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Thu May 24 2018
19:28:41beetcoinbut i'm not sure
19:28:45rebatelaoh there ya go
19:28:46beetcoini've never been past there
19:28:52rebatelayou can always go back up
19:29:27beetcoini have no way to charm them though
19:29:44rebatelano you don't want to anyway. they will chase you
19:29:52rebatelaif you are invisible wear a mummy wrapping
19:30:12beetcoini'm not invisible
19:30:52beetcoini have ring of levitation
19:30:56rebatelaThen you just carefully have them chase you and try not to get level drained, and then when you get to a stair and they are next to you they follow
19:31:15beetcoinif they can't cross the trap door, maybe i can use scroll of earth to plug them
19:31:19specingIs it normal to wish for a ring of slow digestion?
19:31:22beetcoinbut idk if I have one of those
19:31:35beetcoinspecing i think people only do that if they are starving
19:31:39beetcoinbut i'm not sure
19:31:44specingIM ALWAYS STARVING
19:32:15slondrnever hold down s bros
19:32:20slondreven if you think you're paying attention
19:32:36beetcoinwhat happened, slondr?
19:33:24slondrHoled up in a corridor as two humunculi wandered around the room in front of me. Yuri in hand, my plan was to wait until they got in the corridor and then mow them down.
19:33:38slondrInstead one rushed up to me and put me to sleep, so him and his friend had their way with me and all I could do was watch.
19:33:55MysteryMyraAll the cool kids do n33s
19:34:09slondroh jeez what is freenode doing
20:02:41Rodneyrebatela has ascended 4 times in 140 games (2.86%): 4xPri, 4xHum, 4xMal, 4xNeu
20:03:17slondrpj sjotaoh shit
20:04:45slondrbecame weak and thus burdened on the same turn a fire ant rushed me, blowing up one of my potions
20:04:51slondrI was at near full health but dammit I stood no chance
20:08:46rebatelafire ants are tough
20:09:05slondryeh. Think I'm done with samurai. Valk is just way better
21:02:49playultm8yikes, I might actually get to start going back up in this game
21:03:18playultm8i have the bell and candles, found the portal to the wizard tower and the vibrating square
21:04:50playultm8my stash is 19 levels above me, so i guess I should figure out if I can grab the amulet and get back with what I have, or just go up and regroup first
21:31:44Muadoh, what's that?
21:31:59Muadeating a corpse?
21:32:33Muadoh, half-rotten corpse.
21:40:26specingthis person puzzles me
21:42:53playultm8alright, I'm going to regroup before I try this
21:51:27fishhoekback for more punishment why not
22:18:22fishhoek!gt Prowler
22:18:22RodneyGo Team Prowler!
23:01:10beetcoinis it considered fairly normal to wish for a blessed figurine of an Archon after getting the castle wand if the rest of the kit is looking pretty good? I already have SDSM+CoMR, speed boots, "oLS
23:02:20fishhoekbeetcoin never done it myself but seems like a popular option
23:02:41beetcoinI don't have a single pet right now so I'm thinking about doing it
23:03:34beetcoini think there's a chance that it could be summoned hostile though
23:03:45beetcoinso maybe that's a Bad Idea
23:16:31playultm8I'm in a similar spot
23:16:39playultm8I'm ready to get the book and amulet
23:17:12playultm8i have a 0:2 wand, and just about everything I need to ascend (I think)