the flute toots
It's not magical. Sorry. (Or it's out of charges)
the hair on the back of your neck stands up.
There is a Graveyard on the level.
the harp produces very attractive music
It's a magical harp. It tames/charmes monsters nearby.
the harp twangs
  1. It's a wooden harp, name it so you can easily identify the magic harp later on.
  2. Can be an empty magic harp, too.
the heart of ahriman
see {heart_of_ahriman}
the heat and smoke are gone
You just entered Vlad's tower. This is not a part of Gehennom, and thus you may pray here.
the hot water faucet flashes brightly for a moment
Ring of fire resistance.
the imp casts aspersions on your ancestry
The imp just made a "your mom" joke.
the lady
The neutral goddess of the Tourist pantheon.
the lid slams open then falls shut
You kicked a box that was already unlocked.
the mitre of holiness
see {mitre of holiness}
the mixture glows brightly and evaporates
The #dip you peformed was not proper alchemy.
the new dudley's dungeon
the one ring
"<hobbit> asks you about the One Ring." You #chat'ed to a peaceful hobbit whose HP is within 10 of its max HP.
the quest
The class specific quest you must complete to get the bell of opening, along with some other type of neat artifact
the ring is regurgitated
ring of slow digestion
the runes appear scrambled
You tried to initiate invocation by reading the Book of the Dead on the vibrating square, but the book is cursed.
the scroll turns to dust as you pick it up
see {scare_monster}
the sink glows black for a moment
Ring of protection, negatively enchanted.
the sink glows white for a moment
What happens when you drop a ring of warning into a sink
the sink looks as good as new
Ring of regeneration.
the sink looks like it is being beamed aboard somewhere.
Ring of teleport control!
the sink looks nothing like a fountain
see {sink_looks_nothing_like_a_fountain}
the sink momentarily looks like a fountain.
the sink momentarily looks like a regularly erupting geyser
ring of polymorph control
the sink momentarily vanishes
The ring you dropped was teleportation.
the sink quivers upward for a moment
That was a ring of levitation.
the sink seems to blend into the floor for a moment
You dropped a ring of stealth into a sink.
the tsurugi of muramasa
see {tsurugi_of_muramasa}
the vision is unclear
When seen after applying a crystal ball it is out of charges (rechargeable)
the wand unsuccessfully fights your attempt to write
see {unsuccessfully fights your attempt to write}
the wand unsuccessfully fights your attempt to write!
see {unsuccessfully fights your attempt to write}
the water's force seems greater now
You dropped a non-negatively-charged ring of increase damage down a sink.
the water's force seems smaller now
You just dropped a ring of increase damage with a negative enchantment over a sink.
the water flow hits the drain
Ring of increase accuracy.
the water flow misses the drain
Ring of increase accuracy, negatively enchanted.
the water flow seems fixed
Ring of sustain ability.
the water flow seems greater now
You dropped a positively-enchanted ring of gain constitution down a sink.
the water flow seems lesser now
You dropped a negatively-enchanted ring of gain constitution down a sink.
the water flow seems stronger now
You dropped a positively-enchanted ring of gain strength down a sink.
the water flow seems weaker now
You dropped a negatively-enchanted ring of gain strength down a sink.
the water glows for a moment
The item you dipped became uncursed.
the water is contaminated
You lose d10 HP and d4+2 STR and your constitution is abused if you are not poison resistant.
the wiki is wrong
If the wiki contradicts entries in Rodney or 3.4.3 spoilers, it's probably wrong, but consider looking at the source code references first. If it contradicts the code of the game itself, it's obviously wrong (but make sure you're reading the code correctly).
there's a tiger in your tank
You were cured of attribute loss by #praying while hallucinating.
there's something squirmy in the sink
Being blind, you quaffed from a sink and a sewer rat popped out of it.
they say there are at least 15 ways to lose a pair of levitation boots
Here they are: Uncurse via: prayer, holy water. noncursed ?oRC, noncursed ?oEA, spell of RC, cancellation, magic trap. Destroy the boots via: ?oDA, monster spell, overenchantment, underenchantment, polymorph. Wiggle out via: sink, foocubus, nymph, polyself.
things to do while confused
  1. Fooproof your gear by reading non-cursed scrolls of enchant weapon/armor.
  2. Extinct acid blobs by reading a scroll of create monster.
things you never want to see
  1. The Angel swings his long sword named Vorpal Blade. The Angel hits!--More--
  2. You try to feel what is lying here on the floor. You feel here a cockatrice corpse. --More--
  3. Your email address, especially if it is
  4. Aloha Dudley, the human Tourist, welcome back to NetHack!
  5. You land on a set of sharp iron spikes! The spikes were poisoned! The poison was deadly... --More--
  6. <Doing whatever you just did> is a fatal mistake. --More--
  7. Your dwarvish mattock is welded to your hands!
  8. She stole a wand of death (0:8).
  9. "Use my gift wisely!" x - an orcish dagger named Grimtooth
thirst is quenched
You were drinking from a fountain and splattered water all over; lucky for you, no pools were formed.
this burns
You just drank, or got hit on the head by, a potion of acid
this burns!
see {this_burns}
this burns a little
The potion you drank or were hit with was a blessed potion of acid.
this burns a little!
see {This_burns_a_little}
this burns a lot!
You were hit by, or drank, a cursed potion of acid.
this burns like acid!
You drank acid, or holy water as a chaotic.
this is not a diving lamp
You tried to apply a lamp while underwater.
this makes you feel better
One of more of your stats was temporarily lowered. This is the message received when applying a unicorn horn. See also: restore ability
this makes you feel great
  1. You just drank a blessed potion of restore ability or applyed unihorn.
  2. All your attributes have been restored
this makes you feel mediocre
  1. You have quaffed a cursed potion of restore ability.
  2. Nothing happened -- the potion is wasted.
this place looks familiar
see {amnesia}
this spellbook is difficult to comprehend.
You're a wizard, and the book you are about to read has a 5 - 40 % chance of failing; see {spellbook} for why you might not want to risk this. Non-wizards will not receive a warning.
this spellbook is very difficult to comprehend.
You're a wizard, and the book you are about to read has a 45 - 100 % chance of failing; see {spellbook} for why you probably don't want to risk this. Non-wizards will not receive a warning.
this tastes like castor oil
You quaffed a cursed potion of oil, abusing your wisdom.
this tastes like dandelion wine
You quaffed a potion of booze while hallucinating.
this tastes like fruit juice
see {tastes_like_fruit_juice}
this tastes like liquid fire
Potion of Booze / Sake
this tastes like slime mold juice
see {tastes_like_fruit_juice}
this tastes rotten
You quaffed a cursed potion of fruit juice or see invisible.
this wall seems too hard to dig into
You are digging into a shop wall.
this water's no good!
  1. A bad effect when quaffing from a fountain, each item in your inventory has 1/5 chance of being cursed outright; your hunger is increased and your constitution is abused. Ow.
  2. In other words, don't drink from fountains unless you know exactly what you're doing.
  3. The only reason why people dip for wishes instead of quaffing from them late game
this water gives you bad breath
see {bad_breath}
thonged club
see {aklys}
thoroughly on the right path
see {unicorn}
  1. The neutral god of the Wizard pantheon
  2. Don't mix up with Thoth Amon, the barbarian quest nemesis.
thoth amon
  1. The barbarian quest nemesis. Guardian of the Heart of Ahriman.
  2. He is a spellcaster, having MR is recommended before attempting to kill him.
  3. Cancellation has a good chance to work.
thou art indeed a pious individual
You donated from 200 inclusive to 400 exclusive times your level to a priest(ess). If this is more than half your visible gold, you will additionally gain temporary clairvoyance ("I bestow on thee a blessing"), and maybe a bit of alignment.
thou shalt pay,_infidel!
You just did something stupid with an altar and lost one luck. Don't do it again.
thou shalt pay for thy indiscretion
  1. You converted a cross-aligned altar, and the associated god tried to exact revenge.
  2. He also sends you one or more minions.
  3. Attempting to convert an altar may summon a minion of the altar's original god, but only if you are at least level 7 and have high alignment.
thou shalt regret thine action
You refused to donate money to a priest. If the priest is the same alignment as you, -1 to alignment; otherwise, no penalty--it's just empty bluster.
  1. Usually found in a throne room. The usual thing to do with it is to #sit on it until it vanishes. You can also kick gems loose from them. Sitting on a throne has a 33% chance of giving a special effect, which is one of the following, all equally likely:
  2. 1 - Decrease a random stat by 4-7 points and take 1-10 damage || 2 - Increase a random stat by 1 || 3 - Electric shock, 1-30 damage (1-6 if resistant), abuse CON
  3. 4 - Fully heal, gain 4 max HP if less than 5 below max, cure blindness+sickness+wounded legs || 5 - Lose gold (including gold rings) from inventory || 6 - Receive a wish (or increase luck if it was too low)
  4. 7 - Summon several throne room monsters || 8 - Uncursed genocide || 9 - If positive luck, become blinded for 100-350 turns, else randomly curse items.
  5. 10 - Gain see invisible intrinsic if you don't have it already and luck is non-negative, else magic mapping || 11 - Aggravate monsters if luck is negative, else teleport.
  6. 12 - Identify 1-4 (or all) items || 13 - Make confused for 7-23 turns.
  7. Thrones have a 33% chance of vanishing each time you sit on them UNLESS you were teleported elsewhere. If you are not unlucky, the probability of getting a wish from a throne before it disappears is approximately 7.4952% (give or take a few hundred-thousandths of a percent). See also []
  8. Before you #sit, bag your gold and get out any items you want ID'd. If you have negative luck, drop unicorn horn and gold in the next square and get ready to remove curse. Also, you might want to have more than 30hp.
throne farming
Repeatedly #looting a throne while confused to generate tons of monsters (and, as a result, loot.)
throne room
  1. Special room filled with monsters that also has a throne and a chest. Special level messages include the tones of courtly conversation, a sceptre pounded in judgment and someone shouting "Off with his/her head!" The placed monsters are (in order of difficulty, determined by level depth): Dragons, Giants, Trolls, Centaurs, Orcs, bugbears, hobgoblins, Gnomes or Kobolds.
  2. Sounds that may indicate a throne room on the level include "You hear the tones of courtly conversation.", "You hear a sceptre pounded in judgment.", "Someone shouts "Off with <his/her> head!", "You hear Queen Beruthiel's cats!" (hallucinating).
  3. Frequency: 1/6, DL 5+.
throwing spear
see {javelin}
throwing star
see {shuriken}
thrown potions
Paralysis, blindness, confusion, sleeping and acid.
see {you hear a thud}
Eaten: thug Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
  1. Author of the Character/Quest selection guide ([])
  2. Personal note: A+ B+ C- H- K- M- P- Ra- Ro- S- T- V+ W*
thy audience hath been summoned
You sat on a throne, and a bunch of monsters were sent to kill you.
thy selfless generosity is deeply appreciated
  1. Either you donated >=600*XL zorkmids, or you didn't get protection for your donation.
  2. If alignment is negative and it's been 5000 or more turns since this outcome, alignment set to 0; otherwise, alignment +2.
see {chromatic dragon}
see {pleased}
Eaten: tiger Nutr: 300
tiger eye ring
An unidentified ring. Cannot be eaten by any monster.
tiger in your tank
"There's a tiger in your tank." Prayer restored all stats (St/Dx/Co/In/Wi/Ch).
A growing problem among the youth. While considered "cool" by many, tiles will lead to unsightly hair growing on your palms.
Configuration option. Show the elapsed game time in turns on bottom line.
timed delay
Configuration option. When pausing momentarily for display effect, use a timer rather than sending extra characters to the screen.
  1. Timettyrec is a small utility program written by jilles. It tells you the duration (in seconds) of a ttyrec. You can download it at []
  2. Invoke it with "cat x.ttyrec | timettyrec" -- it'll break on super long ttyrecs (such as an entire extinctionist game) but otherwise works quite well.
  1. Tins are sources of food which carry a random variety of meat in them (or, occasionally, spinach). Uncursed tins will take a while to open unless you are wielding a tin opener, blessed tins will open instantly and cursed tins will occasionally explode and otherwise reduce nutrition but still convey intristics (always rotten).
  2. All tins, once opened, are consumed in one turn. Depending on how they were made (fried, pickeled, soup, etc) they will have an amount of nutrition between 20 and 100. Pureed tins have 500 nutrition, rotten tins have -50, tins made by a tinning kit will always have 50 nutrition.
  3. Deep fried or french fried tins will make your hands slippery for 15 turns or until cleaned by a towel. This will make you drop your weapon, and if in a shop you will not be able to pick it back up without paying.
  4. Tins of spinach will provide 600 nutrition and increase (or decrease if cursed) strength equivalent to eating a giant corpse, see {giant}. "This makes you feel like popeye!"
  5. Tins can be made by a tinning kit of any monster that leaves a corpse with positive nutrition. The tin will have a buc status identical to the tinning kit and always have 'homemade' food inside it (50 nutrition).
  6. Eating from a tin will give you intristics in the same way eating from the corpse will, with the same probabilities and the bonus that it will only take one turn and not fill you immensely like dragons/giants would.
  7. Finally, tins can never contain a monster with 0 nutrition or no corpse, which means no tinning wraiths/wishing for wraith tins, sorry folks. (Slash'em has an exception to this rule in one branch.)
  8. Tins weigh 10 units each, half the weight of a food ration.
tin of spinach
see {spinach}
tin opener
  1. When wielded, allows you to open and eat a tin in one turn. For four easy payments of 49.95 zorkmids, you can get yours today!
  2. "You begin bashing monsters with your tin opener. You destroy Vlad the Impaler!--More--"
tin whistle
  1. What pets seem to ignore.
  2. Applying it calls wake_nearby(), which is supposed to make pets move near to you, as if you had a tripe ration in your inventory. <raxvulpine> But I'm not entirely sure beyond that. It is a twisty maze of functions, all alike.
  3. (But we suspect the source is lying to us.)
There Is No Cabal! (really)
tinning kit
  1. Tinning kits make tins, out of monster corpses (usually on the ground). Blessed tinning kits make blessed tins.
  2. You are not able to tin the the corpses of wraiths.
  3. Tinning makes poisonous and tainted corpses, such as zombies, safe to eat, to the extent that the b/u/c of the tin would indicate.
  4. Weighs 100.
  5. Tins have the same chance of giving an intrinsic as the equivalent corpse
  6. Blessed tins open in one round without a tool, by the way.
  1. Speed 18, AC -3, magic resistance 70%, Does 2d8 in melee and can also cast spells, notably "summon nasties".
  2. You can NOT genocide them.
  3. Eaten: titan Nutr: 900
  1. Level 12, speed 12, AC 6, MR 0. No resistances. Damage 2d8.
  2. Makes a good pet, although it has a penchant for picking fights with shopkeepers.
  3. Eaten: titanothere Nutr: 650
The November NetHack Tournament. IRC: #tnnt - []
  1. A function of your experience level, your dexterity, your strength, your weapon's enchantment, your skill and the monster's AC.
  2. []
  3. Also, nobody cares about it. Except the occasional monk who wants to wear body armour, but even then the -20 penalty isn't really noticed by endgame. And those who micromanage everything.
  1. doing "** foo bar baz" should perhaps return those that match foo && bar && baz
  2. Fix the local mirror of spoilers on; the urls in them point to wrong places.
  3. when doing a db search, first search with the unmodified string, if no match found then search with s/ /_/g
  4. Add a menu-entry for looking at the high-score table to dgl.
Configuration option. Draw a tombstone graphic upon your death.
  1. Tales of Middle Earth, a roguelike game based on Angband.
  2. ToME used to be called PernAngband, but they had to remove all the Pern references from it due to legal issues. It's now almost completely Tolkien-themed.
see {tonal_instrument}
tonal instrument
The tonal instruments are: wooden flute, magic flute, tooled horn, frost horn, fire horn, wooden harp, magic harp, bugle. Tonal instruments can be used to play the passtune by saying 'n' to 'Improvise?'.
tool assisted speedrun
  1. The use of emulation, massive savescumming, and information-only cheat codes (like reloading a saved game in wizard mode) in an attempt to recreate what a "perfect game" would look like.
  2. See [] for the definition as used by a site about TASing generally.
tool damage
  1. (Damages are shown as S/L for "small/large" monsters.) pick-axe: 1d6/1d3. grappling hook: 1d2/1d6. unicorn horn: 1d12/1d12.
  2. dwarvish mattock: 1d12/1d8 + 2d6
tool store
  1. Tool stores are run by shopkeepers named: Ymla, Eed-morra, Cubask, Nieb, Bnowr Falr, Telloc Cyaj, Sperc, Noskcirdneh, Yawolloh, Hyeghu, Niskal, Trahnil, Htargcm, Enrobwem, Kachzi Rellim, Regien, Donmyar, Yelpur, Nosnehpets, Stewe, Renrut, Zlaw, Nosalnef, Rewuorb, Rellenk, Yad, Cire Htims, Y-crad, Nenilukah, Corsh, Aned, Lechaim,
  2. ...Lexa, Niod, Nhoj-lee, Evad'kh, Ettaw-noj, Tsew-mot, Ydna-s, Yao-hang, Tonbar, Kivenhoug, Falo, Nosid-da'r, Ekim-p, Rebrol-nek, Noslo, Yl-rednow, Mured-oog, Ivrajimsal, Nivram, Lez-tneg, Ytnu-haled, and Niknar.
tool weight
  1. skeleton key: 3. lock pick: 4. credit card: 1. tallow/wax candle: 2. brass lantern: 30. oil lamp: 20. magic lamp: 20. expensive camera: 12. mirror: 13. crystal ball: 150. lenses: 3. blindfold: 2. towel: 2. saddle: 200. leash: 12. stethoscope: 4. tinning kit: 100.
  2. tin opener: 4. can of grease: 15. figurine (any): 50. magic marker: 2. land mine: 300. beartrap: 200. tin/magic whistle: 3. wooden/magic flute: 5. tooled/frost/fire horn: 18. horn of plenty: 18. wooden/magic harp: 30. bell: 30. bugle: 10. leather drum: 25. drum of earthquake: 25.
  3. pick-axe: 100. grappling hook: 30. unicorn horn: 20.
tooled horn
  1. A musical, non-magical horn. May scare monsters when improvising. Awakens monsters within sqrt(XPLev * 30) squares; may scare within sqrt(XPLev * 10) squares.
  2. Abuses wisdom.
See: []
top 10
Go to [] , and stop reading soon after the page loads :D
top ten
Go to [] , and stop reading soon after the page loads :D
A hard yellowish brown gem worth 900 zorkmids.
topaz ring
An unidentified ring. Cannot be eaten by any monster.
see {tourist}
tou skills
Basic: axe, pickaxe, broad sword, long sword, two handed sword, mace, morning star, flail, hammer, quarterstaff, polearms, spear, javelin, trident, lance, bow, sling, crossbow, shuriken, boomerang, whip, divination spells, enchantment spells, riding. Skilled: knife, scimitar, saber, unicorn horn, escape spells, two weapon combat, bare handed combat. Expert: dagger, short sword, dart.
touch of death
  1. Similar to wand of death, but without the ray, so Reflection won't help!
  2. Magic resistance or being undead will help.
  3. Hallucinations will protect you against the dreaded Touch from anyone *except* Death himself.
touching the edge of the universe
see {killed_by_touching_the_edge_of_the_universe}
  1. #rub-bing a gem on a blessed (or uncursed if an Arch or gnome) touchstone instantly identifies it.
  2. You can also apply the touchstone.
  3. If you're not an archeologist or gnome, you can still distinguish gems and glass: "You make scratch marks on the stone." for glass, "You see <colour> streaks on the stone." for gems.
  4. Except for gray stones or rock, these always show "gray streaks".
  5. Easily identified by rubbing a metal object on it and getting a "scritch, scritch"
  6. Applying a cursed touchstone to a gem may shatter the gem.
  1. Aloha! The Tourist is one of the most challenging classes to play, starting with no armor (besides a T-shirt) and no weapon except some darts. Tourists are neutral, and may achieve Expert skill in daggers, short swords, and darts.
  2. Read "The Colour of Magic" and "The Light Fantastic" from Terry Pratchett for more info about the nethackish tourists.
  3. Although weaker than a healer in the early game due to lack of healing ability and weapons, being skilled in #twoweapon and silver saber, as well as the abusability of the PYEC makes tourists a decent class in the mid to end game.
  4. Tourist rank titles: Rambler (xplvl 1-2), Sightseer (3-5), Excursionist (6-9), Peregrinator/Peregrinatrix (10-13), Traveler (14-17), Journeyer (18-21), Voyager (22-25), Explorer (26-29), Adventurer (30)
  5. Tourists of level 14 or less get charged an extra 1/3 when buying from stores, and they get only 1/3 of the list price, instead of 1/2, when selling.
  6. Tourists get automatic searching at level 10 and poison resistance at level 20.
  7. "A tourist is like a piece of tissue paper walking around in the rain." ~ dtype
  8. <landivar> what is playing a tourist like?
  9. <bcode> landivar: You die...--More--
  10. Eaten: tourist Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
tourist artifact
The Platinum Yendorian Express Card
  1. Currently, there are two NetHack tournaments: the /dev/null/nethack tournament (every year in November, usually called just "devnull") and Junethack (every year in June).
  2. /dev/null is only for vanilla on its own mostly unpatched servers, though it has "challenges" (often, another game "inside" NetHack, similar to Sokoban). Junethack includes variants and uses existing public servers, including NAO.
