Rodney's commands

!helpshows URL to this list
!pomphase of the moon
!dateshow current time and date (alias: !time)
!uptimehow long have i been running?
!seen <name>shows when i saw <name> the last time.
!learnallows you to change my knowledge database.
!hsn <name>Shows highest score made by name.
!lastgameShow more information about the last game I reported on channel.
!rc <name>Show URL to the user's nethackrc
!dumplog <name>Show the URL of the dumplog of the player's last game.
!playersList all players currently playing on the server.
?? fooShow the definitions for term "foo" in the database.
** fooSearch for "foo" in the database.
?? foo[n]Show the nth definition for the term "foo" in the database.
?> fooSend the definitions for the term "foo" in the database to the channel.
!gamesby <name>Show short statistics of the games played by <name>.
!scores <name>Show the URL for the highscores of <name>
!bugs fooShow information about the bugs that match foo, as listed on the website.
!ascension <name>Show what classes player has ascended.
!rng foo bar baz ...Choose one of the parameters. If parameter is one of @role (or an actual 3-letter role prefixed with @, eg @wiz), @race, @gender, @align, @char, @coin, @player or d-notation, gives appropriate result.
!lg <name>List games (See Help for lg command)
!grepsrc fooSearch the NetHack source for string "foo", and return URLs pointing at the NetHack wiki.)
!message <name> fooLeave a message for <name>
!whereisList the dungeons and depths for current players.
!streak <name>Show whether player has ascended more than once in row.
!save <name>Show last update time for user's savefile.

Global triggers:

Triggers in #NetHack: