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Mon Nov 20 2017
02:55:43aosdictI don't suppose Elizaaa is Elizziebeth?
02:56:29Deuce-Zenwhat kind of necromancer wastes their time on a kobold corpse
02:56:35NCommanderaosdict, no is/was Flan99
02:56:38NCommander!lastgame Flan99
02:56:38RodneyNo lastgame dump file for Flan99.
02:57:02NCommanderGuess it doesn't work for NH361
02:57:09aosdictnot for 3.6, yes
02:58:31NCommander*NCommander starts feeding corpses to Rodney to make him grow up
03:00:59aosdicthmm, I wonder if it's possible to die from brainlessness if you are wearing a +4 helm of brilliance
03:01:23NCommanderaosdict, believe so as it's base stats
03:02:24chezmaxI found a +4 hooded cloak in the Gnomish Mines. This tourist might actually survive a while
03:04:21AndrioTrying to use a cursed figurine to summon a hostile quantum mechanic in wizard mode, I got a tame one
03:05:02NCommanderAndrio, I thought there was a 1/10 chance a cursed one would pop tame
03:05:24AndrioSomething like that, yeah.
03:06:57aosdictAndrio: you can use the genesis command to get a hostile one without needing a figurine
03:07:08AndrioI forgot about that one.
03:07:21AndrioA cursed scroll of genocide works too.
03:08:36Zaha_that many quantum mechanics in one place should be subject to the Pauli exclusion principle
03:09:55aosdictYASI: revgenoing quantum mechanics increases Int by one point.
03:10:08aosdict"Sent in some quantum mechanics. You feel smart!"
03:10:31Zaha_or confuses you
03:10:51Andrio"Sent in some umber hulks."
03:10:54Zaha_that's what happens with me if there's too much quantum mechanics
03:11:09NCommanderZaha_, I always got a chuckle on the cat joke in the source code about them
03:11:26NCommanderThe cat literially is both living and dead until you open the box
03:12:40AndrioWhat happens if you zap it with a wand of probing?
03:13:51NCommanderAndrio, on 343, it said the box was empty
03:16:01NCommanderAndrio, looks like that got fixed ... partially. The game now determines if the box is Schreodingers box, and modifies the weight
03:16:17NCommanderTDTTOE again
03:16:34aosdictHmm, the weight should still be the same regardless (weight of a cat).
03:16:42AndrioIt is
03:17:00aosdictSo if it were empty, that fix is fine, but the weight should still be deterministic.
03:19:45Andrio'You stop. Mno is in the way! You feel strong!'
03:19:48AndrioGet out the way, then.
03:23:13NCommander*NCommander should sleep, roll a new character or place DF
03:40:07RodneyThe RNG is benevolent.
03:41:58AndrioWill monsters pick up gray stones other than flint?
03:42:16Andrio...apparerently yes they will.
03:42:19AndrioThat there is a loadstone.
03:43:21aosdictI think M2_GEMS makes them pick up any *
03:43:31AndrioSilly dwarf.
03:52:13aosdictI found a skeleton key in orcus town