  1. Towels are the most important item for a hitchhiker to have, never leave home without it!
  2. A towel can be (a)pplied to wipe your face and hands clean.
  3. A towel can be (P)ut on to act as a blindfold, making you blind.
  4. Regardless of what you remember from school, a towel cannot be used as a whip, not even when wet.
training pets
Your alignment is -9 or lower.
trap dancing
see {magic_trap_boogie}
trapped legs
  1. Your legs may get trapped if you freeze the lava around you while you're still immersed in it.
  2. If this happens, you'll have to dig your way out of the solid rock. A nuisance when you don't have any means to do so.
  1. Team t, lurky thing falls on you and engulfs. Kills awesome pets in one turn.
  2. Wear a ring of slow digestion and it won't do much to you.
  3. Eaten: trapper Nutr: 350
trapping priests
Configuration option. Set the character symbols for displaying traps. See Guidebook for more info.
Configuration option. Allow the travel command.
  1. A treat can increase a pet's apport, his desire to bring objects to you, if it has ever been held by you and the pet eats it soon after dropping something. Treats are not necessary to increase tameness; any food will do that.
  2. Treats for carnivores: tripe ration, meatball, meat ring, meat stick, huge chunk of meat.
  3. Treats for herbivores: apples and carrots.
  4. Treats for metallivores: any non-rustproofed iron object.
  5. Treats for ghouls: any corpse over 50 turns old.
  1. Kicking trees can produce apples, oranges, pears, bananas or eucalyptus leaves, or you might get a swarm of killer bees.
  2. You can also cut down trees with an axe; this also has a chance of producing a random tree fruit.
  3. NetHack does not have enough of these.
The Real Fucking Deal
  1. Small ball of fur which reproduces at an extremely high rate -- one tribble can become thousands in a day or two.
  2. Seen in nethack as a hallucinatory creature.
  3. Also, gremlins on medusa's level or the Plane of Water.
A trickery happens when the game detects some internal inconsistency and quits. Usually due to missing or messed up level files.
  1. Eating a non-cursed trident gives "That was pure chewing satisfaction!" message ("Four out of five dentists agree" if hallucinating).
  2. They also do 1d6+1/3d4.
see {tripe ration}
tripe ration
  1. Yak! This tastes like dog food! Useful for taming things and training your pet to steal from shops.
  2. It might also be useful if you need to confuse yourself.
  3. Eating it gives 1 experience point. This is useful for pacifists to recover from level drain.
  4. Tripe is a type of edible offal made from the stomach of various domestic animals. Fresh tripe, which includes bits of the stomach's last content, smells very unappetizing for humans but is a favorite of many dogs and other carnivores.
  5. Note that if you are orcish, you will not vomit when you eat it.
  6. Gives 200 nutrition, just in case you have to eat it.
  1. Diff 9, Lvl 7. Trolls are beasts of melee, and have a chance of rising from the dead to come at you a second time. Tin (works every time) or eat them to prevent this if necessary.
  2. Trolls have a 1/37 chance of resurrecting for 50 turns (which yields to about 75% overall chance).
  3. Other ways of preventing a troll's reanimation (besides tinning and/or eating) include drowning it in water (or lava), luring it to the Rogue level (no corpses!), disintegrating it, sacrificing its corpse, polymorphing it (either in T or % form), putting its corpse in a cursed bag of holding and looting it until the corpse vanishes, putting its corpse into a bag of holding (1/40 chance of failure), or stuffing its corpse into a locked container; cancellation does not work.
  4. The rankings of trolls: troll, ice troll, rock troll, water troll, Olog-Hai
  5. Eaten: troll Nutr: 350
troll farming
  1. If you want to collect lots of deathdrops without having people harsh on you for farming puddings, try troll farming! Trolls can death-drop items each time they regenerate, and so you can get a lot of loot from a troll if you're patient.
  2. If you have carnivorous pets, they will eat the troll corpses, and there goes the family farm, so be sure to keep your cats and dogs locked away. If the troll is too high-level for you, use Stormy or the Staff to drain them down.
  3. If the troll isn't coming back to life quick enough for you, No Problem! Zap it with a wand of undead turning. For maximum efficiency, line up a few troll corpses for this.
  4. The best place to do this is likely the barbarian quest, where there are a lot of trolls just waiting to be looted, but anywhere you can reverse gencoide trolls is a fine place to get started.
  1. One of many joke monster-specific artifact weapons that is just an obstacle in the way of a good weapon.
  2. Carries a double damage bonus and +5 to-hit against anything naturally symbolized by 'T'.
  3. Useful for becoming burdened or overstressed. In case you need to die from a newt or drown.
  4. The base item is a morningstar
  5. Can be useful in #nethack on occassion.
The Puddingherder.
see {tsurugi of muramasa}
tsurugi of muramasa
  1. A honkin' big sword that can bisect humanoid-sized monsters, or do extra damage vs. big ones, but which is quite silly for a two-weapon combat specialist like the Samurai (whose quest artifact this is).
  2. Exact damage is 1d16+d8 vs. small, 1d8+2d6+1d8 vs. large. Each hit has a 5% chance of instantly killing small creatures (or ones engulfing you), or double damage vs. large ones.
  3. It also acts as a luckstone.
  4. As is the case for Vorpal Blade, artifact weapons that are thrown upward are explicitly disallowed from rolling 1 (or 20) on the attack roll, so you cannot bisect yourself this way. Sorry.
see {The Topic Which Shall Not Be Named}
see {ttyrec}
  1. Program used to record and play back NetHack games, including timings.
  2. NAO ttyrecs: [] or []
  3. []
  4. A means of playing ttyrec files back on a windows platform can be had at []
  5. []
  6. On windows, you can record the console with []
  7. another ttyrec player for *nix: []
  8. Or use the package of similar name from your OS.
  9. In ttyplay, type + to speed playback, type - to slow it, type number 1 to restore default speed.
This is a patch created after a story-arc on UserFriendly about nethack. It can be found at []
turn undead
  1. (spell) Revives corpses and eggs, deals minor damage to undead monsters and scares them.
  2. See {#turn} for info about the priest & knight ability turn undead.
  3. Turn undead falls under the Clerical spells category.
  4. Monsters that have been revived are not as they once were. There is only a 1/20 chance of revived dragons dropping scales, compared to 1/3 normally.
  5. And revived unicorns only have 1/20 chance of leaving a horn.
The list of events that have happened so far in the NetHack TAS; the most recent version is always available at []
turns into a pretzel
"Your mind turns into a pretzel!" - you have been confused by sitting on a throne. This is plain old regular confusion.
  1. A rare soft green or blue gem worth 2000 zorkmids.
  2. In the main dungeon, turquoise usually won't be seen above dungeon level 7.
The fully illustrated NetHack tutorial is at []
twisted ring
An unidentified ring. *CAN* be eaten by rock moles, rust monsters, and xorns.
two-handed sword
  1. A two handed weapon that costs 50 zorkmids, weighs 150 units, and is made of iron.
  2. Deals 1d12 damage to small monsters and 3d6 damage to large monsters.
two weapon
see {twoweapon}
  1. The Tourist quest leader.
  2. Eaten: Twoflower Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
  1. #twoweapon allows you to fight with two weapons at once, potentially doubling your damage output. Artifacts cannot be wielded off-hand. Good off-hand weapons: silver foo, crysknife, long sword, katana, trident, elven broadsword. Unskilled twoweaponing can be hard to hit with; try practicing on wimpy monsters to get your skill up.
