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Mon Jan 22 2018
06:43:06neonKowNo. I'm back at the castle.
06:43:17StatueSurferyou get the point
06:43:21StatueSurferwhat level are you, like 12
06:43:37StatueSurferi thought that was your max pw
06:43:48eraserheadpoor Chuggnutt - I feel for ya
06:44:09neonKowWhy won't that stupid dragon leave the moat?
06:44:19neonKowI want its body on land.
06:44:23StatueSurferbut yeah you can cast spells to burn nutrition to be able to eat big meals
06:44:47neonKowYeah. I did that a bit but ran out of power
06:45:00neonKowSo now I'm wearing conflict, but I'm pretty sure this corpse will rot before then
06:45:10neonKowSo I'm just going to get hungry and kill this other red dragon
06:45:15neonKowAnd hope I get a corpse
06:45:26ChrisS67you will
06:45:31ChrisS67dragons always leave corpsees
06:47:42neonKowHm. I wonder if I lost a bunch of intrinsics somehow
06:47:55StatueSurferdid you tangle with a gremlin
06:48:04neonKow"You feel wide awake." That was an orange dragon, it turns out.
06:48:10neonKowAs a level 18 elf. :/
06:48:15neonKowI probably did
06:48:23StatueSurfergremlins are a green g
06:48:37neonKowThey were getting annoying on Medusa's level, so I murdered a flock of them. I guess some must've gotten a hit in
06:49:25StatueSurferif i see a gremlin at night i just stand down until the next day
06:49:46neonKowYeah. I don't have patience not to murder.
06:49:58neonKowAnd I have a bow. I just wasn't very careful.
06:50:16neonKowI probably also lost see-invis, but that's not a big deal.
07:20:50Menchehuh, the gold in my inventory is split
07:31:13Menchedropped a gemstone in a shop, didn't sell it, the shopkeep claimed it anyway
07:33:40ChrisS67what did it say?
07:34:10ChrisS67what message did you get
07:34:24Menchethe do you want to sell prompt
07:35:01Menchehit n, then the gem was on the floor but belonged to the shopkeep
07:35:24ChrisS67can you scroll back and look at the exact messages?
07:35:30Menchenothing unusual
07:35:40ChrisS67can you just paste what it said
07:36:07Menchedon't have it up anymore
07:36:21Mencheit was on the recent 3.6.1-dev from hardfought
07:36:46ChrisS67well can't tell wwhat happened then
07:37:07ChrisS67unless hardfought has ttyrecs
07:40:22twrktty wrecks