  2. To begin two-weapon combat, wield your primary weapon and your non-artifact secondary weapon in the alternate slot, and #twoweapon. Use the exchange weapons command 'x' to put your wielded weapon into your alternate slot.
  3. While two-weaponing, the skills in the individual weapons are not exercised, but your twoweapon skill is. For skill bonuses: To-hit counts the minimum of your primary weapon skill and twoweapon skill. Damage counts the minimum of weapon skill and twoweapon skill (per weapon).
  4. To-hit malus : U:-9, B:-7, S:-5, E:-3. Damage bonus/malus : U:-3, B:-1, S:0, E:+1. Classes that can achieve B: Arc,Bar; S: Kni,Tou,Val; E: Rog, Sam. Other classes cannot #twoweapon.
  5. You can joust while twoweaponing, with the lance wielded in the off-hand. Just ask Mordiceius.
  1. Mail demon
  2. Eidoloser
  1. The lawful god of the Valkyrie pantheon.
  2. Different from the person Tjr.
  1. Command: 'u' Move diagonally right and up if you have embraced the one-true-path-of-vi-movement-keys. For heretics, 'u' will untrap a trap, door or chest (same as #untrap, or meta-u for the faithful).
  2. Command: 'U' Move diagonally right and down until you hit a wall or something (vi keys on).
  3. Monster: 'u' Equines! Ponies, horses, war horses and white/gray/black unicorns. The first three can be tamed with certain types of food, chucking a gem or glass at the last three will dispose of them for a short time.
  4. Monster: 'U' Umbre ulks, er, mureb kuhls, er umber hulks. Sorry about that. I was confused for a bit.
  5. Command: 'Meta-u' Same as '#untrap'.
see {user_friendly}
"Ulch!" is the sound of an adventurer sipping or sniffing a cursed potion of gain ability or restore ability.
umber hulk
  1. A huge insect. It will dig through walls and can confuse you with its stare.
  2. Umber hulks are not resistant to sleep.
  3. Note that the confuse attack is ranged, it is not necessary to be next to it to get confused.
  4. Using a mirror on an umber hulk will cause it to confuse itself.
  5. Eaten: umber hulk Nutr: 500
unable to swing your leg over
You can't mount your pet diagonally through a doorway.
unaligned altar
This altar belongs to the evil god Moloch. If it's in your Quest, you can safely try to convert it via sacrificing. If in Gehennom (including the Valley), doing so will anger your God and nullify your ability to pray until your God has been appeased.
unaligned artifact weapons
Dragonbane, Fire Brand, Frost Brand, Ogresmasher, Trollsbane, and Werebane are the unaligned artifact weapons. You can get all of them by #offering. Frost Brand is good, Fire Brand is decent, the rest are mostly worthless (though Werebane is a silver saber, so it can be useful in Gehennom or against early lycanthropes).
see {amulet of unchanging}
uncontrolled level teleport
  1. An uncontrolled level teleport has a 1/5 chance of doing nothing "You shudder for a moment". Otherwise, a level between DL1 and 3 levels down from your current level (other than your current level) is selected at random (with equal probabilities) and you are teleported to it.
  2. If this is higher than the highest level in the current branch, you end up in the main dungeon branch. Exceptions: In the quest you'll be teleported within that branch. If you're in Fort Ludios or Sokoban you won't be teleported. From the dungeons you can't go any deeper than the valley. You can't get into the sanctum unless the invocation has been performed.
uncontrolled levport
see {uncontrolled_level_teleport}
Uncursing things: (1) wield the item and read a blessed (all items) or uncursed ?oRC (2) holy water (3) cancellation, assuming there is no positive enchantment possible or useful content such as a specific potion or scroll (4) prayer on an altar while lucky may get your junk uncursed
  1. Undead do extra damage during the midnight hour (ie. when the server's clock reads 00:XX:XX).
  2. This damage comes in the form of an extra set of damage rolls: ie, a mummy that does 3d4 per hit will actually do 3d4 + 3d4 per hit
undead turning
see {turn undead}
uneasy feeling
  1. You have an uneasy feeling when you quaff a cursed potion of gain level on the top level of Sokoban, the Wizard's Tower, or Vlad's Tower, or on dungeon level 1 without the Amulet of Yendor.
  2. A monster may 'feel uneasy' or 'look uneasy' if they quaff cursed gain level in the same situation.
  3. This is also the message you receive when quaffing a cursed potion of enlightenment; this abuses wisdom.
A method of killing yourself by carrying too much and dropping your speed. You lose 0/1 of your speed. If this sounds reasonable, consider - you will not be able to outrun many monsters (especially those with intrinsic speed) and monsters will tend to do 0% more damage.
unexpected draft
An unseen door suddenly disappears.
unholy water
  1. Cursed water. Dip items in unholy water to curse them. Create unholy water by #pray-ing on a cross-aligned altar (not in Gehennom). This will upset your god, however, so you will lose any divine protection you may have.
  2. #name your potions of water so they don't stack, remove and drop all other uncursed items in you inventory (including weapons and armour) and then read a blessed scroll of remove curse while confused for a chance at generating holy and unholy water.
  3. ...or just get some from a bones pile.
  4. ...or dip potions of water into a fountain for the 1/30 chance of cursing.
unicode nethack
  1. White unicorns are lawful, gray are neutral and black are chaotic. Coaligned unicorns are generated peaceful.
  2. Speed 24 (2x your normal), AC 2, attack 1d12 + 1d6. Very dangerous, but they stay out of melee range and direct line of fire, usually a knight's move away. May teleport to keep away from you, on levels where teleportation is allowed.
  3. Move next to a unicorn to fight it. Back off if you cannot win. Polearms work. Ranged attacks work if you are very fast, or in a no-teleport hallway. Unicorns cannot see you if you are invisible. Bounce ray attacks (sleep, magic missile, etc.) off walls to attack them when they are not in a direct line of fire.
  4. Always leaves corpse; usually leaves uncursed +0 unicorn horn. Safe to eat; may grant poison resistance. If killed after being revived or polymorphed, only 1/20 chance of leaving horn. Can undead turn corpse repeatedly for horns (magical tool polyfodder). You do not get a horn from breaking a unicorn statue.
  5. They collect gems, unless tame. Throw a gem (even rocks) at one to make peaceful. If a co-aligned unicorn "gratefully accepts", the gem was valuable and you gain luck; otherwise it "graciously accepts". UnIDed gems: +1 luck; #named gems: +2; IDed gems: +5. If cross-aligned, randomly increases or decreases your luck, with no way of telling.
  6. Killing co-aligned unicorns is -5 luck. Be wary in sokoban. Sacrifice cross-aligned unicorns on your altar for +5 alignment; or on their gods' altars to reduce your god's anger (and increase theirs). Sacrifice co-aligned unicorns on your altar to anger *your* god; or on another altar to permanently convert your alignment and perhaps lose the game.
unicorn horn
  1. The horn of the unicorn is an effective remedy for a wide variety of ailments, including food poisoning, blindness, confusion, stunning, hallucination, illness, and reduced statistics. A blessed one is more efficient (which is important when haste is of utmost importance). Enchantment gives no bonus.
  2. The unicorn horn has a natural +1 to-hit when used as a weapon, and does d12 damage to both small and large creatures. Unfortunately it's a two-handed weapon.
  3. Good polypile fodder, since it is relatively common and is a 'magical tool'.
  4. A cursed unicorn horn will inflict a malady upon you (including possibly confusion); If you use it to confuse yourself, just be sure you have a non-cursed one handy to cure deadly ailments.
  5. Dipping a unicorn horn into a potion of blindness, confusion, or hallucination will make the potion into uncursed water. Dipping a horn into sickness will make fruit juice (cursed if the horn is cursed).
  6. see {turn_undead}
unicorn horn factory
Transformers villain, transforms into a planet. Maybe you wanted {unicorn}
unicron horn
Sure, he's got horns. Try {unicorn horn}
see {unicorn_horn}
universal oneness
see {someone_is_helping_you}
unlabeled scroll
see {scroll of blank paper}
unlocking tools
  1. Lock picks and keys can lock or unlock items, while credit cards can only unlock.
  2. Credit cards have the smallest chance of working, skeleton keys have the best chance of working for all classes except rogues. (Rogues with 18+ str have a better chance with lock picks.) Using any of the three exercizes dexterity.
  3. If you 'fail' unlocking an object, you will automatically retry next turn, until you either pick the lock or 50 turns go by.
  4. A cursed tool has only half the chance of succeeding (so the process will take longer).
unnaturally quiet
There is a Graveyard on the level.
  1. What NetHack would look like if it were still in development. See #unnethack, [] and public server at []
  2. Has the Blackmarket, vampires as player race, no Sokoban luck penalties, a guaranteed BoH at Sokoban, no poisoninstadeath, autoopen doors, dungeon overview and Zen conduct tracking and much much more
  3. Also has removed the Mysterious force as the developer couldn't come up with ridiculous reasons to keep it.
unrefrigerated sip of juice
You were poison resistant, but contaminated water from a fountain still killed you.
  1. -4 to hit, -2 to damage. (-9 to hit, -3 to damage when two-weaponing.)
  2. -2 to hit when riding, +0 to bare handed damage, +1 to martial arts damage.
It is possible to ascend unspoiled: []
unsuccessful polymorph
If you polymorph into your original race, without polycontrol and if XL or HP are less than 1 you will suffer this death.
unsuccessfully fights your attempt to write
You engraved with a wand of striking.
untended shops
  1. "<Shopkeeper> asks whether you've seen any untended shops recently."
  2. This happens if/when #chatting to <Shopkeeper>, and <Shopkeeper> is of type shopkeeper, but doesn't actually have a shop.
  3. This can happen if, e.g., you wish for a statue of a shopkeeper and animate it
  4. []
  5. <Shopkeeper> will not notice if he/she is actually inside an untended shop at that point.
Eaten: Uruk-hai Nutr: 300
uruk-hai shield
An iron shield that, unenchanted, will drop AC by 1. It has the appearance of 'white-handed shield'.
uruk hai shield
The correct spelling is "Uruk-hai shield".
usage fee
  1. You will be charged an usage fee for using items belonging to shopkeepers. The amount varies depending on the class of the item.
  2. Spellbooks: 80% of the price - Markers: 50% - Bag of tricks, horn of plenty, potion of oil: 20% - Can of grease, tinning kit, camera: 10%
  3. All other chargeable tools, and wands, have a usage fee of 25% of the price. Rubbing magic lamps will command a fee of 133% of the price if a djinni is released, or, if applied, you'll be billed as if it had the price of an ordinary oil lamp.
use darkgray
When set, NetHack uses dark gray for black glyphs, such as black unicorn, &c. A boolean option that can be set in the config file.
use darkgrey
see {use_darkgray}
used armor dealership
A shop. Sells and buys armor and weapons.
user friendly
A geek web cartoon that occasionally mentions nethack. [] is the website, while [] lists the strips about nethack.
  1. Use The Source, Luke!
  2. An exhortation to read the source code for nethack, which can be found at []
  3. Knowing C helps, though you can often get clues just by reading the comments.
  1. Command: 'v' Display version number.
  2. Command: 'V' Display the version history.
  3. Monster: 'v' Vortices or, where did the monster go and why does this new environment keep hurting me? From weakest to strongest: fog cloud, then dust, ice, energy, steam and fire vortices.
  4. Monster: 'V' Vampires, vampire lords and our good old friend Vlad the Impaler, who wanted to light up his home but forgot some candles.
  5. Command: 'Meta-v' Same as '#version'.
vaguely nervous
  1. One of the random effects you can get after you've killed the Wizard of Yendor. Don't sweat it.
  2. see {wizard_of_yendor}
see {valkyrie}
val skills
Basic: scimitar, saber, quarterstaff, javelin, trident, sling, attack spells, escape spells. Skilled: pickaxe, short sword, broad sword, polearms, spear, lance, riding, two weapon combat. Expert: dagger, axe, long sword, two handed sword, hammer, bare handed combat.
see {valkyrie}
  1. Velkommen! The Valkyrie is a female warrior from the northern lands (they start with cold resistance). They may be neutral or lawful. Valkyries may achieve Expert skill in daggers, axes, long swords, two-handed swords and hammers. Their first sacrifice gift is Mjollnir.
  2. Valkyrie rank titles: Stripling (xplvl 1-2), Skirmisher (3-5), Fighter (6-9), Woman-at-arms/Man-at-arms (10-13), Warrior (14-17), Swashbuckler (18-21), Heroine/Hero (22-25), Champion (26-29), Lady/Lord (30)
  3. They also start with stealth, and gain speed at level 7.
  4. Valkyries can only attain Basic skill in attack and escape magic.
  5. Their special spell is cone of cold. Good luck casting it.
  6. Eaten: valkyrie Nutr: 400 Effects: Human
valkyrie artifact
The Orb of Fate
valley of the dead
  1. A level right below the castle, acting as a gateway between Dungeons of Doom and Gehennom. Note: the Valley of the Dead is included in Gehennom. This means don't pray in it!
  2. The entire level is no dig, no teleport, no magic map.
  3. There will always be an unaligned altar to Moloch and a priest(ess) of Moloch on the left edge of the map. This altar can be used to determine B/U/C status of items and gold can be donated to the priest for protection/clairvoyance/etc. without any penalties.
  1. Speed 12, AC 1, magic resistance 25%, sleep and poison resistant. Does damage in melee for 1d6 + 1d6, and can drain levels.
  2. Treats altars the same way Elbereth or a scroll of scare monster is treated. ([])
  3. Do not eat their corpses, they cause food poisoning.
vampire bat
  1. A bat. That is a vampire.
  2. Vampire bats have a 1d6 bite attack and a poisonous bite attack, hit often due to having speed 20, and resist sleep and poison. Despite their name, they do not have a level-draining attack. Their corpse is worth 20 nutrition and is poisonous, but conveys no intrinsics.
  3. Players polymorphed into vampire bats are permanently stunned. If they are polymorphed again, they become vampires unless they have polymorph control.
  4. Eaten: vampire bat Nutr: 20 Effects: Poisonous
vampire lord
Speed 14, AC 0, magic resistance 50%, sleep and poison resistant. Does damage in melee for 1d8 + 1d8, and can drain levels.
  1. The plain flavor. The official version.
  2. A person who doesn't engage in sadism, masochism, bondage, discipline, or play nethack.
vary msgcount
Configuration option. The number of top line messages that NetHack displays. For windowed clients only.
see {gold vault}
vault guard
see {gold_vault}
#nethack jargon for female lawful dwarvish Valkyrie (Val Dwa Fem Law). A common character.
see {vegan_food}
vegan food
  1. Vegan foods are the following: b, j, and F (which leave corpses), and v, y, E except stalkers, ' except flesh golems and leather golems, and ghosts.
  2. Candy bars, cream pies, eggs, fortune cookies, pancakes, tripe and royal jelly will break the conduct. Other %, especially the assorted rations (but excluding most corpses, as detailed above), will not.
see {vegetarian_food}
vegetarian food
Vegetarian foods are all vegan foods with the addition of all P except black puddings, eggs, candy bars, pancakes, fortune cookies, royal jelly, and objects made of wax. Eating non-vegetarian things in strange ways, such as eating brains as a mind-flayer or digesting things with a digest attack is also presumably fobidden by vegetarianism.
see {Your_velocity_suddenly_seems_very_uncertain!}
The neutral god of the Ranger.
Configuration option. Provides more commentary during the game.
very fast
  1. If you are very fast your speed is increased by 6 speed points, and every turn there is a 1/3 chance of your speed being increased by an additional 6 speed points
  2. Boots of speed make you very fast for as long as you wear them. A potion of speed and the spell haste self make you very fast for a limited amount of time.
  3. If you've very fast due to a temporary effect, getting hit by a skeleton, shade or a wand of slow monster will end that effect
vhn means Valkyrie-Human-Neutral.
vi keys
  1. hjklyubn: The One True Key Setting for roguelikes.
  2. The number_pad option must be disabled for them to work in NetHack. (OPTIONS=number_pad:0)
  3. Named after the vi text editor, which was the program that popularized the use of these keys for moving a cursor, back when computer keyboards didn't even have arrow keys. []
  4. For easy remembering, note that the keys on the home row (hjkl) correspond to left, down, up, right, in that order. The rest correspond to diagonal movement in their respective directions: y moves up-left, u up-right, b down-left, n down-right.
  5. []
vibrates unexpectedly
If you read another scroll of enchant armor or enchant weapon and it affects that piece of armor/that weapon, there is a 1 in (enchantment level) probability of the armor _not_ vanishing. You lose the scroll, too, either way.
vibrating square
  1. A single square on the bottom (before the invocation) level of Gehennom, which gives a message about a strange vibration. You cannot dig down from this level.
  2. On this square you must light up, ring up, and read Rodney's book in order to open a stairwell to Moloch's sanctum, the home of the Amulet.
  3. As searching for this square can be quite time-consuming, it's recommended that you find the square (and mark it!) before you kill Rodney. This saves you from having to deal with him during your search.
  4. "It is in a corridor (not a wall), at least five squares from the side of the map, at least four squares from the top or bottom of the map, not within a circle of eleven squares radius around the upstair, not in a straight line with the upstair, and not on the same square as a trap." ([])
  5. If you're having trouble, try this; drop 1 gold piece on every square the vibrating square is NOT on. It will never move so by deduction you will eventually find it.
  6. The vibrating square level is somewhere on Dlvls 44 to 52.
Violist's tab-completion messer-upper dude. It's official now :)
You're playing slash'em with fixinv enabled and got the 'Your pack shakes violently!' message from a magic trap; each item it tried to re-arrange delt you 2 HP damage.
violent fungus
Go play typohack. Or try {violet_fungus}.
violet fungus
  1. Slow-moving monster that can touch you for 1d4 damage and can stick to you. The corpse can provide poison resistance, but it also causes hallucination for 200 turns.
  2. Eaten: violet fungus Nutr: 100 V! Effects: Hallucination Intrinsic: Poison: 20%
  1. How come I don't have a Rodney entry? Well.. I play viola, which is WAY better than violin, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
  2. Ascensions: bar (devnull 2004), sam, mon, wiz (local), sam (local), mon, kni (local), pri, wiz (local), pri (devnull 2005)
  3. Pure Evil, and certainly not to be trusted. This miscreant spends its days lying about the virtues of pancakes.
The editor used on nao. See []
vision seems to flatten
You resisted a hallucination, likely by wielding Grayswandir.
visored helmet
One of the unidentified helms. It could be a plain helmet (auto-id'd for some chars), helm of brilliance, helm of telepathy, or the dreaded helm of opposite alignment. Provides defence against the blinding attack of ravens and the spitting attack of cobras.
  1. A total wimp hiding out in a tower of his own. Don't forget to collect the "oLS on the level below him, and search the small enclaves for other goodies. (Note: some niches have enemies instead of items. ESP is helpful here.) Vlad himself might as well be selling flowers by the roadside. He had to hide in a whole separate dungeon branch because the imps kept laughing at him.
  2. His tower is a separate branch consisting of 3 small levels, with entrance somewhere between dlvls 34 and 42.
  3. Guardian of the Candelabrum of Invocation.
  4. Entrance is a second upstairs between the 9th and 13th level of Gehennom (the Valley of the Dead is the first level of Gehennom).
  5. Though located in Gehennom, his tower is not actually a part of it. For example, you can pray in Vlad's tower.
  6. His full name is Vlad the Impaler.
  7. Treats altars like Elbereth or a scroll of scare monster, as he is technically a vampire.
  8. On the first two tower levels, you get goodies such as: a crystal plate mail, a blindfold, a spellbook of invisibility, a random long sword, an amulet of life saving, and an amulet of strangulation. The last level has vampires guarding chests of random items, plus two stacks of candles (with at least 7 candles guaranteed between them).
vlad's doppelganger is amused.
You tried to read the Book of the Dead at invocation but you don't have the Candelabrum of Invocation
vlad's tower
see {vlad}
vlad the impaler
see {Vlad}
vlad was here
  1. There's a hidden door next to you, and behind it one square corridor which has a trap door.
  2. Most likely a reference to 'Kilroy was Here'.
  3. Incidentally, you will sometimes see "Kilroy was here".
see {vladsbane}
  1. Any weak non-weapon item used as a weapon to kill Vlad the Impaler, frequently #named Vladsbane afterwards as a memorial.
  2. Alternately Vladbane or Vladsmasher.
  3. Example Vladsbanes: a thoroughly rusty tin opener, a candy bar, a wet towel, a scroll of mail, and a clove of garlic.
see {vladsbane}
vomits violently and drops dead
A monster attempted to swallow Death.
vorpal blade
  1. An artifact long sword with +d5 to hit and +1 damage to all monsters. Instantly beheads jabberwocks, including a player polymorphed into one.
  2. The beheading 'feature' has a 5% chance on each hit. Note that if a monster wields it and uses it against *you*, that 5% represents instadeath unless you're somehow polyed into a headless monster.
  3. Neutral will get Vorpal Blade upon crowning unless they are a monk or wizard, in which case they may get a spellbook of restore ability or finger of death, respectively.
  4. The beheading attack does not work on headless monsters - "Somehow, you miss [it] wildly." In this case, the unsuccessful attack doesn't cause any damage.
  5. "One, two! One, two! And through and through / The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!" --Lewis Carroll, "Jabberwocky".
  6. Its beheading effect doesn't work when trying to throw it upwards. Trust me on this one, it's been tried.
see {vorpal_blade}
see {valley_of_the_dead}
  1. A meat cleaver on a stick. This polearm deals 2d4 damage. Its unidentified appearance is a pole cleaver.
  2. Weight 125, cost 5, material iron.
  1. Weakest of the common demons. They have a human body, but sport the claws, neck, and head of a vulture. AD&D states they can detect invisible objects, and occasionally summon another vrock; particularly fond of stones/gems.
  2. And now for a more useful entry... Diff: 11 Base Level: 8 Base XP: 173 Speed: 12 AC: 0 MR: 50% Attacks: 1d4/1d4/1d8/1d8/1d6
see {vibrating_square}
vulgar polearm
see {partisan}
  1. An isometric graphical interface for NetHack and SLASH'EM.
  2. []
  1. Command: 'w' Wield a weapon or use 'w-' to wield nothing.
  2. Command: 'W' Wear armor.
  3. Monster: 'w' Burp! (Baby) long and purple worms be here!
  4. Monster: 'W' Barrow wights, wraiths, and the nine Nazgul. Eating wraiths is an educating experience!
  5. Command: 'Meta-w' Same as '#wipe'.
  1. a geek cheer
  2. a purple worm, 2 iron balls and a trapper.
see {wide_angle_disintegration_beam}
wail of the banshee
see {banshee}
  1. Japanese short sword
  2. Also see []
walk very quietly
You are wearing elven boots (granting stealth)
walking shoes
see {low_boots}
Table of wands, zapping, engraving: []
Breaking wands, cancelling, polymorphing and magical objects: []
  1. You can zap a wand with 'z', apply it with 'a' to break it, or use 'E' to engrave with it.
  2. Base prices for wands -- 100: light, nothing. 150: digging, enlightenment, locking, magic missile, make invisible, opening, probing, secret door detection, slow monster, speed monster, striking, undead turning. 175: cold, fire, lightning, sleep. 200: cancellation, create monster, polymorph, teleportation. 500: death, wishing.
  3. Charging wands is safe once. Subsequently there's a 0.3%, 2.3%, 7.8%, 18.7%, 36.5%, 62.9%, 100% chance of exploding the wand. Wands can never be charged to 8:0. Wands of wishing can only be charged once. An exploding wand does up to 2/3 of your max hp damage.
  4. Cursed wands have a 1% chance of exploding when zapped; this does 1 to 6 points of damage for each charge in the wand, plus an additional 2 to 12 points of damage, and abuses your strength.
  5. However, this 1% chance does not occur when (E)ngraving with the wand.
  6. If someone is 'killed by a wand', that's specifically referring to a wand of striking.
  7. A wand with zero charges has a 1/121 chance of "wresting" a last charge from the wand; after this happens the wand is destroyed.
  8. See also: [] and [] and []
wand engraving
/oPolymorph can't be used to engrave at all. /oFire and /oLightning semipermanently burn the floor -- normal wear and tear will never erase the engraving (engraving into the floor with a hard gem or sharp weapon or a zap from /oCold will). /oDigging does a regular engraving (lasts a few hundred turns). All other wands only write in the dust -- use your fingers instead.
wand of bugging
Slash'EM Extended item. When zapped, summons some bugs and heisenbugs for you to fight.
wand of cancellation
  1. see {cancellation}
  2. It's also probably not a good idea to zap yourself with it.
wand of cold
An attack wand that does 6d6 damage. Also freezes lava and water.
wand of death
  1. This is a wand that does the same thing as the finger of death spell.
  2. See also wand_of_dywypi
wand of digging
  1. Base price of 150zm, normal probability (55), with a maximum of 8 charges. Normally used to dig through walls. If swallowed by a non-vortex non-elemental, you are expelled and the monster is reduced to 1 hp. Zap upwards to drop a stone on yourself. Zap down to destroy traps or make a quick escape route!
  2. Auto-ID's upon engraving. Breaking the wand will result in an explosion of 1 to 4*charges damage, and you will be surrounded by pits and holes.
wand of dywypi
  1. A wand of Do You Want Your Possessions Identified?, better known as a wand of death.
  2. These are traditionally carried by kobolds, gnomes, and dwarves on the early dungeon levels.
wand of enlightenment
Base price of 150zm, low probability (15) with a maximum of 15 charges. Zap or engrave for the same effect as quaffing an uncursed potion of enlightenment. No effect if broken.
wand of fire
  1. When you try to burn an Elbereth into the ground, and your wand of fire has no charges, you'll be prompted to write something in the dust. Just hit escape and you will not have consumed any game time.
  2. Base price 175zm, probability 40, eight maximum charges. Fires a ray that inflicts 6 to 36 damage to monsters (+7 if monster is cold resistant, or half if monster resists), melts ice, evaporates pools to create pits, dries fountains, destroys closed doors (this stops the ray), burns webs. Scrolls and spellbooks may be destroyed, unless scroll of fire, spellbook of fireball, or the Book of the Dead.
  3. Zapping self will inflict 12 to 72 points of damage unless fire resistant, may cause fire damage to worn armor and destroy flammable items, burns away slime. If you are an iron golem, will instead heal 12 to 72 hit points and exercise strength.
wand of invisibility
see {wand of make invisible}
wand of light
Base price of 100zm, high probability (95), with a maximum of 15 charges. Zapping it gives the same effect as a uncursed scroll of light, and will auto-ID upon engraving. Breaking the wand will result in an explosion of 1 to 4*charges damage, you are blinded, nearby monsters may be blinded, and the room is lit.
wand of lightning
  1. Deals 6d6 damage to non-shock-resistant monsters and blinds all monsters. Can cause rings and wands in your or monsters' inventories to explode.
  2. Will always blind you for d50 turns when a monster zaps one at you (or you engrave with one), regardless of whether it hits or misses.
  3. Engraving with a wand of lightning produces the message "This wand is a wand of lightning!" and will burn into the ground permanently. It is therefore very useful for engraving Elbereth.
wand of locking
  1. Base price of $150, low probability (25), with a maximum of 8 charges. Zap down to destroy trap doors, and zap up or down on the drawbridge to close it (and probably kill yourself) or at the drawbridge from a distance (and not kill yourself). Zap a broken doorway to make a lock door again. Zap a chest or box to lock it (and fix the lock if broken).
  2. Breaking it has no effect.
  3. See also: no engraving message.
wand of magic missile
Base price of $150, medium probability (50), with a maximum of 8 charges. Zap a monster for 2 to 12 damage (some monsters may resist and take half damage). Engrave for the message 'The <floor> is riddled by bullet holes!' Break to do 4*charges damage and ID the wand.
wand of make invisible
  1. Base price of $150, medium probability (45), with a maximum of 8 charges. Zap monster, yourself, or pets to make permanently invisible. Break to do 1 to 4*charges damage and make you and surrounding monsters temporarily or permanently invisible.
  2. See also: engraving vanishes.
wand of nothing
  1. Base price of 100zm, low probability (25), with a maximum of 8 charges. Zapping it does nothing, engraving does nothing, and breaking it does nothing. (Big surprise!)
  2. May be useful for polypiling, or killing Vlad.
wand of opening
Base price of $150, low probability (25), with a maximum of 8 charges. Zap a saddled monster to drop the saddle (even if cursed), zap an engulfed monster to free yourself, zap a drawbridge to open it, zap containers to open them,